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I know you’re drowning in requests and I’m v sorry for even adding to the bucket but I had to get this one out there. So we know how Rick isn’t one for the Holidays BUT what if reader surprises him with cliche Christmas lingerie and kinky gifts to quench her thirst from some good ol’ dom Rick? He’d be sayin’ “ho ho ho” by the end of the night if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(OMG this came out a lot funnier than I was originally intending but I went with it so uh SORRY lol)

“H-holy shit, baby. Jingle bell that ass over here.”

Rick was drunk. He had spilled half the contents of his flask onto his Santa suit, turning the white fringe a dull grey. You had donned some festive lingerie with the intentions of a sex filled evening, but now those chances were looking increasingly slim as his level of inebriation became evident.

Regardless, you made your way to him and straddled his hips, your ass resting against his thighs. He thrust upwards slightly, and you could feel his growing erection, giving you hope that maybe all was not lost. But you had one, very important, question.

Rick, why are you dressed like Santa?”

He stopped rolling his hips and glanced down, confusion on his face. Looking back up to you, he just shrugged before taking another long pull from his flask.

“Fu-fuck if I know, baby. But hey, at - at least we match.”

guys zoe came out today and she’s the cutest lil shit ever. first time i played her i got 9/4/7 and i’m proud????

ALSO. i got the new animal crossing mobile game!! pls add me: 53855311416 ♡

God I was reading Yuri on Ice fanfic the other day and reminiscing, and I still get fucked up thinking about its plotline.

Like, okay, so the big twist that shook the entire fandom was that Victor had been in love with Yuuri from the very start, and Yuuri just didn’t remember what happened because he was blackout drunk. Which, if this had happened with a straight couple (if either of them had been women), would have been a twist, but not as big of a shock as it was with the actual show.

I mean, I started watching when episode 2 came out. The fandom was brand spanking new. There were some people already drawing fanart. There were a few shippy ones going around of Victor and Yuuri, but that wasn’t anything new. There were some gifsets that caused a few raised eyebrows, and some people in the tags were all “omg do the creators know how gay this sounds? Are they trying to make this suggestive??”

But everyone knows how silly the fangirls are, right? Haha, so crazy, no way would they make Victor actually be gay. It’s probably just something lost in translation. At best it’s good old fashioned queerbait with a sly wink at the fans. So crazy, no way they actually have sexual tension!

Knowing full well it would never be canon I still ended up watching, because I like sports anime and deliberately misinterpreting canon so I can read it as queer. Except. Except that Yuri on Ice wasn’t giving me much to misinterpret. Victor was outright flirting with Yuuri from episode 2 onwards. Yuuri definitely had some sort of crush on Victor. As everything ramped up to episode 7, the common mantra among the fans was “HOW MUCH GAYER CAN THIS SHOW GET??”

And then the kiss happened, and the fandom fucking exploded.

We had a canon kiss between two male characters in a sports anime, a really really good sports anime, and the creators were kind! And understanding! And clarified that it was a kiss (though slightly censored) and that their world was free of homophobia so we wouldn’t get wrapped up in the real life ramifications of such a kiss and just enjoy the moment.

And then episode 10 happened. The twist happened, and the show was put in a whole new light. Victor had always loved Yuuri, and the entire show he had been pursuing him romantically. It changed the tone of every single episode, to the point where a rewatch would change the tone of entire scenes for me.

It’s just amazing how Yuri on Ice changed the entire game, not by doing anything crazy like give their characters a near death experience or some sort of dark past but by just revealing a character’s romantic feelings. And they succeeded in part by having it be a queer relationship.

Lesson for content creators: surprise your audience by making your show actually gay.

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hi!!! I just wanted to ask if you know any fanfic where Yuuri or Viktor are doctors?? btw I LOVE your blog!

Hi! Thank you for this request! I LOVE this AU! Let me know if I missed any!

Doctor/Nurse AU

oxytocin and serotonin by half_n_half, Not Rated, 10k (WIP)
Yuuri loves being a surgeon. He understands that the hours are long and the immense responsibility that comes with holding a human heart in your hands is nearly crippling, but something makes it all worth it. Little did he know, the years put into medical school would wield something greater than adrenalin.
Victor Nikiforov. WOW! Amazing so far!

Stretch by cosmonaut_field, Teen, 19k (WIP)
Competitive figure skater Viktor Nikiforov injures himself on vacation right after winning another gold medal and is in need of a physical therapist. Enter the quiet Dr. Katsuki. Great fic!

