omg these two moments are so ... cute * *


- Why Can’t It Be Like That , by @taggiecb : Louis Tomlinson, head of his local hospital’s charity fund, suddenly finds himself in the heart of the Royal family when his mother marries the third son of the reigning monarch. Such an upset in lifestyle brings a lot of changes for Louis, one of them being the need for a stylist. Enter Harry Styles, a cutting edge fashion stylist who loves his job and prides himself on his passion. The first time he sees Louis Tomlinson on the cover of a tabloid he wants to dress him, style him, make him as beautiful as Harry knows he could be. When he’s hired to do just that, he knows this will be a perfect partnership. That is, until he actually meets the man.A fashion AU with a royal twist, where Louis doesn’t need a stylist, Harry’s thrilled to have a real life Barbie doll, and they’re both very wrong about each other.

Larry Royal AU with a twist (93k, E) : Stylist Harry and newbie kind of Prince Louis, totally hate to love and angsty (meaning ammmmaaazing angry sex (bottom Louis) ) and miscommunication. read this !

- How Fast You Fall , by @fullonlarrie : They meet as transfer students at university orientation, and Louis wants Harry the first time he sees him. But Louis isn’t looking for a boyfriend. With school and work, he doesn’t have time for anything more than a casual hookup. When they become roommates, Louis decides it’s best not to pursue Harry and take the chance of messing up their living situation. They quickly become good friends and soon Louis realizes that his attraction is much more than just physical. However, because Harry has a plan to stay single and celibate until he graduates, Louis assumes that he doesn’t stand a chance, and tries everything he can think of to make himself forget about his feelings for Harry. 

Larry Uni/Roomates/Friends to lovers AU (50k, E) : aaahhhhhhh this fic is awesome !! A lot of pining and sexual tension, and also an amazing plot twist I don’t want to spoil (but it’s linked to Love Actually). So fucking good ! (hot smut too, kind of share that)

- Looking Through You , by @allwaswell16 : Just as Louis and Liam were starting out in the music industry, writing and producing for up and coming artists, a fateful meeting with new pop singer Harry Styles changes everything. Four years later, just as Harry is set to embark on his next world tour, a drunken confession causes a rift between once inseparable friends. As Harry tries to make sense of his feelings for Louis, he begins writing his next album to express them as it may be the only way to break through the walls that Louis has built between them.

Larry BFF to lovers AU (41k, E) : my heeeeeart. My feeeels. Songwriter Louis and famous singer Harry, so much angst omg, it’(s amazing read this. (bottom Louis)

- Too good to be bad, by @latitta : “You’ll never guess who’s here,” Louis rushes out, knowing very well that this is not how it’s supposed to go. “Louis, we should focus on the mission.” “I know, but it’s Harry, Li.” Liam falters for a second. “Training camp, sexual awakening Harry?” Or: Two spies, one mission, zero things left in common between them.

Larry Spy AU (24k, E) : with a ex to lovers and hate to love plot, some sexual tension and high sex (bottom Harry).

- Have Me And Hold Me , by @letsjustsee :  His clumsy trips were now even more burdened by the sudden downpour. Twice he almost fell making his way back to the ceremony area, mostly due to his insistence on running across the lawn in between trips. The rain was relentless, coming at him from all angles with a deafening wind that muted everything outside of his own heavy breathing.
He felt like he was making pretty good headway, all things considered. His pace was stalled only momentarily when, on his tenth or so trip, he thought about what someone looking out the window at that moment would see. Louis in his formal shirt and trousers, barefoot, stomping through the muddy lawn to gracelessly lug two chairs at a time towards the building.
Or, a wedding day AU in which Louis will let nothing stand in the way of a perfect day - especially a little rain.

Larry established relationship and Wedding AU (6k, NR) : OMG i genuinely cried !! so fucking cute and fluffy, and not at all what I was thinking about ^^’

- Outside Is Just A Blur , by  daggerandtherose : Louis’ son might just be a technology genius as he has quite a knack for calling strangers up on Louis’ phone.  Repeatedly.

Larry single dad Louis (18k, NR) : fluffy and cute, with no smut :)

- Falling For Me Won’t Be A Mistake  , by @all-these-larrythings  ( Rearviewdreamer ): Harry is married to his job and so overworked that he doesn’t know how to stop. All it takes is a forced Hawaiian get-a-away, the warm tropical breeze of the island, and the most beautiful, elusive man he’s ever seen to make him remember what living is like outside of work. Well, that, and the little souvenir he accidentally takes home with him.

Larry mpreg AU (58k, M) : When Doctor Harry met Teacher Louis in vacation … It’s been a long time I haven’t read mpreg , but this one is really great !! barely angsty, fluffy and sweet :) (obviously Bottom Harry for the smut)

- The Melody You Never Heard , by @anylessreal ( bananasandboots ): It’s one last adventure. One last chance to be young and carefree. One final weekend before they take up their internships, their corporate positions, before they enter the real world, fresh out of university. Niall’s his best mate. Liam’s been there for him since they were lost, little freshmen, trying to find their ways through an overwhelming first year. Harry can’t disappoint them, even if it means enduring four days with Louis.  Louis, who he does share a history with, a history he’s never told anyone about, not even Niall, a history he hasn’t brought up in three years because it’s stupid and embarrassing and confusing. Or, the one where Harry gets roped into a four-day camping trip with the boy who kissed him and never called back.

Larry Camping AU (30k, E) : hate to love, full of banters and flirting and boys being bad at communication :D  (not top or bottom, but - great- smut)

NO SEX BEFORE BREAKFAST! (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Originally posted by unjinxing-the-john


Warnings: Kissing? Does that count?



Newt woke up with something soft brushing against his face and a warm body pressed against him. He kept his eyes closed as he revelled in your touch and pulled you closer against him, making you squeal in surprise.

“Good morning.” You said, laughing softly. Newt just smiled and sighed deeply. “Are you not planning to open your eyes today, Mr. Scamander?”

“I think I need a moment, Miss Y/L/N.” He responded. “You can go back to doing what you were doing.” He mumbled, making you laugh again.

“Ok, you interrupted me anyway.” You said, your light touches gracing his face again. He let you do whatever you were doing for a while before asking what you were actually doing. “I’m counting your freckles.” You answered. An amused smile pulled at his lips and he opened his eyes to find you lying in front of him, brows furrowed in concentration.

