omg this character is going to be so much fun

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I really liked your awkward Hanzo comics~ Could you make one where McCree compliments his hair (particularly the white little hair-wings part thing) and the next day someone (Genji? Symm?) finds him with a little smile trying extra hard to make them perfect? (not in a snooty/prideful way. more of a "i hope they look good today maybe he'll talk to me again" way) I am not sure if I'm allowed to make requests/suggestions so i hope this does not come off as pushy~ '3' Welp, 25 letters left so this -

im super glad you liked it omg thank yOU!!! i am 1000% down for requests & suggestions hehe there u go!!!

Information I learned from the Rick Riordan Hammer of Thor book tour

• The Trials of Apollo series will be at least 5 books

• The Magnus Chase series will be at least 3 books

• We will get to meet Percy’s little sister at one point in the Trials of Apollo series

• He had no control over the Percy Jackson movies whatsoever

• There will be a PJO coloring book released in August 2017

• There will be a book called Camp Half Blood Confidential released in May 2017. This book will be about life at camp

• He said he encourages fan art and fan videos

• He said if you write fanfiction to go for it but he does not read it

• He said probably his two favorite characters to write from are Sadie Kane and Apollo

• Someone asked if liked Anubis or Walt better with Sadie and he said both

• He said that by the end of The Hammer of Thor half of us are going to want the next book and half of us are going to want to kill him

• There will be new characters in The Hammer of Thor

• He will always write for the middle grade age group but he loves it when older people keep reading the books as well

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omg your art gives me life!!!! I love it! just wondering have you ever tried drawing hq characters as toddlers???

oh, thank you very much, that’s so sweet!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ and well, I…. I actually used to have an ask blog for karasuno as kids! it was set at daycare, except everyone knew each other?? and played volleyball?? and it was basically just a mess 

this was the banner (LOOK OLD ART)… it is not my fav memory but this ask made me look out the window and go “HOW DID THEY KNOW!?” so there’s your fun fact of the day!

….. I mostly did this cause I wanted to practice drawing actual full body stuff and cause the draw your favorite character in YOUR OUTFITS meme is so much fun. Also~ I was inspired by @mermaibee​‘s super cute Mahirus hehe~ ❤❤❤ GO CHECK THEM OUT. OMG. NOW

Yes, these are actual outfits I own. :> HA. I hate drawing legs too lol

Also close up of tiny Mahiru and Tsubaki:


“Lets Go!”

“Whoa, whoa whoa! Cool your jets, Keith!”

Okay wow omg so I might be reading into it way too much but this short character interaction actually seems to show alot about how their character dynamic is at this point? Aligning with the powers of their lions even?

Like omg “Cool your Jets” Like ahhh Lance says this and he literally has the ability of ice == cool. Keith is fire or whatever, like he is seemingly spewing out of his hand a second earlier. So its like they’re fire and ice or hot and cold and they balance eachother? I actually have a fun time looking at their characters this way ahh 

I think that when they learn to work together properly they’ll be able to perfectly balance eachother, but now and especially in the earlier episodes they both let their powerful elements overrule and end up clashing with eachother

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Hahahahaha my friends always make fun of me for liking the side characters/couple better than the main one. I do it unconsciously? In EoS I was way more thrilled about Elorcan than Rowaelin. Nessian in ACOWAR too omg. I love Aelin so much but... Manon. Manon all the way /flirtyanon

I almost always like the side characters better than the main ones in every series I read. The main ones are going to be fine and they’re going to be together and live happily ever after but you never know when an author decides to kill off a side character and sink your ship


A/N: Omg I don’t even know how old this prompt is. I’m so sorry :’D and I was sooo inspired for this so I have no idea why I waited this long. I found the No Trespassing tickle thing on Etsy (wished I had the guts to buy it hahhaa) and then thought it’d be funny to involve it in a fic.