Butt Stuff by Plumpie, Explicit, 9.7k (WIP)
AU in which top Japanese male figure skater Katsuki Yuuri is recovering from an invasive (and frankly, quite embarrassing) surgical procedure, and his visitation nurse turns out to be terribly, terribly attractive. If only they had met under less humiliating circumstances. SO GOOD OMFG I LOVE THIS FIC

Paging Dr. Katsuki by katsudon_s
Night shifts are never particularly fun for Yuuri, but a certain patient might be able to change that. Omg I love this so far!

got me weak in the knees (doctor, please) by wartransmission, Gen, 9.9k
For as long as he’s known himself, Viktor Nikiforov has never been the type for gossip.That being said, it was a surprising thing that he got intrigued at all by their resident physician. Very cute!

shaky when i came to be by apollothyme, Gen, 4.3k
He goes for another triple axel just as his breath is about to run out again, only this time something is wrong. He knows it as soon as he jumps into the air, but by then there’s nothing he can do. AU where Victor became a doctor instead of going into figure skating and Yuuri is a lucky patient. LOVE!

it must be the caffeine by cyanoscarlet, Gen, 1.5k
“If it’s any consolation, I only got hot water from this thing,” Victor admits, tapping a hand over the button for the 3-in-1 coffee. “It cost a quarter, too.”
Katsuki lets out a sound between a snort and a laugh. “Wow, that sucks, Doc.” Let it be known that The Doctor Is In (Love). Thumbs up!

Chemistry of a Car Crash by super_queer, Not Rated, 6.5k (Omegaverse)
Katsuki Yuuri gets into a car accident and the doctor caring for him is Viktor Nikiforov. Features fluff, and a Viktor that doesn’t know how to ice skate. I haven’t read this, but it was rec’d to me by a follower!


Tex (‘82) || Rumble Fish ('83) || The Outsiders ('83) || That was Then… This is Now ('85)

Emilio Estevez and Matt Dillon in S.E. Hinton Film Adaptations

You’ve seen me do Villain!Deku so how about some Hero!Tenko? Tomura’s quirk would honestly be so good for rescue missions since he can deteriorate rubble and fallen debris! Also his quirk can definitely help save on after math of battles and quicken collateral damage clean up!

Neave came up with Dee-K cause it’s like Decay but honestly it reminded me of donkey kong

Shitty server demands a better tip

A couple months back, my boyfriend and I went out for drinks one night at this cool little “speakeasy” in Montreal. It’s actually quite an interesting place. You come in through a nondescript entrance and the place has a really nice vibe going on once you get inside. Note: this is one of those bars where the server comes to your table and serves the drinks rather than one where you order at the bar and take the drinks back yourself.

We were seated at our table by the server. We ordered a couple cocktails. And then a couple more, and then a couple more after that. Each time we had to order, my boyfriend or I would have to go fetch the server so he would take our order or go up to the bar, order, and then bring the drinks back ourselves.

Then, when it came time for the bill, I went up again so he would come to our table. He came and thought we were going to order again despite me clearly asking for the bill when I went up. So, he went back to get the card machine and it was another ten minutes before he was back. At this point, I was quite ticked off at the not-so-great service and was debating whether or not I should tip him. The screen had an option for 10%, 15%, 20% or “other.” I decided to just leave 10% as I wanted to avoid an argument with the server. Montreal service employees are pretty damn notorious when it comes to the expectation of tips.

Now, he prints out the receipt and takes a look at it and sees I left 10%. He then asks if we had a nice evening, to which my boyfriend responded that we did; we both thought it was just a standard question servers ask so we didn’t bother telling him about the poor service received–especially because it wouldn’t really make a difference at this point. The guy then says, “oh, well if you had such a nice time, than you should’ve left at least a 15% tip. Because, in Canada, it’s customary to leave a minimum 15% when the service is good.” I’m guessing the reason he felt the need to outline that’s how it is in Canada is because I’m a brown guy.

Now comes the petty part. I responded, “oh I didn’t know, why don’t you cancel this bill and redo it so I can tip you properly. He said sure thing, just give me a second because the manager has to approve bill cancellations. Again, we waited a good 10 minutes for him to come back with the new bill. I was happy to wait, though, because once he came back, I put in the PIN and then selected the "other” option for tip and left him 0%. He printed out the receipt and his look of disbelief was well worth it. We got up and my (white Canadian) boyfriend said, “Our only tip for you is to give better service and not be so much of an asshole. In Canada, we don’t really like assholes.”

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wheres ur undertale at???? i miss soriel so much!!! (im not trying to be rushy or anything i just miss ur soriel a lot plz dont b mad at me senpai)

don’t worry about it :) I miss Soriel so much too. its always sad when a fandom dies out. UT was the first fandom that I drew lots of arts for when I came back to Tumblr. I won’t be drawing much Undertale anymore. Maybe some here and there, but definitely not as much. Here are some older UT arts I never uploaded on this blog :) thank you for supporting me~

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hey do you know any good kdramas about friendship?