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Newlyweds with the RFA

A/N: right so I’m an idiot bc i accidentally deleted the ask but this was requested by anonymous so here’s some cutesy fluff hope you like it lolol


  • You wake up before he does
  • He looks so peaceful sleeping next to you
  • lololol of course he’s drooling a bit but that’s ok it’s cute
  • His limbs are draped over you like a freaking koala bear but you don’t wanna move and wake your new husband so you settle with a smol kiss on the tiny bean’s nose
  • He does that super cute thing where he crinkles his nose a lil and you giggle
  • Yoosung opens his eyes slowly and when his eyes come into focus he just sees you lying next to him with the prettiest smile on your face
  • He begins to remember the wedding the night before and now he gets to wake up to you every morning and
  • He’s just so in love
  • He doesn’t need to say anything but there’s this big goofy grin on his face before he kisses you and holds you even closer
  • You’re both just so happy and in love and neither of you can’t wait to start the rest of your lives together

  • He wakes up first after an *ahem* eventful wedding night wink wonk
  • As he brushes a strand of hair away from your face, he can’t help but just admire your beauty
  • He’s convinced you’re the eighth wonder of the world
  • “How did I get so lucky?”
  • You stir a little bit and slowly begin to wake up to see your new husband
  • Zen places a soft kiss on your forehead as he mumbles a “good morning, princess”
  • god kill me if I ever hear his morning voice UGH
  • You wrap your arms around him and snuggle closer
  • When you lay your head on his chest you can hear his heartbeat and it’s just so soothing and you nearly fall back asleep
  • Zen notices and lets out a small laugh you know the really deep sexy laugh and ah fuck
  • But his eyes are getting droopy again and he ends up falling asleep with you curled up to him and a small smile on his face

  • When she wakes up the morning after the wedding, she reaches over to your side of the bed
  • But for some reason, you weren’t there
  • Now she’s awake and wondering where the heck you are
  • But then she starts to smell something
  • She sees you in the kitchen with a mug in each hand and gahhhh
  • Her heart is fluttering like crazy and she’s got the cutest smile on her face
  • And you’re smiling too because omg look at baehee my wife with her bedhead and cute pajamas and akdhakhdks
  • You hand her a mug of her favorite coffee and a kiss on her cheek
  • Jaehee is just so overwhelmed with love and happiness and she just blurts out “I love you so much, MC”
  • lol you better considering you’re MARRIED smh what a dork protect her
  • You just smile and tell her you love her too

  • You wake up to the smell of pancakes the morning after your wedding
  • At first, you’re really disoriented because you aren’t at the penthouse and forgot you and Jumin immediately went on the honeymoon once the wedding ended
  • But once you get your bearings, you head over to the kitchen to see Jumin making your favorite strawberry pancakes
  • You wrap your arms around him and lay your head against his back
  • You can’t see but he’s smiling like a dork
  • “Good morning, my love. I hope you slept well.”
  • Jumin turns around to place a kiss on your lips as you hum contently
  • You both stay like that for a moment before you decide to help him make breakfast
  • The entire time you two are stealing glances at each other and pecking each other on the lips as you cook omg how cute
  • He’s just looking forward to a morning like this with you every day now

  • Okay so just like Jaehee he wakes up and sees that you aren’t in bed next to him
  • Poor baby goes into PANIC MODE
  • Seven starts to wander around the house looking for you
  • “MC, where are you?”
  • “What if she’s hurt?”
  • baby calm down she literally went to the bathroom to go pee lol
  • He practically engulfs you in a big bear hug and is going on about how scared he was
  • You’re just standing there like “omg you’re so dramatic jesus christ”
  • It’s okay you love the child man anyway
  • You just go along with it and give him reassuring kisses and snuggles
  • He literally bridal-style carries you back to bed to cuddle even more
  • Seven is just super happy to finally call you his wife!!!!

A short one-shot inspired by Hiro Mashima’s art.

Summary: Sorcerer Weekly wants to do a spread over the wizards at Fairy Tail. Lucy’s looking forward to the simple photo shoot, but with Fairy Tail, is anything simple? (Canon verse)

Pairing: Natsu x Lucy

Genre: Humor, Friendship, slight Romance

Word Count: 2,133

A picture’s worth a thousand words

Lucy couldn’t help but scoff when she came out of her bathroom, seeing the fire dragon slayer sprawled out on her bed. “Are you really wearing that?”

Snapping out of his daze, Natsu glanced at his outfit, smiling when he turned back to his partner. “Of course! Don'tcha think it looks nice?”

Shaking her head, Lucy ignored the question. Today Fairy Tail was doing a photo shoot for Sorcerer Weekly, and everyone was asked to dress up for the occasion. Lucy sported a little black dress that hugged her curves comfortably and matching black boots while Natsu… Well, he went in a different direction.

Dark green pants tucked into black rain boots, his blue shirt matching nothing while his scaly white scarf hung loosely around his neck. Add that to his pink hair and Natsu equaled a fashion disaster.

Still, she had to admit it looked exactly like what someone would expect him to wear. He was always pushing the boundaries with his outfits. She had a feeling he was competing with Gray and his wild fashion sense, but she dismissed the thought in favor of fixing her hair.

Natsu raided her kitchen while she pulled her long blonde hair into two pig tails with black bows. She left a lock of hair free on both sides of her face to frame it. Smiling, she thought she did pretty well considering she didn’t ask Cancer for any help.

“How do I look?” Lucy asked when she walked into the kitchen, paling when she saw Natsu shoving a whole turkey leg into his mouth, bones and all.

“Hmfph?” he asked, green eyes flitting until they landed on the form of the celestial wizard. Choking, Natsu pounded his fist against his chest until his airway was clear. “Damn! Why are you dressed like that?”

Under his intense gaze, she blushed. “Master told us to look our best… Why? Do you think it’s too much?”

Realizing she misunderstood, Natsu shook his head. “It’s not that, it’s just…” He didn’t know how to say every guy -and probably a few girls- wouldn’t be able to keep their eyes off her. He always knew his partner was beautiful, but today she looked drop dead gorgeous.

He had half a mind to kidnap her and keep her all to himself instead of going to that photo shoot, but he knew Lucy was looking forward to it. Why? He didn’t know. Sorcerer Weekly always printed articles about him, but he never felt flattered or thankful.

Of course his articles covered a lot of the damage he did to cities while on missions, but that was another story.

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Reaction to You Getting a Text About Another Guy. . .

Anonymous said: How would bts react to you getting a text from a friend asking what you thought of another guy, and he sees it and you’re dating bys? Sorry if that’s confusing Eonni, I love your blog!! Best around!

