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“Seriously, my best friends don’t even call me by my first name. Hell, I’m not sure they even know my first name.”

*incoherent screaming* I had the absolute joy of being able to commission @projectnelm for an illustration of my Shepard and I’m so psyched with how she turned out. Look at her! All ready to save the universe and punch bad guys in the face!

I can’t praise @projectnelm enough, she’s amazingly talented and lovely to work with. Thank you so much!

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Mimi I just realized something ! Since September is both JK's and RM's birth month maybe the comeback will coincide with one of their birthdays? Just like how the wings comeback stage was on Jimin's Bday last year and the beginning of the Wings tour was on JHope's Bday earlier this year?? Should we expect something on one of their bdays again??

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If this ends up being true, you are a genius!

I obviously don't work here, but sure I can ring you up!

I was standing in the ice cream aisle holding a six pack of beer and one of cider, and a couple bags of chips, trying to decide if I wanted to bring ice cream sandwiches or maybe some jerky for game night. I had just gotten off from my other job so I was wearing black slacks, a white dress shirt and a black tie, with a very obvious pin showing where I worked.  

I hear a slightly condescending “Excuuuse me.” from the side of me. Looking over I see a slightly overweight middle aged woman with one of those ‘I’d like to speak to your manager haircuts’.  

I step back a few steps to let her pass and go back to my internal debate. After a few seconds she hasn’t moved and I hear the most obnoxious, entitled, “HELLLOOOOOOOOO, Earth to jackass!!!”  

I look at her and she says with extreme impatience dripping with venom, “The lines are way too fucking long, you need to ring me up, I know you’ve got a free register in the back somewhere. I have things to do, ring me up NOW!”  

I don’t work here, but you know what, I worked retail technical support at the time and I had a really shitty day, dealing with people exactly like her… “Oh, I’m so SO sorry ma'am, I thought you were just trying to get by.” Reaches into cabinet and grabs a thing of mint skinny cow ice cream sandwiches(Not on a diet, but those things are damn good.)  

Let me just get these ice cream sandwiches to the disabled lady up front waiting for me and I’ll ring up you up over there in the home & decor section.“ Points to farthest corner of the store where no reps go and no registers are "Again I’m so sorry, I will even hand these return items off to another associate to put away and I will be RIGHT over!”  

“Well, fine. Please be quick, I have shit to do you know.” and she walks away.  

I took my items up front to check out, waited all of 3 minutes in line and then went on my merry way. It’s amazing that some people just assume a random bystander is the person that can help them and then treats them like shit without even knowing who they are. Fuck that lady and people like her.