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I commissioned a modern Tarzan and Jane from the incredibly talented @punziella and here’s the final result!! I couldn’t be happier with it, it’s absolutely perfect and I just love it so so much I can’t stop staring at it, thank you so much Pauline!!

I feel like Eve,” I said softly, watching the moon set behind him, over the dark of the forest. “Just on the edge of the Garden of Eden.”
There was a small snort of laughter from the vicinity of my navel. “Aye, and I suppose I’m Adam,” Jamie said. “In the gateway to Paradise.”
He turned his head to look wistfully across the creek toward the vast unknown, resting his cheek on the slope of my belly. “I only wish I knew was I coming in, or going out?”
I laughed myself, startling him. I took him by both ears then, urging him gently up across the slippery expanse of my naked flesh.
“In,” I said. “I don’t see an angel with a fiery sword, after all.”
He lowered himself upon me, his own flesh heated as with fever, and I shivered under him. “No?” he murmured. “Aye, well, you’ll no be looking close enough, I suppose.”
Then the fiery sword severed me from consciousness and set fire to my body. We blazed up together, bright as stars in the summer night, and then sank back burnt and limbless, ashes dissolved in a primordial sea of warm salt, stirring with the nascent throbbings of life.
—  Claire and Jamie Fraser, Drums of Autumn, Chapter Two

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What about an AU where Yata is a writer and Fushimi is an editor who gets assigned to Yata by his company only to find out that while his books ARE good and sell well, this man clearly has no friggin' idea how to spell and keeps making dumb obvious typos because it's Yata - and Yata will not restrain his explosions of creativity for "proper grammar"?

I kinda love the mental image of Fushimi as an editor, I just imagine him ripping apart people’s books and sending them back this manuscript full of red pen and cutting remarks about how stupid that plot line is and do you even know how to spell and you used the word “rueful” six times in two pages find a new word. He’s known for basically being the most terrifying editor, any author whose books get sent to him is all but guaranteed a torn apart manuscript when they’re done. There are mixed feelings about him among Scepter 4 Publishing’s employees too, some of them think he’s just strict and a genius at taking terrible books and cleaning them up until they shine, while other people think he’s just a jerk who enjoys tearing apart other people’s works and that he’s not even worth listening to. Company head Munakata finds Fushimi-kun to be quite talented, which is why he’s never been fired despite his attitude, and Fushimi is often only sent books that are believed to have best seller potential, books that looked at first like only so-so knockoffs of current popular media have become something fresh and new in Fushimi’s capable hands.

So then one day young up and coming author Yata from publisher Homra comes to Scepter 4 because due to say some some kind of contract dispute he has to publish his newest book through them. Yata already dislikes it, he can tell that Scepter 4’s a big snooty publishing firm unlike his little indie label Homra and Yata can’t wait until these stuffed shirts read his awesome new book. He sends it off to be edited and days later receives a huge package in the mail. Inside is his manuscript, torn to shreds by this editor named ‘Fushimi.’ Yata’s immediately got his hackles up, like who the hell is this Fushimi guy and what makes him think he knows what would and wouldn’t make a good book. Yata demands a meeting with Fushimi and is surprised when it turns out that Fushimi is this skinny sullen nerd who works for the company because he’s living in an empty room above Munakata’s apartment and the job pays the bills. Yata tries to argue with him about the book and Fushimi clicks his tongue and proceeds to savage Yata’s precious book some more, pointing out every single misspelling and pothole that he can recall and basically telling Yata that he’s a hack writer. Yata meanwhile argues back that his books are creative and do way more interesting shit than the stuffy books Scepter 4 usually publishes, Fushimi snorts and is like misspellings aren’t ‘creative expression’ they’re just words you spelled wrong, idiot.

Yata’s pissed at Fushimi and doesn’t even want to listen to him but Munakata informs him that an unedited book will not be accepted for publication, the book must pass Fushimi’s inspection before Munakata will allow it to go into print. Cue Yata at first attempting half-hearted rewrites, all of which Fushimi rejects. Yata’s getting increasingly annoyed but at the same time he also finds himself really wanting to impress Fushimi, like he wants to send back a book that will make Fushimi’s jaw drop, that Fushimi won’t be able to put down. Meanwhile Fushimi actually hasn’t been able to put Yata’s books down, maybe Yata was discovered at a young age and Fushimi read his first book at fifteen and fell in love, however that book was destroyed by his asshole dad Niki and in the meantime Fushimi’s decided that stories are for losers anyway. But he still remembers how Yata’s book saved him and that’s part of why he’s being so harsh with Yata, in order to bring out a book that will make him feel the way he did when he first read Yata’s work all those years ago.

Things I loved in Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle [SPOILER ALERT]

Pretty much everything lol 

- Lester Papadopoulos

- He has acne and flab

- Meg McCaffrey 

- Why?

- Sally Jackson is pregnant

- Percy is going to be a big brother (omg omg) 

- “The blonde scary one” 

- “Because Poseidon”


- Kayla and Austin


- ”She’s a communist”


- ”Significant annoyance”

- ”I apologize to MY BOYFRIEND” (THIS IS GOLD)

- Nico “I have a doctor’s note” Di Angelo

- “I’m his doctor“


- Bisexual Apollo 

- Peaches


- The A-list 

- Solangelo 

- Apollo drama queen lol 

- “will you be my buddy?”

- Nico calling Will a dork 

- Apollo calling Solangelo cute


- Paolo’s arms

- Paolo

- Jealous Nico

- Hippie Rhea

- Solangelo supporting each other 

- Nico and Will on a canoe ride together

- ”Lord of Darkness ”

- ”Percy Jackson had arrived”

- Percy put his hand on my shoulder. “You’re Apollo. We need you. You can do this. Besides, if you don’t, I will personally throw you off the top of the Empire State Building.

- Damien and Chiara 


- CALEO  omg  ❤

- Percy and Calypso had hugged awkwardly… 

- Calypso is mortal 

- ”That’s my mamacita,”  LOOL

- “Live fully and without fear.”

- what happend in Albania? 

- Calypso gonna go on an adventure, yaaaas CALEO OMG 

This book was fucking amazing,  I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE SECOND BOOK 


Guys. Ben and Beanie made a highschool prom promotion video. I’m dead. Funeral service will be Sunday @ 3pm.