OMG I’m so sorry for not answering this sooner! I’m currently going through my inbox, so please be patient with me.

Hmmm, good kdramas about friendship… I actually have quite a few to recommend! Just to note, this list is not in any order of ranking… just writing as I’m going and thinking of dramas. Hopefully you find drama(s) to your liking!!

1. A Gentleman’s Dignity

If you haven’t seen this drama… then YOU SHOULD!!! If you’re looking for a drama that focuses more on the friends than the romantic relationships, then this drama is the one for you! It’s about a group of guys and their hardships, relationships, challenges, etc. I thought I wouldn’t really enjoy this drama since it was different from the typical kdrama, but I was totally wrong!! At first, I only watched it for Jonghyun from CNBLUE, but then I ended up loving the drama for what it represented and showcased. This drama is very heartwarming and one of the most memorable friendships I’ve ever watched in a kdrama.

Originally posted by thespunkycity

2. Reply 1997 or Answer Me 1997 (The Reply series in general)

Oh man…. I love this drama SOOO MUCH! UGH, so much of my childhood in one drama lol… I don’t want to ruin it for those who haven’t seen it, so all I’ll say is that this is a classic drama about friends growing up together. You get to know each of the characters and how they struggle with growing up, relationships, personal identity, etc. The friendship aspect is just as important as the romantic aspect in Reply 1997. There’s also a very nostalgic and realistic feeling to this drama that will make you feel like you’re growing up with the characters too. I also recommend to watch the other dramas in the Reply series too (1994 and 1988).

Originally posted by doramasamor

3. Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Tbh, I thought this drama was going to be the typical cliche and sickeningly romantic teenage drama… but I was totally wrong, lol. This drama was actually quite deep, despite the funny drama title, that is about a group of boys in a rock band. Likewise, this drama is similar to Reply 1997, in which it’s a coming of age drama that focuses on friendship, relationships, growing up, dreams/passions, and music. I particularly recommend this for those who like Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and Flower Boys Next Door.

Originally posted by umutlardualaraemanet

4. Coffee Prince

How can I not mention Coffee Prince? Lol. Well, even though the main focus of the drama is more of the romance, the friendship quality in this drama shouldn’t be overlooked either. Tbh, the friendship aspect is really important in this drama because it introduces the love aspect. I’m not just recommending this drama because of Gong Yoo, but honestly, Coffee Prince should be watched by EVERYONE. This drama tackled such important topics and ideas that are important in our society today. Yeah, it has the cliche setting of the super rich kid and normal girl, but this drama dives deeper into the main characters’ relationship and how it came to be… how to form friendships and understand each other — also… most importantly… Gong Yoo.

Originally posted by gimme-a-chocolate

5. Dear My Friends

Okay…. so I learned of this drama because it got the “Best Drama” at the Baeksang Arts Awards…. and I was SUPER stingy because I really wanted Goblin to win, lmao. (I still kinda think Goblin should’ve won but that’s another story ahahahaha) Anyways, I HAD to watch this drama to figure out why it won, and omg… it’s such a good heartwarming drama that gives you all the feels. It’s about younger and older people coming together and how they face their challenges, becoming friends, understanding each other, and overcoming their obstacles together. This drama touched on a lot of important topics such as age, abuse, illness, family, and — obviously — friendship. I really liked the realism of this drama, which I believe was the selling point as to why this drama won the “Best Drama” award. The story is very well thought out and propels you to keep watching the next episode. I think this drama was worthy of the award it won and I can kinda understand why it beat Goblin… So give this drama a try :D

Originally posted by jkdramaniac

6. Chicago Typewriter 

Do I need to say anything when I have clearly expressed my love for this drama in my review?? Lol… all I can say is that this drama is the definition of friendship, love, and loyalty. I freaking balled my eyes out, not because of the romance, but because of the friendship!!! PLEASE WATCH THIS DRAMA OMG. This drama is about a writer who experiences a “slump” while writing his book, but two important people come into his life and help him write it… while also a bit of reincarnation and time traveling to the 1930s during the Japanese occupation in Korea. If you’re interested, please read my review on this drama to see whether it’s your cup of tea… but be warned of spoilers… 

Originally posted by letsflytoasiarenata

Special Mentions: (Dramas I’ve watched but not going to give a brief description)

  • The Time that I Loved You, 7000 Days
  • Beethoven Virus (Yo… watch this if you love Classical Music *.*)
  • Man of Equator
  • Cheese in a Trap (Watch it if you love Kim Go Eun!!!) 
  • You’re Beautiful (Honestly watched it for Yonghwa and Hong-gi)
  • She Was Pretty 

Blind Recommendations: (Haven’t watched the drama but other people have recommended it to me lol)

