omg these designs are so awesome you should check them out!


Jou’s new friend Namu “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Malik” Fakename (fa-keh-na-meh) is particularly enthusiastic to get started!

“I’ll give it ALL my enthusiasm and you can give it ALL your blood, pain, and life energy, eh, Jounouchi?”


Kaiba has laid out a buffet that may or may not include cheeses of nebulously European origin

“That’s why they call them the finals!”

And all but one of the finalists have arrived. Ishizu is still in her room because she’s seen this episode before.

*polite yawn*

While they’re waiting for Ishizu to not show up, the duelists engage in some friendly chit-chat, and Jounouchi mentally rearranges his list of “worst matchups for me”


SERIOUSLY. Is this Yami Bakura being a little shit, doing a Ryou impression? Or is it Ryou being a little shit? I must know from whom the shittery is originating!

Kaiba, again, gets fed up waiting for Ishizu and has the TO press on without her.

Time to announce the randomly-chosen first pair! How do we choose?

OF COURSE IT’S WITH A BLUE EYES ULTIMATE DRAGON BINGO MACHINE that Kaiba either MADE or HAD MADE #heisnotthecoolone #sorrynotsorry

First up, by the laws of narrative, has to be Yami, so we see all the cool blimp stuff happening first in a protagonist duel. Also first, by Murphy’s law, Little Mr Should-Be-Resting.

Yami. Is. SO. Suspicious. 

Now it’s time to reveal Seto Kaiba’s awesome Kilometre High Duel Arena!


wtf dude


this is a CARD GAME.


Well anyway, Yami and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Ryou are too busy having hate-sex eye-sex to complain about the TERRIBLE CHOICE OF DUEL ARENA and Yami’s not wasting any time pretending like he actually believes it’s metaphorical butter

and Bakura’s not wasting any time getting started on his usual plan of “Eh Fuck It There’s No Plan”

Yami: um, not really.

He doesn’t even TRY to lie, the MOMENT Yami says “[sigh] is that you, Yami Bakura?” he’s like “SURPR– oh you’re not surprised”.

and THEN

Yami: ò_ó

YOU should– YOU SHOULD KNOW– omg are you?? See. Look. I feel like, here, Yami Bakura’s playing all “hehe I’ll keep him guessing”. But. But. This is from This Guy.

so actually I don’t believe you have a plan


although it sure LOOKS like Bakura has a plan because him and Marik keep very unsubtly smirking and glaring at one another…

Like four minutes later:


Bakura’s so very cavalier about his LP that even Yami, aka Mr This Might Be A Trap Better Trigger It To Find Out, is pretty hesitant about mowing down the third unprotected monster Bakura leaves out, because he’s pretty sure it’s a trap, but, y’know, he decides to trigger it to find out

*polite yawn* 

He uses his destroyed monsters to summon this thing, which I am calling Why The Doll Tho

the doll chatters, it’s truly horrifying

But Yami’s ready for this bullshit and summons All Time Fave, my girl DMG! Whom Bakura immediately disses

Yami: Ò_Ó

Bakura hadn’t attacked because Yami had a face down card he assumed was a trap, but it was actually Mana’s spellbook, boosting her power enough to destroy Why The Doll Tho!

it’s leg-stretchingly exciting for DMG!


Turns out Bakura is smirking (awkwardly) because once Why The Doll Tho is destroyed, he can summon fucking hell itself I guess because who the fuck even designed this card game anyway #fightmePegasus

But the important thing is, everyone keeps their shit together in front of their 13-year-old sister. ^-^

anonymous asked:

Hello :) I just started to draw realism and portraits. I'm actually just drawing Manga and anime stuff. So I wanted to ask if you maybe have some Tipps for me to start drawing Portaits. It's hard for me because I'm so used to drawing anime and manga. I wanna be as good as you one day so I doodle everyday :D

Hi anon ♥

Sorry about the late reply, I’m a bit behind when it comes to answer anon messages on Tumblr. Thanks for your patience ♥

I have the feeling you are “me” about 20 years ago, that is to say that you are trying to transition from manga to realistic style.

