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i’ve been keeping up with DDADDS “news” since i was really curious about the game but can’t afford it and it’s really really r e a l l y funny to me seeing everyone going from “joseph is too whitebread” to “omg mary is so bad to him #josephprotectionsquad” to “i will literally murder joseph with my own two hands” i’m so excited for whatever happens next

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hahaha glad you think it makes sense. me and @i-love-shiro thought about this at like 1am so who knows how much sense i was even making when i typed that up. but OMG I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN SO BAD idk i just really like the idea. but i bet it won’t happen anyway. whatever. *shrugs* we’re all just having fun here, amirite. 

Umm…guys does this mean tadashi is coming back xxx cant wait for the series anyone know anything let me know xx
Quick note:
I apologise for not crediting on this ‘fanart’ but i honestly have know idea who made it xx i literally just found it imdb ( if u were wondering idk if u were or not but whatever.) Xx i wanna give a shoutout to the people who have now helped me find out who’s art work this is @benteja xx Thanks guys felt really bad after I ‘stole’ this fanart xxx anyway have a nice summer guys and thanks u for the support xx love u all xx

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Since it's Valentine's Day.(Have the RFA+V+Searan) I would love to ask if you could do MC and her brother spending Valentines together. The others couldn't spend time cause they were busy. So once they have some time to spare them look for you and see you are your brother hanging out. Yet you are siblings so you sorta close to each other and some things seem romantic. The others don't know you have a brother. So how would they react? If you can't do it, it's okay. Happy Valentine's Day!

OOooh scandalous~ 
(It’s the day after Valentine’s Day here because I live in Australia and we live in the future but I’d be happy do do this!)


✮ he was busy with some huge LOLOL event that was happening for valentine’s 
✮ he felt bad but you assured him that it was fine and you would just go see family or a friend or whatever 
✮ so when he leaves the house to get food and sees you with some guy??
✮ your brother was teasing you by pulling and twisting your hair 
✮ but to yoosung it looked like he was hella flirting 
✮ basically stomps up and flicks your brother’s hand away 
✮ ‘excuse me, why are you touching my girlfriend? huh?’ 
where did this confidence come from hmmmm
✮ your brother is confused because ‘omg is this the innocent yoosung MC was talking about???’
✮ you’re trying not to fall over from laughing 
✮ your brother looks absolutely horrified 
✮ “MC is mY siStEr! who are you, huh punk?’ 
✮ yoosung.exe has stopped working
✮ almost cries
✮ apologises 38918475 times he feels so bad 
✮ is pouting for the rest of the day and puts the LOLOL event on the back burner 


✎ she told you beforehand that valentine’s was going to be probably the busiest day for the cafe 
✎ but W O W 
✎ the cafe was packed and you hardly got to see jaehee 
✎ and your brother visited during your lunch break 
✎ so you two were just standing in a corner, trying to leave as much room for the actual customers that you could 
✎ things died down for a total of maybe five minutes 
✎ and jaehee looked around to find you and saw your brother squishing your cheeks together while you both laughed 
✎ she really wanted to go over there and judo kick someone’s ass but she still had customers 
✎ she was kinda angry for the rest of the day 
✎ until afterwards you walk up with your brother and introduce them 
✎ her face is redder than saeyoung’s hair 
✎ she refuses to admit anything 
✎ except when you’re back home she’s super affectionate 
✎ and at first you think it’s just valentine’s day love 
✎ but she’s super clingy and kind sheepish 
✎ so you ask what the deal is 
✎ and she begrudgingly admits that she saw you and your brother when you were messing around and didn’t realise it was your brother
✎ you have to try and maintain the giggles because she’s obviously embarrassed
✎ cute baehee 


