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Following this post and a lot of anon back and forth, here’s the alpha crew as a few other of the Voltron characters!

Fandom Double Standards

There’s a disturbing trend I’m noticing in fandom nowadays. Now, obviously, there’s exceptions to what I’m about to talk about (there are those who don’t fall into this behavior, of course), but I’d say it’s a problem with the majority.

The majority of fandom has made what qualifies content as good or bad into extremely summarized ideas and often ignores the big picture.

Say there’s a fic that deals with a ship that would likely include abuse.

“Okay, but in the fic they deal with these abusive behaviors and call them out and they-”

Yet the same people will look at a fic that involves a ship that is overall supported and considered healthy while the fic itself includes abuse.

“But this character has treated the other terribly so far and they aren’t approaching any of this in a healthy mann-”

It happens over and over again.

Enemies-to-lovers ship: ABUSE! BAD!
Commonly accepted ship in an enemies-to-lovers AU: OMG ITS SO HOT

Age gap ship: PEDOPHILIA! BAD!
Commonly accepted ship in an age gap AU: AHHH I LOVE IT! MORE!

Commonly accepted ship in a Student/Teacher AU: AHHH SO HOT AND RISKY! I LOVE IT!

etc, etc.

Essentially, fandom is starting to learn there are some unhealthy things out there (which is good, don’t get me wrong, I hope we all grow wise enough to realize things like 50 Shades is unhealthy before they can get the chance to be popular enough to spread the wrong message like the generations before), but they simplify it to buzz words and essentially judging a book by its cover. If the idea of a character or ship is considered an unhealthy thing, they attach those unhealthy buzzwords to them and often ignore if that unhealthiness is acknowledged and dealt with appropriately. While at the same time, they’ll see a character or ship that has no unhealthy ideas attached to them and will go about their fics/art/vids/etc oblivious to the abusive behaviors that could be in them and not acknowledged properly because they think this character/ship can do no wrong.

And then many will go so far as to outcast or bully those who like the things with unhealthy buzzwords attached regardless of how they may go about it while turning around and glorifying creations that are far more abusive than anything those people may like.

It’s like making one step in the right direction but also taking ten steps back.

And this double standard drives me absolutely bonkers.

  • What the fandom does: writes 10000X more langst fanfics and posts than any other angsty character *cough* keith *cough* *cough* shiro *cough* allura *cough* pidge *cough* and draws more than enough fanart of homesick lance needing/wanting to be cradled and problematically getting angry at socially inept keith who can't talk to people except shiro, somewhat. And therefore, bringing further complaints about langst and how he doesn't deserve it, while cackling in the corner and writing even more langst.
  • me (who sees through it all and is tired of the fandom making lance the angsty one when keith literally has no relatives that want anything to with him or have been forcibly taken away from him and therefore has had no interactions on a degree of being loved or appreciated. His only focus being a pilot because there is nothing else for him and lance calling him out like a bad guy when keith never meant to do any harm and was doing the only thing he was good at and knew how to do. Not only Lance making Keith being the bad guy for being the best pilot, BUT THE FANDOM AS WELL. Then getting kicked out the garrison for probably asking questions about the classified kerberos launch, and in turn, disabling him to do the one thing he was probably best at and ever enjoyed, period. While he was left, again, alone to fend for himself in a godforsaken desert with no interaction with people, ensuring him to be even more socially inept ... Then realizing that he is part galra, which starts the whole "i am evil" complex, along with him being unsure of who his mother is and what her intentions are now. Leading to inner turmoil and self doubt and self exhaustion of him being left out against the group, AGAIN, and being unsure who he really is supposed to be. Then, Shiro pulling the 'I want you to lead Voltron' card which creates even further stress for Keith because he now has to be sure enough to not only take care of himself, but now his team. When he is only 16. Everyone not being supportive, at first, of him being team leader while he doubts his OWN SELF. Clone Shiro comes in and undermines Keith just when he gets the hang of things, creating an inferiority complex. MEANWHILE the fandom has Lance being OVER analyzed for missing home, rain and, although he canonically thinks he's not useful, forgets to point out he's now Keith's right hand man. Not to mention, no one appreciates that Keith is an overall better pilot than lance - sorry lance stans - and that's a CANON FACT ): Could you not?
Stop this shit already, VLD fandom

This is the first time I am in a fandom where the majority is from USA and you know what? I hate it. You guys make everyone (in the other countries) hate you. You are the worst fandom I’ve ever seen in my life, the only reason why I don’t leave is because the show worths it. But this fandom is cancer, is poison, is the most conflictive thing in the world. YOU NEED to learn what means fiction, what means real life. It seems you don’t learn it in school. 