I even made a matching pic to go with it because these two are just too cute, and this fandom is too underrated. Had fun writing this, thanks anon! - ugh I love Nozaki as a character so much, he’s so weird and random that this could actually be canon haha.

Summary: Sakura is very confused when she shows up to Naoki’s place and finds this sign on his door: “No trespassing - violators will be tickled to death.” 

Word Count: 1441

“Nozaki-kun?” Sakura cocked her head with worry when she got his voicemail again. Why wasn’t he at school? Why wasn’t he picking up? An entire school day had passed without his presence, without even a notice.

“Ah, Mikorin!” she called out when the familiar redhead passed by as they made their way out of the school building.

“Oh? Yo. What’s wrong?" He joined her and Sakura clenched her phone, putting up a serious face.

"It’s big trouble. Nozaki-kun skipped classes and I can’t reach him! Let’s go see him together?” she cried out, on the verge of freaking out.

“That’s strange. Sure!” he said, and Sakura was relieved to have found a buddy to go with. If Nozaki would turn out to be really sick or something… She shook her head. She wasn’t ready for nursing him or anything affectionate like that! Her heart would explode!

“And here we are,” Mikorin said when they reached Nozaki’s apartment, and both of their jaws dropped when they saw the front door.

“No trespassing - violators will be tickled to death.“

Both of them read the text out loud, and Sakura shuddered. What the hell? Was this another one of those… weird Nozaki-actions?

"Heh. Now what could he be hiding from us huh?” Mikorin said, and he chuckled when he could just open the door and enter the apartment.

“B-but Mikorin!” Sakura stuttered when the fearless teen trespassed without worry, turning to wink at her.

“Don’t worry. I’ll check on him,” he said, seemingly not taking Nozaki’s note seriously, and the door closed again with Sakura standing awkwardly outside.

Oh well, as long as Nozaki would be alright, she thought with a frown on her face as she looked over the sign again. Tickled to death? Ha, probably a joke indeed. A weird, stupid jo–

Wait. Was that…? Leaning closer to the door and holding her breath, Sakura’s eyes widened when she could hear a laughing voice. A hysterical laughing voice, high pitched and girly, and this could be no one other than… Mikorin!

Gasping in shock, she immediately opened the door to dash inside for his rescue, but just at that moment Mikorin came storming out of Nozaki’s room, his hair tousled, clothes a mess and a face as red as a tomato.

“B-b-byeehehee!” he shrieked, and before Sakura could say anything, Mikorin fled out of the apartment.

“So…” She could hear fingers cracking, and she looked up in shock to meet with Nozaki’s dark and threatening glance.

“Who’s next?” he said, smirking. What the fuck! Sakura’s lips twitched up into an awkward smile while she backed away, her hands flying up in defense and head shaking.

“W-what are you doing Nozaki-kun? Can we talk about this? Y-y-you don’t need to-” her stuttering got interrupted by a low, uncharacteristic chuckle that came from her crush.

“You trespassed,” he said, and Sakura’s eyes bulged out of her head and she quickly looked down at her feet, confirming to herself that she was in his apartment.

“Nooooo spare mehehe!” Giggling and squealing in anticipation, Sakura spun around and ran, but Nozaki made a powerful jump and managed to wrap her in his arms before she could make it outside. With his leg, he kicked the door so it closed again, and he hoisted the tiny girl with ease over his shoulder.

“Let go of meee!” Sakura screeched, and she squirmed desperately when he kidnapped her into the dark hole where Mikorin had come from in that state. Now being brought there too, of course she knew what would happen.

“Please wait! Nozaki-kuaaahh!” Sakura’s view of the already closed door of his bedroom changed and her world turned around while she felt how she landed on what felt like a bed. The next thing she knew, Nozaki was pinning her down and fingers found their way to her sides. Okay, the sign was no joke.