✿ he was really busy rehearsing an upcoming musical 
✿ and the director was super strict and wasn’t letting anyone out for the day 
✿ during one of the breaks he picked up his phone and noticed that his fans were all tagging him in the same thing
✿ and he went to it and it’s a picture of you with some guy?!?!?!?!
✿ and he’s so scandalised 
✿ he immediately goes to the group chat and sees that you and saeyoung are online
✿ he basically spams the picture with multiple exclamations akin to ‘WTF MC’ 
✿ you’re freaking out because he’s just sending mindless messages now and won’t stop to listen 
✿ and saeyoung is just off his chair laughing because he obviously knows who it is (background check) 
✿ you send a selfie of you and your brother both with a ‘wtf’ face and the ‘boi’ hand at the camera 
✿ and zen finally stops 
✿ you send another picture but this one’s of you and your brother when you were babies 
✿ ‘hyun, this is my brother’ 
✿ ‘nice to meet THE zen’
✿ he’s so flustered 
✿ he sends sorry to the chat so many times that the original problem can’t even be found 
✿ when he comes home that night he brings a big bouquet of flowers and your favourite snacks 
✿ is super clingy 


₩ this nugget just doesn’t believe in valentine’s day 
₩ you’d told him how annoyed this makes you but he didn’t seem to care too much 
₩ so he was at work 
₩ you went to lunch at the cafe thing across from the C&R building because your brother was curious 
₩ y’all were just chilling, eating pastries and drinking milkshakes 
₩ and then jaehee came for her lunch break 
plot twist
₩ you say hi and your brother introduces himself (but not as your brother) 
₩ and she’s shook 
₩ she goes back and asks jumin if he knew you were at the cafe with some guy
₩ he glides down and stands at your table 
₩ you really nonchalantly say hello 
₩ he’s so confused 
₩ ‘would you like to explain yourself MC?’ 
₩ ???? ‘jumin what are you talking about? i’m just having lunch with my brother, we’re waiting for his girlfriend to come’ 
₩ it’s like you can see him deflate in embarrassment 
₩ he like flops down in the seat next to you 
₩ meets your brother 
₩ when you’re back at home you ask him why he was so salty at the start and he admitted that he thought you were on a date with some random guy because he wouldn’t celebrate valentine’s 
₩ you laugh and say you wouldn’t do that and shower him in affection
he made up for it ;)


⌨  he probably knows what your brother looks like from the background check but for the sake of story let’s just pretend he didn’t go that deep into your history 
⌨  he was super busy with work-related stuff and didn’t even realise it was valentine’s
⌨  he asked you to grab some groceries because he couldn’t
⌨  he’d noticed you’d been gone for a while so he hacked into the security cameras of and around the grocery store
⌨  saw you talking to some guy
⌨  he’s so confused because you haven’t just stopped for a little ‘oh hi I know you’ obligatory hello but you’re walking down the sidewalk with the store bags and talking
⌨  he sees him nudge you with his shoulder and he’s kinda pissed
⌨  he just waits until you’re back home. you’re alone 
⌨  he tries to act nonchalant about it, and like he doesn’t know anything– waiting until you bring it up 
⌨  it’s the end of the day and he crawls into the bed where you already are 
⌨  you bring up how it’s valentine’s day and that you missed him 
⌨  he feels guilty but he’s kinda frustrated from before and goes ‘it didn’t look like you missed me too much while walking down the street with some other guy’ 
⌨  he did not get the reaction he expected 
⌨  he expected you to be kinda shocked like ‘:o caught’ 
⌨  but you’re giggling and snorting 
⌨  ‘saeyoung… that was my brother; we ran into each other outside a store so he walked with me for a little while’ 
⌨  like jumin, he deflates 
⌨  he feels S O  B A D 
⌨  he gives you so many cuddles and just fully wraps himself around you 
⌨  swears he’ll make it up to you 
⌨  he definitely does 

I hope you all had a happy valentine’s day! CHEAP CHOCOLATE AND MYSTIC MESSENGER DLC’S WOOO ♡♡♡♡

Bts reaction to them taking care of their ill girlfriend

Request 1:  Hiyaaaaa could I request a bts reaction to their gf suffering bad period cramps and wanting to lie in their lap all day 💕 thank you so so much

Request 2:  Hi! I don’t think this has already been asked but I’d like to request “BTS reaction finding out you’ve been sick for days without them knowing and couldn’t take proper care of yourself” Probably fluff suits it but I’m fine with whatever comes to your mind for this :D (I went through your blog last night and omg totally worth it ^ヮ^)

Request 3:  Could u do a BTS reaction to reader being on her period and feeling lazy and wanting cuddles? Lots of fluff! I love your blog❤❤

A/N: Guys, I’m combining those since they are pretty similar.