  • Operation Proposal
  • Heirs (Maybe I’ll watch it someday for Minhyuk…) 
  • School 2013 

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hey, whats the best story you have about a wild animal?

so something that you have to understand about my mom is that she loves animals. like you know that girl in your middle school that was like I FCUKIN LOVE HORSES *___*!!!! and always interrupted every conversation with some Cat Facts? that’s my mom. my mom feeds wild deer, which—as anyone who lives in the country will tell you—is a TERRIBLE IDEA, BECAUSE DEER, WHILE BEAUTIFUL, ARE ESSENTIALLY TALL RODENTS. my mother feeds geese. i shit you not, we have a pack of geese that live on our farm.

as like. pets.

when my parents went away for christmas, i stayed home to look after things, and my stepdad was like, DON’T FORGET TO FEED THE GEESE! he wrote it down. so i wouldn’t forget.

“geese are wild animals,” i said.


“they won’t. they’re wild geese.”


  • elvis is the goose whose all white except for a strip of black on the crown of his head.
  • get it? get it? elvis?
  • life on the farm is weird and has gone a long way toward preparing me for the weirdness that is adult life.

ANYWAY, the point of all this is that the year i lived abroad, my parents had no one in the country who could talk sense into them, saying things like, “domestic animals are for cuddling, and wild animals aren’t pets because they are wild animals,” so my mother adopted a wild boar.

here are some fun facts about wild boar:

They can smell people. “We are predators. We smell like a predator in the food chain,” Loftus said. That doesn’t mean they won’t turn and fight, especially to protect piglets.

“They’re mean. They’re aggressive. They’ll charge you. They’ll cut you or stab you with their teeth. They have big tusks, or cutters, as we call them,” Loftus said.

Wild pigs can rip open the femoral artery in a person’s leg, causing massive bleeding. (x)

  • in wild boars’ defense, i would also probably attack something that i viewed as a threat to me & mine. in my defense, this is my home?? it’s like you broke into my home and then killed me for being in it because you feel you should have the right to sit on the couch whenever, even though i don’t even know you and didn’t invite you here???

we literally had like “wild boar drills” on the farm where my mom would shout BOAR! WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU SEE A BOAR? and i would snap to attention and shout CLIMB A TREE! CLIMB A FENCE! BOARS CAN OUTRUN YOU BUT THEY CAN’T CLIMB BECAUSE OF THEIR HOOVES, A-HA!! NOT TODAY, BOAR!!

  • i have this vague but uncomfirmed memory of my mother telling me that once she was out in the paddock with some of the horses and saw a boar and got scared so she climbed a tree but then the boar didn’t go anywhere so she had to call my stepdad to come get her in the tractor.

if you’re like “why the SHIT would your mom adopt a wild boar” after reading all that, you are asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS!

the answer is: my mom’s old, retired curmudgeonly showhorse, herb, who loves nothing and no one in this WHOLE WORLD, found a wild piglet while he was turned out one day. and when my mother went to bring him back to the barn he looked at her and said with his sad horse eyes, “this is my pig. i found it. it’s good. it’s little, and ugly, but still good.”

  • my mom: herbie, no. 
  • herbie: listen lady, i carried u on my back 4 like a smooth half-decade, and you are going to deny me this??? this baby is my new best friend and i love nothing in this world except this baby.


they named the pig charlotte, nickname “yum yum” (we are not subtle people) because she was a fuckin’ lady. lookit that snout. lookit those eyes. she’s unimpressed by your outfit and thinks you chose the wrong perfume for the ~mood of the occasion. 

charlotte slept in the stall with herbie, ate with herbie, and generally made a nuisance of herself:

"omg guys i came out to have a good time and i am feeling SO paparazzi’d right now.”

“you know what i wanna do right now?”



“excuse u did i say u could touch me, paltry human?”

anyway, it was all a big happy family until charlotte grew up a little and started having ~sexual urges~ and becoming territorial (wild boar live in a matriarchal society where the females are the aggressive ones because wild boars think males are garbage) and disappearing for days at a time.

then one day my mom and stepdad were cleaning stalls and charlotte decided that she’d had just about eNOUGH of being a SECOND-CLASS CITIZEN in this unjust patriarchal human society, and started charging them, so they had to hide in the stalls while she patrolled the barn. it took them like… four hours before they could escape.

  • literally nobody was surprised at this turn of events.
  • “i mean i guess we should have seen this coming,” said my stepdad.

    “she is, after all, a wild boar,” agreed my mom.

    “DID I SAY THE PRISONERS COULD SPEAK???” shouted Prison Guard Charlotte, snuffling and shaking her snout at them. “SEVEN POINTS FROM GRYFFINDOR.”



