omg this came out pretty well!

so i went out today with my mom to just spend time with her and we went to the mall, went to bath and body works just to smell all their scents and smell the candles. well we get really excited smelling stuff so we tend to be like, “omg smell this!” a lot. well this girl came up to us and said sorry but she heard us and wanted to know the candle we were smelling because my mom and i both thought this certain candle didn’t smell all that good. so we were talking to her and smelling candles with her and laughing. her friends came over also and was smelling with us and talking to us. NOW EVERYONE THIS GIRL…..SHE WAS SO PRETTY OMG. LIKE HONESTLY I WAS SPEECHLESS LOL. i really wanted to compliment her but i got so shy and honestly i wanted to become friends. she was so sweet! BUT I COULDN’T DO IT. SHE MADE ME SPEECHLESS! idk i just wanted to share with you all because i’m serious, she was beautiful and i regret that i didn’t compliment her! really wanted to make her day!

Cry with me - Part 1

Whether they are tears of laughter or tears of pain may depend on the person, but I promise you will probably experience both.

Join me in diving into the totally bizarre world of The 100 books in which the Bellamy Blake as we know him would cry tears of humiliation and perhaps the occasional bout of awe at the things his AU self says.

I honestly can’t NOT bring to attention some of these gems that truly demonstrate how vastly different book!Bellamy and show!Bellamy are so let me get down to listing actual quotes from book!Bellamy himself.


“Is he your boyfriend?” Bellamy pressed.
“No,” Clarke said flatly. But then her mouth twitched into a questioning smile. “Why do you care?”
“Just taking a census,” Bellamy replied. “Specifically, to determine the relationship status of all the pretty girls on Earth.” [listen to this guy]

2. That’s what Bellamy liked best about Earth - the unexpectedness. Like a girl who kept you guessing. He’d always been drawn to the ones he couldn’t quite figure out. [listen to this lil fucker]

3.“Off you go,” Bellamy said, motioning her forward with his hands. He watched her scurry off with satisfaction. [This fUcKER]

4. “Breaking news, pretty boy.” Bellamy winked. “We’re all criminals here.” [WINKING. PRETTY BOY. I CAN’T]

5. “Good afternoon, ladies.” [please pause for a moment and try to picture show!Bellamy sauntering into Clarke’s tent and saying this line - just please TRY]

6. Bellamy didn’t know why the ancient humans even bothered doing drugs. What was the point of shooting junk into your veins when walking through the forest had the same effect? [he’s such a cliche]

7. He’d always assumed those ancient poets had been full of shit, or at least had much better drugs than he’d ever tried

Originally posted by vlociraptor

8. A crack sounded from inside the woods. Bellamy spun around so quickly, he lost his balance and fell backward with a splash. [smooth bruh]

9. Bellamy brought his hands behind his head and tilted his face toward the sun, exhaling as the warmth seeped into his skin. It was almost as nice as being in bed with a girl. Maybe even better, because the sun would never ask him what he was thinking. […]

10. “You’re doing a great job for a quack.”


“I’d recommend putting your shirt back on.” (Clarke)
“Why? Are you worried you won’t be able to control yourself? Because if you’re concerned about my virtue, I have to tell you, I’m not-”
“I meant”-she cut him off with a small smile- “there are some poisonous plants out here that could make that pretty back of yours erupt with pus-filled boils.”
He shrugged. “For all I know, that might be your thing, doctor girl. I’ll take my chances.”

12. “I know you’re not the type of girl to make out with random guys in the woods,” he’d said with a mischievous grin, “but maybe you should be.” [i cAnT]

13. “Well, hello there,” he said as she came to a stop and paused to catch her breath. “Couldn’t stay away, could you?” He stepped forward and placed his hand on her waist [omg stop]

14. “I thought you were different. But I was wrong. You’re just another stupid Phoenix bitch who thinks she knows better than everyone else.” [this is the part where you cringe and cry and thank the TV lords that show!Bellamy would never even think of breathing such terrible words to Clarke Griffin, or probably anyone else for that matter]

15. “You’re going to regret this,” Bellamy said in a low, dangerous voice.