He’ll be concerned af. Although he couldn’t take proper care for you for the first few days, now he was home and he was running from one place to another, trying to bring everything you need, or he thought you need. At one second you just smiled and said “Baby, stop running around and let me cuddle you. That’s all I want.”


Yoongi had several sessions in the studio before he found out that you wasn’t in your piano classes, but home trying to keep sanity form pain. Only then he ran like his life depends on it and when he arrive home, he snuggled you in his arms and gently stroke your tummy in hopes of the pain to disappear.


Junnie will be adorable. He knew your tummy hurts and that you couldn’t sleep because of it, so when you finally fell asleep at 11pm in the night, he decided to do something helpful before he held you in his arms. He did all your assignments that were due to this week and called your professor to let him now you won’t attend for the rest of the week,


Hobi tried literally everything to bring your mood up on the phone until he comes home. You were whining that all you wanted was to lie in his lap and eat chocolate that was non-existing in your apartment. Hobi told you that both he and the chocolate are only five minutes away. Also he promised you’ll lie in his lap as long as you want.


Jiminie was worried for you. He was pulling the puppy expression and was stroking your tummy and then kiss you over and over again reassuring you that everything will be alright. At one point you just laughed at his unusual adorableness. “Oppa, I have my period, I’m not pregnant.” 


Tae will put good old school anime and lots of chocolate and hug you, before you two fell asleep. Until your cramps hit and you started meowing like a little kitten. Tae woke up instantly and started whispering sweet nothings in your ear trying to make you feel less pain. But instead of that, you got horny, but period didn’t support sex.


Kokie will also run everywhere doing whatever you want, where ever you wanted to gom he will assist you. As if you were ill. Your stomach just hurted shit badly, but Kookie thought the world was ending, so he helped, however he could. Of course, actually all you wanted from him was to cuddle you, but whatever. At the end of the day, he did that too.


My ask box is opened not for requests, but for smutty confessions. Guys, I love reading those confessions. Some of you are kinky…like me. So, send more in. You can come to me with all your sins. Share them, I’ll listen. Mommy will listen.

Becky Sue

This is a bit of a rant, sorry for any gratuitous swearing.

I know there’s the term ‘Mary Sue’, but I feel like there should be a ‘Becky Sue’, because both in fiction and life, white women are made out to always be the one who is right, the one who needs protecting, etc. There’s white privilege, and I feel that when a white woman against a PoC is involved, the privilege is taken to an even higher level because white women are always seen as the innocent ones.

I feel that the worst kind of Becky Sue in fandom and fiction are the ones that write stories where PoC only exist to fucking bow down to them and be there only to accomplish whatever goal they have. Like a PoC man sees a white woman at the beginning of a fic and is like–

 'Omg, it’s a white woman and she’s the prettiest most precious woman I’ve ever seen and I know absolutely nothing about her, but this is love at first sight and I’m going to marry her as soon as possible. Nothing else matters. Not my family or my identity, nothing. I’m just here to please/worship the ground of Becky Sue.’

It’s fucking nauseating. Then they have the Becky Sue writers who make their Becky Sue characters complete disgusting bitches to PoC, and when they get called out for it, they’ll be like: 'Oh em gee, you’re misguided, you’re a drama queen. Like, just don’t read my story and let me have my fantasy of shitting all over PoC in peace.’

And then there’s the Becky Sue writers who write kind, intelligent PoC out-of-character (because if there’s a kind PoC character, white people have to knock them down a few pegs though shitty writing, jokes, or white-washing) then when this is pointed out they’ll be like, 'Omg, not everyone sees everything the way you do. I don’t care about the source material, I just want to treat PoC like trash.’