Like, are you serious? You are all grown people so act like that. How can you be serious about fucking ships? This is FICTION, and I will repeat if you don’t understand, FICTION. So people can ship what they want, and you know why? Because they are just cartoons, they’re not real. THEY WILL NEVER GOING TO BE REAL. No real people is involved in this (except the fans and the staff), so stop the hate. Stop your moral shit and get over it. Stop this, have some shame for God’s sake! How can you defend a frecking 2D character (”he is only 17, omg, don’t do this to him”) BUT ATTACK A REAL PERSON? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Like, you need to live again because you have all messed up. Go back to school baby, you didn’t understand anything about HOW LIFE WORKS.

You don’t like that ship? That’s ok. You don’t have to. Simply don’t google it and live your life. You like it? That’s ok. Enjoy it, then. Stop the hate with the people who are happy with this. And with the people who defend the right of others to be free and choose what they like. BECAUSE AGAIN. THIS CHARACTERS DON’T EXIST.

(Besides, you really think real people underage doesn’t have sex? Like… Are you stupid or what? Be worried about them, they’real. Don’t waste your time with 2d cartoons. WEIRDO)

The thing @bext-k did was RIGHT. You people are always overreacting at everything, like is the end of the world (You say a bad word! OMG IS THE END OF THE WORLD || YOU LIKE A GAY 2D COUPLE? OMG IS THE END OF THE WORLD || WHAT? YOU LIKE THAT SHIP? THEY DON’T EVEN REAL BUT THE WORLD IS GONNA END BECAUSE OF THAT). You’re always sending hate and messing with the same topic. I support her and I support the staff. BECAUSE YOU ARE THE WORST FANDOM, LIKE SRSLY, IF I WAS THEM I WILL BE SAD BECAUSE ALL OF YOU SUCK. If your “fans” attack you then is better not to have fans at all. 

You’re crazy and stupid. If you can’t watch a show and behave like the grown people you are, then don’t watch it. And if you don’t know how internet works, then don’t use it. But stop with all this shit already.


High key hoping dragon age 4 will be more like dragon age 2 protagonist wise.

Joining an ancient order to fight a big bad is nice for an RPG in its infancy.

Being the only one that has a specific power to stop a great evil because of chaotic circumstances that occurred in the heat of the moment has been done before in games, literature, movies, etc.

But omg, do you know how rare it is to play a character that, while they have abilities that “normal people” don’t have, their entire motivation for doing what they do stems from selfish needs? And that over time they gain an ensemble of friends and misfits with their own baggage that you want to help out with while taking care of your own shit? On top of doing favors for other people you’ve met in the time you’ve spent in the city you’re living in?

I want something like that again. Hell maybe not in a direct sequel, but maybe as a spinoff???

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Peter Pettigrew. There can never be enough discussion on this

oh honey. ooooh honey. you couldn’t be more wrong.

one-dimension cause: the betrayal

my personal thoughts

I won’t lose my shit, I won’t lose my sh–

  1. he was a Marauder which means he wasn’t stupid because I can’t see James befriending a stupid person. He was maybe silent but I’m sure he was good with snarky comments or else his name wouldn’t have been on the Map.
  2. He was loyal when it was easy for him, he was always loyal to the ones who protected him. It was the Marauders first but when Harry was targeted, it was Voldemort. Peter was scared, he wasn’t as brave as the others were, never. He did what he had to in order to survive and he did.
  3. He became an animagus for Remus like the others. I feel like most people forget this. He did something illegal and very hard for his friend. He didn’t get anything in return from this, he became a rat because Remus needed help on full moons.
  4. He admired James which makes the betrayal an even worse thing. Peter wouldn’t have changed sides if the Marauders promised him protection from the Death Eaters and death itself but they couldn’t. Peter admired James enough to almost drool watching him throw a Snitch and catch it again. Over and over again.
  5. Also I feel like James and Sirius befriending someone like Peter, who others don’t believe belongs with the Marauders gives James and Sirius’ characters new dimensions as well.
  6. He felt remorse, even if it was just for one split second. It is a sign that he is capable of feeling remorse if it doesn’t bite him in the ass, when it does he still saves himself. Simple rat instinct.

