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2 beautiful cuties ♡ ♡ ♡ close-up perfection


 I finally made a masterlist ! This took me forever lol so you better read them :) enjoy!!

last updated : 08/10/16


♡  Au list 

♡ Imagines


*Caught Feelings


* Jealous #2 (different)


* Ruined

* Tumblr Girls  - Part 2 - song imagine

* Wall

* Rubbish

* Break In

* Beautiful

* Something More

* Grand Piano - song imagine

* Practice (Mature)

Yes Mr. Bieber (Mature)

* Good morning (Mature)

* Studio sesh - PART 2-

* Knockout

* Crushes ft. 5h

* Partying & jealousy


*Innocence x Desire (Mature)

*Bad girls get punished

*Ellen interview | Part 2


*Say it (Mature)

Snapchat// puppy

Birthday sex

Put em in check

Save me

Been you

Hear me out | Part 2

Jays Anatomy


Kiss and Tell | Part 2


Stop Loving me

I fucking love you

Trending #1


♡ Fake texts

* He’s on tour & you miss him

* Halloween Pics

*He ditches you to hangout w/ Squad

*You fake an orgasm

* Hes on a mission - J Mccan -

* You break up w/ Him  -PART 2 -

* Hes getting close with another girl

* You have a nightmare & hes on tour

* Hanging with an ex - PART 2 -

* You think youre pregnant - PART 2-

* You miss him

* He cheated on you

* Hes jealous of your bff

* Ill show you comes out

* Money problems

* He misses you

* Out of town

* Curly Hair

* Purple Hair

* Sweet Talk

* Apart for Christmas

* omg who is thisss

* hailssss - PART 2-

* Hes not over your break up

* Drunk texting

* Jealous… again lmao

* ?!?!? Happy fucking new years ??

* Youre mad at him

* Baby girl

Valentines day present

* Let me think about it

* Co parenting & past relationships

* Babys 1st

* Maaaaaajor Key

* ‘In’ Black

*Jaxon calls you Selena

*Ditching him for Jax

*You are so damn beautiful





* Dont say i didnt warn u


*Lose my number too 

*I love & appreciate you

Drabbles & Blurbs

♡ JB Drabble List

♡ Purpose Tour List

* Pregnant 

* Pregnant fights

♡ Moodboards

* Heated moments

* Lazy day w/ Justin

My Memes & random stuff lol




*am i the only one that gets nervous when Justin makes an insta post

*justins little peepee

*im so #relatable


*reading dangers back like


*coachella memories


*Justins morning voice

*spring break lol

*typos man ugh

  • Alec: *has 0 ex's*
  • Magnus: *omg he's so innocent*
  • Alec: And you? How many ex's have you had?
  • Magnus: *stalling* What do you mean?
  • Alec: ...
  • Magnus: many?
  • Alec: It's not a trick question. You can round down if you want.
  • Magnus: 17
  • Alec: *beautiful grin* 17! That's, that's!
  • Magnus: *awkwardly looks away*
  • Alec: ....wait...s-seventeen HUNDRED?!
  • Alec: *omg no way**omg actually way**starting to panic*
  • Magnus: *woah, look how cool the ceiling is!**I've never looked at this before**I should do this more often*
  • Alec: *Innocent cinnamon roll stare of disbelief*
  • Magnus: It was all in the past. * #let's stop talking about this*
  • Alec: *looks at the bar like a camera should zoom in on his face like the office*

This Gala made me cry three times:

- Kaitlyn and Andrew’s beautiful EX to the Ghost Musical (one of my fav Musical Soundtrack)

- Yuzu’s Notte Stellata was so mesmerizing (and this was the last performance)

- to see Kanako get all the appreciation that she deserves from the crowd and the skaters ( i did not understand what she said but I guess this is goodbye to Kanako)

OMG season ended, what do I do now? :’)

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Headcanons for the RFA, V and Saeran, helping MC de-stress after a super long and tedious project?

A/N: A majority of these were based off of real life experiences and were honestly a lot of fun to write !!

Saeran has not been included due to time constraints. Will be added later.

Jaehee has not been included, and as to why can be explained here  

headcanons // long post // total: 3,363 words, 500-800 per headcanon

Yoosung -

  • He’s visiting your dorm one day after classes end when he finds you on the couch pulling at your hair with a sobby red face and he’s absolutely sHOOK
    • immediately drops the pizza he was carrying and runs to you, tripping on himself as he slides over to you and kneels down next to you
    • You’re always so strong and happy and bubbly why are you crying!!???!?!?
  • Initially a little terrified that you’re frustrated so much and tries to decipher why you’re so upset, but when he hears something about a school project tumble out of your mouth yoosung knows exactly why and tbh he’s almost crying along with you because the project you’re so panicked about is for a class the two of you share
    • Key word almost crying he needs to be superman yoosung strong for his MC he can be a baby later
  • Poor boy’s so frazzled with the sudden pressure that is ‘the due date’ that he’s drawing a blank on how to comfort you
    • So he just does what he knows he’s good at; loving you
  • yoosung, in a desperate attempt to comfort you, plants his palms on either side of your head and hurriedly mushes his lips against yours in an awkward closed-mouth kiss It’s more of a headbutt than a kiss and then pulls you into a hug, proclaiming how absolutely great you are and how much he loves you into the crown of your head, all the while smothering you and rubbing your back in a hopefully comforting manner, like he’s seen in the movies
    • When he feels you wrap your arms around him and a laugh bubble out of you it’s his turn to cry because his heart is fuzzy and the project is taking it’s turn to weigh on his mind but it’s mostly because he dropped the pizza earlier
  • When you both calm down, you reorder some pizza and salvage what you can from the old one, wrap yourselves up in a blanket and binge movies for a bit until you really cant procrastinate any more
    • Being partners with you soothes his nerves a tad because he knows how creative and well-versed you are in the subject.