Then, there’s the Becky Sues that will make up excuses for their racism and microaggressions with fake (or real) excuses like: 'Oh em gee. I have depression let me write whatever I want.’ Or, 'Oh em gee. I have Stigmata and a hang nail so you can’t criticize me.’ Or, when all else fails, just resort to name calling and flipping the situation around (white women’s favorite tactic) to where they say the big bad PoC is being a 'troll’ or 'mean’, or a dick, asshole, etc. And they’re the victim of harassment.

Or, another Becky Sue will come along and be like, 'Omg, your Becky Sue character and her shitty treatment of PoC is the best thing I’ve ever read! This is better than any novel I’ve ever read! You’re the greatest writer ever! Like, your Becky Sue is SOOO down to earth!’

Or, they’ll be like: 'Oh em gee, pointing out my racism is a personal attack. Becky Sues unite! Take down the big bad PoC!’

Just because you have depression or whatever, that doesn’t give you the right to be a fucking racist, and to treat PoC characters like trash. It doesn’t exempt you from being called out or criticized either. If you can’t write (or draw) PoC without being gross, racist garbage. STOP - FUCKING - WRITING - ABOUT THEM, if you’re that fragile to criticism. (I guess white women compare themselves to porcelain because they’re fragile and crack at the tiniest thing–I guess their evil ways is also one thing that makes their looks crack at an earlier age too. *pettyTM*)

I think that white people who are adamant about writing PoC like that are TRYING to antagonize PoC. And may karma just kick them in the fucking ass, please.

Plenty of PoC deal with both depression and OPPRESSION on a daily basis. And do most white people care? Here’s a tiny hint…HELL, FUCKING, NO.

Representation and the things you write do have an effect on others. Don’t try to make excuses or pretend that it doesn’t. 

Can PoC writer’s/fanfic writers and artist start tagging their work as 'PoC writer’, 'PoC artist’? Or 'Black writer,’ etc., etc.

I’m so drained of navigating through klandom’s filth, and having to handle white people (many who claim to be “progressive”) with kid gloves for every little thing because they can’t take discussions about anything that isn’t about glorifying everything they do, or anything that takes the focus off their white world.

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I’ve been thinking about starting some rec lists of fanfic writers of color maybe we could do that?

mod m

Why? 1/? - BTS Jungkook x Reader

A/N Hellooooooo this is my first scenario so give me some feedback (LMAO ITS SO BAD IM CRI) And sorry if there are any mistakes bc I’m really lazy and quickly edited it (not well though I think) bUT IT’S OK

Tagging the squad bc they all wanted to read this especially @bangthemboystonight like jeSUS YOU KEPT HARASSING ME FOR MORE SNIPPETS CHILL ALISA @samcheonsa @spaghettified-hedgehog @t-aehyungify @daesungisbaesung @actualbtstrash

Prompt: Jungkook cheats on you after an intense fight about him coming home late where he says some hurtful things to you and you leave the house. After a talk with your best friend you decide to come back only to find a strange woman and your husband (Jungkook) in bed together.

Genre: Angst, so much angst

Warnings: Cheating

1 | 2 (being re-written) | 3 (Coming soon)

Originally posted by jengkook

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WHAT DO YOU DO IF SOMEONE QUEEFS IN BED?! What do I do if my girlfriend queefs? OMG WHAT DO I DO IF I QUEEF! This is one of my biggest fears! HELP PLEASE! Btw I love you 😊😊😊

Um. Don’t make a big deal about it? If you think it’s funny, laugh. If it’s hot, say it’s hot.

Whatever you do do not ignore an obvious thing that happened bc that is soooo much more awkward. Also don’t make her feel bad/grossed out. Bodies are bodies, EVERYTHING IS CHILL

I think queefs are cute.