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RFA + V & Saeran head-canons with a super ticklish MC? Have a good night!

lololol yas!! love me some tickles ^-^


  • rule number 1: never tickle Yoosung
  • rule number 2: never let Yoosung tickle you back
  • because
  • he knows all the good spots that just make ticklish people go c r a z y
  • how does he know?
  • well, he’s a ticklish baby himself so obviously he’d know his stuff
  • sometimes he’d be the little demon he was and while MC and him were gaming or whatever and he wanted her to lose, he’d do that knee tickle thing 
    • u know that really light tickle that happens when someone drags their fingers across your knee DO YOU UNDERSTAND WAHT I’M SAYING
  • MC literally loses the game immediately after that because it’s too hard to bare!!!!!!!!


  • ho boy
  • he wasn’t the “average tickler” because heheehheehehhehehe
  • dirty Zenny likes to tickle under the shirt 
  • woeowwowoeowoow
  • “MC, come here!”
  • a seemingly un-harmful, happy invite for her to sit on his lap am i right?
  • the fuckin moment she sits down he shoves his hands up her shirt not that high okay only on her tummy pls get. it. together. 
  • it’s just so adorable and the way MC becomes flushed and red afterwards makes just makes him bsrgneozrusbvnw;orudbjvne;udifbkjl 
  • ya feel?


  • Baehee has never tickled anyone else other than her neice ok
  • so she was real shook when she found out that MC was ticklish like
  • “I thought those feelings left as you got older? I’m not ticklish myself so..”
  • MC’s left eye starts twitching because she just had the most devious idea
  • *cue tickle attack*
  • too bad because it’s true lmao
  • Jaehee just stood there expressionless like “mc wat r u doin pls staph touching me”
  • but.. but..
  • omg jaehee so scary what happened to you


  • he found out by accident because
  • they were getting ready for a ~fancy~ night out right
  • and MC was having trouble with those tiny ass buckles on her heels
    • gurls u know whatt i’m talkin about
  • k so Mr. Han being the gentlemanly man he was went about to help her and the moment he touched her ankle
  • um i mean she chuckled real softly and like super feminine and shit
  • and Jumin just raises his eyebrows and gives her The Look™ of confusion
  • and she’s like “hehe I’m quite ticklish”
  • i’m sorry, what?
  • he’s never heard of that word before so he asks MC to demonstrate (lol) so she tries to tickle him and u would not believe this but


  • bro lbr you SAW IT COMING OK
  • like ph-lease
  • it’s 707, memelord, literal god of the internet and pranks so he obviously thought to tickle MC the very moment he met her
  • and once he found out that she was the most precious and ticklish her person on the planet… he had no mercy 
  • tickles left and right, in the morning, right before bed, even during her beauty sleep??? most definitely. you don’t want tickles while you’re reading? well too bad you’re getting them. tickles in the car are dangerous but does that stop him? no it doesn’t because he lives on edge do u hear me he’s a hacker, a secret agent-
  • right so back on topic:
  •  because he was such a bully and would not let MC go a day without tickles he woke up one day with his hands tied together
  • “Seven, you’re gonna get a taste of your own medicine today.”
  • uh-oh


  • he was so lost when MC started laughing because he was poking her sides
  • he thought he was hurting her??? or something because well 
  • i mean she had tears forming in the corner of her eyes
  • and he already stopped poking but she wouldn’t stop laughing just what kind of sorcery
  • “MC, are you okay?”
  • after she finally calmed the f down she let this little puppy know that she was alright aand asked him if he wanted to try being tickled
  • cinnamon bun has never been tickled before (maybe by Saeyoung back in the bad good ol’ days but it’s been too long)
  • OMG u wish u were there because he was bursting out with laughter belly filled to the brim with joy 
  • his eyes were squeezed shut because it tickled so much it hurt he couldn’t even breathe lmao
  • it was just great


  • guyssssssssss
  • the minute MC starts laughing because he was being devious and tickled her for ~experimental purposes~ he ripped out his camera
  • it literally came with the speed of light and out of some magic portal found around his neck
  • it’s just camera snaps all around and he isn’t just taking pictures
  • nononono that isn’t how famous photographer v does his job
  • he’s literally those people who take pictures of models like
  • “Work it, MC, work the camera, that’s right, perfect, more, give me more smile. Keep those giggles going, yes! exactement!”
  • oh my god hoW EMBARRASSING
  • he also never lets MC live it down
  • and he shows the entire RFA the laughing mess MC becomes whenever he tickles her even the tiniest bit
  • new secret weapon? totally.

i used to be SO TICKLISH it wasn’t even funny 

~Cherry L.

