omg these opening credits are amazing


The fact the June 13th show in Philadelphia will mark my ninth concert over the past seven years amazes me. I watched your journey as an opening act to stadium headliner, and never stopped falling in love with the genuine connection you have with your audience that other artists can’t replicate. I knew there was something special about you from the first time I listened to your album when I was a freshman in high school. Looking back in retrospect now, as a college graduate and professional (omg how did this happen), I need to give you credit for helping me become who I am today. Being that I am a guy, I have always gotten some weird stares when wearing your tshirt to the grocery store or blasting your songs in my car, but I learned to be proud of the fact that I’m not not like every other guy. My admiration for you makes me unique and you have given me the confidence to be comfortable in my own skin. I’ve learned that people appreciate the passion I have for something, even if it’s something that isn’t what they expect. Your genuine kindness and authenticity is something I carry with me everyday and I know without having you as the huge part of my life that you are, the successes I’ve experienced would not be possible. I’m so proud of the person you’ve shaped me into and I promise to repay you by always giving you my full support in whatever you do in the future. My life is more beautiful because you’re a part of it and I couldn’t thank you enough.

Okay just got really emotional there…

John Paul

6/13 Philly Swifities
I’ll be seated in section 107, row 33, seat 10… If any of you wanna stop over and say hi! I’d love to meet you! And Taylor, i cannot wait to see you kill it in your hometown!

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But what if the huge cast is only there for the funeral, they're all crying about Peggy (maybe Tony knew her), then Steve and Sam resume their Bucky hunt, or world tour, all the while he and Nat are getting ice cream while Clint acts as his brainwashing therapist, because he went through it too (and Nat opens up about her past after a while and we get a glimpse of Red Room Nat being trained by Bucky). The Civil War's just an argument at the end, it's all resolved with ice cream.

yes omg this is amazing everybody look at this what if cacw goes like this it would be beautiful and like i betcha they all bond over ice cream and like it opens with a scene where steve is cleaning what looks like a cut on bucky’s jaw and nat is doing the same to clint and it has like a ‘48 hours earlier’ caption thing and then at the end in the after credits scene the camera pans back or nat and steve step away a little and it turns out theyre only cleaning ice cream off the two of them