I just feel like making Peter one dimensional has an affect on the personalities of the other Marauders as well as the size of his betrayal, that is why I will NEVER abide by the “but omg he betrayed them I don’t want to write/draw him” mentality.

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any new fics apocalypse AU?

hi it is admin i your local apoc enthusiast!!!!!! for this, i’ve decided to focus only on the apocalypse/post-apocalypse genre (and mostly underrated/recent ones), so here are a few AMAZING kaisoo apoc fics!

  • Dust to Dust  - the best post!apoc au i have ever read, and one of my favourite fics from 2016. incredibly relatable and real characters (especially kyungsoo!!!!), amazing world building and plot, and just stunning writing overall. honestly, i am this fic’s bitch.
  • To the Ends of the Earth - kyungsoo and jongin trying to find each other in the apocalypse!! this is so so sweet, and this ride or die relationship is just alskdjha
  • Lost and Found - another really amazing post!apoc au written by our very own admin q! jongin thinks everything is a bit hopeless but eventually finds his long lost love and ;)
  • Dearly Departed - this is the fic i wrote for 10kfrp! (because ofc i wrote an apoc fic dkdkdk) twd!au, where lone wolf kyungsoo  meets jongin, who used to go to his high school
  • The Living who Stopped Walking - zombie!apoc au, omg i love everything about this, the little details, the characters, i sCREAM this is both angsty and funny at the same time and i don’t wanna give anything away but please rEAD !!! 
  • Candle to the Devil - ot!12 steampunk!au, zombie!apoc. i have actually not read this yet, i stumbled upon it on the apoc tag on ao3 but it’s a pretty old fic, and i’m surprised we haven’t recc’d it much! the writing is REALLY good so far and i can’t wait to get into it! 
  • Into the Sea - once again, another really amazing, and unique post!apoc au fic! everyone is living on boats because of natural disasters, and kyungsoo meets and takes care of jongin (THE WRITING IS AMAZING)
  • Bring me to Life - SCREEEEA ongoing zombie!apoc fic!! jongin trying to save kyungsoo, neither of them wanting to turn into zombies n then LOVE fy this is what i live for tbh and i am vibrating i can’t wait for the next update
  • Will You Stay with Me - i scream at anything with a zombie i remember reading this fic twice when it was posted (back to back) and i just!!!! i love this, slowburn, angst, zombies… this fic is PERFECT
  • Corroding Hearts - A CLASSIC. I can’t do an apoc rec without this bad boy. one of the first exo apoc fics i’ve read! a truly amazing, scarily realistic fic that you NEED to read. hella underrated too~ 

happy reading! and do check out the apocalypse tag for more~ 

admin i(zombie) ヾ(-_- )ゞ

PS: EXOGEDDON (aka a blessing for apoc lovers) is posting rn! SO READ MORE APOCALYPSE FICS!  

“beast boy and raven are not canon! stop saying they are!”
“why are people saying that jinx is white washed? shes gray!”
“why are people saying terra was so terrible? she wasn’t that bad!”
“omg terra is such a villain! why do people thinks shes redeemable?”
“wait, don’t those last two statements contradict each other? ether terra a bad person or shes not! make up your mind!”
👏comic👏canon👏is👏always👏changing👏they👏are👏 different👏versions👏of👏different👏characters 👏

Anime industry (in order of frequent to rare):

Queer character’s queerness a joke

LGBT community: “Fuck, again? 😬”

Het Fujoshi: “…”

Other Hets: “…”

Queer character fetishized

LGBT community: “*loud ass sigh* 😧”

Het Fujoshi: “YES! Yaoi Secks!! 😍”

Other Hets: “Ew, yaoi! 😵”

Queer character a villain

LGBT community: “Fuck, seriously? 😡”

Het Fujoshi: “SHIP! FOYAY! 😍”

Other Hets: “…”

Cool character hinted as queer

LGBT community: “Omg, is this actual good representation?! 😲”

Het Fujoshi: “Yes! Yaoi Secks! 😍”

