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Hey! i really like your fics and i wanted to draw some fanart but english is not my first language so i have some trouble trying to imagine the characters (like clothing and stuff lolol) so i was wondering if you could please describe yoosung and saeran from elmwood? Like dunno, would you mind giving me a reference? I just want to draw something accurate!!!

I’m so sorry this took so long to answer! I saw it this morning but I was on my way out and I wanted to devote TIME to this answer! OMG I just can’t even express how giddy I am right now that you want to draw fan art for my Elmwood!! AHHHHHH…….

Anyway…ehem….So, for Saeran, since he is an Assassin, he wears tight fitting leather armor and a hooded cloak that reaches his knees. The closest I could find to what is in my head is this…………

The one on the right, but either could work. Saeran’s colors are more black and hunter green though. His weapons are more hidden than these outfits allow, so, there are several hidden pockets on Saeran’s armor. He also has the white hair and pink tips. He is human in the fic, so, he looks the same.

As for Yoosung, well, I couldn’t find anything that even came close to what I had in mind, so, I, uh, tried to draw it! Please forgive how bad this looks, but it gives you an idea of the design……

The pants are leather, as are the boots. The tunic is cotton and almost rough looking, like muslin, The tabard is embroidered with the symbol of his god Gala. A sun with four beams coming out of it. It is also white, the sun is a combination of gold, yellow, and orange. A gold cord cinches around his waist and he does also have a long hooded cloak which reaches to the ground. He also wears a circlet around his head. It is gold, very thin, and has leaves etched into it. Although, you probably can’t see them unless you are right up next to him. I also have to say that Yoosung’s hair is still blonde, but it is long, reaching below his shoulder blades. And since he is a half elf, his ears are pointy.

I’m not sure if you wanted a description of all the MM characters, but, you know, Yooran is my favorite, so that’s who I really thought about. As for the others, Saeyoung is a thief, so he also wears leather, like his brother, and also had hidden compartments. Dark tones, to blend into shadows. His hooded cloak is even shorter than Saeran’s. It basically covers just past his shoulders.

 Zen is a Paladin and wears Heavy Armor, think……..

Without the wings on the helmet, and Zen uses a hammer. His shield has a hammer, not a bird, as does the back of his cloak. He is very shiny! But, Zen is an elf, so he would be a lot slimmer than this, his ears would be even pointer than Yoosung’s.

Jaehee wears cloth, mostly browns, she is a monk, and is barefoot. This is pretty close to what I imagine. The pants and top, her wrists wrapped and the wrappings around her waist. Without the leather of course. And without shoes! She is human, so, the only thing different, is that she has long hair that she keeps up, usually in braids.

Jumin is an elf, so, his hair is also longer, to the waist, he almost always wears it loose. His ears are also very pointy. His robe would be in the purple/choral color palette. Something like this…..

Funnily enough, his staff looks almost the same too! LOL Jumin is a noble, so his robe would be extremely regal. He does not wear his prince crown usually, so, I have not come up with what that looks like! 

OK…..I think that’s all of them?