16. He’d start with letting the bastards starve. Then, maybe when they were all so weak with hunger that they had to crawl over to him and beg for forgiveness, then he’d consider going out to hunt. But they’d have to make do with a squirrel or something small - no way was he killing a deer for them. [this is some next-level petty shit - he’s talking about the deinquents btw]

17. Over the past few weeks, he’d discovered that he enjoyed the company of trees more than people. [k but tbh same]

18. Perhaps Earth had had enough of their bullshit already and was initiating a second nuclear winter. [k this isn’t really a noteworthy quote but its too real :0]

19. Tears were beginning to blur his vision, although if anyone called him out on it, he’d blame it on the smoke. [okay mister tough guy]

20. “Okay then.” He took a step forward and gestured for her to follow. “But I should warn you … I’ll probably take my shirt off at some point.”

So there you: Bellamy Blake Book 1. I intend to do the other two books I have read at some point as well. Hope you enjoyed! Lol. Tell me what you think of this Bellamy vs the one we know and love.

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I sent an ask and I'm not sure if it went through? my account had been acting super janky lately so it might not have gone through :( if it didn't but you see this, could you pretty please share your headcanons about the author?

no worries, dude! i’ve been having the same problem myself! but here are a few for you!

  • his bat is called ‘inspiration’ and he whacks people over the head with it so people will be inspired. (this one came from @slobberingapparitions, and i love it so much omg)
  • him and dark respect each other but they’re a bit of rivals.
  • gets annoyed when he’s disrupted while he’s in his writing phase.
  • very private and enjoys his privacy. lives pretty much in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere woods.
  • probably doesn’t take criticism on his work all that well.
  • out of all the egos, author likes wilford the most. they probably have a long (and bloody) history together.
  • lowkey is a sucker for romance novels. they’re a guilty pleasure.
  • has a tabby cat named clause (like ‘claws’ as a cat pun, but also ‘clause’ as in writing) (that was bad i’m sorry).

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Oya oya! I really love your works!!! You're an incredible writer! Can I request for a KageHina 60? Things you said while I was broken on the floor?

aaa tysm!!! that means a lot omg :’)

so i was going to answer this pretty easily, but this actually has lead me to a one shot that’s a little longer that I’m expanding on now, so I’ll just post the original scene that came to me! keep your eyes peeled for when I post the full thing :00

Hinata pouts. “I’m lying here broken on the ground and you’re just making fun of me.”

“Yes,” Kageyama says patiently. “Are you drunk, or high?”

Hinata giggles. “Um, I don’t know?”

“Well, have you been hanging out with Asahi and Nishinoya, or Tanaka?”

“Um… The cute one!”

“I’m gonna need more than that.”

Hinata tries to form the word in his mouth, and he almost falls over. Finally he exclaims proudly, “Tanaka!”

Kageyama sighs. “Then you’re tripping mad balls.”

Hinata giggles again. “Volleyballs! Volleyball, that’s what we do, Kageyama!”

Kageyama picks him up in his arms in one smooth motion, making Hinata go silent in awe as he’s lifted into the air and curled up into Kageyama’s arms. He looks up into Kageyama’s face, wonderstruck. “Yeah,” Kageyama says softly. “That’s what we do.”

“Do I even weigh anything to you?” Hinata asks in a voice just as low.

Kageyama shrugs. He pushes open the bathroom door with his hip and pulls Hinata through. “Not really. You’re a string bean compared to Yamaguchi, and I’ve had to carry him a few times too.”

Hinata starts chuckling, low, humming laughs he can’t seem to stop. “Yeah” he finally says, as if he’s been tying to figure out what words are. “Yamaguchi is thick. You know? Kageyama? Like that meme? Thick. But like with two c’s. Thicc. He’s thicc. Thicc, thicc Yamaguchi!” He nuzzles his face into Kageyama’s arm. “Thick, thick Yamayama…Kageyama… You’re kinda thick too, you know.”