Zen -

  • He’s walking through the door of your shared apartment, his latest complainant about the newest adjustment to the script on his tongue when he hears you groan from the kitchen, a tell tale sign that you’re either exhausted or super stressed out; immediately he’s rushing over to you
    • His angel ? Upset ? blasphemy, he say.
  • When he walks into the small dining room the first thing that hits his senses is the smell of acrylic paint. You’re on your knees, paint crusted fingers tangled in your hair as you seemed to just openly yell into the table in frustration. His eyes dart up to your easel on the table and he instantly knows why you’re like this
    • It’s a piece for your latest gallery that you’ve been working on for a while. Truth be told it was the first piece in the gallery itself, but you had lost interest and decided to base the other paintings around it. Inherently, you’ve decided to finish it.
      • He’s all for supporting you but if pursuing your dreams is costing you energy and sleep then he will fight you if it means you’ll sleep. Okay maybe he wont fight you, but he would like, fight a bear if he could.
      • Your body is a temple, MC, he would tell you one day while exercising, treat it good and it will shelter you. So corny
  • He’s begun to make his way navigating around the chairs you pushed about to make space, dropping his keys and bag onto the counter as he makes his way over.
    • However, he freezes when he sees you tense up and he swears to whatever being is up there that you are most certainly not good for his health because he jumps about six feet in the air when you whirl around and look at him with such speed and ferocity.
  • Zen sees the red around your eyes and he’s immediately starting to fuss over you but shuts up real quick when you hold your arms open, smock adorned with pre-dried paint and your mouth in a wavering pout. He knew you were just frustrated but, again, your stress is his stress. And then some.
  • Zen has seen you like this before and it practically breaks his heart in two each time because for a split second he feels completely useless; useless that he cant help you and useless that he cant paint it for you. It’s not like he doesnt know nor acknowledge your creative prowess, but gosh he’s just so worried for you that it makes his heart hurt, he knows how you get when criticism gets too rough.
    • He’d also sock anyone in the jaw if someone was rude enough to openly insult your or the painting; some people dont appreciate the time and effort that goes into these things. hyun no we talked about this
  • Engulfs you in the biggest bear hug ASAP, only taking a step back to plant a kiss on your forehead. (frowning will give you creases, MC.) He unwinds your arms from around him and absolutely insists !! that you take a hot bath to relieve your stress, saying that he’ll clean up the mess and give you a nice massage afterwards. Based on personal experience, it’s always good to take a break when things get to stressful.   

Jumin -

  • He knew it - he absolutely knew it
  • When you two had first started dating he suggested that, no, absolutely insisted !! that you let him support the both of  you. And, while that did sound appealing to you at the time, you were young and broke, you couldn’t rely on him for everything, because that’s not how relationships work.
  • Mc, money makes the world go round jujubee n o
  • Jumin was very hesitant at first, but after some convincing you had gotten him to let you join a company owned business so he could still keep an eye on you.
  • So, you had taken up a job as a part-time writer at a company owned news publisher and at first everything had been pretty enjoyable. However, unfortunately for you, about two weeks into your new job, you found out three crucially important things.
    • One; Your ex was a co-worker. Two; Your boss had retired and your ex had succeeded him. Three; your ex held grudges, apparently.
  • You tried to ignore him for a while, your ex, but work began to pile up and so did your late nights in the office. (( sounds familiar ))
    • Jumin was immediately concerned and brought it up at dinner that your schedule was getting erratic and unhealthy, and truth be told you were too tired to actually filter the conversation so you kind of just spilled your guts out to him. And, of course, he was super-duper concerned and super-duper angry.
    • Jumin was now fully behind the idea that you should just stay home 24/7, but even in your tired state you had managed to calm him a bit and tell him that you can live through this- “Jumin, I’ve made it through college so surely I can handle a few sleepless nights. Plus I have such a nice boyfriend to come home to.” (( that last sentence was really the kicker))
  • So he’s kind of not surprised when a week later he comes home and sees you openly crying on the table, laptop open and snack wrappers everywhere. This was the condition you were in when he left for work this morning.. Except more peppy, and there werent as many wrappers. He expected you to crumble soon, as he took a glance at your schedule every now and again, but kept his mouth shut because he wanted to believe in you and you wanted him to believe in you. This did not, in any way, make him any less upset however.
  • Jumin was absolutely furious that this madman had driven you to this point. He was so upset that he could beat the guy to a bloody fucking pulp and not give two fucks but at this point in time he swallowed his rage to comfort you.
  • Dropping his stuff onto the counter he speed walks over to you, dropping to one knee and pulling you into an embrace. You were shaking with frustrated tears and that only added to the fire.
    • He only needed to take a single glance at your laptop to find the reason behind your sobbing complexion; your ex had decided to not only double your workload, but also rob you over your desperately needed vacation and decline any mention of overtime.
    • This fucking wuss.
  • He loops a hand beneath your knees and carries you to the bed, setting you down and urging you to rest while he gets a bath going. Jumin himself isn’t really good with emotions, nor the comforting of emotions, but he does know what to do if he has a good impression on how to do it.
    • After coming back from turning on your bath, he’ll sit on the bed with you and listen to you vent, pulling you close and brushing your hair as you cried and complained. Call him cruel but your voice is so beautiful even if you’re at your lowest. 
    • He tells you this and it still gets you. “Jumin, Im just stressed.” “I know, kitten. Still as beautiful as ever though.” “omg you brownie-hunting jerk”
  • When you’re all recovered and asleep, he calls the company and fires your ex himself. Originally the branch couldn’t due to your ex’s contribution but now that the big man has stepped in– well lets just say your ex wont be working for any company for a long while.

