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i was tagged by @sul-sul to do the handwriting challenge!! thank u so much ♥

i havent written anything down in like,, a solid week cuz ive been on break lmao my hand cramped up writing this

anywayz!! i tag: @winterbjorn, @finniepanda, @graentea, @seabubblee, @paragon-polygon, @granitesfall, @cat-nerd-sims, aaaand @lemonheadsims !!! also omg pls dont feel obligated to do this if u have already/dont want to!!

ive put a transcription under the cut bc my handwriting is a lil messy and hard to read ://

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Here’s a preview of one of the 4-panel comics from the 2nd Volume too if anyone is interested!! XD Translations might not be 100% accurate and might come out sounding a little awkward though.. ;w;

[Animal Form]

(First panel)
Mahiru: Kuro turns into a cat when exposed to sunlight but…

(Second panel)
Mahiru: Jeje is…… Eh? A snake!!?

(Third panel)
Mahiru: Hmmm a snake… Don’t you get weird looks (from people) for bringing a snake out?*

Mikuni: Not really. In fact it’s pretty convenient, I’d say?

(Fourth panel)
Mikuni: You can even use him as a rope!! (Omg look at poor Jeje choking lmao)

Mahiru: Please stop it!! (You’re hurting him!!) x2


*Because bringing cat!Kuro out is perfectly normal since cats are technically common pets but in Jeje’s case a snake is….pretty rare (do people even bring snakes out on a normal/daily basis? x.x)

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OMG YES SOMEONE HAS FALLEN INTO THIS HELL TOO. OMG I JUST REALLY LOVE YURI BECAUSE CUTE TSUNDERE GRUMPY CAT (pls fangirl over these three guys with me) Can I request a scenario of Yuri confessing his love to his s/o? Ijustreallylovehisshynessokayheissocute aND THANK YOU ♡♡♡

Oh I will fangirl with you anyday really.I need to get it out of my system haha.-Blue

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Yuri Plisetsky: Yuri was never one to play nice.He was rude and foul-mouthed and he used to get his anger all out on other people.

Well he was a teenager after all.

People always saw him like that and he didn’t mind it.But there was actually someone from the opposite gender who could talk back to him and smile at him while got angry with them.

It was you.You could make his face red as tomato with simple wink or smile.

Yuri just didn’t know what to do with himself.He found it hard not to think about you,but he couldn’t actually ask someone what it was,that would be so not cool.

So when you annoyed him once again with that cute laugh of yours and funny remarks of his actions,he just blabbered out,”Geez,you’re so annoyingly cute.”

This sentence stunned you greatly,but you quickly laugh it off.”Oh,it’s almost as if you like me,Yurio-kun.”

Once again he got annoyed and with heated cheeks he blurted out,before quickly turning his head away from you.”And what if I do,dumbass?”

Before he could even react,you jumped on him,hugging him tightly and not letting go.”Then I just have to show you my love back,don’t I?”You said smooching his cheek,while giggling.

I doodled myself (lol why) with my favourite cat in Neko Atsume, Socks! :> They remind me of my very first can and I just adore the name and design of this little cupcake ;-;
hope you kinda like the doodle and omg if you should reblog it, pls tag it with your favourite cat! :) That would be amazing, I’m curious and I’ll read all tags!! Promised!!