“Oh my god, please shut up.”

hhhhhhhhhnnnggggg anyway i’m always a slut for these prompts, hmu!!


okay, i can’t wait two days orz

happy early birthday, yoko! pls accept this heroes-style nix <333 

i tried giving the myrmidon outfit a more plegian vibe, and i think it came out pretty well!! <3 i didn’t go too nuts with the accessories and grimleal bling because, well, she’s not an actual member of the grimleal– but the tights i gave her do have the 3 eyes on each leg because they do hold a considerable amount of sway over her.

also she gets a pretty purple orb because i didn’t feel like designing or drawing out a proper ornament. oops.

fact; the original’s actually pretty smol. see?

@marian-bloodsoul said: H-Hey there! Well uh… I don’t know what to say n.n" first because I don’t speak English very good.. And second, this is the first time I draw something like this. I really, REALLY love those AU’s!!! They’re soooo pretty cool! I wanted to give you this Drawing I did >w

Jaw dropping ain’t it?

Third time animating ever!
I regret everything!
This this took sooooooooooooooooooooo looooooooooooooong
But honestly… I think it turned out pretty good….

✏️ OMG! 🐋 Don’t have any sequels!

(that whale emoji is supposed to be a shark btw, just. Use your imagination for me, please.)

DUDE I LOVE THE WAY THIS CAME OUT!! Your lineart is so sketchy and I love how it ups the anti on Dre’s creep factor, it’s so good!!! 👏 You make me want to explore animation more- it’s so time consuming, isn’t it?! WELL THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUBMITTING THIS!!! (I’m sorry it took so long for me to get to this!!! But I’ve held it close to my heart in my mail so dearly waiting to give you a proper reply 📝👌✨)


So today is a pretty special day. It’s my best friends birthday! (Aka @satan-in-training). And well what’s the best about it is that this cute dork turns 19 and he’s getting old on me 😩. He means a lot to me, more then anybody would understand. We’ve been through so many arguments and disagreements but came out stronger. Our friendship is constantly evolving and we never really know what comes next. I love him endlessly and I know he feels the same about me. Idk what I’d do w out him. He’s become more then a best friend, he’s family. I can’t really explain this in too much detail with out getting sappy and him almost crying so let’s not lol. I’ll be there soon enough (59 days) and it’s finally what we wanted. Buddy you and I for forever, this way. Happy birthday Brandon. I hope it’s one of the best. Next year, we celebrate together! I love you endlessly dork. I’m hugging you from a distance 💕😘😊

Everytime I think about that yoonseok moment with the flower, I always picture Yoongi only giving hobi inexpensive gifts and hobi being totally okay with it.

Yoongi: *hands over a rose to hobi*
Hobi: aw it’s so pretty
Yoongi: sorry, I could only burrow it from my mom’s shop
Hobi: I said they’re pretty, babe

Yoongi: *bakes a cake for Hobi’s birthday*
Hobi: omg! You made this?!
Hobi: *hugs him and kisses his cheek*
Yoongi: yeah, I couldn’t find the perfect one for you. I don’t think it came out very well though…
Hobi: it’s perfect.

Yoongi: *buys candy rings from a machine*
Hobi: Yoongi this is so sweet…
Yoongi: I couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to give you something now. My next paycheck isn’t until next week so-
Hobi: It’s the thought that counts, Yoongi…I love it.

Yoongi: *pulls Hobi outside to a new car*
Hobi: wow! This is amazing!!
Yoongi: it’s just a rental
Hobi: *face drops visually*
Yoongi: but I’ll take you wherever you wanna go. Any trip. You name it.
Hobi: *smiles genuinely*
Hobi: okay

And then one day, Yoongi would suddenly surprise him with some big expensive gift that’s really meaningful or something and Hobi would just be in utter shock.