Seven -

  • When he had initially did a background check and found out you were studying to be a geneticist he was so !! amazed !! ? Like- he could never imagine sitting himself and dedicating almost a decade of his life to something that wasnt super important to him. A career is just a career; i mean unless you’re the defender of justice or a super secret special agent then thats another story.
  • Now, while he himself could never do something like that, when you two got together and Saeyoung could see a bit more into your school life, he was absolutely awestruck at how you managed to juggle so much school-crud all at once- and he was even more so when you told him you had been in school the whole time you were involved with the messenger and such.
  • Like- how could such a kind, hard-working person with their life in order dedicate so much time to something else other than their studies!?!?
    • Inherently, you couldn’t. yes, even you the unshakeable 6-0-6 was at the mercy of university.
    • In the eleven days the whole mystic mistake had gone down, you apparently were on break but had a major project to do- and now you were paying the price with so much make-up work.
  • Seven was visiting you at your home one day for a study session, (you aced in biology and related topics, but absolutely sucked at math), a few bags in his hand and some math notes he had taken years ago ( you gotta know math to code (( how did he even find these smh )))
  • But when he hears a sudden yell come from your room he jumps and almost instantly his agent-instincts kick in because - what if a not-so nice person found out your affiliation with him !? Or worse!?
    • Seven throws open the door only to find you in a whirlwind of papers and tears, a stuffed bear mushed to your side, eyes puffy and red with alarm at his sudden entrance.
    • He demands whats going on his heart had settled a little, and rushes over to comfort you, taking care to be ginger in any contact because he can since you’re in such a frail state.
  • When you tell him whats going on he’s absolutely shocked because- what the hell kind of school is this!?!? The real world, saeyoung. Your project never sent in and the servers are down so you cant print out the paper/re-send it, so you’re scrounging every last inch of finished paper you can or a timestamp marking you actually sent it to present to your teacher by tomorrow morning.
  • You begin to blubber and sputter words as you begin to think of the worst, but Lord 7-0-7 defender of justice aint having none of your shit and slaps his hands onto both of your cheeks, declaring that “he will help you!” He’s still pretty shaken about the whole potential kidnapping thing from earlier but he’s swallowing down his concerns and focusing on whats at hand.
  • After about an hour of fruitless searching, Seven suggests you take a nap; and so you do because you’re absolutely exhausted. However, unbeknownst to you, while you’re sleeping, Seven sneaks off to the kitchen and pops open his laptop, cracking his neck a little before he gets to work scouring the school information log-servers for anything that could be of use.
    • And when all else fails he actually goes in and changes your grade. He’d never tell you this, obviously, but you already had full marks so a little tweak on a project wouldnt hurt anyone.
  • When you’re back in the waking world, video game wars are a go, Guess that Amoeba is now inherently a thing, and a little binge-session of just about every comedy on Netflix ensue. 
    • Of course at first it takes him a while to coax you to join him because your initial reaction once you wake is ‘Im running out of time’, but you eventually give in because he said ‘He handled it while you were sleeping”. You were so done with the project that you didn’t even have the will argue at the time, so you took it as a satisfactory answer.

