omg these are awful

at the shop buying cat food today and a lady probably like 60 was talking to me and she said something about what the vet said to feed her cat and she said she’s my first cat! just a kitten. so i’m really excited :) and i was like aw omg and she held up her hand and was like i think she likes me :D and her hand was torn the fuck up……. i died it was so cute

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tbh i've noticed a big difference in your selfies lately compared to before and you do look way happier and more confident and i'm so happy for you and proud of you sarah <33

aw omg thank you so much!!! im glad it shows how like .. way less miserable i am now mgjnv


svt things → seungkwan’s relationship with his mom ♡


the dear evan hansen fandom must be made aware of this adorable photo ft. cuddly ben platt and amused mike faist with black nail polish, that is all thank you for your time 


Chapter 133 => Chapter 19/Chapter 134

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Little something done on the side while working on bigger projects- @blesstale joined me and drew her g!sans variant, Zunde. 💛💙