Yoongi: *takes his hands off Hobi’s eyes*
Hobi: *looks around at the empty space*
Hobi: are we moving again or?
Yoongi: *chuckles*
Yoongi: it’s your dance studio
Hobi: I don’t have a dance studio.
Yoongi: you do now.
Yoongi: *stands in the center of the large room and opens his arms*
Hobi: *processes and stares at him in awe*
Hobi: you really shouldn’t have…
Yoongi: just don’t check our bank account though haha
Hobi: *tears swell up in his eyes and he runs into Yoongi’s arms*
Hobi: thank you thank you! I love you!
Hobi: *kisses him*
Yoongi: *smiles*
Yoongi: you deserve it…all of it

I’ve just came back from my lil’ cute April’s bed house ♥ aaand I’m officially an Exotic so my new sim is Asian, if this makes sense~

His name is Tian Yi Xing, because why not.

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i really love your url. so much. also i just noticed your mobile cover photo is the genophage cure and i'm emo af now ily

thank you! <3 i was really surprised when it was free lmao :’) i love yours as well (because HOW COULD I NOT)

i’d almost forgot about my mobile header omg. such a pretty scene though. i really need to finish the OT run i was on when andromeda came out …


Oh wow guys. This show was just wowowo there are seriously no words this is one of my new favorite shows and stage door experiences.

I don’t even know where to begin like WOOOOW

ok so the show. THE SHOOOOOW.

For those of you who have yet to see A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, I highly recommend that you do. The cast is stellar, the show i soo well done. AND THE MUSIC!? I WANT TO SING ALL OF IT OMG.



Ok. I’ll save everything that has to do with Lisa for last. So stay tuned!

Jeff Kready is the greatest just wow. Vocally he was just SO on point tonight, and I have never heard man with such a strong falsetto before in my life. He’s just so perfect, and the subtlety of his humor realllyyyyy added to Monty’s character - it made him less of an over the top character, and far more relatable. Also, I found myself buying into Monty’s shenanigans and sympithizing with him, which like wow if you can make a character like that lovable kudos to you Jeff Kready! (I HAVE A LOT OF STAGE DOOR STUFF ABOUT HIM TOO SO STAY TUNED FOR THAT LATER)

CATHERINE WALKER WOWOWOWOW. To be honest I hadn’t heard much about her, so I wasn’t totally sure what to expect from her performance walking in. But lemme tell you. That girl can SING. Like wwoooooow I was so blown away. Her sound was very clean and clear and just wowowo she was so incredible. Seriously spot on.


Ok. Lisa. Lisa perfect person O'Hare.



She was just. There are no words for how incredible she was tonight. During “I Don’t Know What I’d Do” she held it together so well until the very end where she is hugging Monty from behind, and a single tear fell down her cheek. My heart actually broke omg.



She literally had to bite her lip at one point to keep from crying and I just omg bb I was so sad for her because you could see how hard she was trying to keep it together throughout the entire show, but especially in that moment.


When Lisa came out (first of all she was a wreck. Like she was crying so hard it was so sad) the entire cast just starts screaming and clapping, and at one point Catherine grabbed her hand and squeezed it and mouthed “I love you” to her.

Jefferson Mays blew her a kiss, and Jeff basically dedicated his bow to staring at her and making everyone give her another round of applause.

She was so appreciative.


Jeff Kready was the first to come out and lo OO kAT ALL THE CUTE PICS I GOT WITH HIM

So basically I had taken pics with him on my phone, and then my dad was like “Wait I want some too!” And I go “ugh dad!” And the first two pics of us are him imitating me and being like “yeah, come on dad hurry up!” And I was just laughing so hard. I have a very special place for Jeff Kready and his adorable smile in my heart lemme tell you like wow he’s the nicest.

