omg they are coming to australia

Humans are weird: 4th wall break

Okay so the aliens finally know the concept of fictional characters and a human convinces his best alien buddy to watch deadpool with him. In the movie are a lot of 4th wall breaks. Now imagine this:
Deadpool:it’s like the studio doesn’t have enough budget for more x-men
Alien:did he just. Did he just talk to us?
Human:jup it’s a 4th wall break
Human: it basically means the character knows he’s fictional.
Alien: so they have self awareness?!?
Human: no it’s just…
Alien: they know!?! OMG will they break this 4th wall and come to our world?!? Will they attack us?!? How can we kill deadpool he’s basically immortal?!? Does this mean we could just be fictional characters too that some sick mind invented?!?
The next 5 hours are used to calm the alien down.
Like always, feel free to contribute.

Meeting Katherine and Dominique at ClexaCon

lets see if i can even remember anything about clexacon! it was such a blast but then it took me so long to get home then i basically slept for 2 days! lol 

  • I met Dom first and as soon i told her i was from Australia she was like “OMG ARE YOU NIKKIE?? KAT AND I WERE TALKING ABOUT YOU EARLIER. (OMG WUT??) 
  • I gave her a Koala and told her she needs to visit Australia. She agreed and I told her I would make it happen.
  • Kat really wants to come too.
  • Kats autograph line got cut off and i missed her on the first day :(
  • I got my group photo with them though on that day and Kat kept saying my name and then she was like WAIT YOU’RE NIKKIE FROM OZ! and said we’d talk soon.
  • On day two I finally got to talk to her she was so sweet! we talked for a while and she told me how she notices everything i do.
  • I gave her a Koala and she loved it.
  • On the last day she came out holding her koala.
  • idk i think the Koala was a good idea guys! lol.
  • I got another hug and she told me “We’ll see each other again I know we will"
  • I gave her a letter and the next day she told me she read it and we talked about some of the stuff i told her.
  • She kissed me in the photo I got with her but the first one had glare so I got two, WHICH MEANT TWO KISSES.
  • They both hugged me goodbye.
  • Dom wrote on my picture “you’re gorgeous never forget it”
  • got one last group photo and Kat was holding the koala in it.
  • I AM SO EMOTIONAL. And still alive somehow.

I will post some pictures and videos later :)

Time to head home! I already miss Japan so much and I haven’t even left yet :’D I’m going to miss being on holidays but I’m also looking forward to getting home, getting back to a routine, drawing again!!!

I have a 5 hourish flight to Hong Kong, a 2 hour layover and then at midnight I have a 9 hourish flight back to Australia! And then work the next day omg I do have some art I can immediately post from the TeruMob zine so look forward to that!

Bye Japan! I will return!

Omg this 98 year old is on the news. He was there in Dunkirk and he went to see the film today. He lives in Australia and he said he is incredibly happy that this story has come to life on the silver screen.



Phil is literally like ‘Oh em gee it’s a literal koala, I must protect it. It’s delicate, just like me.’

And Dan is all like 'This koala is mine. It is coming with me. You might not know it yet, but it’s happening’

I literally can’t deal with the cute.

But look how happy little Haru is!!!

Seriously thinking about going to Arizona comic con and meeting Tom, Chris, Seb and Hayley omg but I have no one to go with and it’s like a 17 hr flight and I don’t wanna do that by myself. The one person I thought would go has no money and I don’t know anyone else who likes them like I do (within Australia) who would come with me.

Plus then getting from LAX to Arizona is like an 8 hour drive unless I get an extra flight there. Omg someone help me.

