omg this comic

i’m so allowed to do concept art of my characters, thank you.
this goes super well with this!!! 

this took about 3 days, and for the first time I actually made my own background!!!! I’m so happy omg
and this took…

way too many layers…

all characters belong to me, this art belongs to me, don’t use it anywhere without my permission!


The start of Infinity War, probably. Welcome to the wonderful world of having shitty big brothers who pick on you, Peter~

Inspired by basically any interview starring Holland with Mackie and/or Stan :P

image description below the cut:

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Lance, you killed him

(Lance cradling Keith version!)


KNOCK FIRST!?! and he prob just wanted to play with em too?

I still firmly believe Baku has as much, if not more all might stuff that Midorya. ;A; Kiri lived to be forced not to tell the tale tho (︺︹︺) . Also inspired by that one chapter?? 100 I think where Midorya was blasted off his feet by Mei??

Fill-a-Page February day 25!

Apparently today is a day for Keith feels. I’m still not particularly comfortable drawing his face or hair consistently, but I suppose that means I just have to draw a lot more Keiths - what a shame ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