V -

  • Stress? What is stress?Stress isn’t even in your vocabulary when you’re around this boy. Or at least, for you it isnt.
    • Not part of the request but like- this boy could get so wound up trying to do everything under the gosh dang sun and its like “dear im fine its just a bug” or “jihyun sit down i only hit my arm”
    • Later on into the relationship he eventually stopped trying to coddle you; such a sweet sweet boy needs a little bit of spice in his life or its going to get bitter soon
  • Anyhow, you were a professional piano teacher, but in the past few years had taken a break from the domestic scene to finally re-debut as a pianist-singer and maybe pump out an album or two.
    • When Seven had told V your occupation when you first joined the messenger, he was a little awestruck because- he knew who you were?? And you were so blown away by the fact that he actually knew you?!? Like, in your time before becoming a teacher, you had released like- what, two albums- and they weren’t even that popular !!! but he apparently knew who you were and that made you ecstatic!! Was this a match made in heaven or what
    • Lowkey- V’s kinda in the same boat as Jumin - he’s rich and powerful to some extent, so why not just stay home with him? 
    • (“aahh, to be selfish and young again” ← kim jihyun, probably)
      • But you’re always talking to him about how you’re going to become the very best pianist this world had ever seen and it melts his heart over how passionate you are.
      • (he totally brags to all his friends about your shows- showing off the photography of your concert hall such great lighting. tbh it really isnt even bragging. More like- promoting you- as he urges his friends to come and see you, along with various others, play.
  • You’ve been in this line of work for a good majority of your life, since your college years and perhaps your highschool life if you count playing Guren No Yumiya for your friend again and again “professional”. Since you had met V your career and lovelife are going strong, with his pictures never failing to feed the beast in your heart called ‘Muse’.
  • But alas- all diamonds are put through extreme pressure to become beautiful at some point or another. For you inherently that time was now.
  • You love your boyfriend with all your heart; you really do. You’d fight the fucking sun and give him the moon if you could. But things have gotten real stressful lately with his eyesight getting worse. Between that and your amounting research it’s kind of- really.. alot,, stressful. But then- one night when you’re sitting on the couch sipping off wine and chatting about each other’s day, V suddenly pipes up and states: “I’m going to get the eye surgery-” he coughs awkwardly and explains, “I want to see you at the wedding.”
    • He may or may not have shrieked in a manly way as you spit out your wine. You stare at him and urge him to continue after wiping the alcohol from your chin.
    • V says that he had already talked with Jumin about it and that everything would be handled with extreme care.
    • Jumin, bless his heart, and his meticulous care for his best friend, but goshie gosh gosh you’re so filled up with this mixed feeling of stress and elation that - everything just turned out fine and peachy. Maybe its because you’re a little buzzed that everything seems so much bigger. But V, upon seeing your reaction and begins to ask if you’re okay- to which you hurriedly shove your wine glass onto the coffee table and wrap him in a hug
  • For the next few months leading up to the surgery you’re like a nagging nancy on steroids- but instead of negativity you’re absolutely radiating good intentions. (you know how V felt about the surgery and was trying to make it as comfortable as possible)
  • Anyways- for one of the first times in your relationship with V, you are experiencing stress. So much stress. Like- your stress is literally taking physical form through the fingers on your left hand as it hits the keys on your piano a little too harshly, or how the sheet music in your right is beginning to get crumpled form your constant flinching every time you messed up a note.
    • Everything’s been mounting on your shoulders- the appointments, your wedding, your career, the absolute sheer stress of even being a functioning adult in society-
    • You’re trying to practice, but sleep deprivation is killing you and as you mess up during practice for the nth time, you screech a little in frustration and (gently) slam your hands onto the keys.
  • This makes V, who had been listening to you practice as he signed paperwork from his spot on the couch, shoots up and instantly turn towards you and your grand piano.
    • He has to do a ‘double take’ when he hears you sniffle a little bit and just about leaps over the couch to get to you.
  • You’re hunched over the piano now, your crossed arms serving some sort of protection for your face against the pearly white keys. Suddenly you feel reassuring hands on your shoulders and a kiss pressed to the crown of your head. “Lovely dear,” he sits next to you on the long piano stool. “We cant afford another piano.” (Technically you could, but the light sentiment in his voice made you straighten up a bit.)
  • You lean against him, voicing all your concerns about everything under the sun and practically listing off everything he had suspected you to be stressing about. The wedding, the debut, the eye surgery- things of that sort. Things you couldn’t necessarily control.
    • “This stupid song-” “Is perfect. You just need to freshen up a bit before returning to it.”
    • “Ugh- and the wedding is soon-” “And we are the bride and groom- and as the bride and groom we always have the final say before the final seance.”
    • “And your eyes-” “Are fine. I’ve been fine up to this point and an impending needle in my face, that I cant really see, doesn’t exactly faze me.” “That’s a lie and you know it-” “Shush, darling, I’m being comforting.”
  • He wraps you in a hug and presses another kiss to your forehead; muttering reassurances before suggesting you two head to the couch so you can read to him and blow off some steam.
    • Really though, the book was quickly forgotten in favor of simple cuddling and the promise of sleep.

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my ex is a tall &/beautiful/blonde, an amazing dancer&photographer. she has a dark sense of humour&a black cat. hearing her french gave my butterflies their own butterflies. so did only being as tall as her chest when we hugged. i miss her sometimes. now though!! with all the cuties i know how can i pick one!!! the one who plays rugby&bass guitar&is the perfect height to cuddle? the one with the cutest nose&has new drawings for me every morning? the one who loves the 80s &has like9463headbands?

omg that sounds like a gay dream 

yuri on ice and figure skating psa

I’m just copying and pasting from my Youtube comment, but I definitely have a lot more thoughts about this, but I just wanted to get these words off my chest for now. 

