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I can't stop thinking about this but the Js are so touchy and flirty in public just imagine what they're like in private

Well hello anon :) I know you sent me this ask a few days ago but I was out of town and didn’t have my laptop. I could have posted using my phone but I wanted to be able to add some gifs because


I know at cons they sometimes play up the flirtiness to get a reaction out of the crowd, but I think it also gives them a way to hide in plain sight. However, there are plenty of moments at cons where it looks like they are legitimately just blushing over each other and it’s so fucking cute. Like two teenagers in love for the first time.

Like this one

Hands down one of my favorite moments ever. (houscon 2016)

(Video should start at 22:02)

Or their ongoing striptease joke, which they took to a whole new level at jaxcon 2016

I mean, come on

“Will you be my Christian Grey?” Are you fucking kidding me, Jared?

That time when Jared was too far away from Jensen and obviously that just wasn’t going to work for him

When Jared hugs Jensen and he tries to act grumpy but oh we see you leaning your head on Jared’s shoulder, Jensen! We see it! Stop trying to hide it!!

I mean, what are you even doing here?

Just hold hands like normal husbands.

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that full-body contact was required when trying to read a paper that someone else is holding. Oh, wait. That’s just a requirement for you two.


Or these touches, that show a level of intimacy that goes beyond just flirting or hugging

I don’t touch very many people (as in, none) that I’m not sleeping with like that. Just saying…

So, anon, I cannot really imagine what goes on in private, but I’m assuming that if I tried to describe them using every synonym available for adorable, sexy, utterly and ridiculously in love, it still would not come close.

Now, excuse me while I go read yet another j2 non-au fic. Look what you people do to me. I have no life.

Love you bby!

Is this the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen or is this SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL!! (teaser for my new video that’s coming up soon!)

  • Riley: *dumps a bucket of car wash water on Lucas's head while yelling at him over something she really has no right to yell about, he's clearly upset and hurt*
  • Maya: *dumps two smoothies on Lucas's head, about which he cracks a joke and smiles like a dope...and then he goes home to change so they can pick their date back up later*
  • Some people: Wow poor Lucas Maya doesn't even care about him how dare she?! He must be so hurt and miss Riley so much. 😔
  • Me: what the fuck really?

That ending was just…. just… it was perfect omg. 

it was perfect but i still need more of them… more of them cute Yeong Shin and Jeong Hoo moments to melt my heart. Cant we just have just one more episode? 

This really was one of the BEST drama that i have watched and at the top of my list of my faves because lets be honest it was PERFECT. Every single character was played well and the plot never got boring or cliche, it was too good, perfectly done! and the main actors chemestry was so good too,…..  

Gonna miss this cute face

And these two together 

The best Team ever! 

Aaaannn im done…. 

Exo Reacts to You Falling Asleep on Their Shoulder on a Train

Xiumin: He would immediately hug you just because seeing you asleep on his shoulder is just too cute for him to be able to physically handle. He’d rest his head on yours, and wrap a blanket from his bag around you. At that moment, he really would wish the two of you weren’t on a train, but back at home in your bed under the covers, but he’s grateful for you.

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Junmyeon: He would definitely feel a bit awkward. Of course, he’d wrap his arms around you and hold you close to him, but he’d overthink almost everything. He’d wonder if he should put a blanket over you, put earbuds in your ears to block out the noise of the train or if he could fall asleep too. In the end, he’d probably just put an arm around you and read a book.

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Yixing: He would immediately relax, knowing that you’re relaxed enough to fall asleep. Normally, he’d probably be worrying about when he’d have to promote next, or whether or not his manager would call, but he’d actually unwind and embrace you. As long as the two of you were still on the train, neither of them had anything to worry about.

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Baekhyun: I don’t think he’d physically know what to do with himself, he’d sort of burst into nervous laughter and try to hold you as you sleep. He wouldn’t know what to do, though, he’d just fidget a lot until he bumps his head and then finally finds a comfortable position and kisses you on the forehead.

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Jongdae: He’d laugh a little when he first notices that you’ve fallen asleep, but once he calms down, he’ll begin to relax and rest his head on your shoulder, and begin to fall asleep as well. He’d wrap his arms around you completely and wouldn’t even let you shift in your sleep.

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Chanyeol: He would have a hard time not waking you up. Once he notices you’re asleep, he’d immediately be overcome by small giggles. He wouldn’t be able to stop until you sleep-mumbled “Park Chanyeol, shut the fuck up, I am trying to sleep.” Then he’d just kiss you on the forehead and pull you close to him, occasionally giggling again every few minutes.

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Kyungsoo: Once he realizes that you had fallen asleep on him, everything about him would just become so gentle. He’d turn his phone on vibrate so that it wouldn’t wake you up when it goes off, and he would wrap his arm around your shoulder and hold you close to him. When you two inevitably have to get up and transfer to the next vehicle, he’d sit down so that your head would be on his lap, and he’d tell you to go back to sleep again.

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Jongin: After taking a moment to notice how absolutely adorable you look in that moment, he would be so at peace that he too would fall asleep with the sounds of the moving train.

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Sehun: He strikes me as the type to love anything that moves fast, and that definitely includes trains. He’d be obsessed with gazing out the window, looking at everything pass by. And now that you had fallen asleep on his shoulder, he could rest his head against yours and stare out the window. There would be a faint smile on his face, and he would only wake you up of one of the members came by with something to drink or eat.

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Junjou Romantica 3 ep 3

So I always love with Junjou how a romantic scene can go from this…making me go OMG HOW CUTE!…. Wait a minute…Misaki isn’t wearing a shirt O_O 

To this (Making me laugh…oh Usagi way to interrupt a good moment…..wait just a minute Usagi’s shirt is open…O_O….is what I think gonna happen?)

To ending with this! Okay..side bar, I’ll take a kiss :D but you know what I’m still gonna play out the scenario in my mind…yes…things happen in my mind… ^^ Oh when did my mind get corrupted will such thoughts? Not that I’m complaining though XD

At the end of each episode my feeling are all over the place….Love is everything…You two love each other so much…destiny…forever…hearts….cute stuff…fluff….the scenes with Ijuuin.. the whole episode……it’s EVERYWHERE….I think I just died from Junjou overload….but I will be all good in time for next week’s episode :)

Omg I had a sign that said “Louis, why are you so cute?” (Pic on my blog) And he saw it in the beginning and pointed at me and said “thank you!” And I freaked out. Well I grabbed my small rainbow flag and held it up with the sign. He already saw my sign but he looked at it again and right when he saw that I had the rainbow flag he smiled so bright and just kept looking at it. He legit looked like sunshine. I got two great moments with my favorite person ever. Like he is the best!! A girl behind me even said congrats on Louis seeing your sign! Ahhhh I can’t calm down

My feelings about Phan constantly switch between two views

1. Look at those great friends, living together getting along. What amazing best friends, they balance each other out perfectly #friendshipgoals.


2. OMG look they are so married??!!! Dan *IS* phil trash #1, stop the phan being so obvi. Oh gosh I can’t right now, everything is just so fucking cute. Just give me a moment, sometimes I ship them too much…

I could have sworn I uploaded this but apparently I didn’t. But here’s my R2M op! Matt is so cute omg, 

I went up to them and asked for a hug, but the music was so loud Matt went up to me and kinda got close to hear what I was saying (I died a little inside at that moment) and I said “how about a squishy hug?” and Matt was said “oh yeah! sure thing” and two seconds later I get the hardest and most awesome hug of my life!