“EYEeeheheha! N-Nozaki-kuuhuhun!” Sakura was one helpless pile of giggles, and Nozaki smirked down at her cute reactions. The hysterical redhead flailed her arms and kicked her legs, but Nozaki crawled fully on top of her and sat on her legs, pinning them down and trapping her completely.

“You just shouldn’t have trespassed.” This guy was unbelievable. Sakura hiccupped and squealed uncontrollably when he tickled her tummy with all ten fingers, and her powerless hands tried to push him away with all her might.

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i saw on your IG that you're studying at UCLA???? omg i'm at UCI but anyways, are you studying for BA or some upper degree? also (if you're comfortable telling) what are you studying?

HI UC ANON!! I’m studying undergraduate at UCLA! As for what I’m majoring, I have to apply for the department since its competitive, so I’ll hold off on sharing until I know if I qualify or need to change my path! (side note I love the UCLA vs. USC rivalry very much and also im a nerd for fictional characters so…this…)

Jean: what’s the big deal with the rivalry…?

Jeremy: Hm? It’s for fun, Jean. GO TROJANS!!

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You have the cutest history challenge ever, my dude. Wug and Gnog are so cute and have so much personality! I love how you write them. :)

omg dude!! I’m so happy that you’re enjoying it! I’m having a lot of fun building their characters and the world they live in…I’m so glad that you like reading it! loving your sugar legacy redux btw! zuri’s freakin adorable and I adore your version of candy!

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Could you write a thing where the reader is from an alternate universe (like our universe in which the avengers are just movie characters) and she finds herself suddenly at Stark tower and the avengers have to help her get home?

yes omg!!! this is going to be so much fun to write, thanks anon!


Omg okay!! 😁😁😁

You’re right! Tracones are giant, dragon-like creatures and most of them are dark red :D they come in different sizes and have many different amounts of tails~ their fire is a deep, darkish red and their wings are incredible and bat-like! I should draw one one day als–OH MY GOD I DREW TRACONE WINGS A WHILE AGO I WILL POST THEM IF FIND THEM!! KANSBDKA

Anyway back to the story haha sorry!! But yes Tracones live in the Kriu Highlands and at the bottom of the Highlands lies one of the Big Fifteen, which are the fifteen biggest cities on the planet. The city is called Traconápolis (“City of Tracones” #surprisehahaha) and many Neflora live there. But only a selected few are allowed to actually get close to the Tracones because they are naturally very dangerous and don’t like getting close to any kind of creature, Neflora are no exception to that rule~ the only Neflora who are allowed to get close are either those who have powers like fire or heat, or some who can’t get burned lol. And of course those with the power of Tracones themselves, like Bellány! But there are veeeeery few Neflora who ever had that power. The reason she has it is because she’s a descendant from the Tracone Lord. The Tracone Lord lived in Traconápolis hundreds of Orbits ago and had the power of Tracones himself. Because he had it, he was actually able to tame and befriend Tracones. Even those who are allowed to get close these days, cannot tame them.
Alright so! At some point she’ll go to the Kriu Highlands, meet the people of the city and discover she actually is a descendant of the Tracone Lord (of which she didn’t know he existed lol). Tbh each of the Neflora city holds some kind of secret nobody knows of I discover now xD I know of at least five of the fifteen who hold a secret lol this is pretty cool I should think of a secret for each city hahaha
Anyhow :D when she’s there she discovers she can tame them as well and everyone is like holy shit!!!!!!! And she’s also like holy shit!!!!!! And she becomes friends with them and is actually the happiest girl in the world. Poor Yason who’s still behind in the capital :’)

And that’s the story of Bellány and the Tracones and the Tracone Lord! 😊 she’ll become the Tracone Lady 💪🏻

Disney roommates modern AU

i almost broke myself a rib from laughing at this gem by @the-official-princess-club so here we go


Tiana sighed as she closed the fridge, rolling her eyes to the ceiling, even maybe to God who could be the only one to understand the hell it was to live with such roommates.