Bold what you prefer: HOA edition (vol. 1)

season 1 or season 2 or season 3

airing on nickelodeon or airing on teennick

house of anubis or het huis anubis or das haus anubis

nina leading sibuna or eddie leading sibuna

nina/fabian or joy/fabian or mara/fabian

trudy or vera

rufus zeno & vera or robert frobisher smythe & denby

mick or eddie

mick/amber or mick/mara

mr. sweet or ms. andrews

ms. valentine or mr. winkler

nina & amber or patricia & joy

amber/alfie or amber/mick

season 1 sibuna or season 3 sibuna

season 1 finale or season 2 finale or season 3 finale

season 3 finale or the touchstone of ra

s2 finale group hug or s3 finale firework scene

mara/jerome or mick/mara

mara/jerome or willow/jerome or joy/jerome

fabian/nina or patricia/eddie

patricia/eddie or kt/eddie

nina & fabian & amber or eddie & kt & fabian

joy & nina as rivals or joy & nina as friends

s1 premiere or s2 premiere or s3 premiere

the play in s1 or the play in s3

mr sweet & eddie or john clarke & jerome

jerome & alfie or mick & fabian

jerome & alfie’s goose or willow’s hedgehog

“where’s joy?!” or “my great grandfather…”

amber/alfie or willow/alfie

canary amber or cactus amber

eddie’s s2 hair or eddie’s s3 hair

amber’s wardrobe or patricia’s wardrobe or mara’s wardrobe

kt’s great grandfather or sarah frobisher smythe

the eye of horus locket or the keys

the basement door or the secret kitchen entrance

the elixir of life or the mask of anubis

the season 1 prom or the season 2 masked ball or the touchstone of ra dance

poppy or piper

amber/jason winkler or patricia/jason winkler

the hopscotch task or the chasm task or the potion task or the spiderweb task or the senet task

joy in sibuna or jerome in sibuna

mick in australia or amber at fashion school or nina with her gran

fabian’s uncle ade or nina’s gran 

the living room in anubis house or the lounge at the school

the ping pong tournament or the dodgeball tournament

ben or giles

corbiere or vera’s dog

vorbiere or victor/vera

“i’m british. i don’t get your jokes, eddie” or “i’m on a fridge raid!”

“come on you guys, there is no ‘i’ in sibuna” or “it’s time to get the gang back together!”

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i’m from australia actually! i came all the way from melbourne to manila to see them djfjhsdfhj but i am filipino, my parents are filipino, i was just born in australia! and as for upper box, at least you’re seeing them live (i could have just been stuck in aus wishing i was here lmao) n tbh we can meet ahaha i’m meeting a few people on the day but honestly i’m nothing special >< thank you for loving my blog! ♡♡♡

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Clouds, white sheets, and mocktails??

Heeeeeeey Liz!

clouds: list your top 5 songs at the moment and how they make you feel

Okay I’m gonna pick 5 songs from great comet because it’s what I’ve been listening to all week.

1. A Call to Pierre: makes me feel like I wish I could sing like Grace McLean omg
2. Dust and Ashes: makes me feel like I really want to fall in love
3. Charming: makes me feel like tomorrow night when I have to go somwhere in a dress if I listen to this song I might feel a bit better about wearing it
4. Pierre & Natasha: makes me feel like crying
5. Letters: makes me want to write a letter to someone

white sheets: where’s somewhere you would love to travel to? why?

Nyc so I can see shows that’ll probably never come to Australia and to explore a really cool city and because @patron-saintof-sluts lives there and I could meet her

mocktails: cold weather or hot weather?

Coooooold. I’m so sad that summer will be here soon!

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I associate you with JMo's arms, Chyler, Australia, sporks! And then sweet, sweet angst and I can never forget the discussion about a certain kink that started in Memory Cloud's comments.

Those tags, one day I will meet JMo and I will LICK HER ARMS, some of my favourite tags to use, comes from skype discussions with a friend. Actually, several discussions with several friends, and the origin of which actually comes from my Veronica Mars days. So many actors I have promised to lick. But mostly and lastly it is JMo. 

omg, sporks is such a long time ago. How good is your memory?!?