Ok. Catherine Walker was next. and She was just the absolute cutest like wow. She was so nice and I told her how incredible she was and she was just like “thank you so much! I’m so glad you came” And I just love her a lot wow

JEFFERSON MAYS WAS SO INCREIDBLE AND A GENTLEMAND AND WOWOWOWOW. We talked for a good five minutes and he just asked me a bout myself and what I thought of the show, and I told him how incredible he was and he goes “aren’t you the sweetest, thank you! It is such a joy to do every night”

I love him so much and I got to hug him it was great.



Ok. Lisa. LISA. When she came out she got a HUGE round of applause and everyone was so excited and she just put her hand on her cheek and teared up and just omg she’s the sweetest person on the planet.

Wow she is SUCH a sweetheart. I was kinda a wreck when she came out … like I wasn’t crying but I just kinda rambled and I told her what an inspiration she was to me and how incredible I thought she was and I was look “sorry Im totally embarrassing myself”. And she just put her arm on my shoulder and goes “no you aren’t, you’re being so kind!” She was so gracious and lovely and SHE HAD THE CUTEST HAT ON. 

(You can see the tears in her eyes in that last pic oops)

At the end I wished her happy trails and she pulled me into a hug. I wanted to cry and she was crying and just wow I can’t even deal with how incredible tonight was.

All in all, tonight was incredible and I cried a lot.

Lisa O'Hare gave the performance of a lifetime. She’s just a perfect human being and I don’t even know what else to say because IM SO IN SHOCK WOW

Impossible Dream

Hey everyone, I really hope you like this. Thanks so much for all the support and for following me :) send in any requests you !

You laughed in front of the camera, the lights still shone in your face. You and your friend had a popular YouTube channel; doing covers of songs on ukulele or some fun challenges your followers wanted. (Y/b/n) turned to you and said something before signing off. As she started to edit the current footage your phone signaled a new notification. It was a tweet from the oh-so-famous Matthew Espinosa. His tweets always reminded you of how much you liked and how you’d never get to be his. Nor will he ever notice you no matter how popular your channel was. You favorited the tweet and reblogged it because it was ‘worthy enough’. It was a joke you and your friend made.

“Okay so the video doesn’t need much we can post it now?” (Y/b/n)s voice pulled you out of your thoughts. You pulled a chair up to the desk and did a once over.

“Yeah do it, it looks awesome” but your reply came out a bit dull.

“alright what’s the problem then?” (Y/b/n) caught on rather quickly, but@ to give her credit you grew up together.

“Matthew again” you said before going over to your bed and planting your face in the covers.“Why can’t he notice me"you groaned. Soon the bed shifted under the new weight that was added. She placed a hand in your back.

“Well maybe he does but does’t think you feel the same” her little confirmation gave you hope but it soon vanished. Your phone chimed again, but when you saw the tweet you thought it couldn’t be true. The tweet was from Matthew. It read “literally those ukulele girls on YouTube are the bomb”. Maybe he didn’t mean you though. You favorited it and your phone signaled another tweet. This timer read “the pretty one favorited my last tweet”. No way. There is no possible way. Your the pretty one. You screamed which made your friend jump.

“What!?” She freaked.

“Matthew Espinosa. OMG. I’m pretty. Aaaaaa” you tried explaining to her between your breathing but failed. She took your phone out of your hand and read. Soon a shocked reaction came from her as well.

“Freaking DM him!!”

“No way! He&#8217;ll think I&#8217;m weird or something!” You yelled out, your heart was racing. Your phone was soon taken from your hands again. “Nooo stop!!” Your reached over her feet an attempt to grab it back but was failing. Miserably.

“Done” she tossed it to you with a smirk, “ gotta run bye” she said and with that, left. Leaving you after moments before texting Matthew Espinosa. Please do not have embarrassed me you thought quickly as you checked the screen. You had a reply.

Matthew: Yes let’s do it!!

Wait what. No. (Y/b/f) told him that you two should do a collab. He said yes. A new message displayed.

