omg these make me so happy

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Whenever I imagine female tony (or natasha) I always think she would look like you :)

What?!?! Really!!??! 

Gosh!! That is so flattering, THANK YOU!!

Omg, you have no idea how happy this makes me!!

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I just got a huge rush of positivity and strength in my sexuality! I feel so happy right now because I just realized how beautiful girls really are and I'm just smiley like a dork and I just thought I'd share my gay happiness with you. Sorry if this was weird lol

I completely understand this omg and it’s so wonderful!! It makes me so happy too 💖 Bein gay is great

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aa im finally watching thomas' new sander sides video aaa i fucking love terence and joan and happy patton sanders it makes me so fucking happy sorry ur just my fave sander sides blog so i wanted to gush to you (ps i love u and ur blog so much!!)

Dont ever apologise omg! It was such a great vid wasnt it? Plus talyn as anx? What a cute hahaha
(Also thank you so much im glad u like my blog!!)

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season is finally getting better and funnily enough it's when noora isn't in as much clips forgi me sjsjjdkfkrkdk And lol after this clip I'm woke as hell there was so much evak let's start a petition–even for season 5. idc if skam is over i will make an even s5 myself

hahahaha omg PLEASE DO IT

MAKE EVEN S5 ANON doooooo it

Okay but can you believe Isak was in every single clip apart from the home one this week??

Isak has become the new Noora lol

and we saw EVAK’S LOVE SHACK

I am so happy ahhhhhhh

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I just found out that Ethan, Mark, and Tyler all have AD(H)D (which makes me v happy as a person w add), and I really like the idea of them helping each other concentrate and stim and things while working!! encouraging each other to focus when they're getting off track, reminding each other to eat/take a break when they get hyperfocused, sharing their fidget toys with one another ("dude check out this new fidget I got" "omg dude that's so,,, good?? where can I get one"), that sort of thing! ~🐺

Ahhhh yeah that’s very cool! All three of them doing the same fidgeting with their hands in sync is something I imagined

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We missed you too!!!! How did you like Kimmy Schmidt??

omg, 30 Rock was one of my favorite shows and Kimmy Schmidt is like a more cartoonish sequel show. i love it, i cry. it has some issues tho, but not all media you consume is perfect i guess ^_^;; 

i love kimmy’s bright outfits, they make me happy. and i love titus obvi, bc he is like a catchphrase machine. but my favorite is this line right here because it is so very relevant to my life:

i too have big eyes and hair like spaghetti

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*whispers* Spegg


@ anon - i love you so much dear!!! i love that i can be here for everyone and i’m so glad you feel the same way! this fam warms my heart every single day and idk what i’d do without you guys ✨⭐️💜

@itisithecryptidmom LMAO GLAD U LIKED THAT ILYSM 😂💜

@ anon - oh ok lmao well i’m very happy and excited for you!! 💜 

@lovelygasmasks i use photoshop to make my posts! thanks so much for stopping by! 💜

@ pidge anon - awwww omg right????? honestly yall have melted my heart like 67 times tonight alone and i’m so happy i could cry god bless 😍

@rivoletta OMFG THIS IS SO CUTE THANK YOU I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY CHILD 💜 kocham Cię!!! (i hope that’s correct omg)

@ anon - omg please don’t apologize you aren’t bothering me! and listen, i’m sure they miss you over at msparp but everyone understands that life happens!! everyone gets busy and you shouldn’t feel bad! we all love you and support you no matter what, so don’t feel obligated to do anything unless you want to and it makes you happy, alright?? ✨⭐️💜

@larytello i legit was laughing so hard i cried, no joke lmao… your brother was hilarious and we loved talking to him hahah. make sure to get some rest, spacedad was definitely right!! xD we all love you so much and love hearing from you on the server!! 💜

@lookatthestars98 omFG I LOVE YOU???? thank you so much you’re so precious i’m crying 💜