Other Hets: “They aren’t queer! Stop trying to make everything yaoi. 😬”

Character(s) respectfully presented as queer

LGBT community: “Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU. 😢”

Het Fujoshi: “YES! YAOI SECKS!!! 😍”

50% of Other Hets: “Nooo! Get this yaoi out of my anime! 😣”

Other 50% of Other Hets: “They aren’t queer. It’s just bromance. 😐”

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Jikook hc Jimin is in highschool with his siblings: Jooheon,Jongin,Taemin &his twin sis Jihyun . Jungkook the notorious bad boy is always hitting on Jimin (the siblings think its cos he's a playboy and he's tryna sleep with jimin) so the Park's always roast the shit out of Jeon, the twins especially. One day they find out Jeon likes chim chim fr, and instantly Jooheon, kai and taemin are like 'NOPE! Not happening' all whilst Jihyun smacks them each on the head telling them to shut the hell up

this is so specific omg!! but it’ll make things easier. and i love au’s where characters have lots of siblings bc i have lots of siblings myself. it’s good shit. thanks for sending! also honestly i’m gonna change it to college just for my own sake…..i honestly can’t properly think of people hitting on each other in high school even tho it’s probably the same. 

+ jimin was at his locker with his brother jooheon the first time it happened. they were talking about some tv show when jooheon stopped and looked at something behind jimin saying, “need something buddy?” 

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RFA: Never Requited

Here’s the angst ending of the Fake Dating one. The happier ending will be written later c: 

Edit: Realized the Fake Dating thing was a hc and this is in fanfic form lmao too late now


“We should stop this fake relationship. We both know this is going nowhere,” he/she said coldly. You nodded, and gave a smile. 

“I agree. No hard feelings,” you look into his/her eyes, and turn away. When the relationship started, you awaited this moment eagerly. But now, there was an unsettling weight in your heart… 


After the breakup, you began getting interested in what Yoosung was doing. It’s not love. You would tell yourself as you checked his social media. It’s not. You would say as you waited for him on the messenger. But he never came. 

The others caught on to his inactivity, and sent you to talk to him, believing the two of you were still in the “relationship”. With a deep sigh and pounding heart, you  rang the doorbell. I don’t love him. You thought and opened the door. 

“What do you want?” Yoosung’s voice was unnaturally cold as he came out into the hallway. His hair was a mess, his dark circles prominently stood out, and his voice sounded hoarse. 

“A-Are you okay?” you weren’t one to stutter, but the sudden change in the previously sunny boy was certainly frightening. 

“Why do you care?” he snapped at you before going back into his room. You cautiously followed him through the dark hallway. 

“Yoosung, everyone’s worried about you,” trying to ease the tension, you turned the conversation to the RFA. 

“Go away, I can deal with it. I’m not a little kid,” with a dismissing gesture of the hand, Yoosung turned to the computer.

“We all care about you, please, start taking care of yourself,” with a questionable pain in your heart, you left his house. 

For the next few days, you lurked on the group chat, trying to catch Yoosung when he went online. But he never came, assumably gaming. Another week passed, and just when Zen was about to head to Yoosung’s apartment, he came online. 

He seemed to be back to his cheery self. So with a huge smile, you thought, maybe I have a chance with him now. But just as you were about to subtly flirt, he sent a photo. And it made your pounding heart immediately still. 

He was with a girl. A strange girl. You could barely see the screen now, but you could make out a few words. Girlfriend. Your mind blurred, only one word clear in your thoughts. Why? Yoosung was explaining that the relationship he had with you was not real. But your mind was too cluttered to comprehend that. 

Every day, you would see Yoosung’s profile picture. Him hugging her, kissing her, doing everything you once did with him. But this time, it was genuine. 

[A/N] Omg why did I write so much? The rest of the characters are under the cut! 

