omg they actually pair up with each other

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Do you have any headcanons for Makoann or Ann x Shiho?

DO I EVER!!! I love these pairings omg!!! they’re so cute!!

Thank you for the ask!! ^-^

MakoAnn - Makoto/Ann Headcanons:

  • They didn’t start crushing on each other until the fireworks festival that got rained on

  • Before that though, they’re actually incredibly good friends

  • Ann teaches Makoto all about makeup - Makoto studies with Ann. 

  • Once they both realize it, they both go to Akira - who sets them up. 

  • She confesses to Makoto shortly after Okumura’s palace - it’s incredibly sweet

  • They both come out to the group as bi shortly before the confession, and everyone seems pretty comfortable with it

  • after futaba joined the team and the two interacted, she always, always says “get sooooome” 

  • she continues doing it after makoto and ann become a couple

  • as for makoto and ann

  • they play video games together, and do a lot of visual novels - makoto likes those. 

  • they’re both absolutely in LOVE with the Danganronpa series - Makoto likes trying to figure it out; and ann likes watching makoto

  • they have friendly debates

  • ann initiates most of the kissing - or at least until makoto gets comfortable enough to do it first

  • they absolutely make out in the student council room 

  • makoto likes leaving hickeys on ann’s thighs, usually lower on them so she’ll have to wear longer shorts/wear her tights 

  • ann leaves hickeys on makoto’s neck - usually lower, near her collarbone

  • stolen kisses during lunch hour are a must, no PDA for a while. 

  • “i was um, doing paperwork for student council.” 

  • “wooow makoto, ann’s just ‘paperwork’ now?” 

  • sae’s actually pretty cool about it - as long as ann makes makoto happy then she’s good with it 

  • also - once, they fell asleep ontop of each other while watching a youtube stream - and sae caught them

  • she snapped a pic and sent it to every one of the phantom thieves 

  • they had a field day with it 

  • coffee dates? yep, and akira tends the bar while they shamelessly flirt

  • dinner dates? uh-huh

  • movie dates? oh yes please

  • ann drags makoto everywhere on dates - makoto retaliates with thoughtful dates that are absoultely wonderful

  • makoto proposes, despite ann being more dominate.

  • they immigrate to a country where they can get married/get married abroad (if they can’t in japan - i’m pretty sure that’s illegal there) 

  • wedding theme is black and white - it makes ann and makoto stand out all the more. (there may be a little red in there - ann insisted)

  • okay, but they so have a chocolate water fountain at their wedding - ann loves it and asks makoto if they can buy one for the house

  • flirts, flirts, and more flirts

  • matching dresses - ann forces makoto into flower crowns 

  • they adopt so many kids - it’s at least 3+ kids. 

  • they’re both softies for kids 

  • Makoto melts at the sight of ann with a baby

  • very flirty around the kids 

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Ann/Shiho (annho? Shiann?) Headcanons:

  • ann stays with her in the hospital 
  • she realizes it just before shiho jumps - blames herself for being so dense 
  • “maybe she wouldn’t have jumped if she knew” 
  • shiho’s known since middle school. she’s very, very perceptive
  • ryuji knows about it - has tried to give them little nudges
  • They make it so glaringly obvious 
  • Ann’s with shiho through her physical rehab 
  • it’s the reason shiho had the determination to make it through 
  • for her. 
  • ann confesses to her just before she leaves - and shiho accepts happily 
  • they skype so much
  • and text - the phantom thieves have a chat that’s not for phantom thief buisness - they happily include shiho. 
  • she comes back over her breaks/ the phantom thieves come to her small town (whether or not that’s inaba is up to you)  
  • ann takes her to destinyland once her legs are good enough to go
  • pda is an absolute yes - ann doesn’t care. 
  • coffee dates are a must
  • they get crepes all of the time - it’s so cute
  • they’ll drag each other everywhere on dates 
  • you can bet they feed each other
  • hickeys? yeppers
  • ann does most of the hickeys, but sometimes shiho gets in a flirty mood and gives her most of the hickeys
  • the dark haired girl wants to go to school to be a nurse 
  • fun fact: she meets sayoko uehara whilte in training ;)
  • she’s so proud of ann being the top model - you have no idea 
  • shiho encourages ann to branch out with what she’s doing - enough so that ann considers becoming an idol or an actress 
  • ann proposes - it’s in the spring, and she takes her out to a clearing 
  • it’s an extremely elaborate set up
  • shiho cries when she proposes
  • ann cries when shiho accepts
  • their wedding is all light colors - ann made it so that she doesn’t stand out, but her lovely bride does
  • again, they go abroad/immigrate to get married and stuff if they need to
  • kids? so many kids. at least 2
  • flirty mommas 
  • kids are spoiled rotten - but also extremely caring + loving 

