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Manuel Neuer | UEFA Champions League | Bayern München x Real Madrid | 12.04.2017


studyblr icons !!!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR 1K! I can’t believe I’ve reached my first milestone in such a short space of time, and I am so grateful for each and every one of my followers because it’s all thanks to you :-) 

I will now be tracking the tag #hittingthebooks - if you post anything to the tag, I’ll reblog it for my followers to see!

To say thank you for 1k, I made 4 icons that you can use for your studyblr (or anywhere really!). You don’t need to follow me to use these but please reblog if you’re using one!

Please please please give credit where it is due - I’ve abstained from putting watermarks on these because I recognise that it doesn’t make the design look as nice, but I put a lot of effort into these so I would really appreciate it if you didn’t steal them or claim them as your own. (like seriously omg the mildliner one has me in literal pain, it took forever and I made it from scratch LOOK AT ALL THE RECTANGLES) If you’d like me to tweak the design for you to match your theme (eg. change a colour, put more/less mildliners) then please let me know, and if you have any other questions, feel free to message me!

Thank you all again for 1k and I hope you enjoy using these! xxx


Omg, this took forever XD This is the entire Dragmire family that @quietpastelcolours, @ridersoftheapocalypse, @figmentforms and I have created together :) It’s been a lot of fun making these characters, thanks you guys! ;)

Rinku and Cass @figmentforms

Zarazu and Corsaire @ridersoftheapocalypse

There’s this awesome fic that @blueganon made for Ralnor and Cass, check it out :) Here

And thanks @quietpastelcolours for the awesome fics for Vidar and Kanisa ;3


“Distance makes the heart grow fonder
said by someone
stronger than me…
So what do I do now…”

Kageyama knew, he knew he’d lose Hinata one day to the terrible sickness rooted in his brain. But he never thought it would be so soon. He never thought it’d happen before they’d played at Nationals, before they’d gone to college, before they got to truly experience the feeling of being in love. He didn’t think the world could be so cruel… but it was.

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paps his cheeks with both hands. they've seen kids with bandages covering their eyes at the hospital do this with their family, to memorize each slope of one's features. frisk still couldn't see right ( these cursed blooms! ) but they'd like to get acquainted with how their friend may look like. or at least imagine. they were careful not to poke in anywhere, or linger too much, humming after a moment with a small smile. ` for someone with no skin, you feel warm. `

           sine jolts at the first touch - it’s a surprise, something that scares him.

                                                                                         then he realizes what they’re doing.

             the skeletal monster falls DEATHLY still, eye-lights adjusting to the size of quarters as delicate fingers trace the slope of his skull. it’s an intimate moment, slow exhausts of hot air puff out of his nasal ridge, the ivory beneath smooth, soft fingertips warm to the touch.

                      “* mmmmmmm. ”

             his own gaze works to memorize their features by sight alone, flicking to && fro between every blossom and curve as if he were reading between the lines of a book. when they skirt too close to his eye-sockets at first they shutter, a light flinch, before slowly, with a gentle show of TRUST do they slide closed so they can continue their exploration.

                                                                                           “ * careful, ”
                                                                                                              he warns.

             sine’s bones give slightly when prodded, but are smooth && warm to the touch; the ridge of his nasal cavity pronounced, the bags under his eyes obvious. there’s a few nicks && chips here and there, a small crack above his left eye. his FANGS are oddly mismatched in temperature, some colder than others – some of them give like his skull, but others are made of metal, much alike the golden ( only they blend better ).

                              he’s smiling, a rumbling laugh at their observation.

                                        “ *                               ‘s magic.


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NCT Boyfriend Series! [Boyfriend!Jeno]

Time for JENO LEE!!!

*don’t kill me bc its in lowercase…it’s not proper writing ANYWAY*

boyfriend!nct masterlist

  • okay so lets get right into it, skip the how u met part
  • like mark, jeno would be such a sweet cute bf who wants nothing but the world for you
  • at first it was cute like if u were anxious over an exam or something he’d be like u can do it, and when you got a good grade or did something good he’d be like “look at y/n!!! they did sooo well”
  • but gradually he’d start doing it over everything
  • like if u nearly tripped over a toy while holding a cup of water he’d be like “OMG LOOK HOW THEY DID THAT!! LEGENDS ONLY”
  • he’s a really cuddly person so i don’t think he’d be hesitant to do skin ship??
  • he might be shy to do it in front of nct bc u know they always tease him
  • so naturally u respect him and u don’t make a big deal if one second ur kissing and cuddling on the couch and next second ur both sitting on the opposite ends bc he heard the front door open
  • i feel like jeno is the type to get u a lot of gifts

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