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Why do men have nipples

Anon I really am curious as to who you are and where these questions are coming from 

I can tell you I do know that men have nipples because when embryos are developing in the womb they all develop the same for some time which includes getting nipples, it’s not until later when chromosomes induce growth of actual sex organs. So basically they just develop first and by the time they’ve got their testes and testosterone those nipples ain’t going nowhere.

They literally serve no purpose but our species hasn’t evolved to be rid of them yet so we still carry ‘em around, kinda awkward and not really sure what to do with them or why they’re there.

Drunk honesty hour!

On this evening we both drank too much tequila. And then you kissed me and said “I kinda like you”.
—  And I was just so happy. But on the other side I knew it doesn’t mean anything.

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the cuties from the Iwatobi Swim Team  (✿ ♥‿♥)

“Being free can mean many different things, but I think it’s truest meaning is having a free heart that can’t be bound by anything. So no matter what choice you make, as long as you remain who you are, you will forever be free.” 

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Samezuka Swim Team Version ( x )

aaa since i saw the others posting their art for the @undertale-album-project im posting mine too! 

Mine was for track 3 You Are Determined which is like sOOOO GOOD just like everything else everyone did like omg please listen to it.
This was so much fun to make tbh i highly recommend looking really closely at it too! its amazing how much detail can fit in a single picture huhu

Thank you all again for the chance to work on this!! It was an incredible opportunity and i hope the next album is a HUNDRED times as great <3