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Imagine your otp making up their own language to speak around each other but it isn’t like an actual language that sounds elegant to the ear but something like replacing all the nouns with “chicken” so you just hear them saying shit like “Hey go to the Chicken with the Chicken and bring back some Chicken"and the other person is like "Okay but does the chicken want chicken or chicken?” and they are perfectly able to comprehend each other

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More TanaYama: Tanaka realizes he has a huge crush on Yama, but he's freaking out because everyone knows Tsukki and Yama are a pair--whether they're actually dating or not, and one does not simply break up a pair. Even Noya admits that he's screwed. But Tana and Yama start to hang out more, and one day, Tana nervously asks if he doesn't want to hang out with Tsukki instead--to which Yama shyly replies he'd rather hang out with Tanaka. They blush and look away; they gently take each other's hand.

omg this is great 

bonus: Tsukishima realized that they’re dating. They’ve been kinda open and obvious about it but never really came out. And of course Tsukki is happy for his best friend, he really does want Yama to be happy but doesn’t want him to get hurt. So he goes up to Tanaka one day after practice and tells him that he better not hurt Yamaguchi or else then smiles and walks away. 

Just Yama and Tanaka being so shy but so in love and Tsukki being protective of his best friend gooodddbyyee

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I loved your LeoJi headcanons! Got anymore? Please post them to your hearts content! These two deserve all the love!

this pairing is honestly one of the cutest things ever like guang hong is just… so in love??? omg

-when they sleep in the same bed they literally hug the entire night; 

-a lot of the time when they wake up, guang hong is sprawled across leo’s chest

-despite his tedious planning, the first time they actually engage sexually is during one of their dates when they’re in the middle of cuddling on the couch, guang hong initiates it and they end up giving each other mutual blow jobs 

-the first time they have sex is on their six month anniversary the night after guang hong’s 18th birthday

-it’s like super awkward since they’re both inexperienced but it’s satisfying bc they just love each other so much

-the morning after when guang hong wakes up and sees leo laying next him with the sunlight coming in through the window, he’s the happiest he’s ever been in his life

-leo gets really clingy after sex and spends the whole next day being grossly domestic and cute with guang hong like cooking him food and treating him like royalty

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What would seven minutes in heaven be like with GOM + Kagami + Imayoshi? (You are doing such a great job! I love your blog, you put so much thought into it!)

EDIT: I spotted another seven minutes in heaven ask so I’d just put it in this one together~ thanks for your ask, sydniesamm ! :)

thank you so much for your compliment! omg I’m so flattered hehehe ^^

I wrote it such that they were with their crush. I hope you like it~

Kuroko: I think Kuroko would have a really nice conversation with you. It would be very comforting and extremely great to know him. That is especially if the two of you don’t know each other well yet. 

Kagami: This guy is super shy. He’d probably go red and stutter when he finds out the two of you are paired up. You might actually have to make the first move. But you two might end up holding hands in the dark, just enjoying each other’s presence.

Kise: He would be super excited. He would chatter excitedly before going in for the seven minutes. During the seven minutes in heaven, this cheeky one might lean in and steal a kiss, looking more serious than he was when he was fooling around earlier, before leaving you wanting more.

Midorima: He’d grumble about how stupid this whole game is but he is secretly happy to be paired with you. He doesn’t make any moves, of course. But by pure luck ((TAKAO)), you’d two would get stuck in some small closet with you pushed up against it super close. He’d blush like hell, but he really really likes it deep down.

Aomine: This ass probably tried to act all cool and manly and tease you but really he is internally screaming. He might steal a kiss from you and leave you blushing like hell but my deer, you aren’t the only one as this tanned male would be blushing as hard, but he’d hide his face so you can’t see.

Imayoshi: He doesn’t have much of a reaction, and rather just smile in that manipulative way and say, “Shall we have fun?” or something. Once you two are locked in, he’d lean down and whisper and breathe seductively into your ear, driving you absolutely crazy. Then when time’s up, he’d stroll off like nothing happened, leaving you in a total mess.

Murasakibara: It’d be hella squeezy and you two would be pressed up against each other thanks to this man-child’s giant size and height. He’d tower over you. Murasakibara would take this chance to wrap his arms around you in a warm bear hug and just comment, “_____-chan is cute~”

Akashi: Akashi would be very gentlemanly, he’d have a very nice and comfortable conversation to get to know you. It’s surprising, because he seemed scary at first. He’d end it charmingly with a peck on your cheek.

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