A few hours ago, as I went out of my French class my brain came up with another idea for a Drarry fic, of course, about languages…

Just imagine

·        After the war, it’s obvious that magical international cooperation is required

·        McGonagall tells Hogwarts students they must learn another language

·        Even those who already know a language apart from English

·        For whatever reason, Harry ends up in French class

·        Guess who the teacher is

·       At first Harry wants to change his choice of language

·       But Draco as a teacher is not that bad

·       Actually, he’s very patient and his French is very fluid

·       And sexy

·       Harry tries his best just to impress his teacher

And that’s all I got in, let’s say, 5 minutes? I haven’t thought too much about it

fwb // harry styles oneshot

The moment Harry entered your place, using the key you had left him, he was met with the sight of you in his black mesh see-through shirt that he had left at your place a couple of months back, your bum peeking out from underneath it and he silently growled from the fact that you were wearing his favourite red lace underwear.

You turned around at the sound of the door opening and you greeted him with a bright toothy grin, one that looked so innocent and sweet, one that contradicted heavily with what you were wearing. He cursed under his breath when he found his shirt unbuttoned, your sternum and part of your chest out on display. He approached you slowly and slid his hand under your shirt and around your waist, his lips pressing to your cheek and then very quickly letting go.

“Nice outfit.” Harry smirked down at you, stepping away and taking off his boots, leaving them neatly by the door.

“Thanks. I know.” you chuckled slightly, amused at his greeting.

You both stalked to the kitchen and he sat at one of the stools, his phone in his hands, typing away.

“So, how have you been? I haven’t seen you in a bit.” you broke the silence, preparing him and yourself some coffee.

“V’ been good. Great, actually. You know I’ve been busy with the album and promo and what not. But it’s a good time.”

The last time you saw Harry was about a month or two ago, and you two had spent the morning sprawled between the sheets savouring your time together.

“Well glad to know the rockstar cut some time out of his very busy schedule to come hang out with me. I’m honoured, really.” 

“Will always have time for you, petal, you know that.”  

You smiled at his sweet tone. You handed him his cup and climbed up the kitchen island to sit close to him, your feet dangling and occasionally touching his thigh.

“You know petal? Spending these past two months without you made me realize how much I miss having you around.” He grabbed your ankles and pulled you closer to him so that your knees would be surrounding his figure.

“Hm. Don’t you go soft on me, Styles.” You raised an eyebrow at his behaviour. You weren’t complaining, it was just odd. You usually spent your time teasing each other or making snarky comments. So, him being all sweet and nice was something you still weren’t sure what to think of.

“Oh, and I also missed fucking your tits.” He added, with a straight face, his head coming to lay on your chest. You laughed loudly at his comment, your hand weaving through his hair and massaging his head.

“There you go, I thought I lost you for a second in the midst of all that lovey dovey shit.” 

“But I really did miss you though,” he mumbled against your chest.

You lifted up his chin and locked eyes. “I’ve missed you too.”

When you leaned in to kiss his nose, his eyes fluttered shut. He felt frightened by the way that simple little action made his heart beat faster, and ignited a flame in his whole body.

You pulled away and jumped off the counter too quickly for his liking and he pouted at you.

“Listen, I’m gonna go take a shower really quickly, and then I’m going to give you all my time for the rest of the day, okay rockstar?”

“Can I join you?” 

“No, I said it was going to be quick, and we both know you and I have very different interpretations of the word ‘quick’.”

“Fine.” He huffed out, getting up from his spot and moving to the couch.

“Won’t be gone for too long.” You assured him again and headed to the bathroom, closing the door behind you.

As he sat on the couch, Harry let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. He had missed you. A lot. Not just the time you spent together fucking each others’ brains out. But, your post-sex cuddles, your useless and silly conversations, all the inside jokes that you’ve accumulated throughout your time of knowing each other, the way you looked sleeping next to him, your blushing cheeks whenever he pinched your bum whilst cuddling, the way you would sometimes pinch his as payback, and your laugh. Fuck, he loved your laugh.

He was stunned by his own thoughts. He wanted to tell you everything he thought of you, but he was certain that you would undoubtedly end the agreement you two had set up, and he would probably never see you again. That would kill him. So, for now, he would just keep his mouth shut.