Firstly,  I’m so glad that figure skating is getting more exposure to the general public because of this anime (and I do watch it myself), but I feel like some people in the anime fandom are going overboard, trying to make connections to Yuzu. Yuri’s backstory is almost NOTHING like Yuzu (many people in the figure skating fandom keep trying to point out that Yuri’s backstory is much more like Tatsuki Machida’s, even the writer of the anime has said so himself as a fan of Machida), besides the fact that both their role models are Russian. I’m starting to get fed up that the yuzuru hanyu tag on Tumblr has literally devolved into fan arts of YOI that have almost nothing to do with Yuzu (some do, but a majority don’t). It’s either that, or people trying to make ridiculous connections between Yuri and Yuzu. I’ve seen many posts on Tumblr that try to “project” Yuri onto Yuzu, and to me, that’s not how it should be. The anime was created to bring a spotlight onto the sport, so I highly encourage you to learn more about the sport itself and the dedicated, real skaters who put countless hours into perfecting the sport instead of just projecting fantasies from an anime onto them. Sure, crossovers are nice (I myself am into multifandoms), but there comes a point where enough is enough. Seeing Yuzuru’s performance videos on YouTube being flooded with comments like “He looks like Yuri!”, “OMG real life Yuri on Ice!”, or “Yuri on Ice brought me here!” is frankly aggravating and sad. I’m really happy that Yuri on Ice brought you to his beautiful performance videos, but please, it would be so much nicer to see the comments that appreciate his artistry and technical strength in figure skating instead. Instead, these comments that actually appreciate Yuzuru for his skating are hidden in a flood of Yuri on Ice comments, which should not be the case. (Don’t believe me?)

Like honestly, what on earth are these tags doing on a Yuzuru Hanyu video???? It’s purely Yuzu skating and the tags here are ridiculous.

I’m not trying to tell you how to tag your Tumblr posts, but this is out of hand. It’s nice that you think they’re hot and they have hot bodies, but frankly, tagging the skating video as “yaoi” or “uke” is disrespectful to the skater and the sport. I’m not saying these tags are derogatory AT ALL, but they don’t belong on this video. Save those tags for an actual YOI video. (Also, this has nothing to do with whether there are gay figure skaters out there. It’s not our place to speculate on a skater’s sexuality unless they publicly come out. Really, my point here is that these tags HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH THE VIDEO and it’s disrespectful and inappropriate to Yuzu and his efforts to just label his sincerity and passion while skating with a tag like “yaoi”.)

Look, we get it, YOI fandom. You discovered figure skating because of the anime, and I’m glad that it led you to the beauty of the sport, but please, let’s separate fiction from reality, Yuri from Yuzu. I’m not trying to be rude, but I think this has to be said some way. Please appreciate Yuzu for the amazing figure skater he is, instead of his “supposed” connection to Yuri (ex. OMG he’s the real life Yuri!!! - No, he’s not. He’s Yuzuru Hanyu, and imo, way better than Yuri. Saying he’s the living equivalent to Yuri is kinda offensive actually if we’re talking about skills (i’m biased though ngl)). 

Again, I want to stress this so no one gets offended or something, but I DO watch YOI, and I’m glad to see 1. a figure skating anime (it’s great, even reigning ladies’ world champion Evgenia Medvedeva likes it!) and 2. the spotlight it’s brought to the actual sport. So many people now have an interest in the sport, and I love seeing people try to learn more about it (which imo, is the best thing that comes out of this anime). In our international Yuzuru Hanyu fangroup, we’ve had a whole influx of new members due to the anime, and I’m very thankful to the YOI fans who have taken the initiative to learn more about figure skating because of YOI and love Yuzu for the great athlete he is, not because he looks like Yuri. So please, let’s respect Yuzuru by appreciating him for his skills, for the skater he is in his own right. (Thank god he doesn’t have any social media because can you imagine the chaos)

Here’s where you can start:

TL;DR : I’m glad that this “connection” to Yuri has brought so many new fans to Yuzuru and the sport (I guess that’s the silver lining), but let’s try to keep some boundaries here to appreciate and respect both real-life skaters and the anime. 

(This goes for Plushenko as well. I’ve heard of instances where people are inappropriately commenting on his social media posts about the anime, his marriage, and his sexual orientation - which is an absolutely no-no in my book.You can appreciate the anime AND the sport without pushing your fantasies onto real-life figure skaters.)

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top 5 1d ships / top 5 favourite things about space ? :o

Ahhh, I can’t put ma babies in order like that! Will try tho

1. Ziall (the ultimate otp™ the rest is ex aequo the second)
2. Nouis
3. Narry
4. Larry
5. Lilo

And my fave things about space omg 😱
1. Aliens
2. The fact that it’s so huge and scary and unpredictable and beautiful
3. Stargazing
4. The fact that nobody knows what is happening in there and every time I’m watching a programme or reading an article it’s like “…the scientists are not sure how it works but…/…this thing technically should not exist but…”
5. The moon, she’s the most gorgeous

And like… Everything. There was that cheeky quote, like “What’s your favourite thing about space? Mine is space.” but idk whose it was 🙈

Ask me my Top 5’s!

