omg they are being reunited soon

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Requests still open? Nicalex, where Alex and her brother get reunited, then tells the Benriya duo she might be leaving soon. ;)

Title: tell me no lies

Rating: T+

Summary: …if she asked him to, he would shoulder all her battles and make them his own.

Word count: 3,584

Warnings: coarse language, possible trigger warnings, nico being a manipulative lil shit

Sorry this took so long to write, but it turned out to be much longer than I originally planned… It was supposed to be a drabble omg. I got carried away. Anywhoser, super excited because it’s my first time writing for Gangsta, and this fandom has such a shortage of fics that it’s nearly painful… That being said, enjoy!!╰(✧∇✧╰)

“I… I might be leaving Benriya soon…”

Utter silence followed her hesitant confession, and Alex couldn’t bear to look up at them and see their expressions. Instead, she kept her eyes on her hands as her fingers twisted together nervously, the urge to fidget too strong to ignore.

Would they be sad? Angry?

…Or would they not even care?

The last thought left a lump in her throat that she struggled to swallow past.

There were two pairs of dark boots in front of her, but only one shifted after a moment and Worick’s kind voice filled her ears. “Aw, ain’t that a damn shame. You’re a good secretary, Alex, but like I said, Ergastulum isn’t a good place for you…”

Alex glanced up into one light eye, the color of mist over the ocean, that held no trace of blame. He was smiling at her, almost innocently, the skin around his eyepatch wrinkling in merriment.

Her chest felt a little lighter at the sight.

But, then she glanced over to Nicolas, and it felt like a hand clamped over her heart and squeezed unmercifully.

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I wish Square fuckig made Vanille and Fang canon. I played the third game hoping for a make out session or some shit but nooooooo. Instead we got them being separated from each other. Final Fantasy 13 is pain and no gay

i got so upset omg. i s2g i was so SURE of myself fang was gonna SUCC vanille AS SOON AS THEY REUNITED IN THE FIRST GAME.


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