Reaction to You Getting a Text About Another Guy…

A/N sorry it has taken so long, the SHINee reaction is being made, but it’s a little longer, so it’s taking some time. so please wait a little longer. thank you for the support!

Key: Y/F/N = Your Friend’s Name

Kai Eonni ~


You were in the shower when your phone chimed with a text message. Namjoon isn’t the kind of boyfriend to invade your personal stuff there was enough trust between you two, as you would let him play games on your phone while not in the room, however at that moment he was playing a game on your phone and you just so happened to get a text from your friend who asked you what you thought about the boy she had brought along on your most recent outing. 

From: Y/F/N

Message: [so? what’d you think about him?? cute huh? he was eyeing you the whole time, i practically felt like a third wheel lol]

At this, Namjoon would just be confused. He would try to reason, practically making excuses for you, but they would all seem a rather far reach, and so he would come to the conclusion that you were looking for another man, either to cheat on him with or to replace him with, he wasn’t sure. Instead of being furious, he was more upset and incredibly hurt. He wouldn’t bring it up to you for a while and would want to see your response to your friend himself and then act from there. He’d wait a couple of days, seeming a little off towards you, but not suspicious enough for you to ask questions. Then Namjoon would ask to play the game on your phone again, but really would look through your messages to your friend. When Namjoon see’s that you defend the relationship you have with him (i’mma make you good girls and not crappy cheaters, aight? - you’re welcome), he’d feel an incredible amount of pride about both you and the relationship you two have. He wouldn’t tell you he saw, but he’d suddenly – after seeming distant for those couple of days – seem cuddly and more affectionate towards you, causing you to question him, but like I said, he wouldn’t tell you because he’d feel bad for doubting you and it would injure his pride. damn boys and their pride.


Your phone would be sitting on the kitchen table, Jin in the kitchen cooking a nice dinner for you both while you were somewhere else in the house doing god-knows-what. Out of nowhere a message would pop up on your screen and Jin would call out to you, telling you your phone received a message. Again, this would be a trusting relationship between you two, no secrets or lies told between you two. So when you call back to Jin asking him to read it for you, you wouldn’t expect your friend to make it sound like you had been cheating on Jin.

From: Y/F/N

Message: [omg! he was so cute! you’re so lucky he was so interested in you Y/N! Did he make your night more enjoyable?? tell me everything! ASAP]

“Wow, sounds like you had a good night last night.” Would be all that Jin says as you rush into the kitchen to quickly clear up any misleading thoughts that must be occurring in your boyfriends head at the moment. He wouldn’t want to believe that you were cheating, he had tremendous faith in you, but this message brought up some doubt, after all, he was gone so often that he honestly wouldn’t blame you if you found another man to care for you when he couldn’t. Though after you clear everything up and call your friend to explain to Jin what she meant all doubts were erased as if they weren’t even there in the first place. And he would apologize – even though he really has nothing to apologize for – just because he’s Jin.


I feel like the only way Yoongi would hear about this would be if you told him/complained to him about your friend. He would understand the rules of boundaries, and therefore wouldn’t touch your phone and in return he would expect the same from you. So you would sitting on the couch texting your friend when she send that one misleading text. You would groan at your friends rashness, she knows you have a boyfriend, so why would she send such a risky text? “What?” Yoongi would ask in response to your groan as he texts away on his own phone next to you. You would silently show him the text;

From: Y/F/N

Message: [you two look really good together. what do you think of him? would you like to meet ONE ON ONE…. if you catch my drift *wink wink nudge nudge* lol]

Yoongi would simply raise an eyebrow at you after reading the text. “Nothing happened, she knows I have a boyfriend… She’s just such a spazz sometimes it’s hard to keep up.” You would mumble as you return to texting her. “Well maybe try to find friends who don’t try to hook you up with other guys when they know you’re already dating.” Though he wouldn’t admit it, there is some jealousy bubbling inside of him, and you would easily be able to tell from the way he speaks and suddenly seems pouty. He knows you wouldn’t cheat, but he still doesn’t like the thought of you meeting random guys through your friend, he’d ask you to be more cautious and if you can, decline hanging out with these guys your friend is bringing around you.


This would be something that he just happens across, like hacking your photo album with ridiculous selfies of himself when your friend sends in the text. When he sees the text he would try to shrug it off. When he gives your phone back he would still seems the same smiley Hoseok you’re used to, saying with a smile, “You got a text Jagi.” When you see the text, you’d know that this had bothered him, as it would have bothered you if you had seen it on his phone.

From: Y/F/N

Message: [god i envy you Y/N… he’s so cute and so obviously interested in you! you guys looked good together too! do you think you’ll meet up with him alone next time??]

“Hoseok, this doesn’t mean anything. Y/F/N just likes to make things a big deal when they really aren’t.” You would explain everything about that night, how your friend is looking fora new guy and brought him along. Quickly Hoseok would be reassured, as he didn’t like to think negatively about your relationship when he’s so happy with you and knows what a kind and considerate person you are – those traits being something that caused him to fall for you in the first place.


He would be another that would play games on your phone or hack your phone to take funny selfies in your photo album for you to find later. So when your friend sends in a text about the guy you met with her, his whole aura would change from light and cheery to dark and jealous. He’d be aggressively defensive of his pride, and so because of this he would snap at you, throwing accusations and snarky remarks. When you read the text that your friend had sent you, you’d quickly connect the dots as to why he’s like this.

From: Y/F/N

Massage: [last night was so fun, thanks for coming out with me, though i do have to say, when you started ignoring me for him, i felt somewhat like a third wheel, so, you’re gunna need to make that up to me somehow lol]

Once you clear up all confusion, Jimin would apologize profusely for jumping to accusations. He’d want affection so he knows you’re not mad at him while aslo reassuring his heart that you’re still his and aren’t leaving him for another man. Something that Jimin worries about often due to him always being gone. This would also make him more affectionate in general to make up for always being gone.


He’d always be over your shoulder, whether you’re texting another person or taking selfies or playing games. So he’d see the text pop up on the top of your phone and would immediately ask who that friend is and what she’s referring to, as it was a very suggestive message.

From: Y/F/N

Message: [lol he’s asking about you now. what would you like me to say? that you’ll meet up with him LATER.ALONE.]