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Emergency i have a crush on one of my exes friends but shes so beautiful and funny and sometimes she steals my phone just to hold it and we had a movie night at my youth group and we not so low key flirted and fought over a whole lounge and eventually ended up she laid on my legs and she told me about her family and i actually cared? what do?

And she did my hair i looked like a pineapple i have pictures 😂😂😂



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I HAVE THE QUESTIONS TO ASK TO DISTRACT FROM THE SAD THINGSSS you can message me at I'm-star-struck at anytime honestly! Anyway questions... -if you were in the beauty and the beast world what piece of furniture would you be turned into?? -did you have any queer role models that helped you with your sexuality journey? (Miles chronicles is someone that helped me soo fucking much) -any bands or singers to recommend?? -secret talents? -describe your aesthetic? Hope you feel better!! ❤️❤️

-i would be a side table because they’re short and sort of just sitting there
-I LOVE MILES CHRONICLES SO MUCH omg my ex introduced me to them and they’re so hilarious and as to who helped me it was hannah hart i’ve watched her videos since like 2013 and I watched her coming out videos about 200 times when I was a baby gay™ (but “just trying to be a good lgbt ally”)
-dodie clark (I like “she” and “sick of losing soulmates” the most) and Message to Bears, Syd Matters, and Jose Gonzales (all three of those are artists who have songs on the life is strange soundtrack which is the only songs of theirs I’ve listened to lmao)
-my secret talents are overreacting to everything and being dramatic at all times
-my aesthetic changes every like 2 months but currently the aesthetic I like is like clean home-y? like fluffy white comforters and plants in yellow pots and light-colored wood furniture and quilts and lots of pictures
(ps thank you i appreciate this)

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Ohhh you're open~~ can yoy please do rfa reactions to mc being divorced before they jound the rfa


  • he already knew lmao
  • of course he’s already checked (or made jaehee check and send) all of mc’s social media, and he had seen the ring on mc’s hand along with the wedding photos so it was abundantly clear from the start
  • he knows he’s going to be a better husband than mc’s ex husband ever was so prepare for hearing that spiel quite a lot
  • buys mc an even bigger ring than their ex did 
  • and throws an even better wedding because fuck you and invites the ex because again, fuck you and everything you stand for but he won’t ever say that
  • instead he says some shady ass shit like “a shame you had been slacking as a partner for mc, but i can’t quite say that considering that your failure is actually my gain now. anyways, help yourself to the wine.”
  • probably adds mc’s ex on facebook and sets his profile picture to him and mc’s wedding
  • he’s petty like that, did you expect anything less
  • it’s his cover photo too on his page
  • and the last 24 photos he’s posted 
  • the rest is just elizabeth


  • dislikes your ex right off the bat but doesn’t show it besides light disapproval that sounds way too professional
  • wants to lowkey see the wedding album though tbh just to get a feel of what mc likes for their wedding
  • winces when mc’s ex is brought up in a conversation
  • gets irritated when friends think mc and them aren’t a thing and brings up mc’s ex
  • like no they’re mine now new phone who’s that cause hello this is jaehee kang
  • jaehee’s internal monologue is literally just [screaming
  • be gentle to her she just wants to treat mc better 
  • and she will because lets be real who’s better than baehee kang, mother hen, who has all of her shit together and probably has so much money saved up she could buy a yacht or two (s/o to jumin for the $$$)
  • hold her she just wants to be enough and loved
  • when she sees their ex partner for the first time she just fumes and holds mc’s hand even tighter like yes. mine. back off. don’t try n confess ur love again jaehee has a black belt n will murder u


  • lol he knew too tf
  • he hates mc’s ex husband/wife
  • like he wants to square up on them and probably will phish the fuck out of them lmao good fucking luck
  • petty level almost as high as jumin’s cause he’ll ask mc what their ex’s favorite places to go were and he ends up dragging mc there to make new and better memories
  • here’s where the petty comes in
  • he’ll probably find mc’s ex’s address and invite mc out to get lunch at a restaurant nearby
  • “whoops…. what do you mean your ex is right there??? i had!! no idea!!! omg!!! let’s go say hi (((:”
  • he knew, mc knew he knew, zen knew he knew, jumin knew he knew, v knew he knew, jaehee knew he knew, yoosung knew he knew, vanderwood definitely knew he knew, even fucking elizabeth the third knew he knew
  • good fucking luck cause saeyoung loves mc to death and sux 2 sux that their ex skipped out on the beauty that is mc lol choke 