And, yes, I doubt that kink will be forgotten any time soon. ;p

okay so if nathan were to date an athlete from another country it would be so cute. I definitely think that they’d be a swimmer and most likely from an English speaking country like maybe Australia because they’re one of the U.S’s biggest rivals when it comes to swimming. they’d meet at school because she’d be an international student and nathan would charm her right away with his big smile and “exotic” accent lol. So then at the olympics they’d be on separate teams, and walk in different groups obvs for the opening ceremony but he’d make sure to find her before and tell her not to trip and give her a huge kiss omg. And they’d constantly tease each other during competition time about what country would win in each event even if they both weren’t competing. (but of course if one of them was competing they’d cheer them on louder than anyone else which results in some looks from their fellow teammates). and nathan’s pretty close to the girls on the USA team, but he’d make sure to always put on his girlfriend’s country’s shirt to support which would result in team usa giving him a hard time (in a playful way). ugh ugh ugh omg 

Ashlyn Harris’ Live Chat


Fan: Ashlyn whose your role model?

Ash: “Snooki in her prime. hahahahaha kidding.” 

Fan: Are u getting a puppy? 

Ash: "No puppy for me. I’m an aunt to blue. That’s enough. He’s nuts. I play with him and send him’s perfect“

Fan:  Talk about ur tattoos, how’d u pick what to get/how you pick an artist to permanently ink ur body? 

Ash: "I don’t pick it, they pick me. :)" 

Fan: How do you keep your hair from looking great all the time?

Ash: "My hair. Omg yes! I have dreads.”

Ash: “Let’s see… I don’t wash or brush my hair. It’s pretty simple. Oh and I spray it with salt water.”

Fan: The keeper stuff is… (person referring as lit, awesome, great)

 Ash: “Yea are you guys loving the (Keeper|Harris) shirts?" 

Ash: "Get excited because it’s only the beginning! We have more stuff in the works ;)”

Fan: Can we see a pic of your closet? 

Ash: “My closet is shoes and hats. Lol.”

Fan: What was it like hugging Taylor Swift on stage Ash?

Ash: “Omg I love Tay Tay. She’s so 💃”

Fan: Boots or flip flops? 

Ash: “Boots all day”

Fan: Favorite country you’ve visited? 

Ash: “Australia”

(Fan telling Ashlyn how her injury story and how she came back from hers helped the fan to get over hers and come back)

Fan: Can you comment on the LGBT movement and the role that athlete role models play in that? 

Ash: “For me it’s simple. Just be you." 

Ashlyn: “Don’t place labels on anything. I want you to all know I will always be honest with you. We are ALL in this TOGETHER.”

Fan: What inspires you the most to keep pushing yourself? 

Ash: "Everyday I strive to be a better person and player. In that order." 

Fan: What are you hopeful for in 2016, Ash? 

Ash: "I’m hopeful to be happy and healthy in 2016." 

Fan: Can you play a musical instrument? 

Ash: "I sing a lot and I’m terrible. But I can rap" 

Fan: Are you afraid of the dark?

 Ash: "I’m afraid of being alone. I don’t like it.”
Ash: “I love future. He’s killer.”

Fan: What is your favorite meal? 

Ash: “Mac and cheese.”

Fan: Will you rap us a song someday and post it on SQOR. 

Ash: “For sure”

Ash: “Thanks for all the support. I wouldn’t be where I am without you all. Truly grateful. Xoxoxox”

This is everything I could put together from the live chat, I don’t know if it is in order or not.

About the Ali photo, the fan made a mistake, she apologized to Ashlyn and she was cool with it. (You can read about what really happened here)

Sources: @nutellAHarris24  @waitsydney @cajohnson15

Bjd tips and thangs from elfgutz

Righto, I’ve decided to woman the fuck up and grow some bigger ovaries and pull the massive pole from out of my bum hole.While I do not condone copying, taking inspiration from is awesome. So I will now -brace yo selves- share how I make/do things.

This is particularly hard for me because ever since I was a child I’ve had this obsession with keeping things I come up with a secret or getting super upset when someone does the same thing I do. Okay okay enough rambles.

1. Small dog and cat collars make really good SD/possibly MSD belts. I got comets ones from Woolworths for like 7$ (EVERYTHING in Australia is expensive) and I modded them up with lace, star beads and cabochons.

2. I get most of comets cabochons off etsy.

3. If you want to cut your bjds wig and you wang it to look messy and choppy, when cutting the hair, angle the scissors downwards rather than across, this will give you a much less blunt look and it will blend better.

4. I made Mortie’s socks out of my own human sized socks. Just get one sock, cut it in half and sew the two pieces back together.