The fridge was completely empty, for two main reasons : Merida had finished the entire chicken Tiana kept for today’s everyone’s lunch by herself, and the second reason was because Tiana was the only one to ever to groceries and didn’t plan that at all.

It was how it went. Every girl had her own tasks, her own duty, and to be honest, thought Tiana, it was pretty good that way knowing the huge size of the house they all shared. But it was sometimes irritating to be the cooker at everyone’s service. Nevertheless, she was bored and cooking was her favorite hobby, so she proceeded to go ask every single one of the girls about what those spoiled princesses would like to eat.

She went down the corridor and opened the first door, who could have been the bathroom considering the humidity that just bursted out the room, but it wasn’t the bathroom, it was obviously Ariel’s room. 

“Wassup ?” asked the red (literal red) haired woman, busy trying swimsuits again, and Tiana almost got a heart attack realizing Ariel was naked to the waist.

“I’m… Wondering what you’d like to eat”, asked Tiana, trying her best not to look at the things to look at. 

“Anything but seafood, really”, answered Ariel, and she went back to her swimsuits, but Tiana was already satisfied and went back to the corridor.

The next door was Snow’s, but wide opened, Tiana got that she was in Belle’s once again. She gripped the door knob of the only door with a ridiculously over-patriotic gigantic french flag on it and opened.

Belle felt off the bed in a scream. “PUTAIN– COULD YOU PLEASE KNOCK??” 

Tiana apologizes as Snow exploded of laugh.

“what are you guys even doing that it looks like you’re hiding ?”

“nothing”, they both answered, being even more suspicious. Snow was also hiding something behind her back, but Tiana had no time to be the mama friend. It was more of Elsa’s role.

“you could warn before opening, Ti. It’s extremely impolite.” said Belle as she sat again on her bed.

“stop it, Frenchie, you know we never knock here.”, smiled Tiana to her. “anyway, i’m cooking. do you have any requests ?”

“oh, now we get to choose ?” smiled Snow.

Tiana was not a fan of Snow’s arrogance, but she was literally the owner of the house so Tiana couldn’t say much.

“anything as long as they’re not apples in it”, shrugged Snow.

“fine”, said Tiana. Because what the hell would have she cooked with only apples ?

“i’m fine with anything but please be careful with the cutlery”, warned Belle.

Tiana smiled sarcastically and turned back. The bathroom being next door, she heard someone taking a shower, and recognized Pocahontas’ voice among a thousand - mostly because she was shouting the lyrics of whatever she was singing.

she was about to ask “where are the sisters ?” but remembered Elsa was working today.

“Where’s Anna ?” asked Tiana with a loud voice.

A hand passed a door. “With Elsa”, said Ariel with a distant voice. “She’s having extra free time on her CEO schedule today, so Anna joined her for lunch.”

Tiana nodded, comprehensively. She turns her head to Pocahontas, who finally got out of the shower.

“Okay, Poca, you’re the last one I must ask”, sighed Tiana, really having her nerves tested. “What meat would you like to eat for lunch ?”

Pocahontas, her hair still wet, took a deep breathe, closed her eyes, exhaled, and finally said :

“Animals are part of nature and therefore shouldn’t be eaten.”

“…..uh, fine”, said Tiana, eyes blinking. “we’re gonna have Tofu th—”

“Then again plants are also living things in nature so no eating plants either.”

There was a long silence, Tiana just standing there, and Pocahontas walked to her room.

Tiana blustered, heated blood in her veins, and hit hard every step when walking the corridor back and crossing the kitchen to the phone hanging on the wall.

The sound of the poor plastic victim being ripped off was recognizable, so every one passed their head by their door frames to the corridor.

“What are you doing ?”

“FORGET IT”, shouted Tiana. “I’M ORDERING PIZZA.”


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The six characters game with: the friends cast :D

oh man oh mannnnn!!!!! This is gonna be good let’s go!!!! 