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Summary: Phil finds out one of Danks kinks and teases him about it



Genre: smut as hexx


“No one would fuck him” Casper, one of Phils friends said. Phil chuckled and moved his gaze to the short pastel boy attempting to reach his locker.
Phil walked over to him, picking up his book and giving it to him. Dan smiled thankfully and fixed his flower crown.
“ Dan Howell. True definition of /twink/.” Phil laughed
Dan frowned, closing his locker and stepping away from Phil, who now flicked his flower crown and smirked.
Dan walked away quickly, Phils eyes glued to him. Twink.
Marcus called Phil back over to the table they were sat at, and Phil happily obliged.
“ As he said. Unfuckable.” Marcus chuckled.

The next day, Dan passed Phil walking to maths. Phil took the chance to knock Dan into the lockers by the hip, laughing loudly when Dan let out a shriek of pain.

The day after that, Dan was sat in the lobby, finishing up Harry Potter; Sorcerers Stone. Phil and his friends walked up behind him, knocking his flower crown off his head to the right. Casper picked it up and threw it to the left, Dan desperately trying to regain it. Lastly, Phil picked it up, bending it to an acute angle, and throwing it to the ground.
“Matches your sexuality” Phil smirked. Dan huffed.

Two days after that incident Dan was at his locker putting away books for lunch. Phil and his /crew/ were sat in the lobby staring him down. Phil decided to make him feel bad and call him a faggot.
Dan huffed and closed his locker, turning to walk away. He would have left it alone if it wasnt for the last comment.
“ Pastel boy. How not straight.” Phil said, getting up.
Dan would have left it alone, he knew better. But a week…
“ At least I dont have to wear all black and have peircings to make myself out to be more intimidating than I really am.” Dan spat.
Phils eyes shot red at this point, his tongue circled his mouth. He smirked and stormed to Dan, immediately wrapping his slender fingers around Dans pale neck. Dans breathing hitched.
“ Dont talk back to me like that again bitch, or youll regret it.” Phil said, his fingers still tightly wrapped around Dans neck.
Dan was too focused on the euphoria flooding his senses, and Phils hand turning him on. Phils words. Phil. His hard on made it a bit harder to focus..
“ Answer me.” Phil barely shouted hot breath onto Dans neck making Dan scrunch his nose. He tightened his grip on Dans neck, squeezing slightly, and Dan emitted a high pitched whine.
Phil took a moment to register it, but after a second, he smirked and lowly chuckled.
“ Oh.. You /like/ this? ” Phil smirked, letting go if Dans neck harshly, almost throwing him back onto the lockers. Dan let out a breath he didnt know he was holding in and left the scene as quickly as he could.

A week later, Dans best friend Louise persuaded him to go to a party with her, that her friend Tyler invited her to. They all hung out a bit, Dan drinking a bit more than he thought he would, knowing how much of a lightweight he is. Dans loopy. All he hears is a grobbled mess of everyones words.

Marcus sees Dan and immediately alerts Phil.
“ Howells here. ”
“ Fun.” Phil says, unamused.

Half an hour later and everyone’s playing 7 minutes in Heaven. Dan being too into his phone to notice his name was called. Phil lester too. Dan hesitates.
“No..” he says.
“Dont be a pussy Dan get in the closet. Its easier coming out, you would know.” Phil and the rest of the circle laughed. Dan frowned and crawled into the closet, opening his phone and tappin Tumblr. Phil follows soon after, taking Dans phone and tossing it outside the closet and closing he door. “ Hey i was using tha-ah!” Dan moaned as Phil sucked a hickey onto Dans neck. Phil turned the lock to the closet door and knocked Dan so that he was under him.
Dan started needily grinding into Phils thigh, and Phil wrapped his hand around Dans neck.
Dan moaned and gripped Phils back, scratching down.
“ Slut.” Phil mutters.
“ Please.” Dan whines, his face red.
“ Please what.” Phil says, lessening his grip on Dans neck so he could breathe, but tightening shortly after.
Dan moaned softly
“ Please fuck me.”
In a matter of time Dan was stretched and Phil bottomed out.
Phil thrusted into Dan hard and fast, and Dans hair was assaulted by Phils fist. He roughly yanked back Dans fringe, and Dan did something Phil never thought he would do.
“ Ah- Daddy!” Dan moaned.
Phil halted his thrusts to flip Dan over so that he could see his face. He started thrusting slowly, wanting to see Dan at his worst.
“ please do i have to beg?”
“Ill stop right now and you can jerk yourself off later”
“Not good enough.” Phil said, pulling out completely.
“ No please, daddy i promise Ill be good, please, please..” Dan went on and on until Phil quickly snapped his hips into Dan, hittings his prostate dead on. “Daddy! Ah..” Dan moaned loudly, arching his back, as he came over his stomach. This sent Phil over the edge, as he came into Dan, pulling out and cleaning up.