Matthew: when are you free? I’m in LA for awhile now so.

OMG. Okay calm down you thought to yourself and let your fingers hover over the keyboard of your phone, finally you had a response.

You: um how bout Thursday? Can I give you my number to text the address or would you like to come to my place?

He quickly replied back.

Matthew: sounds like the best plan ever :)

You felt your breath stop and you had to remind yourself to breathe again. A sigh escaped your lips. Then the overthinking happened. Thoughts and possible outcomes swarmed in your head liked a bees nest. Finally you just took a deep breath and calmed down though.

The rest of the week went by or the majority. You didn’t have school Friday so you could stay up late Thursday. When Thursday did come around you couldn’t get up home fast enough to change into something decent and reapply make up. Your phone chimed of a new message, but you already knew who it was.

Matty: Ay I’m heading over now to pick you up? Then we can film at Nash’s place.

You: Sounds great

Eventually he showed up at your door but you were already there waiting for him.

“Let’s go” you smiled and he let out a small laugh. His laugh was so cute.

When you reached Nash’s house Matthew quickly explained his idea. You were to do a challenges in which your fans tweeted you. He already had the camera set up and everything was in place. You both went over to the couch in front of the camera and settled yourself in. Soon the video was rolling and you were laughing along with Matthew and doing all sorts of crazy things that your fans suggested. Soon one fan dared Matthew to explain how he feels about because they thought something was going on. He pointed at the camera.
“I accept” he exclaimed then turned towards you. He cupped your face and pulled it towards his own, soon your lips meet his. He pulled away after a good minute and turned back to the camera,”Actions speak louder than words” he winked. Then closed up the video.

“What was that” you stuttered out, the kiss left you breathless and shocked. You were still trying to regain your composure.

“Oh did you not get it? I like you and would like to take you on a date” he smirked but all you could do was smile. Your impossible dream came true.

Concert Report - Croke Park, May 23rd

Okay, so, it was an all around amazing experience. I got some videoes I thought were pretty fucking good and some that were meh. Didn’t get all songs because didn’t have any view of the boys, neither screen nor eye, for some of them. Also I wanted to enjoy a few without having to record. MY VIDEOS ARE HERE

Here goes:

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Imagine asking 5sos if you can take a picture where you kiss
  • Ashton: what? *frowns confusedly* uh- um- *walks away confused*
  • Michael: what did you say i didn’t catch that <strike>[you repeat]</strike> oh well we don’t actually do that because everyone would freak out and i might catch a disease or something and i’d have to kiss everyone once they see this but iM NOT SAYING YOU’RE GONNA GIVE ME THE DISEASE I DON’T EVEN KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY I SWEAR OMG THAT CAME OUT WRONG BUT IM SORRY YOU’RE JUST SO PRETTY I GOT DISTRACTED *turns around and trips when he tries to run away, blushing*
  • Luke: what um so you wanna kiss my cheek or do i kiss yours wait were you talking about mouth to mouth oh i get it um how do i do it do i close my eyes what do i do, do i take the picture or are you going to i dont understand where do i put my arms wait what side do i put my head towards im confused do i have to smile this is so compliCATED I GIVE UP
  • Calum: yeah why not *kisses you*