You sigh and go into the whole story about how she’s just playing with you when she brought her cousin. Taehyung wouldn’t think much of it, he trusts you, and you also didn’t seem worried when he say the text, so he would rationalize that that means you have nothing to hide from him. He’d probably actually find it funny and would prank text your friend back just for laughs. Prank texting your friends and his team members would now become the next big hobby between you two, much to your friends and the rest of BTS’ expense and annoyance.


He’d occasionally look at your phone or look over your shoulder when you text your friends just because he’s still young and insecure about leaving you alone for long periods of time, thinking you’ll find another man who can always be there for you. This would be a common argument between you two as well. So when he see’s the text from your friend when he’s looking through your phone he’d shut down. You’d notice this and would ask him what’s wrong, in response he’d tell you to look at your most recent text.

From: Y/F/N

Message: [you should try going out one-on-one with him from last night. i think he’d really take a liking to you ;)]

After you explain, he’d feel really embarrassed about thinking such things before talking to you and also showing you how insecure he is, he only ever wants to show you his ‘manly’ side. He wouldn’t want affection afterwards, he’d just want to forget about what happened and what he thought you were doing behind his back and move on. Though he would learn from this and try to talk to you first whenever he feels insecure, though he’s still young and will sometimes slip up.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your writing so much, and I'm so glad you've finally opened up the askbox! How would the GOM react to seeing their female s/o act super motherly to their newborn niece/nephew? Like, she's playful with the baby, she can settle them down easily when they begin to cry etc. Thank you <3

hellooo thank you so much !!!!! this is so cute omg thank you for requesting i hope you like this! ≧◡≦


  • If his heart could smile, then it would right now. 
  • He didn’t know it was possible to love you even more than he already does, but turns out he was so wrong.
  • His lips were smiling the entire time as he watched you sweetly take care of the baby.
  • His feelings failed him and he couldn’t hold the urge not to join in, so he went by your side to help you and share this moment with you.
  • The two of you ended up lying down with the baby between you. 
  • With one arm resting down supporting your heads, the two of you faced each other. Smiles and giggles kept coming out from the three of you.
  • Both of you ended up arguing on who made the baby smile and he had to admit, this is one of the sweetest arguments he’ve ever had and an argument he wouldn’t mind having again in the future.
  • Suddenly he really couldn’t wait for the day you have your own baby, together.
  • Akashi wasn’t much of a daydreamer but it seems like he finally found something to daydream about and cause him to smile helplessly.


  • On all those days he brought a lucky item with him, he didn’t seem to realize that until now, the luckiest item of them all has been beside him all this time. You.
  • Midorima has never been a big fan of kids, but somehow seeing you like that with the baby made his heart flutter, and hope that maybe one day you’ll be like that with his and yours’ baby.
  • If he had to describe what he was seeing right now, he’d say that this was one of the most beautiful things he’ve ever seen.
  • He already knew how sweet and caring you were, but to think you even had your own way with babies just made you the more amazing in his eyes.
  • Excessive blushing will his look for the day.
  • He thought it was just him and his thoughts until he accidentally mouthed “I love you so much.”
  • Somehow after he said that out loud, you ended up on carrying the baby on his lap and the both of you were now having fun and taking care of the baby.
  • Needless to say this was a moment he’ll always cherish.


  • The original plan was that he naps on his bed while you took care of the baby, but somehow the only people asleep right now were you and the baby.
  • He didn’t know wether to freak out because you were looking so adorable holding the baby in your arm while they rested on his chest or because he has a tiny baby on his chest and if he moved they might wake up.
  • Even breathing freaked him out because the baby was so lightweight that he rose up with his chest whenever he breathed.
  • He chuckled quietly at the position he was in and vowed that someday he will have a family of his with you.
  • With his arm that wasn’t around you, he carefully reached out for his phone that was beside him and took a picture of the three of you.
  • Now if he ever has a bad day, he knows exactly what to look at and make his day a little better.
  • He kissed the top of your head and caressed your cheek which made you snuggle closely to him. 
  • He fell asleep after a while thinking this is defiantly one his best naps.


  • Kise was good at everything except babies. It’s not that he hates them, he actually adores them, but they’re so small he’s afraid he’ll hurt them by accident.
  • Seeing you handle the baby so well made you like a superhero in his eyes. How were you so calm and good with them? he wondered.
  • You looked so perfect to him right now that all he wanted to do was hug you and never let you go.
  • Although he was actually a little jealous, not only did he wanna try holding them too but also show off for you and let you know he really loves babies too.
  • It seemed like he failed at hiding his feelings, because you came closer to him and helped him hold the baby. He was terrified at first and kept yelling for you not to leave his side and stay too close in case he drops them at any moment.
  • But after half an hour of yelling and trembling he was finally able to hold the baby on his own and cooly show off to you just how amazing of a father he’d be.
  • “You know, our children would turn out really pretty.” he whispered but just loud enough so you can hear him.
  • Even though you laughed, he actually meant every word he said and will show you just how serious he was later on.


  • He didn’t know why the sight of you feeding the baby made him feel really happy.
  • “You would make a really good wife and mother ____-chan, has anyone ever told you that?” he commented. 
  • When he saw how much you were blushing, and realized what he had just implied, he almost chocked on his snack and his cheeks turned even redder than yours.
  • Still, he was actually really proud of what he had said. Maybe this will make the both of you look forward to the future a little more than you already were.
  • He will try to feed the baby with you but accidentally put too much on the spoon and that gets him a scolding from you.
  • He ended up doing nothing but watching you the entire time you took care of the baby.
  • It’s not like he could help it, the sight warmed his heart so much he couldn’t look away even if he wanted to.
  • He suddenly started imagining how your kids would look like and immediately his lips formed into a smile.


