omg this beat is sweet

I drew Sprinkle out of pure boredom and wanted to send it to well you. You’re an amazing artist and inspired me to start on Tumblr. I was extremely nervous when I started making my account. I usually had mindlessly scrolled through Tumblr without an account and then I found your blog. I was amazed when I saw your art, truly. I had never known about half of the AU’s I found here. It surprised me so much, to the point where I wanted to start Tumblr just from seeing your art. Yes I just started today but I just had to send you this, you truly inspired me and I thank you for that.


this is too much for me to handle, im not used to my heart beating :’D

malumplaylist  asked:

my heart is beating so fast for part 19 and aw omg luke's so sweet im shookt i love relentless so much wow you're such a great writer ok i'll leave now bye

is relentless now correlated with shook? 😭 aha amazing, love this. n thank you Ayla, you’ve always been so sweet