A/N: this was so fucking bad omg, but feel free to tell me your opinions anyway lmao

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*sdfbwrogoboiwrobg* starts playing. HELL YES, I CAN. I never knew how much i needed this until now. I love her, oh my god. (I imagined if Allura ever got short hair, it would be fluffy, big and all over the place.) 

My Kallura shipping ass has got some theories about how allura would get short hair below: 

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omg i love Pewdiepie too much, i’m crying at his last video

also can’t imagine how people, who get offended by everything these days actually i used to be the one going “omg don’t say “fat”” or “don’t joke about old people” but honestly, jokes are jokes, and if you are that sensitive, leave the internet, you are not gonna survive. trust me. like you don’t have to do anything with anyone, you dont have to insult, but sayin the word “fat” while not insulting anyone for serious is okay. and if you don’t agree - oh well

First Kiss: Renjun


Anon: Hey! can you do a scenario with renjun? like idk about his first kiss, he likes his friend or whatever, but with renjun pleaaaase, I really love him, sorry for my bad englsih, thanks you and I love your block

Renjun’s face is so nice to look at omg dfiaudbiasb ANYWAY I hope you like this, and thank you to the anon(s) who suggested this idea, I just hope I’ve written it okay :-)

Originally posted by neotechs

  • Okay the prince of Chine aka Renjun
  • He literally does look like part of totality do nOt fight me On tHis
  • So you and Renjun were part of the same friendship group during school
  • Although the group wasn’t that big, for some reason, you two hardly spoke to one another
  • Sometimes you’d catch him staring at you and vice versa, but not once had you spoken alone together 
  • Honestly, you didn’t really mind; it wasn’t like you disliked one another, the opportunity to talk together privately just never arose
  • You had to admit though, he was incredibly intelligent and attractive
  • Even from afar, you could tell he was very chivalrous and polite, traits you could only but dream to find in guys his age
  • Admiring from afar was literally fine for you; in fact, at first you didn’t even realise you had a mini-crush on him until later on
  • anYwAy to the story
  • Your friend decided to have a small party-like gathering with the rest of your friends, to celebrate the end of the school year
  • Of course, you agreed, unaware obviously of what was actually going to come out of it by the end
  • I’m not gonna explain the party because I can’t be bothered and there’s not much to say
  • If you’ve never been to a party, then just imagine how local gatherings in hell with satan every day, to talk about NCT okay?
  • Somehow, in the late hours of the evening, you had all managed to huddle together in a circle in the kichten
  • It was a weird situation - about 9 teenagers sitting in a circle, giggling like toddlers and blasting music, all whilst a load of food had been wasted and thrown to the floor behind you
  • It was someone’s brilliant note the sarcasm there to play truth or dare *cough*Haechan’s*cough*
  • Secretly, you were dreading to play this but there was no other escape 
  • And you also couldn’t visibly show your distress to play the game, in case someone saw and would intentionally give you a horrible dare or shocking truth
  • So you were kind of screwed
  • Renjun obviously was there, sitting directly opposite you, laughing and talking with the other guys in the group
  • Sometimes he’d catch your eye and give you a small eye smile, a glint of reassurance in his eyes as if he knew you were feeling kind of stressed because of the game
  • Luckily you weren’t the first one and anxiously anticipated your turn as a couple people went before you
  • Their dares/truths weren’t too bad, but you knew that the dates would only get more daredevil and the truths more personal as the game went on
  • Soon it was your turn, and you muttered a dare, since other people got some reasonably alright dares before you, conscious of the eyes on you
  • You watch as Jaemin and Jeno exchange mischievous looks, before they turn back to you and flash a smile
  • “You sure Y/N?” Jaemin asks as if to challenge you
  • Rolling your eyes, you nodded your head in response, anticipating the next words
  • “Well, we”, Jaemin gestures to himself and Jeno, “dare you to kiss…Renjun!”
  • If you had been drinking something, you would’ve literally spat the drink out at their words