  • He giggled, he actually giggled. You looked completely endearing how can he not.
  • Of the many things he loved about you, this was his favorite now. You with babies. 
  • The way you made them smile, laugh and stop them from crying. It was like he was seeing an angel right in front of him.
  • Not wanting you to know so he can surprise you later, he carefully pulled out his phone and took a few pictures of you holding the baby.
  • Now he has another reason to add on why you’d be the perfect wife.
  • He couldn’t wait until the two of you sat together and he shows you the pictures he took. That would be his chance to casually comment on how he’d love having you as his wife someday.
  • He didn’t usually smile or show any emotions, but seeing you today with the baby made him have all the face expressions, and all the emotions.
  • If there’s anyone to make him feel everything at once and make him feel like the luckiest person on earth, it’s you. 

find boyfriend jungkook (here), boyfriend jimin (here), & boyfriend v (here)

  • knowing yoongi he would spend a good deal of time procrastinating on his own feelings for you because he’s both unsure and worried (though, he won’t admit it) about telling you what he feels but at the same time he’s a very blunt person - just skimming around the subject would ultimately annoy him and so one day he’d just be super straightforward and be like;
  • “I like you as more than just a friend. You don’t have to answer me now, but I hope that you’ll be truthful.”
  • and tbh it’s kinda chic and courageous the way he just tells you and you’re impressed by his brave front (and so is bangtan even though taehyung spends like 5 hours imitating yoongi later and adding in exaggerations and yoongi would fight him but he’s too busy being happy because you said you LIKE HIM TOO)
  • so the first date is really relaxed and laid back it’s just a trip to the movies with a nice dinner after and like yoongi is his usual self and you’re kinda nervous and you’re like holy shit he’s so calm?? and collected 
  • but tbh he got his phone open to the group chat and he’s like ‘listen jin don’t ever use this as blackmail against me because i still have that pic of you in a cheongsam in case you do so help me out whAT THE HELL DO I DO’ 
  • and you don’t see it but yoongi keeps kinda tapping his fingers and shaking his leg because you two are in such close proximity at the movies and you’re just eating popcorn looking cute laughing at all the corny jokes and yoongi even in the dark light of the cinema can see your cute feature illuminated by the movie lights and he just
  • ok he really wants to like kiss you but jin’s text was like ‘act natural and don’t say anything too mean and blunt’ and yoongi’s like in his head like jin is right but also jin is wrong i just wanna tell them i wanna kiss them
  • but he holds back and at dinner you two just talk and you jokingly ask if he wants to do twenty questions on the way back home and yoongi’s like you know what sure
  • and like you ask each other basic stuff like your favorite color/ dream vacation/ what kind of animal do i remind you of kinda thing but then he’s like 
  • “what do you feel right now? like in this moment?”
  • and it’s so straightforward but you like gulp down the lump in your throat and you’re like “well,,,,i feel like the luckiest person on the planet.” and he kind of gets taken back and like his eyes drop to the floor cutely and he’s like “why?” and you giggle into your palm and you’re like “it’s embarrassing,,,” but yoongi slowly lifts his eyes to meet yours and he smiles and it’s probably the most gentle one you’ve ever seen on him and he’s like “i promise i won’t laugh” and you’re like “i,,,,feel lucky because im with you and…….i….know i want to be even closer to you …know….if that’s ok….”
  • and yoongi kinda doesnt answer for a moment and you get a bit scared but it’s honestly because he’s biting his tongue with happiness and he’s just at a loss for words until he’s like 
  • “i want you to know that i feel the same way.”
  • and it’s cute afterwords your dates don’t really get fancy even though jin is always like for godsake yoongi take them to like a play or at least a more expensive restaurant but you never mind just meeting up with him to go like to the grocery store since the dorms running low on food or eating street food with him on a busy saturday night like it’s the small moments with him that count for you
  • and once you two kinda become official you like spend a lot of time with yoongi in the studio because he’s breaking his back over lyrical writing and guaranteeing armys a fantastic album and like
  • you love watching him so focused and determined even though every now and then you have to be like “yoongi here is some water and some snacks no you can’t eat them later eat them now because i know you will forget”
  • tbh you and jin bond over feeding yoongi it’s cute jin’s like thank you for keeping my son nourished and you’re like ??? ok ofc
  • but taehyung and jimin always peeking through the cracked door to see if you and yoongi are doing anything ahem “adult” and yoongi threatening to throw his notebook at them or something because god they’re like kids
  • but also like when he’s got a little time to spare he goes over and you cuddle into his shoulder and he’s just like “i wish i could nap” and you’re like “i wish you could nap too so i could nap with you” and he’s like “our next date should be a nap.”
  • and it’s in this like innocent small moment that he leans over and pecks your lips ever so gently and you’re like ,,,oh and yoongi just kinda lazily smiles and closes his eyes and the next thing you know he’s knocked out on your lap but you’re like touching your lips like ,,,, goddammit min yoongi you cutie pie 
  • and skinship like yoongi starts off reserved but after this like after he falls asleep in your lap and wakes up to see that you’re calmly sleeping as well with your fingers entwined with his he gains the confidence to be more affectionate
  • and like a big cat he gets very cuddly when he’s tired just head rubbing against your shoulder and murmuring against your neck that you’re warm and like pulling you closer by the waist
  • but most of the other times just holding hands is enough honestly yoongi will never say it but just brushing his fingertips over your skin makes him so comforted because like you’re so warm and you’re all his like ,,,, wow
  • jimin: i think you should kiss them more often yoongi: i think cHiLDREN shouldn’t know about these things 
  • kissing is kinda limited to soft little pecks and yoongi isn’t the biggest fan of making out, he’s much more prone to kissing other places of your body especially your hands
  • he’d just love pressing his mouth to the back of your palm while working just like a habit of his
  • but when he does want to get a little more……intimate….his kisses can be very slow and calculating and every step is dragged out until you can’t take it anymore and take control by just grabbing his face and honestly like
  • yoongi likes this go-forward, dominate side you can have
  • but like it’s just for him to know about it has to be hush hush around the members even though when he comes in with a scarf wrapped around his neck taehyung is just like OOOO SOMEONE GOT SOME LAST NIGH-
  • and yoongi like thumps him on the head like shut it boy
  • also yoongi lives for massages like sometimes he’ll just plop down in front of you and be like “my muscles are dying please revive them” and you’re like omf are you ok and yoongi with his eyes closed is just like a muffled “no”
  • when they’re preparing for a comeback or tour yoongi can get extra moody and hard to read and there are days when he just wants to be alone and like you know not to bother him but the truth is even in those stressful situations like he wants to feel you cuddled in his arms 
  • like he needs your touch to calm himself down and like when he’s too tired to call you over like 
  • namjoon will be like: taehyung get yoongi’s phone and call you know who because yoongi looks like he might kill all of us 
  • when you come over in a rush, probably in some sweatpants yoongi just sees you and he opens his arms and you’re like “is it tough? the dancing?” and he just nods and like curls you closer to him and you pet his hair and just kiss his forehead
  • the rest of bangtan like quietly slips away but like afterwords tae, jungkook, and jimin aren’t gonna let you two live until jin pulls them away by the ear
  • and when you’re there for long hours like watching over him while he practices and you’re like dozing off trying to stay awake yoongi catches himself just looking at you because your sleepy, dreamy gaze is just so adorable 
  • jungkook in the back: hyung you’re drooling 
  • you honestly probably get texts complaining from the maknae line about how naggy your boyfriend is they’re always like “control him, he keeps getting grumpy about everything” and you call yoongi and like literally while you’re on the phone he’s like “taehyung i swear to god if you drink all the milk before i can have any im going to-” and you’re like “honey, let it go he’s a child” and yoongi is grumbling like “child or not, he can be such a headache” and you’re just giggling like don’t be mean ill buy you some milk after work and some snacks ok and yoongi is like this is why i love you
  • yoongi actually never wants to show you how good he is at basketball and you never know why and it turns out that he’s just kinda shy about his skills infront of you like he’s worried he’ll mess up and look dumb but one day jimin invites you over to watch a match and like
  • yoongi is so good he looks so happy and like he’s having fun 
  • and at the end you run over and you like lean up to kiss him and be like “you’re so amazing!!!” and the compliment makes him falter a little and hide his face behind his bangs but you’re like leaning over to wipe the sweat from his face and you two are having your cute moment on the court while jin is probably like namjoon get your camera out take a picture of this sweet moment omg look at yoongi’s smile this is like a mOViE
  • whenever yoongi is away overseas or something you make it a point to listen to his compositions, even the ones that haven’t been released because they remind him of you
  • and yoongi, when he has no motivation or inspiration and needs to compose, he just automatically starts thinking about you and everything about you that makes him love you and that just makes him want to write
  • honestly he has a notebook full of ideas that he’s gotten just because you inspire him you’re his lyrical muse it’s kinda cheesy but like ,,, it’s true he loves you so much
  • one time when yoongi was away on tour you got an email from jin and it was titled ‘photos of yoongi sleeping in weird positions’ and it made you almost fall out of your chair laughing 
  • yoongi likes seeing you wear his beanies,,,,he’s like you look cute and you’re like cuter than you and he’s like in your dreams lmfao
  • sometimes you’re like yoongi it’s been three days you need to go out in the sunlight and he’s like akhfgldens nooooo and you’re like yoongi if you go outside i will kiss you and he’s like ,,,, you already kiss me enough and you’re like Min YOONgi and he’s like uuuuuughhhh will you kiss me five times? and you’re like hmmm four and he’s like uuuughhhh but rolls off the couch and is like fine let’s go the things i do for your LOVE
  • he’d have a habit of like filming you,,,,like when you least expect it like you’d just be reading over something, tucking your hair behind your ear and when you look up yoongi’s there with his phone and you’re like !!!! omg yoongi and try to cover your face but he’s just chuckling like no no you’re cute
  • “my ideal date is us going to ikea, buying some really good blankets and pillows, going back home, and sleeping” 
  • i don’t think he’d be the biggest lover of like petnames or anything like that but i think he’d occasionally just hold you against him and be like “mine?” and you’d be like “yours.” and he’d press your foreheads together it’d be so great ,,, 
  • you and yoongi making sarcastic comments about tv shows as you’re laying on the carpet eating pizza out the box would probably be a regular thing for you two
  • also yoongi using your tummy as a pillow
  • and like yes being with him is cute and like not high maintenance at all but yoongi is a complex person with a beautiful and creative mind that sometimes drives him to want to be better than he already is but like ,,, there’s a limit and yoongi sometimes ends up blaming himself for mistakes that are ultimately out of his hand
  • and you’re like always stern about this you always let him now when too much is too much like being in the studio for over 48 hours straight or beating himself up over something he did at a fan sign or on a show that people were criticising him for
  • even though he’s stubborn and will argue with you about how no he’s wrong, like you don’t give up and in the end yoongi probably just hangs his head and you have to like hold his face in your hands and be like yoongi you can’t please everyone but im proud of you, bangtan is proud of you, please give yourself some credit
  • and yoongi doesn’t cry easily but he’ll just lean into you for support because hearing that validation from you makes him feel loved and sometimes that’s what he needs because otherwise he’d wear himself out to the bone trying to fix mistakes that can’t be
  • and out of everyone namjoon really thanks you for that and sometimes you and namjoon just go out so you can talk about yoongi and you thank him for taking care of him when you’re not around and namjoon is just like “im happy he finally found someone he never wants to be apart from. he used to be so lonely, but now he’s found you and you’re really his everything.”
  • and it’s true like yoongi hates noise and hates having too much company but like you are never a burden on him you are literally his shining light and like 
  • one day as you’re laying next to him, skin on skin, wish like the moonlight in the window he’s just like “seriously, i really don’t want anyone else but you.”
  • and you know it makes your heart melt and your knees go weak and you’re like min yoongi you have permission to wREck me but also like 
  • permission to have my heart forever 
  • like its so cute just you sitting with your legs over yoongi’s feeding him like cookies and he has those round glasses he likes to wear on and he got you a pair so you could match and you’re just comfy
  • like you’re his home and he’s your home and like 
  • watch his perfect face as he works and every now and then he leans in to let you kiss under his jaw and like 
  • it’s nice and relaxing
  • yoongi has the cutest bedhead in the world like you love when it’s all messy and you’re like don’t comb it i love it and he’s like ok and leans over to mess up your hair with his hands and you’re like yooNGI and he’s like look it’s cute on you two
  • you and yoongi the kinda couple to stand in the bathroom together and brush each other’s teeth or well like you’re brushing his teeth cuz he’s still very sleepy 
Kakagai Fics I Love