5. Op-shops are awesome for finding random things that could be used for bjds. If you go to the toy section there, sometimes they have porcelain dolls with pretty vintage looking clothes. They often will fit bjds. You just gotta keep your eyes peeled and think outside the box. You could always alter and wash the clothes yourself and throw away the porcelain doll. (I keep mine and hang their heads off my shelves).

6. When painting freckles, keep the paint extremely watered down and use a thin brush and just splodge them randomly. I suggest using a reference.

7. If you get a wig and you don’t end up liking how it looks, you could put it on backwards and/or style it from their. Comets synthetic fibre wig is on backwards.

8. I made the bandaids on Kaney’s face using human ones. I just cut out the shape I want, and bammmm! Sweet bandaidy :pp

9. Finger styling is my preferred styling method for wigs. I like disheveled looking hair so I rarely ever comb my krews.

10. If you have a fibre wig that is curly, and you want it to be straight but it isn’t heat resistant, you could wet the wig till it’s saturated and turn your hair straightener on a low setting or wait til it gets a little hot then turn it off again and go over the wet hair really fast. I’ve tried this method and it works pretty good. I used it on my leekeworld wig that I used on my LW Mia.
Be careful you don’t get the straightener too wet bc electrocution wouldn’t be very fun.

11. I’ll think of more later (:

I was atBoom festival in Portugal, and two gorgeous girls were dancing next to me and we felt this kinship connection, so they started whispering to each other and looking at me.

At first I was thinking “this is weird, they look like they wanna tell me something”

The girls came over and said “You are the one, we have a present for you!”

And they take out this rubber duck, covered in bracelets from several other trance festivals, with a beak piercing and I thought “what!!”…

They explained that Doofy was born in Australia and people went with him from festival to festival and give them to one another so that he can continue his world travel until he got all the way back to his mommies. 

He even had an ID card explaining how he is filled with Love and Trust, and his desire is to meet new people and tell the world about his adventures. When I squeezed him, he’d let out this “UUUOOOOONNNNNMMMM” sound, a mix of “hey look at me” with “lets get this party started”

The day after I met them , they asked me if I forgot about Doofy, because they couldn’t see him. I turned around and showed him that he evolved and now had wings !

You can’t even imagine their reaction. :)

Throughout the festival a ton of people came up to me and asked “Is that Doofy !?!?!" And basically freak their sh**, telling me how they met him in a party in Egipt, France, Austria, Brazil, USA, etc etc so they would give me weed and magic mushrooms, saying that Doofy had a real healthy obsession with psychedelic music …boy were they right!

He stayed with me for a few months until I moved to Barcelona! Here he is ready to travel. 

In Barcelona I took him to meet the Amma, a lady that is the spiritual incarnation of the Mother aspect- She is also known as the Hugging Goddess, because she travels the world hugging millions of people and is considered a Saint. Doofy was hugged along with millions of other individuals in a magnificent ceremony.

One of the Darshans (Devine Hug) ceremonies. She sometimes takes three days non-stop until she hugs everyone! 

In Barcelona I met a beautiful soul named Ana, and introduced her to Doofy, they had an instant connection. We noticed on his ID that the day I met her was HIS BIRTHDAY (27th December) !!! So of course we had a huge bday bash with cake and surrounded by new friends.

He loved meeting her so much that he decided to stay and travel with her to INDIA !

He went to India, and met a ton of new friends…

he even had time to relax and get in touch with his inner self! (here he is reading Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch) and doing some Yoga classes !

He tried new food…

Learned to play sitar …

… took a bath in the holy Ganges River 

He even came out in a newspaper with my friend Ana !

I made this post to tell the girls that made Doofy come into existence THANK YOU… For making me believe that there is MAGIC in the world,  that we are all connected and that we can set our mind up, travel and meet the LOVE filled people throughout our beautiful planet ! . 

Love it if you guys could reblog this to see if we can find the Australian girls and let them know about his AMAZING ADVENTURE!

Most importantly, to let them know that their mystical friend… HAD A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandmas, meet Sulfi Duck!

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