They opened the door and walked out quickly, but stopped in their tracks at someone mocking Dans moans

“ Daddy uh!” Marcus fake moaned and laughed afterward.

Damn it.

Me: aw so cute lena misses kara

Also me: 😭😭 she tried to say it all light hearted and with a smile but deep inside her poor baby gay heart she was so sad. and it came out all stuttery . and is stuttery even a word but she was stuttering. then she said you keep ditching me so she’s obviously been trying to hang out heaps omg imagine all five hundred missed calls on kara’s phone😭😭 and she just wanted to take Kara out to brunch and buy her food and be a supportive friend i think it would have helped kara😭😭and lena’s all worried and feeling guilty when is she not feeling guilty give the woman a break .why didnt someone tell her she did good 😭😭 and don’t get me started on the ‘if you still want that’ 😭😭

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Hi! Can you do one where they go to the park/playground??? ☺️

here you go anon! i was thinking about one of those open field parks with a little playground on the side and in korea they always have those weird exercise things that kids always like to crawl all over and … not use it for its intended purpose 


  • “okay we’re getting kimbap and ddukboki and fried chicken for snacking purposes”
  • lying on the keroro picnic blanket a fan gave minho 
  • got stuck in the tire swing and struggling hard to get out, members are letting this happen “i am your LEADER respect me dammit” 
  • sticks to the regular swing from now on… much less danger 
  • brought bubbles and having fun blowing them 


  • “i’ve been waiting for moment my entire life” pulls out a kite from the closet 
  • it’s shaped like a pterodactyl and he’s having much difficulty assembling it
  • @ the judging stares “IT WAS A GIFT OK” 
  • it wasn’t, he totally bought it with his own money  
  • running around the field with the kite string in hand looking up lovingly at his dinosaur friend in the sky 
  • in a vicious cycle bc he stops to pet dogs and then the kite falls and when he gets it up again there’s another puppy to pet


  • minho picked him up and put him on top the monkey bars and shinee is going to comeback as a four member group so help me god you are A DEAD MAN CHOI MINHO 
  • came out to have a good time and honestly feeling so attacked rn 
  • he fucking hates the monkey bars this is so much higher up than it looks ok 
  • clutching the bars for dear life 
  • members promise to catch him if he jumps but HE WON’T LET GO (”we’re not going to let you fall!!! kibum it’s literally a three foot drop pls it’s been thirty mins” / “YOU DON’T KNOW MY PAIN”) 
  • made flower rings but none for minho 


  • brought a soccer ball, and a volleyball, and a football someone play with him omg 
  • ignoring key’s screaming 
  • doing pull ups 
  • “i wonder if i could flip around the bar”  
  • he can’t 
  • his arms hurt now 
  • calls taemin over to sit on one side of the seesaw and attempted to LAUNCH him into the fkin sky


  • “taemin-ah want to go down the slide???” taemin: “I AM AN ADULT and as an adult i would like that v much” 
  • lying on the field, plucking blades of grass
  • suggests tag, walks away when they start playing 
  • comes back with a bag of ice cream (”when tf did you leave???” / *shrugs* “want one?”)

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Hi I was the Zack imagine requester! Could the imagine be about Zack has a gf and he tries to keep home being a Power Ranger a secret but she finds out and it is just fluffy and adorable ☺ thank you

Like this is too adorable! Omg wow, I hope you like it! You are forever welcome!!

Originally posted by ellectrifyy

“Zack?” You frowned. “We’ve been planning this for weeks?” Kids filed out of the halls around you as the bell had just rang. The two of you had been planning to go to the new movie you had been dying to see. 

He bounced his foot anxiously, glancing over your shoulder every few seconds before turning back down to look at you. 

“I know, I know, I’m so sorry, but…” he paused, as if looking for a good excuse. “Babe, something came up and I’ve got to go, I’m so sorry!" 

He jogged past you, spinning around at the last minute, while continuing to move towards the exit. "I love you!”

You sighed, rolling your eyes but calling back, "Love you too, asshole.”

He grinned before slamming into the door; you could hear his sheepish laugh as he turned around and moved through the other side. 

“Hey-” you placed your hand gently on Kimberly’s arm as she seemingly rushed to shove her things into her bag. 

“Wha- oh hey (Y/N), I’d love to talk, but I really have to go…” she smiled apologetically before speeding over to the exit as well. 

You leaned back against the lockers, biting your lip. Yeah, kids hated high school, but they didn’t normally run like a bat out of hell to the doors. 

Actually, when you began to think about it you had seen Jason leaving with Billy, and Trini slipping right out of the doors as well. 

It was weird, but you shook it off. They all had their own lives, and you trusted Zack and didn’t need to be that crazy girlfriend. 