  • Push off a cliff: Ross (sorry but sometimes he’s kinda annoying…funny but annoying lol)
  • Kiss: Rachel (I want to confirm that rumor that she’s a good kisser myself like Phoebe did haha)
  • Marry: Chandler (he’d make me laugh everyday and that’s all I want)
  • Set on Fire: omg I hate this and I wish I could pick nobody but I’d have to say Monica only because she’s probably used to it being a chef and all and she’ll know how to handle the situation immediately! (I love her, I promise!)
  • Wrap a Blanket around: Joey (because he’s Joey and he’s precious!)
  • Be Roommates with: Phoebe (how much fun would that be?!)

Give me 6 characters!

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Jumin Han, Chrom, Xander, ...Todoroki Shoutou, and Steven Stone? For the character ask?

Omg thank you!! *yells* All my best boys in one line-up this is going to hurt me so much I hate choosing gah

Okay! So! This is my order!

1. Xander (because he is literally the perfect husbando no exceptions my soft golden boy)

2. Todoroki Shouto (god man. the degree to which I relate to this boy is unreal I feel him so hard and I love him and I want him to be happy *sobs*)

3. Jumin Han (my lonely manchild that just needs to be held, I relate with him a lot too and love his dorky ass. Plus his intensity is just. Fabulous. I’m redoing his route and slowly dying over and over he’s so sweet and pure protect him)

4. Chrom (I actually have less in common with this huge dork, but I really admire his optimism. He sees a lot of beauty in humanity where I struggle to be as positive and idyllic about things and it can be super inspiring and uplifting. For all of his more easygoing bumbling and goofiness, he’s very inspiring and dedicated and sassy lmaooooo he’s savage I love that too)

5. Steven Stone (dude is hot af and so pure????? He’s just a huge nerd that loves his steel pokemon more than life itself he freaking kisses his mega stone to activate it god damn zero chill in the best way note: I have never wanted to be an inanimate object more in my life)

Types of BJD Owners

The Old Skool Collector
The grandma edition with quotes like “back when I bought my first doll // in the beginning there were hardly any tans // I have been a DOA member for over 6 centuries”. Has (had) single jointed dolls with severe yellowing in their collection. Can tell you all about the hobby’s evolvement.

The Revolving Door:
Buys dolls, sells them, and repeat. Promises to keep one forever, doesn’t. Tends to have a small collection at home, but their list of “once owned” is longer than Merlin’s beard. Great resource for doll comparisons.

The Shopaholic:
Has a large collection of dolls, or a large collection of accessories, and sometimes both. Buys more than they sell. Dolls aren’t necessarily finished and they might even own accessories for doll sizes they don’t have. Knows all the best places to shop for your dolls.

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Thank you for your kind words! Also I hope you will be able to de-stress soon and that the paint smell will go away. Please take care *hugs*

!!!!! HONESTLY, your art is GOALS and I just love reading about your characters so much!!!!! Also you seem really cool!

And thank you so much omg, tbh I hope the paint smell does go away soon it’s like, making me feel incredibly nauseous and it ain’t fun. I HOPE EVERYTHING IS GOING WELL FOR YOU, AND IF NOT OR NOT SO WELL, I HOPE IT GOES BETTER!!!! 💜💜💜💜

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The Little Mermaid musical

Oooo ya had to go there :P

Favourite Character: Probably Ursula. They gave her more backstory, but in doing so they didn’t try to make her misunderstood or sympathetic, which is refreshing. She was still a diabolical murderous baddie. And she’s just so much fun!

Least Favourite Character: Flounder. You could’ve cut him from the show completely. He was only in the musical ‘cause he was in the movie. That was it.

Favourite OBC Cast Member: Omg, for a show I despise for ruining a film I love, it has a STELLAR AS FUCK CAST. Sierra Boggess, Sherie Renee Scott, Titus Burgess, Norm Lewis – I love ALL these people! Some of the best of Broadway.

