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Week 11/14 ❤ Finished my bujo session for next week. Working at my bujo is so relaxing and I somehow need to manage my anxiety since finals are in two weeks)(omg times passes too fast!!)
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Dating Namjoon would include:

- always getting hurt because he’s a clutz
- Like he’s constantly flailing n sometimes ur just like “why do u have 0 control over ur limbs bitch omg”
- Getting elbowed in the head when y'all are cuddling
- Slapped in the face when u play wrestle
- Everyone thinks u have a kinky sex life cuz u always covered in bruises but he once pushed you off the bed by accident cuz he was gonna nut too fast n he ain’t mean to shove u that hard
- being the perfect, overly ambitious, successful couple
- Lots of cute study dates during exam week where you two don’t really talk, just you biting your lip as you annotate notes and him pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose cutely
- But every now and then he’ll pause and just reach over and grab your hand and you’ll look up and smile like omg
- He has the best comfiest sweaters that are just so big and soft and smell like him and you just wan t to drown in them
- He pretends to be annoyed when you steal them but has like 600 hundred pics of u in his phone sleeping in his hoodies
- Speaking of sleeping, he freaked out when he first found out you sleep with one hand down your pants
- Woke you up from your nap to inform you of his new discovery
- Nearly died afterwards for waking you up
- “Why do you sleep like that”
- “It’s warm”
- Insists on you shoving your hand down his pants to keep warm
- Him forcing you to take his Kim Daily pics
- “Just one more I swear”
- Being needy is your favorite past time
- You’re forever crawling into his lap, resting your head on his shoulder, lacing your fingers together
- It’s hard to be needy when he’s constantly working!!!!!!
- Like sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night and look over to find him gone
- So you sleepily drag yourself into the living room and find him on his laptop or his phone or something
- You don’t even say anything just crawl into his lap and shove your hands up his hoodie for his warm
- He’s so used to it he just runs his hands through your hair and let’s you fall asleep while he works
- You putting your stuff in his purse
- Him getting pissed everytime you call it a purse
- “It’s a murse”
- “Purses have no gender”
- When y'all fight … omg
- He comes at you with logic and big words and snarky ass comments under his breath
- And there you are, on top of the couch so you can look him in the eye when you call him a dick ass bitch who doesn’t know what he’s talking about
- “You’re so mature”
- “You’re so mature” you mock in a high pitched voice
- Him child locking the car so your crazy ass will stop opening the door to leave whenever y'all get into a fight while he’s driving
- You child locking the car so he has to get out and open the door for you like a princess
- Baby proofing the house because he could trip on his imagination and get hurt
- Him trying to bring up the Pythagorean theorem during sex because your pussy reminded him of the fundamental relation among the three sides of the right triangle-
- “Will you shut up and finish eating me out you fucking nerd”
- Putting your fingers on his dimples
- The two of you making up the wildest stories about how you met
- “We met in a league of legends chat room”
- “So there I was… Bbq sauce on my titties”
- Making nerdy science jokes
- Everyone cringing at how fucking nerdy the two of you are
- “I hate this relationship”
- “No one asked u Yoongi”

And now on the topic of Dex’s little displays of affection

Nursey being super fucking frivolous and spending too much goddamned money? Dex rolls his eyes, cancels the orders Nursey doesn’t need and sits Nursey down with a bowl of soup he made from a recipe one of Nursey’s moms sent him

Nursey whining about something? For once Dex laughs and calls it cute even if a bit spoiled and Nursey can’t actually breathe for a solid two minutes. He just. Cannot take in air.

Nursey’s sick and milking it hard? Dex lays in bed with him when he asks and showers him with kisses because he doesn’t do that on a regular and Nursey will hoard every opportunity he gets to have that and keep it close

Nursey just causally minding his business? Dex walks up and says “I love you” because Dex loves his boyfriend and sometimes he just wants to tell him and Nursey feels like the luckiest man to ever exist

There are two things about this moment that I like way too much:

1. Yuri has a cute af onigiri pillow

2. While Victor is like “OMG YAAAAS!” Yuri - the one who did it - is just sitting there like “wut” 


I honestly felt so ashamed of what I drew yesterday that I doodled these… bc that’s what I do best??… and also, I wanted to pratice dif face shapes… So here: two boys, a grown man (??? ?? ?) and their mom <3 

The first of my last Fabulous Five-Dollar Friday commissions! (For this year anyways xD) Some cute Pidge and Shiro cuddles, requested by @ataraxiansmile! Aaaawe I’m so happy to have gotten a Voltron commission! I love the show WAY too much <3 THANK YOOOU!!

If you guys are interested in my Fabulous Five-Dollar Friday Commissions, I’ll be opening them up again over random times during the new year!! 8D

First Kiss;Jeno

Genre: Fluff

Request: Could you make the “first kiss scenario thingy” with jeno too just like you did to donghyuck???~~~~~

A/N: first kiss scenarios are so cute and fun to write honestly thanks so much for requesting !! same for donghyuck , i won’t go too much into detail with the kissing because i feel a little uncomfortable writing it for them so sorry and enjoy reading ~


The cold breeze blew strongly against your body , as you struggled to stay up on your two feet . Your fingers were tucked in deeply into the folds of your thick jacket , your lips chapped and dry from the cold weather .