  • what do you mean you used to date someone else
  • what??? impossible
  • probably cries a lil because now he feels like he has to compete
  • don’t do that mc loves u so much stop u dork
  • mc probably has to reassure yoosung at times that he’s a good bf!!!
  • buys mc flowers and by flowers i mean like 3 bouquets 
  • lmao but poor smol son who’s probably grown much taller but is still our smol son probably feels inadequate still at times
  • so he kinda throws himself into work and gets a little too emotional about the animals he’s treating (as if he wasn’t already but…. c’mon can you blame him?)
  • and mc just sees yoosung stressing hardcore but at the end of the day it is yoosung mc comes home to 
  • and they’ll plop on his lap on the sofa and play with his hair and clean his glasses because he’s dumb and lost the case and fabric cleany thing
  • love him 


  • he makes sure there’s extra paparazzi whenever he’s with mc and hahahahaha good get all these candid pics and let mc’s ex know that they’re dating someone who is physically perfect and loves mc more than their ex ever did and will
  • zen just really wants everyone to know that you’re with him now and of course due to his celebrity status mc’s ex partner virtually has no existence
  • zen’s fans can harp on mc for being married in the past but zen vehemently defends mc because it doesn’t matter who they used to be with
  • what’s important is that they’re with him now and that’s that
  • he’s always got an arm slung around mc and it’s almost as if it’s glued there
  • however, zen does like looking at the old photos and seeing how happy mc was and promises himself that he’ll be better, he’ll do better, he knows it
  • he’ll make sure every smile in every photo will be genuine and that there won’t be problems behind any of the new photos they’ll take!! together!!
  • daily selfies with mc because why the fuck not and just pictures of mc even
  • he loves mc so much and he knows that he can’t get rid of mc’s past but he can sure work on the future together 
  • and he’s content with that

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Alex is too talented and lovely to go for airhaeads like Ellie and Alicia. Ellie is a post away from being in a porn magazine. I really like his ex because she was not only pretty but smart and creative. I will hate on any girl I think is beneath him in intelligence and heart. So sue me lol. Obviously he can still do as he pleases but so can we.

Haha you go girl 😂 yeah I really miss some talent in them and his ex has a great sense of humor and her posts are not about “omg look at how beautiful I am”, that what’s makes her more relatable plus she wouldn’t be in it for the fame.. he did like one of her old pics at the same time he also liked Ellies.. wonder if he is still thinking about her?

- Fire For A Heart , by @tvshows-addict​ and @stylinscripts​ : The Grey’s anatomy/Chicago Fire AU no one asked for where Louis is the captain of the firefighting Squad 78, Harry is a surgeon, Zayn is Louis’ second in command and Liam is the rookie. Niall and Sam are Harry’s fellow residents and have their own affair going on.

Larry doctor Harry / firefighter Louis (43k) : as expected, I’m not gonna recover of the feels this fic gave me. So yeah, first chapter full of fluff and funny and OMG the smut (WOW)(bottom Louis) . and then the second chapter leave you hurt on the floor, sobbing. (so yeah, read the tags before cause TW in it). My feels, guys, my feels. It’s just so beautiful and sad and FUCK I love it.

- A Fallen Star That Shines No More , by @nauticalallusions​ : Louis might have a problem.Said problem lies entirely in the fact that he can’t seem to avoid Harry Styles, The Ex-Boyfriend That Broke His Heart and World Famous Popstar Sensation. Everything is only made more complicated by the fact that he doesn’t really want to avoid Harry either, even though they’re supposed to mean nothing to each other. Another tiny problem may also be that Harry has no idea that Louis has a daughter now.Yeah, he’s screwed.

Larry AU (25k) : like 3 of my fav plot together : ex to lovers + famous-not famous + single dad!Louis = <3  (bottom Louis for the smut)

- karoake magic , by @a-writerwrites : “Have you seen his arse?”  He whispered conspiratorially in that way that drunks do when they think they are being discreet but they are really just being loud and obnoxious.“Yes, Harry.  I’ve seen his arse.  I’ve read the poems you’ve composed about said arse.  I’ve even listened to you talk ad  nauseum about Louis’ arse.  It’s a good one, alright?  Is that what you want me to say?  Do I want to see it naked?  No?  Do I want to put my dick in it?  No.  But I can appreciate your infatuation with it, being the gay man that you are.”Harry was nodding along enthusiastically.  “I know, right?” That’s all he said, as if Niall was truly in complete agreement with him.  Niall lowered his voice, “Are you sure he’s even gay?”Harry raised his eyebrows at Niall.  Niall stared back at his friend over the chipped tabletop.  “Have you seen his arse?”  Harry repeated, as if that were a suitable answer.  Niall just shook his head.***** A Uni AU where Harry wants his first time to be with Louis, his really hot roommate.  Louis has other plans.

Larry Uni-roomate AU (27k) : Very funny ! Virgin!Harry pining on his roomate , drunk sex (kind of share that) and fluff ensue.

- heading for a small disaster , by @fukcinglouis​ :  He and Harry have never had an interaction outside of this car, and they probably never will. After all, Harry is just the guy that drives Louis to work, and Louis is just another customer. That’s all they are, really. Or, Harry drives an Uber and Louis’s life is falling apart.