Favourite Current Cast Member (If Applicable): Thank the stars it’s no longer running :)

Favourite Song: Of the original songs from the movie, “Poor Unfortunate Souls”, and Sherie sings the HELL outta it! Of the new songs, I like “Her Voice”. It’s one of the only times you really get a glimpse inside Eric’s head, and the melody actually borrows nicely from the original underscoring and doesn’t feel forced.

Least Favourite Song: Anything Scuttle sings. Get the cane and yank him offstage.

Favourite Act (If Applicable): Act One is way more solid than Act 2. I’ll never not be peeved over the fact that they tried to get around Ariel not having a voice by having her “sing inside her head”, it was confusing and dumb.

Favourite Ship: Ariel and Eric are genuinely sweet in the musical

Least Favourite Ship: Don’t really have one

If There is Something I Would Change about The Musical: Either get a bigger budget so you can bring all of the effects to life or don’t musicalize it at all. Get rid of that obnoxious “She’s In Love” song. Among a million other things. (I REALLY don’t like this show, easily the worst of the Disney musicals.)

Ratings: 3/10, and I’m only giving it 3 ‘cause the original cast was great

Send me a musical and I’ll rate it!

Also man the hunger games simulator is always fun I did it with matsu characters and my friends, dozens of games and omg

Homura was a monster if u got close to her she killed or injuried you every time

There was so much atsuoso going on??? Like damn they were teamed up and holding hands so much

Ichimatsu or ichiko always found a way to kill kara. Always.

My friend who is an oso girl was killed by oso many times the irony

I and other totty girl kept killing totty and atsushi and I hated it

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(Ask of a friend who doesnt own tumblr) "something I want to See From you is what dog breed you think the companions and factions would own and what they do together/How they Use them. Thank you if you do this! ^3^"

Ahhhh okay this was much longer than originally expected but I’m quite pleased with it. ^-^ Alrightly roo well @janne-enchy​ I hope your friend enjoys this and tell her I said thank you for sending it in because omg I got to look at so many dog pictures because of this it was so much fun. Also Danse’s dog’s name would be a tip of the hat @raiven-raine​ and her wonderful character ;)

Hancock: A Chocolate Lab named Sam. She’s really just a pet and she is completely spoiled tbh. Hancock complains about her sleeping in his bed, “You have a bed over there! Go get in it!” he always tells her pointing to her pile of blankets on the floor, but has yet to push her out when she joins him for a nap. She’s friendly to most but does seem to have a natural talent for knowing who the bad guys are and does not try to hide it (even going to far as to nip one man, who later turned out to be planning on killing Hancock). Needless to say she got a treat for that.

Nick: A Bloodhound named Winston. Half because useful for when your tracking people down in the Commonwealth, half because he just wanted someone with him when he went off for a case by himself. Nick’s been known to have full conversations with Winston, even around people who could most certainly talk to. “Now don’t give me that look, Winston. You know as well as I do that she won’t be there. We’re gonna have to go down into the sewer. Look, I know you don’t like it but we gotta,” Nick sighed. “Of course there’ll be treats you old mutt.” He says it’s easier to bounce his thoughts off Winston. Ellie says he’s crazy. Winston just listens to what his people has to say and hopes he’ll get a treat soon.

Deacon: A Canaan named Iris. She was originally just suppose to be used to support one of his disguises but they bonded during the mission and then he just couldn’t give her away afterwards. He takes her with him on some recon missions but mostly she says at HQ now. She kinda mopes when he’s away, but is always so excited when he comes back. Course by then she’s gotten used to sleeping in his bed and he has to deal with her trying to sleep on his chest every night. She’s not useful for much except for fetching balls, but she has been known to really calm down the nervous newbies who pass through HQ just by being around.