The thin layer of snow remained still beneath your two feet , as the last of winter kept coming back, before it was time for Spring - the season of a new beginning and starts .

The boy beside you stood close to you , his arms wrapped around your shoulder , making sure that you were warm . Like yours , his left hand was tucked in his pocket , as he constantly pursed his lips , making sure they were moist . You notice him shiver a little , but he shook it off , focusing his attention on you .

“ Are you alright ? Is it too cold for you ? ”

He asked as he pulled you closer , your head just below his eye level .

You nodded your head , then looked up to smile at him , “ No it’s fine babe ”

His hand reached up to ruffle your hair , as he flashed you a smile, his eyes forming two thin lines .

He pulled you to side of the park , then stopped in his tracks .

You followed suit , raising your eyebrows at him .

Jeno looked at the snow on the ground , then back to you with a small and mischievious smirk .

He bent down quickly , then grabbed a handful of the white , cold snow in his hands , as he playfully threw it at you .

As soon as it hit you , you let out a small scream , then followed by a giggle , as you reached down to grab a handful too , aiming it his body .

Jeno playfully dodged your throw , as he stuck out his tongue and started giggling with you , trying not to get hit .

Laughter filled the air as the both of you chased each other around with the snow , like two small kids who were playing .

Before you could even throw another one , his hand reached up to grab your wrist , as he stood close to you , his face only an inch away from yours .

His expression turned serious , as silence took over .

You immediately dropped the pile of snow that was in your hand , as you stood frozen in the spot , unsure of what to do .

Unconsciously , your head reached up towards Jeno’s , as his eyes kept shifting from yours , to your lips .

You closed your eyes , too embarrassed to do anything else .

Slowly , you felt his warm breath hitting the side of your cheek , a soft pair of lips meeting yours .

This time was different as compared to small little pecks the both of you shared previously - it was more intimate , sweet , and longer .

It was your first time kissing together .

Your heart was pumping loudly against your chest , as though it was about to fall out .

His left arm was now resting lazily on your shoulder , his right hand was behind your head , keeping you close to him .

Your hands were wrapped tightly around his torso ,

Jeno stopped and pulled away , panting and flashing you a big pleasant smile . There was a slight pink showing on his cheeks , as his cold and long fingers intertwined with yours .

Too shy to even look him in the eye , you buried  your head in his chest , as the familiar smell of sweet scented cologne hit your face .

His hands reached up to cup your cheeks , as he lifted your head up , his loving gaze meeting your love-struck eyes .

“ You looked cold so … I had to do it , i’m sorry if it was too sudden ”

Taken aback , you quickly shook your head , then said shyly , “ I love it … ”

Jeno’s eyes brightened , as he gave you another radiant smile , before he pulled you in for a hug .

The both of you stood under the light blue sky in the snow , basking in each other’s embrace and warmth , as the sun slowly set behind the both of you , the shadows of the both of you showing distinctively on the cold ground .


AERIAL ETHEREAL CHALLENGE » Day 6: favorite relationship (romantic)

Thoralai (aka the devil and his demon)

“But I’ve found the truest form of love,” he tells me. “It’s two loves that can live in harmony.” He looks down at me.

I stare up at him. My heart on an ascent.

“The circus and you,” he whispers, “amour amour.” 

Two loves. Two passions. At perfect balance. 

I finally feel it too.

insp. (x)

Bonus Timo x John <3

Is it okay to like Killing Stalking manga?

“In my opinion” ⏩First of all let’s get this straight, the genre of killing stalking is gore , horror and psychological in general ; it is not “romance”. So if you’re liking it as good gore horror or psychological literature, you’re fine. We can all enjoy a good horror story. - ⏩But if you think sangwoo is “cute” and their relationship is “cute” and something to omg and aww at. Make a promise to yourself that next time you have a stalker or an abusive partner don’t call the cops on them cause it’s “cute” -_- ⏩The purpose of killing stalking is to entertain and horrify the audience not to think of it as twilight (oh wait that was an abusive relationship too but oh well most of you think that’s romantic). I mean you’ve got to have many screws loose in the head to romanticize sangwoo and yoon bum’s relationship. Those two need psychological help at the peak. ⏩ I also noticed some ppl calling it homophobic since it features an abusive m/m relationship. Um like stop, the story is about a mentally disturbed stalker getting caught by a psycho killer, homophobia has nothing to do with the story or plot. Abuse and psychological issues are what the story is about. ⏩ Lastly stop comparing KS with YOI, YOI is beautiful and features true love and trust and friendship and beautiful moments and feels and what not. Killing stalking is to horrify you. One is like a perfect romantic film that you should watch while cuddling with your lover and the other is the horror film that you should never watch alone in dark at night otherwise you’d stop feeling alone. That’s it. Feel free to give your views.

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