omg they look so pretty i want to marry them

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What would Gom+Kagami be like seeing their s/o walk down the aisle? :3

They’d be all like this

Jk. But it’s pretty close to that.

Kagami the bae: he’d have been very nervous until the second he sees his partner walking down the aisle, questioning himself about all the little things he hadn’t had the time to wonder about, like did he remember to feed Nigou. When he sees their smiling face, it’s like he’s taking a huge breath of fresh air, and suddenly everything’s right. Nothing else matters other than his s/o tearing up as they slowly make their way to him, and he wouldn’t even realize the huge grin he’s wearing or the couple of tears that escaped from his eyes until Kuroko, his best man, quietly point those out.

Kuroko: he wouldn’t show it much, but he’d be also nervous, though not nearly as much as Kagami. Before he sees his partner, it’s like he’s replaying every single moment that led them to finally be married to one another, and when he does see their already crying face, a tear threatens to escape from his eye as an incredible feeling of utter happiness surrounds him. When they finally reach him and smile at him through their happy tears, he knows that everything’s gonna be alright now that they’re finally together forever.

Aomine: he’d be pretty uncomfortable under the suit and the stares of every single person he’s laid eyes upon, wanting with all his might to just get this whole thing over with, grab his partner and run away to their honeymoon. Yet, when he sees their gorgeous figure walking down the aisle - towards him - he can’t help but give the happiest smile ever. He’d end up being so uncharacteristically happy that he wouldn’t be able to wait and just run and hold them in his arms, maybe twirling a bit as his s/o scolds him half-heartedly and the guests just grin.

Kise: the poor baby wouldn’t know what to do with himself. He’s so anxious and agitated and a million thoughts are running through his head - does he look good? Did he remember to lock the door? Why won’t Aominecchi and Kagamicchi stop bickering? - until he sees them in all their beauty and glory and every logical thought flies out the window. No one’d be able to remember who started to cry first - him, or his partner - just that in the moment they finally reach him and their fingers interlock and they look at each other with so much love - all is well.

Midorima: he’d have been running back and forth to make sure everything’s as it’s supposed to be until his best man, Takao, finally knocks some sense into his head and makes him stay prim and proper and wait patiently for his partner. He keeps on looking everywhere and adjusting his glasses, until the music starts. When his partner looks at him with that grin he adores so much, he calms down immediately and smiles softly at them the whole time, holding their hand tightly.

Murasakibara: I don’t think he’d realize how big a wedding is until one of his sisters gush out a ‘omg Atsushi you’re gonna marry ____! You’re gonna spend the rest of your life with them!’ and then he’d be pretty nervous. He wouldn’t show it a lot, but there’s a light frown on his face - mostly because he just wants his ____chin to be his already. Then he sees them walking down the aisle, and a gentle smile lights up his face. He wouldn’t be above walking up to his s/o, grab them by the waist and make for the door until his best man, Himuro, exhasperatedly rushes to him while everyone else laughs.

Akashi: there’d have been a lot of people taking care of the wedding, so he wouldn’t be too worried about every guest being fed properly or the decoration being just so. He’d mostly be wondering about how life with them might be from now on, until he sees their bright smile and gorgeous figure, and a happy smiles settles over his lips. He’d patiently wait for them to reach him, then grab their hand and kiss it, looking at them from under his eyelashes with so much love and adoration it could be felt from miles away.