 Silly, Light-Hearted Fics

  • Boyfriend by Surreptitious Chi X- Gai doesn’t like Kakashi’s girlfriend…and offers to be Kakashi’s new girlfriend, er, boyfriend instead. Is inspired by Avril Lavigne’s song, and it’s really funny!
  • Bathwater by forgetme- hilarious fic where TenTen, Sakura, Ino, and Anko go investigate the love life of Kakashi and Gai. It got me grinning from ear to ear! Seriously, read it!! The omakes at the end are the cherry on top to this fun fic!
  • Never Underestimate Matchmaking Kunoichi - Cha! by tineyninja- Ino, Sakura, Hinata, and TenTen try to matchmake Gai and Kakashi together after finding out that Gai has it bad for Kakashi! Very fun read!! It’s super cute & amusing to see how Gai tries to woo Kakashi. Plus, I love TenTen and Gai’s student-mentor relationship, as well as all the interactions.
  • Difference of Opinion by Randomlydrabbling- it’s really hilarious reading the civilian gossip of Gai and Kakashi. XD 
  • Good Lives by jibrailis- Gai inadvertently becomes first lady to Kakashi, lol. mucho funny.
  • Faking It by Anonymous- A short, funny Kakagai fic. Wish it was longer and continued, but I love the idea.
  • Monster by chibi_zoe- Lol, this is funny. As the summary says: “Trust Gai to have an over the top name for a certain common morning problem.” teehee ;p
  • Tomorrow And Forever More kazumi123- Lol, I just find Gai’s antics hilarious and it’s super nice and sweet that Kakashi indulges Gai. 