  • Your eyes widen in choke and you stutter nervously, avoiding Renjun’s, or anyone’s, eye
  • Although it was dim in the room, you could feel your cheeks burning and you wished that the ground would just open up and swallow you whole
  • You feel a nudge from your right, your closest girl-friend, who gives you a worried look since she knows fully well that the date was unfair
  • “You don’t need to do it Y/N”
  • “Uh, yeah she does! It’s a dare, you can’t turn it down”
  • “Otherwise, she’s gonna have to forfeit and, trust me, it’s gonna be worse than this”
  • “It’s only a kiss, just get it over with already”
  • The group discusses the dare, with the girls mostly being on your side and the guys wanting you to do it
  • Feeling a little awkward and ignored by them, you finally decide to look at Renjun to see what his reaction was
  • He was already looking at you, eyes dark and searching
  • His head was tilted, as if he was trying to figure you out or decide whether he actually wanted this too
  • Eventually, he sat upright smiling warmly at you and edging himself closer to you
  • The other were still arguing, blissfully unaware of what was happening between you and Renjun
  • Slowly, Renjun continued to slide over to you, reaching over to grab your hand and give you a reassuring squeeze
  • He leans forward so he can whisper in your eye, his breath fanning your hair
  • “It’s okay Y/N. You don’t have to do this, but I want you to know that I really, really like you”
  • When he leans back, he grins at you, seemingly not embarrassed but rather, pretty happy, that he has just confessed to you
  • You were jealous of how chill and relaxed he was, whilst you were there hot and stuffy, with blushing cheeks
  • As you begins to go back to his spot in the group circle, the others still chatting and arguing, you hold onto his wrist halting his movement
  • Now it was his turn to look startled and he looked at your hand clutching him
  • Reluctantly you pulled it back, and instead held his hand softly
  • He smiled at your action, taking it as a sign that you too agreed with what he had said
  • Although there was a lot of noise around you, it felt like it was only you and Renjun in that moment
  • You noticed how his face was starting to move closer to yours, tilted slightly and pink with a blush
  • Every little movement he made you noticed - how he licked his lips numerous times to hide his nervousness, how he moved his hand from yours to your arm to your neck and then to your jaw, how he shut his eyes momentarily as if he couldn’t believe this was happeneing
  • Your eyes fluttered closed and you could feel your heart racing
  • A pair of soft lips finally landed on yours, lulling you to trust them
  • Renjun moved his lips slowly, not trying to deepen the kiss but to get you to move yours too and relax into it
  • Usually you would’ve been embarrassed to kiss someone in front of your friends, or in fact, in front of anyone
  • But this was Renjun, who managed to have this effect on you that meant you didn’t care
  • You felt his fingers trace your jaw softly, making you giggle slightly, whilst you rested a hand on his leg, the warmth being reassuring to him
  • The kiss seemed to go on forever, but was in fact quite short and interrupted by your friends
  • You pulled away when you heard some of them cheer or fake-gag or scream, laughing with embarrassment 
  • Renjun looked pretty pleased with himself, shrugging when they teased you both and asked what it was like
  • “I guess you don’t have to forfeit anymore Y/N, what a shame”, Haechan sighed heavily, pretending to sulk and whine and making the others laugh
  • The end
  • I don’t know how to end it so I’m leaving it like that lmao hsjhdjd
  • Sorry lmao

First Kiss series


Father Crowley.

Storyline of BTS albums
  • No More Dream: I don't have anything I wanna be when I grow up, I'll just do what I want. I have nothing to work for but I want sucess. #Rebel
  • O! R U L8 2?: Screw school, I still don't have any dreams. Whatever. Why we gotta work for nothing?!
  • Skool Luv Affair: Omg, I like this girl!! I suddenly want to go to school now, please accept my love.
  • HYYH Pt. 1: Crying because I miss her, I need her.
  • HYYH Pt. 2: Screw her, I'm gonna forget about her and do illegal stuff while I'm trying to convince myself I don't need her.
  • HYYH Epilogue: oH SHIZ, doing illegal stuff was bad, my friends are leaving (*cough* dying *cough*), wow I need her back...she's the only one who can save me from myself
  • WINGS: Hahaha, I'm over it all. I'm an adult, I can do adult-ing stuff and be SINgle.