1989 World Tour: Arlington, Texas.  

Dear @taylorswift I honestly don’t know where to start, there are just so many things I want to tell you, I’m probably the most irrelevant person in this fandom and well, this is not a moving story or anything special at all, just some random girl trying to get noticed by you and feeling a little bad about it but…okay. First off, I’d like to apologize for any further grammar mistakes you may see while you’re reading this (I mean IF you ever see this and then decide to actually read it) since English is not my native language, besides I usually suck at writing so this might be no exception lol I can assure you I tried my best though…anyway, My name is Marisol and I kind of just wanted to let you know that after a bit more than 7 years of waiting, I’m finally going to see you in Dallas on October 17th! This is such a big deal because I have loved you since you were younger than I am now (19) that’s just so crazy to me and oh my god you have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do this but it was something that I never really had the chance to accomplish until now <3 This is so exciting, I’m over the moon right now…So by the middle of this year, I didn’t even think about the possibility of seeing you anymore, money was not a problem because I started saving since about a year and a half ago but I couldn’t go with my friends cause none of them could afford the whole thing and I’m terrified of traveling alone. Then my mom was super hard to convince and after a whole process of “please, please think it over” considering my good behavior and how great I’m doing in school, she ended up agreeing but tickets were already sold out. One day after months and months of patiently waiting (not really cause it’s YOU TAYLOR AWESOME SWIFT we’re talking about, duh) luck got on my side (kind of) and I finally found some tickets <3 even though I won’t have the best view, (I probably won’t see a thing tbh but I don’t care) I do consider myself very blessed and lucky. The fact that we’re gonna be breathing the same air and to have you singing right there in front of my eyes after so many years, makes me the happiest person alive :’) I’m going all the way from Mexico which I know is probably not that far (14 hour drive because plane tickets are way too expensive) but it’s finally happening and it’ll be so worth it!!!! I’m sure I’ll have the time of my life. Alright, now moving on to my costume, this is a poor attempt of an Alice In Wonderland 1989 Album Cover Inspired Dress that I’ll wear to the show. I know it may not be super creative or anything, specially after all the AMAZING costumes I’ve seen people wearing throughout this tour but well…it’s all I could come up with and besides it is so special to me cause even though it might seem like we didn’t, we really DID put a lot of thought into it, the dress itself was made by my grandma who happens to be 72 years old, she used to be a seamstress back in the day but she doesn’t do big stuff anymore so when I told her about this idea I had in mind, she was the sweetest when she told me she felt capable of doing that for me and well here you have the result <3 I hope you love it as much as I did, then the rest of both outfits and the signs (lights, polaroids, glow-sticks, etc, WE PLAN ON ADDING SOME MORE) was made by my mom and I (actually, her playing the (weird) Cheshire cat was my idea haha I kinda forced her into this). Last but not least, I wrote this thing I’ll paste below a few months ago (around May) when I didn’t even know If we were attending the show. I guess I got sort of inspired seeing all the fans super excited about seeing you and the way they talked about how magical each of the concerts were. It sounded like this great, wonderful experience that every Swiftie around the world deserves to live, and I don’t lie to myself I obviously know this next paragraph is probably not that good or witty and many people has written similar stuff before but like I already mentioned above, I suck at writing and man it really took me hours to get it done!!! So once again, I apologize. Here it goes…

“Hey TAYLOR I’ve BEEN WAITING FOR YOU to come to my country for what feels like ages and well, since that hasn’t happened yet (I’m sure one day though), I came to see you somewhere else. I’m pretty sure when you get on stage I’ll be like “OMG LOOK AT THAT gorgeous FACE <3” This day is one of the best in my entire life, I’m all dressed up I even GOT THAT RED LIP CLASSIC THING on THAT YOU LIKE to wear, I think it’ll just NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE. I know LOOKING AT IT NOW, IT ALL SEEMS SO SIMPLE but omg it sure wasn’t. You have no idea how hard it was for me to get to come to this show. I hope one day I get the chance to tell you how much you’ve inspired me, to thank you for blessing the world with those beautiful masterpieces you have written along the years, and that ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS STAY true to yourself all this time. We all love you just the way you are. You know HATERS GONNA H8 but Swifties will have your back FOREVER AND EVER. Many guys BROKE YOUR HEART before and we have always tried our best to PUT IT BACK TOGETHER, I WISH YOU WOULD never forget about that…Right now IT’S 2 AM I’m IN MY ROOM working on this thing (pretending it’s the BIG DAY) and I’m feeling so emotional cause IT’S SO SAD TO THINK ABOUT THE GOOD TIMES I’ve missed out for not going to any of your past tours before but never in my WILDEST DREAMS I thought I would get the chance to see you STANDING IN A NICE DRESS STARING at the crowd screaming out your name with those RED LIPS AND ROSY CHEEKS that look adorable on you. AND I COULD GO ON AND ON cause THIS LOVE we have for you will last forever. I KNOW many other PLACES you should go with this tour but for now I’ll have to wait. Going back to my excitement, it won’t matter if RAIN CAME POURING DOWN while I‘m on my way to the show, that wouldn’t stop me. IT ALL SEEMNEW AND EXCITING I feel like I’m IN WONDERLAND (forreal lol) I’m gonna have a blast! I CAN HEAR IT IN THE SILENCE. And I know I won’t shut up about it ON THE WAY HOME (or ever). I can almost see it now, I’m gonna be TOO BUSY DANCING to your songs and I’ll SING THEM PROUDLY and once it’s over, I’m gonna CRY happy TEARS OF MASCARA IN THE BATHROOM cause one of my biggest dreams finally came true…”