But here you were, stalking your boyfriend and his friends and you groaned at yourself. 

It wasn’t like you had planned this- you truly hadn’t! But when you had been going to your car you saw Zack, Jason, Billy, Kim, and Trini all gathered in a group talking in hushed whispers. 

You couldn’t help it… there had to be something majorly important in order for Zack to lie to you. 

Nevertheless, here you were at the mines, standing there utterly confused. 

They had been right there! Literally like 100 feet in front of you before you turned away for a moment, checking you phone only to look up and see them gone. 

With your head spinning, you sat down on the nearest rock. 

Maybe they knew about some crazy ass hidden tunnel? Or maybe you were just going crazy. 

You decided the latter, because as that very moment the ground began shaking violently- as if you were in Jurassic park. 

Turning slowly, the breath hitched in your throat as you stared up at the sight before you. 

It took a moment to process what you were seeing, but you managed to gather 3 fundamental facts. 

1. There was a massive red T-Rex right in front of you.  

2. It was robotic, and you noticed a yellow sabertooth tiger and a blue triceratops as well. 

3. In front of you were the two other power rangers- the pink and black ones. 

You let out a small squeak and hurriedly tripped backwards. 

This was insane; as in not possible and completely ridiculous. You had to be dreaming. 

“What are you doing here?” The pink ranger asked harshly and you struggled to find the words. 

“I.. um, well this definitely wasn’t my intention.” You continued backing away slowly. “I.. was stalking- okay stalking is totally the wrong word. I was following my insane friends because… maybe I’m a terrible person?”

 You felt their heavy gazes upon you and you chuckled nervously. “Or maybe I was just curious, just curious sounds a lot better! Well um, here I am and I’ll just leave and get out of your hair…" 

Turning around you let out a small gasp, and before you even felt yourself falling, the black ranger had grabbed you, pulling you away from the massive chasm and holding you tightly. 

Wheezing, you struggled to get out of his grasp. 

"Hey, you’re alright! You’re safe. (Y/N), why are you even here?” His voice was… familiar and it caused the hair to raise on the back of your neck. 

“I never told you my name,” you stepped away from him, and this time away from the chasm. “Who are you? How do you know me?" 

The ranger paused, and turned back to the others. By now the other three had gotten out of their robots and were standing next to the pink ranger. 

"You’ll have to tell her eventually,” the red ranger shrugged and the black ranger shook his head. 

“I don’t think-”

“Zack, just do it.”

You’re eyes widened even more. 

“Z..Zack?” Your head flicked between them, and your voice caught in your throat. 

The Black ranger stepped forward, the mask covering his face receding into his suit. 

Your eyes widened at the familiar face in front of you, the face you loved, the face of Zack Taylor. 

Your heart was beating unevenly and you turned to see the others unmasked, there stood Jason- the red ranger, Kimberly- the pink ranger, Billy- the blue ranger, and Trini- the yellow ranger. 

“What is this some club I wasn’t invited into?” You stuttered out and Zack cracked a small smile. 

“(Y/N/N),” he reached out to you and you hesitated before he stepped even closer. “I’m so sorry I never told you. I didn’t want you to get hurt because of me. If anyone found out you knew us, you could be leverage.”

 He reached up, pushing the loose hair behind your ear. “You shouldn’t be here. You shouldn’t know. We shouldn’t be-”

“Woah, woah. Zack,” you shook your head hurriedly. “It’s alright! I understand. I just wish you had known you could tell me. I’m not mad, if anything I’m just even prouder to love you.”

He grinned widely. 

“I love you too,” he kissed you quickly before turning to grin at the others. 

“Now, I think you guys need to explain everything.” You rose an eyebrow and the others snorted. 

“I think you need to explain the stalking,” Jason retorted and you blushed. 

“Hey I was right about one thing,” you laughed. “You guys are really insane.”
Zack grinned and wrapped his arm around your shoulder. 

“At least I didn’t almost fall into a 400ft hole. You’re welcome by the way." 

Rolling your eyes, you leaned your head on his shoulder. 

"My knight in black armor.”

You’d known Georgina for years ever since you were kids, but the trouble started one day at a pool party at her house. You’d gotten so horny looking at her in her bikini, that you went upstairs to her room and began sniffing her dirty panties. “OMG! What are you doing?!” the yell took you out of your ecstasy and back to reality so quickly that you’d let go of your penis at the moment of ejaculation, ruining your orgasm as it violently pumped out of your erection. She looked at you with disgust “Your little willy just came all over my bed sheets, my mom told me it was small, but now I know for sure!” You were so embarrassed at being told your penis wasn’t good enough for her, that you begged her not to tell anyone, saying you’d do anything to make it up to her!

Anything?” She inquired mischievously. “Well, I do have one way you can get back in my good books…