Maccready: A Weimaraner named Lucy. Did he want a dog? No. Did he need a dog? Also no. Did he have a dog? Yes. Their paths crossed one afternoon when he was literally thrown into a dumpster by some of the Gunners had been with at the time. She had been in there with three of her dead siblings. He couldn’t leave her. The other had made fun of his feeble attempts to get her healthy again, but he had done it. Eventually she was just as playful and healthy as any other dog. He probably would never admit it, but having her around makes him feel safer. She’s a good guard dog and on top of that not even a little gun shy (which is a good thing all things considered). The only problems he’s ever had with her are her not getting along with Dogmeat. Other than she is the epitome of a good dog.

Preston: An American Foxhound named Henry. Henry was given as a gift from someone who wanted to express their gratitude for Preston saving their lives. Preston was very unsure about it at the time, but he had accepted him. He was already trained and everything he figured, what’s the worst that could happen. Apparently the worst is that Henry bays at literally every single stray noise he hears. And Preston has had to run after more than once because he went sniffing off to find a Radstag or a squirrel or just something. Preston complains but he loves him anyway.

Cait: A Mini Dachshund named Dog (Cait is so creative). Only God knows how Cait managed to find such an old dog in the Commonwealth but she did and ended up keeping him. Dog’s got about the same temperament as Cait does tbh. He barks/growls at pretty much anybody who isn’t Cait or Sole. Cait, Dog, Sole, and Dogmeat go out on walks quite a bit. Cait always ends up carrying Dog back home though. “Short fella outta learn the he can’t keep up with such a big dog,” she always says.  He likes to try and sleep under her, which annoys Cait but, she let’s him burrow under the covers with her anyway.

Piper: A Beagle named Biscuit. Nat just hadddd to have a dog. She begged Piper for months until Piper finally agreed. The pup somehow ended up being more of Piper’s dog than Nat’s though. He likes to try and get in her lap when Piper is writing. Which often prompts the talk she so often has to have with the pup. “Now, Bisk, we’ve talked about this before. When I am writing, there are no cuddles and there are no pets and there are no treats. Go lay down,” she told him, putting him back down on the floor. He always gives her that look that makes her feel very guilty about the whole ordeal but she had learned she couldn’t cave when she got those looks or else he just wouldn’t listen. And that was how he always managed to wiggle his way into her lap whenever she sat down anywhere beside’s her writing desk.

Danse: A Golden Retriever named Lucky. Sole gave it to him after the whole Blind Betrayal ordeal, they said it would help him, maybe take his mind off things. He had agreed only because Sole had seemed so hopeful about it. And perhaps he was unable to admit it but Lucky really had helped him. More than once she had comforted him when he was having a panic attack or when he woke up from a bad dream. And all she asked for in return was that he take he takes her for walks and that he play ball.

Curie: A Schipperke named Shadow. She stumbled across him one even and almost shot at him because she thought he was a Molerat, but then he came closer and she realized he was just a dog. A mangy, skinny dog at that. She couldn’t leave him like that. So she ended up taking him home and taking care of him. She had meant to give him to somehow she just kept putting it off and putting it off until finally she just ended up keeping him. She may of may not give him too many treats……..It’s probably a good thing they go for so many walks. He’s just a pet really, but he is also a great watchdog. Course he barks at everything that moves, but that’s okay. Curie says she’d rather be woken up because he was barking at the wind than dying in her sleep cause it wasn’t just the wind.

X688: A German Shepard named Nuka Cola (mostly called Nuke or Nuka). Nuka was trained and breed specifically for battle. The Institute had wanted to see how well the dogs worked with their coursers. Nuke did very well but once the mission was over the scientist had wanted to take the dogs back, which was unacceptable. Of course X6 couldn’t directly disagree with such an order, as that would contradict his programming and mean he had gotten attached to the dog. Sole stepped in though. There was quite an argument but in the end, X688 got to keep Nuka. Now Nuka goes on every mission with him and also has a bed in his room at the Institute. The only problem she has is that she growls at the scientist, but they don’t dare say a word about it when X688 or Sole is around. Both of whom give her extra treats when she does it.