Lovely Fluff

Just a tad of sexy ;3   

  • Rice by torch- I forgot to include this one…haha. I usually don’t read fics with sex, but this one I tried recently and enjoyed. It’s not graphic at all, so it’s a perfect start! Not to mention the characterizations are on point. Summary: “Kakashi and Guy are on a mission. The mission isn’t quite what they think it is.” Actually tbh, it feels more like comedy so may belong more in the first category, but oh well. 
  • Technological Progress by forgetme- it’s sexy fluff if you’re in that mood. awkward phone sex. super cute. ^^

Angst/Hurt/Comfort/ Sad-with-a-sweet-aftertaste

  • Don’t Cry Where I Can’t Touch You by robolife- A sad-sweet fic of younger Gai and ANBU Kakashi where a drunk Gai visits Kakashi and later sees one of the moments where Kakashi cries. The feels!!! You can really tell how much Kakashi means to Gai.
  • One Night by RockingTheGraveyard- Another sad-sweet fic of younger Gai and ANBU Kakashi where Gai takes care of Kakashi who one night pays him a visit. It’s super heartwarming to see Gai trying to connect with Kakashi. He just cares about him so much! And Kakashi, in his own way, does too!
  • Shiver by forgetme- Even when I read this, I felt a bit cold, and indeed it’s got a bit of the dark/ angsty mood…but we get to see Gai warm Kakashi up and there’s a lot of sexual tension. just read it, ok? 

anonymous asked:

A friend introduced me to a guy and we both knew from the moment we met that we were meant for each other. We both make each other so happy and can't wait to grow old together. Two years ago the thought of my future made me want to die but now I can't sop thinking about my future with him. I'm so in love and it's such a great feeling.

omg this is so cute ahhh!!!! 

“Ideal Type” (Mark x Reader)

“Hey, I’m new to your page but I REALLY love your imagines and I was wondering if you could write one that is the same as Yugyeom’s ‘Celebrity Crush’ except with Mark? I would love it if you could. THANK YOU!!“

Name: “Ideal Type”

Character: Mark Tuan (GOT7)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,190

Originally posted by marksonislovely

(gif credits to the original owner)

“Who’s your ideal type?” the interviewer asked. Mark paused for a moment. However, it only took little searching in his mind to find the answer. “(Y/N)” he answered clearly. The audience and interviewer reacted accordingly. Mark suddenly became embarrassed. He giggled a little, flashing his big smile to the audience. A picture of you at a red carpet flashed on the screen, cartoon love hearts floating around alongside it. He wanted the whole world to swallow him whole, but he wasn’t wrong. If he had to pick a celebrity crush it would be you. You were an actor: an actor who had made their fame through Western films that had began to spark Korean media outlets interest. You had done premiers, interviews and endorsed makeup brands over there. You were nothing short of a big name, despite not aligning with usual Korean standards of beauty. “Ahh yes (Y/N),” the interviewer responded. “She’s very pretty, I love her movies too!” All Mark could do was nod shyly in agreement.

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Ash heard Johnny shift a bit, somehow terrified he’d flee. Before she realized what had occurred, she was on her feet. Standing, she faced the gorilla who stood rather awkwardly at the doorway; his large hands still a bit proffered as if still holding the case. Her body moving of its own accord, she grabbed onto one of his hands in some desperate attempt to keep him here.

For whatever reason, she really wasn’t sure.

Perhaps enough time for her heavy tongue to begin working again so she could at the very least utter some form of thanks. Johnny’s fingers slightly twitched under her own when she ended up grabbing his index and middle finger in her tiny fist.

“Thank you.” Ash managed to mutter out; the gratefulness echoing through her quiet voice and it seemingly calmed any confusion on his part.

Johnny looked a bit shocked at her voice at first; not speaking as his face fell for a moment to look at their conjoined hands for a split second before his brown eyes met her icy blue yet again. This time, a laid-back smile was quietly bestowed upon her. So taken aback by his toothy smile, she didn’t even realize when he grasped her hand back by curling his unbound fingers around her paw.

                                             (KEEP READING)

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Hi Rin, sorry for bothering. i love your blog so much! guess it took a lot of patience to answers and explains. And i think that's a really cool of you. Anyway Rin, I have this thought about ships in general in korea. I mean for exp. Taekook, how popular are they and what is the parameter to know if a ship is popular, in korea? and what is the diff between k-shippers and int. shippers? wether it's the behaviour or etc. Sorry if this question annoys you hehe, but thank you in advance!

well, similar to when you like a group you’ll barely care about other groups, my otps are taekook and namjin so i mostly have those two on my timeline and don’t really pay attention to other pairings, even though i do follow people who ship other pairings (vmin, sope, yoonmin, jinkook etc). the pairings in maknae line are probably the most popular ones, although there isn’t a parameter of which pairing is the most popular, i have come across several accounts about these pairings with high followers number.

differences between kr shippers and int shippers hmh… i think i’m gonna have to list it out (but first of all i would like this ask not being screencapped or repost anywhere ty ;-;)

• the names for pairings. in the kr fandom, a pairing between 2 members has 2 different names depending on who’s top and who’s bottom. for example, taekook = kookv (top kook, bottom tae) or vkook (top tae, bottom kook). saying you ship kookv or vkook basically means saying you like bottom v top k or bottom k top v. it’s… quite important lol, especially when the kookv fandom and the vkook fandom clash quite often (don’t know why but it seems to be there already even before i join the fandom lol). btw i ship kookv but i’m fine with vkook either, i just don’t read bottom kook fics.

• still about the names for pairings, the common names for pairings in the kr fandom are sometimes different from the ones int fandom uses. namjin is more commonly referred to as “rapjin” (랩진) or “jinrap” (진랩) (again, depending on who’s top and bottom lmao). taekook is “kookv” (국뷔) or “vkook” (뷔국). yoonmin is “sujim” (슈짐) or […] (i don’t know i hardly see anyone who ships top jm bottom yg….). jikook is “kookmin” (국민) or “jikook” (i guess…? again most people i see ship top kook bottom jm). lots of people ship member x all (like all jin or all v), and some ship more than 1 pairing of a member but that member is bottom (like vottom for example, vottom = v bottom).

