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SGA 1.10: The Storm

Ah, yes.  We come to the two-parter that both McShep and Sparky fans refer to as “The one Sheppard saves his babe.”  It begins with Rachel Luttrell looking radiant.  I mean, look at this woman.  She practically glows:

 It’s gonna rain.  And maybe be a little windy?  Oh crap, it’s a hurricane.

Radek and Rodney science. 

Rodney preemptively grimacing about what Koyla’s gonna do to him.

Carson’s in this one:

Pretty boy.

Behold, the joined science powers of these idiots:

Koyla.  Boo!

OMG! These two fuckin’ nerds.  

Okay, here’s one for the Sparky fans.

“And by short you mean far?”

“And by walk I mean run.”

“My boyfriend’s going to mess you up.” The McShep and Sparky fans say, jinxing each other.  

Some how these three got out of order but I can’t be bothered to fix it.

John looks up at my last picture posted and grows concerned.

Rodney realizes he’s going to be tortured.


You know what, forget John.  You hurt one of Mom Friend Elizabeth’s kids.  There won’t be enough of you left over when she’s done for John to kick off the balcony.

“On the catwalk!  Yeah on the catwalk!  I shake my little tush on the catwalk!”

Elizabeth tries to explain to Koyla how dead he is.

John explains to Koyla how dead he is.

Poor Rodney.  

Oh yeah.  You are dead.  So dead.  

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What took you so long, you idiot? I was close to giving up, you know…

Ok, the new chapters give me so many feels. So I did a redraw of some of the very few panels that didn’t break my heart (chapter 81 page 42 [or 41 if you don’t count the credit page])


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FitzSimmons Winter (Re)Watch: One song per episode
             Maveth: “This Love” by Taylor Swift (x)

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Everyone expected the awkwardness. Rebuilding your home after you've kinda sorta lost your mind was bound to be awkward but over a hundred dwarves coming unasked to help rebuild Dale did a lot to mend that fence. Everyone expected anger. Dis took one look at the injuries her boys had miraculously survived and punched her brother so hard he went flying. What no one expected were pranks. Sewing Bard's tent shut. Dyeing Thranduil's moose thing pink. Fili and Kili were still in sickbed. (con't)

I just want a Three Hunters Buddy Cop AU where Aragorn and Legolas are already Buddy Cops who are great bros and work together perfectly but for whatever reason, they have to take Gimli on as a third Buddy Cop, and Aragorn is unfazed by like everything and is cool with it but Legolas is so annoyed, like wE are already Buddy Cops, you can’t have a third Buddy Cop and Aragorn is so done with their constant bitching back and forth and Captain Gandalf yells at them to start getting along and then they do  but then Aragorn is even more done because now he has to stop them from fighting other people who insult them and he’s so done with this he just wants to go home to Arwen he does not want to deal with his two idiot best friends omg