@wistfullthhinking yes my dear here’s the link ilysm 💜

@ pidge anon - omg my dear i’m so sorry yes HAVE ALL MY HUGS 🤗🤗🤗 

@ bumbooga - listen my dude, the most important thing is to make a blog about something you’re super interested in and passionate about! when i started this thing, i had exactly NO IDEA whatsoever if anyone would even like it, ya feel? i just did it because it made me happy. if your enjoyment shows through to others, they’ll probs like whatever you’re doing that much more if that makes sense?? ily and good luck!! 💜

@ anon - ok next guesses are…. spacey? or WAIT IS THIS HAM???? 👀

@rockyroadkylers lmao you are THE MOST TALENTED ILYSM 😂



@ swoofla - you aren’t annoying at all, my dear!! we would love to see you in the discord chat but i totally understand your anxiety!! only join if you really want to and we won’t ever pressure you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with! also, you might not know anyone when you first go in, but legit like the SECOND you say hello, there’s a huge group of loving people ready to accept you and be your friend!!! that’s what’s so great about this spacefam!! everyone is so great and friendly and i love them so much so please don’t be scared to come in and make friends! we all love you so much already! 💜💜

@quichekolgate lmfao quiche….. you legit always bring in the best stories i’m rollin dude i legit read this story out loud to a friend and we laughed for so long ilysm 😂💜

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I recently rewatched the devil wears prada (its one of my fav movies tbh) and i was like it would be cool to have a yoi au similar like this. I lowkey wanted to write it but i found your glorious fic and im amazed. Its so good.

aw omg thank you so much!! it’s one of my favs too, i’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying kic. thanks for droppin’ by 🌸

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i get so excited when you reblog stuff from my account (the teamiplier-prefrences blog) like,,,you're in my top ten favorite blogs and it makes me so happy and excited when you reblog stuff from my account!! 💸

Aw omg that makes me so happy tbh bc I feel like sometimes no one cares about what I post tbh so thank you for brightening my day love ❤️ honestly I always love seeing you in my notifs tbh bc you’re such a sweetie

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one of these days i'm gonna have nothing to say to u and u will get ur life back and be like 'yes this crazy bitch is finally leaving me alone' and i will wonder what to do with my life?? anyways what if brendon and ryan met at a gay to straight conversion camp

Um?? Idk who you are but I love getting all these asks?? It makes me so happy so don’t feel like that!! And in this headcanon I think Ryan would be really emo and quiet and all the words about him going to hell for being gay are like really getting to him and bringing him down while Brendon is very rebellious and angry and resistant, and undeniably horny around all these gay boys, and he talks to Ryan a lot and really brings his confidence back up but they’re always telling the counselors that they’re just dudes being Best Bros, AND MAYBE OMG what if they shared a cabin type thing and that’s how they met and at night when they’re not being monitored they hold hands and snuggle and Ryan writes Brendon all these love poems and when the camp is over they tell their families that they’re Cured and Totally Hetero™ and they lie and say that they became best friends because they helped each other realize they were straight when in reality they’re v gay for each other



It’s finally done!!

Funny thing is that I doodled this comic out on valentine’s day and just never did anything about it. But then recently I got a bunch of followers who liked my cheerleader+nerd girl ideas so I thought I’ll finish this comic out for you guys!

Also they have names now!

Valerie (cheerleader) and Emma (nerd). I want to think of an official series title for them but nothing is coming up at the moment but I will eventually!

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I really liked your awkward Hanzo comics~ Could you make one where McCree compliments his hair (particularly the white little hair-wings part thing) and the next day someone (Genji? Symm?) finds him with a little smile trying extra hard to make them perfect? (not in a snooty/prideful way. more of a "i hope they look good today maybe he'll talk to me again" way) I am not sure if I'm allowed to make requests/suggestions so i hope this does not come off as pushy~ '3' Welp, 25 letters left so this -

im super glad you liked it omg thank yOU!!! i am 1000% down for requests & suggestions hehe there u go!!!


damn capes always getting in the way of memes!

the dear evan hansen fandom must be made aware of this adorable photo ft. cuddly ben platt and amused mike faist with black nail polish, that is all thank you for your time