Larry AU (20k). Okay so fair warning about sad!Louis and emotional hurt. but this is really well written,and this story is really original! (and happy ending) (and not smut)

- Not So Typical , by j28 : Harry Styles; football phenomenon, academic prodigy and the most liked guy at Washington State.  Harry has it all; the looks, the popularity, the best friends and it doesn’t hurt that there is a line of girls ready to jump his bones at any second.  It all was perfect…almost perfect that is.  Until that one night, with that one too many drink still burning in his throat and those piercing blue eyes infusing themselves into his every thought.

Larry US-uni AU (90k) : football Harry, hate to love,first time and  coming out … classical plots but nicely done ! (kind of share that)

- I Love You Most , by @akingdomlikethis​  :Friends with benefits has always been enough for Louis. Until, of course, it isn’t.

Larry Uni - BFF to lovers AU (11k) : well written, with jealousy, pining, and nice smut (kind of share that)

- This Must Be My Dream , by @writing-about-larry : When he got closer, Harry could see that the person on the side of the road was a young man who was holding a piece of cardboard. London was scribbled onto it in big letters so passing drivers leaving the motorway station could easily read it.OR Louis is hitchhiking and Harry takes him in. And well, who knew that there would be so many things to be discovered apart from towns and roads and motels?

Larry road-trip AU (12k) : cute ! bottom Harry for the smut , and european road-trip :)

- language or the kiss , by anonymous : “I’ve heard about you, Louis.”Louis just looked back at him, hands on his small hips, foot tapping out an angry beat on the hardwood floor, a verse just under his tongue, waiting to spill out.  “Yeah?  What have you heard?”  Harry slowly stood up, his long lean body feline as he came forward, slowly closing the two feet between them.  “Yeah…I’ve heard about you.” Harry whispered, so close Louis could smell his cologne, something spicy and fruity, soft and wild.  “You’re the one.”Louis looked up at him; unfortunately he had to look up.  The fucker had about three to four inches on him.  “The one what?”  His eyes flickered from Harry’s intent stare to his wet obscene lips.  Louis wasn’t proud.  But his dick may have twitched a little.  Just a little. “You’re the one to beat.”OR the one where Louis’ the best at everything until Harry comes along and makes him think twice.  About everything.

Larry Summer Camp AU (31k) : Poetry and competition ! You maybe wanna slap Louis at first (I did), but god it was great ! Well written, great smut (bottom Harry) .

Bruh I remember my ex was stuck in Pittsburgh p.a with his friends an his dumbass left his Mercedes Benz in the Bronx by parkchester . So he calls me & he's like " Rach I need you to do me a favor I don't want my car getting toed l need u to please please go to parkchester and pay the meter" knowing me , my overly nice ass said yea ok . So I went I paid that shit but I didn't know it was hourly and he said he'll be back in two hours . I went to the deli , to get some food and the Arab clerk , was like that's your car out there I was like no it's my ex . I explained the situation to him and I was like Idk how ima do it paying this every hour . So I went home ended up falling asleep my ex calls me & he's like did you do it for the next hour im like bruh it's 10:51 parkchester 15 minutes away no way I could make it . I got in cab and arrived on the scene , exactly within 15 minutes and I was on the phone with him . He was like " OMG rach they might tow my car " I was like bruh relax your muscles . So I get there and I see a note on the car . & I'm reading it & it says " to the young lady who ex' owns this vehicle I paid the meter for the next 3 hours, I just want you to know you are beautiful and you didn't deserve to be running up and down like that today . " there was nooooo number no heart eyes no kisses . Just a man doing what he felt in his heart was right

Whyyyyyyy im reading the shit out loud , instead of my ex telling me thank you for being so fine , he wanna catch an attitude like why you got niggas paying my car meter . Why he leaving you notes on my car . Well if it wasn’t for this nice Clerk your car would’ve been towed . So he arrives on the scene and he’s like let me see the note . Lmfaooo im like do you not see your car here alive and well !? Moral of the story here is , 2 months later I came back to thank the man , and his father told me he went to med school 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩


Sam : “Everyone hated me while I was with Brittany, I  made fun of Santana saying Brittany was better with me, and then she dumped me the worst way possible, making me look like a total idiot, but anyway Brittana is endgame and I’m so fucking happy for them!”

Rachel : “I never asked Santana about her break up with Brittany and I didn’t care about her feelings at all, while she always show her support for me and Finn and helped me through the bad times, I was a shitty friend, but now I’m like trying to make it up to her by FINALLY being a good friend and support her for the biggest moment of her life ! See, I’m not as selfish as people say! ”

Sue : “I finally got invited to their wedding!.. The fuck I don’t want Brittana, gimme Klaine.”

Rachel & Tina : *FANGIRLING*

Schue, the biggest Brittana shipper, hold their bouquets with a proud smile on his face, while every ex-boyfriends of Brittany and Santana watch them walking to the Altar with happy tears in their eyes, because they always knew they were stupid cockblockers for them and that Brittana was meant to be.

Mama Lopez :“

… The fuck I don’t care about these two gay boys, where are my daughter and soon-to-be-daughter-in-law? GIMME BRITTANA.”


Baby Sugar proud of her moms. <3

Mama Lopez singing in the background. <3