• kr fans whose twitter accounts mention pairings will have an “rps + name of pairing” in their bios. it’s like a pre-warning so people can know that they do talk about pairings and can choose to not follow if it makes them uncomfortable. this i think int fans do too, i don’t keep track with the int fandom activities so…

• kr fandom is normally extremely careful when talking about pairings on sns (or at least those i follow). they don’t reply to bts’ tweets when there’s a moment of their otp there. for example, that recent selfie of taekook after 186492648374 years, the replies in korean would be like “take care, don’t catch a cold” or “so cute” while the replies in english, well, you’ll easily see sth like “OMG BOYFRIENDS” or “YOU TWO ARE MARRIED”…

kr shippers use modificated versions of the members’ names to avoid having their tweets appearing in the search results in case bts search for their names (it’s called 써방 and i talked about this once) and the list of 써방 we can use is getting shorter because jimin and hoseok have used quite a lot of common 써방…

• the int fandom has fanfiction sites like ao3 or aff where you can find tons of fics in one place, while in the kr fandom, fics are posted separately in each writer’s blog or site, which makes it a little difficult to discover new fics but that’s okay because i only read kr fics from my fav writers lol

so far there’s only this much i can remember… a warning again that this might not apply to all ships because most of my timeline are kv and nj so lol

Changing ships

A little late but here is a ramble about my thoughts I had for a while.

It’s really weird but ever since my friend made me watch Voltron, I shipped Klance immediately! That “I cradled you in my arms” moment killed me. Every day before going to work and after coming from work, I would always look at Klance in tumblr. Saved it in my favourites.
“These two are super cute! Like that scene where their foreheads were touching, they should just kiss!!”
When Keith teases Lance after getting his Lion back was great!
And when season 2 came, that pool scene was so great! They were even locking arms, OMG!! They need to be canon! Like Korrasami! They are so perfect together! Opposite pieces to a whole!

I shipped Klance wholly while shipping Sheith on the side. I’ve never seen shipping hate. That was until I finished season 2 and was so touched with the Sheith scenes. I went on the Sheith tag more, and saw people posting about fans attacking a VA in social media because of Sheith, a “fictional” ship…calling people pedophiles, and spreading hate. Who has the time to question someone’s morals about a fictional show, where there’s not even a shred of evidence about their age. We’re not even sure if Pidge is as young as she is. I’m 24 but I get mistaken for a minor all the time. I’ve heard that some of the antis were Klance shippers but I didn’t believe them. I believed we can ship what we want and respect others’ ship. But as often as I went to the Sheith tag, artists and authors were sharing the bad comments they get in their question boxes and I’m just…why? If I don’t like something I avoid it. Don’t attack those who are wonderfully contributing to a ship they like for others’ happiness.

Somehow, after that I don’t know when but I came more often to the Sheith tag than Klance. Everyone was very nice and lots of great art was passed around. Then that post where they replaced Shiro with Lance in Sheith scenes, saying “now it’s romantic”, crushed my trust in Klance. It was their moment! Their hug! Why? Just Why?

I re-watched Voltron from season 1 and now…I switched my main ship to Sheith, while shipping Klance on the side. They did have chemistry! My mind just quickly jumped on the Klance wagon because now I remember my friend saying it was the popular ship as we watched it. I still ship it, but not as much as I did when I started the show.

DW has said they already know where they are going with this. If the planned end game is the popular ship from the beginning, then okay. But if they have to change whatever plans they had before Klance became a major hit, just to appease the salty fans…then no. I want them to do what they had decided on when they started this project.

I will accept anything they give me! Those Kallura moments were also unexpected but I loved them soooo much. That’s one of the things I liked about Korrasami! It popped out of nowhere!


Hey guys!

So, I’d promised to give you a little review of the movie “Radius” after I went to the world premiere, and OMG!  Where do I even start?

First, as you can see, yes, I had the incredible pleasure and great privilege of meeting with Diego  Klattenhoff.  Actually, I had not been expecting how ridiculously relaxed the whole premiere would be.

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anonymous asked:

I hc that rich likes odd animals, and at one point he tells jake he's always wanted a sugar glider and jake's like dafuq is that and rich Is just Like. EXCUSE ME FOR A MOMENT. And comes back a few hours later with TWO sugar gliders all like MEET MANGO AND PECAN, BITCH. WE OWN THEM NOW. Jake loves them and trains them to jump on anyone who walks in the door

this is so cute omg and also i hc him w a dog named mango What Is It With Rich And Mangos

sidsbeard  asked:

I never do this, but I couldn't get this idea out of my head + I love the way you write, so! Would you ever consider writing a bellarke + Anastasia AU!! Bellamy as Dmitri, Clarke as Anastasia--it just fits so well imo???? Anyway, if you could write those two as my two cute Russians (ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE THE 'IN A CROWD OF THOUSANDS' MOMENT FROM THE BROADWAY ADAPTATION) that would be swell (: Sorry for the long ask! I tend to word vomit everywhere ahhhhh

omg so like @fredweasleying asked me to do this exact same au a few months ago but i had never watched anastasia before (i think i did when i was younger but i honestly couldn’t remember any of it) so on wednesday i think it was wednesday mavi correct me if i’m wrong yeah anyway on wednesday mavi and i sat down and watched it together so i could start plotting it and writing and long story short yeah it’s happening. eventually. i am not fast.

anonymous asked:

I love the moments when the missus is sleeping after Darcy being born and it just baby & harry and he's just talking to her like telling her his life story, how mommy & daddy met and stuff like that so cute omg

Me too. :’)) It’s one of my favorite things. Because it’s just the two of them. It’s just his time with her. The missus has held her for nine months, so this is his time to get a good snuggle in. Count all of her fingers and toes for at least the third time since she arrived. Just soak all of her in. 

“And then I saw your mumma and I knew that was it.”

“I have so many stories to tell you, lovey.” 

“You have to wait to read Harry Potter until you’re eleven.”  

“You’re gonna look at me one day and ask for a puppy and ‘m jus’ gonna have to say yes, aren’t I? 

“You’re not allowed to grow up too fast, little missus. You have to stay my little birdy forever.” xx.