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“I walk the Din’Anshiral. There is only death on this journey.”

Gif submitted by @ellen-reincarnated1967 who I told earlier that I got the dirtiest idea for this gif and I’m not sorry. So here’s your NSFW warning it’s all under the cut and a little longer than a drabble..oops! First time I’ve written a threesome-no Wincest (be kind to me), unprotected sex, or M & FR.

“Will you two come on!” Y/N lay totally bare on the bed as the boys stared one another down. 

This all came about when she heard the brothers arguing over who should be able to make a move on her. So, since she couldn’t decide herself…well.

“She’s right.” Dean glanced over her naked form, fighting back a groan.

“Okay look, if we’re going to go down, we’re going down together, alright?”

“What? Dude how the hell?”

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#goddd they really invented sexual tension and chemistry with this scene #the amount of times shaw looked down at root’s lips though… (calm down you thirst bucket) #the face holding and touching #i just….. #not to mention root kissing shaw’s upper lip??? #soft??? #i truly wish they weren’t THIS convincing during this whole scene #like they weren’t even fully kissing and this was still amazing #forever THAT ship?? #i fully agree


└ When DoS-kun finds a new way to be DoS.

Cr: Documentary Film ~ Are You Happy ~