Strong: A Saint Bernard named Bernard. It’s not really that he got a dog it’s more like, there was a dog and he gave it some food and then the dog just decided to stick around forever??????? Strong just calls him Bernard and feeds him really. He’s gotten attached to the stray though. He has bashed people’s heads in more than once because they had shot at/ kicked/ or just been mean to the dog. In turn the dog keeps watch while he sleeps. They have an agreeable relationship.

Desdemona: A Boxer named Thor. He’s a bouncy big dog who has really always been there for her. She’s had him since she was a child. For some reason scares quite a few members of the Railroad though. Some say she needs to get rid of him. Dez tells them, “You can either deal with him, or you can leave.” They go for walks semi regularly. He’s about the only reason she goes out anymore. When she can’t do it, she makes Deacon or Carrington take him. They’re the only ones she trusts with him. She does worry that he’s getting old but Carrington says he’s healthy as a horse as far as he can tell, so she tries to relax about it.

Maxson: A Rottweiler named Odin. He tends to scare the Imitates, but really that’s not his fault. He’s actually pretty friendly, the children aboard the Prydwen love him. He always begs for food in the cafeteria but Maxson says they shouldn’t feed him their food….not that that has ever stopped the kids from sneaking him some scraps every now and then. No one knows how Maxson ended up with Odin, not even Maxson, who had woken up one day to find a puppy in his room. Begrudgingly, he had decided to keep him though. He had convinced himself that the pup would one day be useful in a battle if trained properly, but really that dog has never been anywhere near a battle and never would cause Maxson had become so attached to him.

Father: No pup here. He doesn’t like dogs and has never had one.

Glory: An American Staffordshire Terrier named Fluffy. (A name Deacon had suggested as a joke) She got him because she was tired of going on missions alone tbh. Fluffy was more than happy to go anywhere she wanted as long as he got a treat and a scratch behind the ears when they got there. Glory likes to talk to him when they’re alone but never really does it when there are other people around. Somehow Deacon found out about it though and now he likes to tease her about it. “The secrets this dog knows,” Deacon often marvels. “Bark once for yes, twice for no, now,” he tell him and starts asking him questions. Glory just rolls her eyes and tell him, “Are you kidding? I have Fluffy sworn to secrecy. Plus, I’m the one who gives him the treats around here. You’ll never get a word outta him.” 

idk how many of y’all like town of salem or the card game mafia(which is irl town of salem) but we used to play a version called Death Note mafia where the roles were all death note characters so now I’m thinking about a dgm version and omg that would be so much fun like

instead of mafia and townsperson you’ve got The Order and The Noah and the roles would go like this

The Order-

  • Finder- you’re a townsperson basically
  • Exorcist- At night you can choose to attack someone. If they’re a finder, they won’t die. You can also choose to block. If an akuma attacks you while you’re blocking, they die.
  • Allen- At night you can point to one person and the mod will tell you if they are an akuma or not. You also count as an exorcist.

The Noah-

  • Noah- You get to kill someone each night. You can kill anyone but another Noah
  • Akuma- You can kill someone each night, but if you try to kill an exorcist who is blocking, you die. You cannot kill a Noah.

And then some extra roles-

Suman- You can choose to save yourself if you thin you’re about to be killed, but you have to choose someone to die in your place. The day after you do this, you become a fallen and die. You still count as an exorcist until you choose to save yourself.

The Earl- You know everyone’s role. Otherwise you have the same abilities as the other Noah.

Krory- You can choose to protect someone and if they get attacked by an akuma, they will not die. If a Noah attacks the protected person, they will still die. If the protected person is an akuma, they will die.

Neah- You can kill whoever you want, but if you kill Allen, you die too.

so the roles get a little complicated, but not anymore so than ToS roles I don’t think… I wanna play this so badly