(ps: PICTURES TURNED OUT TERRIBLE :c this was not what we originally planned to do but anyway, once again here I apologize. Also…I know I’m lying about the red lip thing but I really wanted a color to match the outfit so I thought purple would do, sorry)


SEC 330            ROW 6            SEATS 4 & 5 

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Demon!Johns RP icons for thedemonconstantine (commissioned by demonofcorruption)

Little project I was working on for couple months! It was so much fun to try to draw all kinds of different expressions and try to keep some sort of consistent style (well yeAHH…….)
After all 12 full pics were done it was time to crop them to work better as icons!
You can see those at thedemonconstantine‘s posts~

Lesbian Story : The People In My Life Are Awesome

This a great story i have found on the internet

Hey, so, it’s been a long time coming. After about a year and a half in the closet, I finally told the first person. I came out to one of my older sisters, she took it pretty well. There was some crying, laughing, and understanding from both of us, but the real funny story is the night after I came out to my sister. It was one of my best friends birthday party at my house. I decided to tell the birthday girl. I got really drunk (hey its was a party) and asked her to come outside with me. Our conversation was pretty long, but I finally had the courage to tell her. She was a little drunk as well lol. Sorry, its kinda long too. Hope you enjoy!

Me: “So theres been something I’ve been wanting to tell you, I havent told many people though. It’s nothing bad I swear.”

Her: “Omg, you haven’t killed anyone have you??”

Me: “What? Of course not.”

Her: “Oh, ok good. Wait, are you gay??”


Her: “OMG I got it righht?? Wow, I’m never right! Wait…you’re gay?? Cool! Wait, do you have a crush on me? Is that why you’re telling me?”

Me: “HAHAHA no.”

Her: “Oh, wait, do you have a crush on Candice?”

Me: “What?! NO.”

Her: “Jamie??”

Me: “OMG I don’t like anyone.”

Her: “Oh, ok, thats cool! I mean its cool that you’re gay, like I could care less. My cousin is bisexual, and she sleeps with lots of girls and guys, like lots Like lots, she can really get—”

Me: “I got it man lol”

Me: ” But hey, my sister is half black, my dad smokes, my mom drinks, but hell, nothing bothers me haha”

Me: “Thanks man”

Her: “But honestly dude, if I were into girls, I would totally be into you. Like, you would be the perfect girlfriend. Like, you’re the best!! You treat me better than Drew ever did. haha. But no matter who you are, I love you….but just as bro’s though!”

Me: “hahaha I love you too, bro.”

That night I came out to 3 other of my friends, they accepted it too. From that point on, for about a month, I told everyone that I wanted to know. They all accepted me, understood, and told me that they loved me. But my parents don’t know, they aren’t super religious, but I’m waiting for the right time. My advice though, don’t be drunk or don’t get other people drunk to tell them the truth, it worked for me, but you never know. For those still in the closet, I wish you the best. It really does get better. Peace and Love.