First, you have to learn about technique and follow tutorials. I know, it’s tempting to start drawing without any technical knowledge because “OMG I want to draw Misha!” (or Chris, or Jensen, or Scarlett or…whoever!) but even if observation is important and that you’ll learn that “drawing what you see” is one of the keys, learning about construction lines, volumes, shadows and highlights, etc is very important.

Here are some tutorials that should help you a bit:

I know that you are interested in portraits, but drawing the full body isn’t bad either xD

I can add two other tutorials to the list (and that are both very close to the way I work), this excellent one by Kleinmeli (check out her works, they are fantastic) and also this one by Kasia Art that shows you some tricks to draw realistic faces, inspired by Michael Hampton’s technique. And as people have often asked me questions about it, you can check out my Art Technique tag,(the place where I gather all the questions anons ask me about my art), I’m sure you’ll find something useful in addition to all the links I gave you.

I understand your interest in realistic style, however, it doesn’t mean that everything you learned during your “mangaka career” has to be thrown out of the window (it took me years to understand that). It’s better to incorporate anime and manga to your style and in the end, that’s what will make your style unique. For instance, yes, I love drawing realistically but I have nothing against very bright colors, flares that makes my drawing look like a Star Trek movie by J.J Abrams, characters sharing very cute moments like in a shojo manga or eating super cute food.

All this comes from my years obsessing with manga. I’m obsessed with illuminated buildings because of City Hunter, with cute food because of a very PRECISE chapter of Urusei Yatsura where one of the characters brings cupcakes to her boyfriend, with complicate structures and fractals because of R.G Veda by Clamp and don’t get me started on all the Magical Girls designed by Takada Akemi.

Anyway, embrace mangas, don’t reject them completely, treat this style as an awesome spice that’s gonna bring something awesome to your “realistic cake”. It’s not gonna be easy, it’s gonna take time, you’ll have moments of discouragement when making the transition from one style to the other, but you’ll get there!

(Basically, me when I started to draw realism…)

I wanna be as good as you one day so I doodle everyday :D

That’s the spirit anon! 1) practice (it’s VERY important!) and 2) seeing other illustrators as an inspiration and not as something that brings you down you know like “Oh no! You are so good that it makes me want to stop drawing!”.

Also, as I mentioned above, what is important is observation. Trust your eyes, draw what you see, it will help you a lot!

TLDR: For realism = practice (a lot) + following tuts + observation + learning about art technique + PATIENCE

Thanks for enjoying my art so much anon and good luck to you ♥

Strange Magic: surprisingly satisfying

Okay, so, last night, on a whim, I watched the movie Strange Magic with AgentMalkere. Sure, it got a 16% on Rotten Tomatoes, but hell, the trailer looked fun and I’ve seen some art for it around and we were in the mood to watch a movie we could cheerfully tease but which had pretty art (and the art is VERY pretty in this movie, and very detailed). I sat down expecting a goofy flick with old pop songs, caricatures instead of characters, and a plot holier than a sieve. Loins girded, I hit the play button.

And I was surprised. First by the sheer number of songs they managed to fit in (seriously, they outdid Frozen), and secondly because… I really enjoyed it. Like, a lot. Were the characters archetypes we’ve seen many times before? Yes. Was the plot also something we’ve seen so many times we’ve lost count? Yes. But it was just so… charming.

AgentMalkere described it as being ‘like a fanfiction of another movie where the couple you wanted together in the end didn’t, so they’re fixing it.’ And they were right, that is very much what that movie feels like, like someone new to fanfiction sat down and went “I’m gonna make it all better!” There’s lots of elements of beginner fic-writers - the side characters, such as the antagonist’s minions, are very 2D, the story’s a little black and white in places, the plot isn’t strong, there’s plot points that just sort of exist to move the plot along without much explanation. Typical newbie mistakes.

At the same time, though, the characters who are main and secondary cast are really fun. Are they tropes? Yeah, but they are tropes in the hands of a person who really cares about these characters, who loves them a lot and wants them to be as cool and as fun as they can possibly be. This is like one of those fics where you read it and go “this wasn’t a great fic, I’ve read better. But I liked it, it made me feel good, and a lot of work obviously went into it.” Not to mention that there are some incredibly satisfying scenes and one incredibly cool bit of subtext, which I’m going to talk about under a cut because spoilers. Seriously, though, if you want a fun romp and don’t mind a lot of singing (which is actually really fun in places), check this one out, it’ll at least give you something to laugh at, and also, dang, that art! This movie is visually gorgeous! Er, there’s a slightly trippy part at the end involving the main camera being temporarily being replaced by a kaleidoscope, but it doesn’t last, you can look away for that bit, the final shot is wonderful!

Anyway, spoilers!

Keep reading

(Graphic that has nothing to do with my blog just because im obsessed with both actors and this movie will kill me, @armie hammer pls marry me thank you)

Okay so I recently hit 0.5k followers which is pretty amazing thanks to all of you! Below are about 150 blogs that light up my dash every day. Awesome content, amazing people! You should check all of them out!

mutuals // if youre on this list youre a fav <3


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anonymous asked:

I love your fics! Do you have any other blogs you'd recommend for Tom fics?


(firstly though, thank you for loving my ventures into insanity!!!!)

But here we go:

just-the-fics-maam  SO MANY I love!!!!  An Ocean Away, All the Tom + Amelia stuff (her Tom is my favorite RPF Tom. Like, ever).  EVERYTHING is amazing and written with depth and sensitivity and beauty that I only wish I had as a writer.  My **ahem** absolute favorite though is Night Darlings #1 (the whole series is AWESOME but #1 especially cuz reasons)

bluebirdtweets OMG just STOP now and go read her Ansgar stuff. Okay?  Cuz he’s my soulmate, he doesn’t know it yet though but he WILL (martinssonconstruction).   But really, her Dry Land series is mindblowing, her Magnus stuff should be fucking illegal. Black Dahlia series for SURE. And everything else.  Just go read.  AWESOME.

jbmae17 DAMN she’s good.  All of her stuff, but I am a sucker for a Loki fic, so definitely at least check out Road Trip.  And she has (OMG) Professor!Tom as well.

staythatswhatimeanttosay’s fic blog (i can’t remember what it’s called–can anyone help me out???)  is it @ficthatswhatimeantosay???? –but check her out. She is amazing.  Like, wow.  So fucking good.  Woman in a Jar–PERFECTION.

sephesramblings–Loki fic perfection in the form of her Poison and Wine, and my once-and-forever OTP Hal and Lizzie (look under the Healer tab). THAT REMINDS ME SEPH WHERE IS MY HALIZZIE. Beautiful, clean writing, wonderful narrative. AND she co-wrote our Merger series with me.  Start with Merger–it’s under the AU!Tom tab. 

thesandreckoner–all her stuff, but her Loki/Sif is artistry.  Lavish, gorgeous prose. Amazing.

notsomolly–her Girl Downstairs series is Tom, and DON’T FUCKING MISS Yoga With Tom.  Okay? Okay. DON’T MISS IT.

kanevixen–her Tom and Abby series is iconic in the genre.  And hot as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

grufflepuff–she has a vampire!Tom that is mindblowing. And an AU!Kindegarten Teacher Tom that I WANT MORE OF.

missviolethunter OKAY one of my favorite Loki fics is her Theology for Beginners.  And her Magnus stuff? Fuck. Just fuck.  

If you’re in the mood for some Henry!Tom, check out fireandicewillsuffice’s Je suis a toi.  Yeah okay let’s just say King Henry oral OKAY 

w-is-for-writing’s stuff is beautifully crafted–check them all out. She writes some heartbreakingly beautiful prose.

vanillabeanlattes’s Loki fic–Fate’s Design–is AWESOME (i have Loki problems okay)

And on the subject of hotter than should be read in a crowded room Loki fics, you must check out elementarydata.  Isle of Silence is one of my favorite one-shots EVER.

And for another Tom iteration– losille2000’s Masquerade and Unmasked series are FANTASTIC.  Wonderfully written, just yummy.

And (don’t throw anything at me, anyone!!!) I STILL haven’t read any of kitsunemiyuki25’s stuff, but I know everyone loves her fics, so check her out too!! (I need to aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhh)

OK. I think that’s everyone.  If I forgot anyone I’ll edit.