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I just wanted to thank you for making a Latino centered story because as a young latina I rarely see people like me portrayed in the media and it's just nice to relate to the characters and I also love that you never used any of those stupid tropes that popular media overuses (feisty/overtly sexual/aggressive) and it's the little details like the Spanglish over the phone when santi called his mom & w molly that make it 100000x better I also love molly so much and cried so hard when she died

;______; this message means so much to me holy sakdlglkdas i don’t even know what to say right now. i always try to aim for diversity because i know it’s wildly important, especially in media (even on simblr lol, the audience on here is actually a lot bigger than i ever would’ve imagined) and like i’m not interested in showing the same old characters people have seen before, there’s already an abundance of white characters or characters of color who fall prey to stereotypes and tropes like you mentioned and i wanted to represent real people that would resonate with others. and i know i’m white and i suck at spanish but i TRY lmao so this feedback really really means the world to me. 

but omg we can cry over molly together ok ;-; i’m never gonna stop crying over her tbh

Home (Prologue)

Title: Home (Prologue)

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Warnings: Maybe some cursing, implied smut, slight angst.

Summary: Reader has been dating the man who she thinks she wants to marry for four years- ever since after she moved away from her old life in Riverdale- but when he finally pops the question, her mind drifts to the boy she left behind her, Jughead Jones.
She goes back to Riverdale to try and figure some things out. But ends up accidentally falling for Juggie once again.

A/N; If I do decide to make this a series, this will alter between before the reader moved and left Juggie and after.
If you do enjoy this, please let me know if you’d like for this to become a series!
I hope you all enjoy!

Additional notes:
The characters are all in their early/mid twenties in this fic.
The reader and Juggie dated in highschool.
This fic is slightly AU.
And yes I might have gotten this idea from The Notebook (I’m sorry omg)

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If you wanna love Comic Negan and TV Show Negan, do it.

If you think the show is ruining him and hate TV show Negan, that’s fine.

If you have never read any of the comics, it’s okay.

And if daddy kink helps you get your rocks off, than by all means, call Negan Daddy.

We all celebrate Negan in our own ways.

Stop policing a fictional character. If you don’t like someone’s portrayal make your own.

my (sometimes unpopular) pjo/hoo opinions!!

remember, these are all opinions my friends
• i don’t like annabeth. she aggravates me. she’s rude & comes across very condescending & idk i just didn’t enjoy her as a character, if i knew her in real life i wouldn’t like her
• the calypso/leo ship is trash lmao wtf
• frank is a doll & deserves the world but we see so little character development that i’m not crazy about him
• i love will, but also… he is insensitive at times, like with the whole nico wanting to leave so he just kinda yells at him like chill, nico got issues
• perhaps the above bullet point will be resolved in other books but until then idek guys
• stop… trying… to make… reyna… a lesbian. i understand hc her as lesbian, but it’s not canon don’t advertise it as such. if she’s not straight she’s bi or pan or something don’t erase the fact that she liked jason, yall just can’t stand a bi girl huh
• nico & tryna deserved to be apart of the 7 more than piper did lmao & kinda frank sometimes sorry boo
• i like piper but also she kinda irks me w the whole “i’m not like other girls” which we see her work on so i don’t entirely dislike her for that
• nico is sometimes a little bit too much of a baby sorry i said it lmao he’s melodramatic
• jason bores me, he’s such a tight ass
• hazel & leo all the way bitches
• why do people like rachel lmfao she also annoys me idk she’s irrelevant & people try soooo hard to make her relevant like i get she’s the oracle now or whatever but stop shipping her w reyna & whoever else just let her be a side character over in her little corner
• the character development in all of hoo sucked bootyhole lmao
• leo is my son who deserves the world i can literally find no faults w him except him getting with calypso he should’ve stayed single but other than that nothing
• reyna/jason/piper makes me uncomfy bc like no that would not happen, just no lmfao
• jercy is so cute i love it
• but also no one tell but i love jasico omg i hate myself
• but also jason & annabeths rigid asses shoulda dated bc they’re both so annoying lmfao
• leave percy alone
• he has a hero complex but he literally tries his best he’s exhausted
• grover deserved to be in hoo more than frank lmfao
• idk i love this books & they helped me through a rough time but also i feel like i lowkey hate everyone lmfaooooooo

let me know what you agree with, disagree with, if you try to do so disrespectfully just know i’m gonna reply lmao i’m not gonna block that’s childish, speak how you wish to be spoken to

Dear Musical Fandom

Stop forgetting about female characters, please!
And more appreciating other female individuals!
Zoe is one of the most down to earth, realistic and sensible characters ever, she deserves so much more love!
Alana also gets forgotten even more than Zoe, like she is such an interesting character yet she gets ignored??
Give these ladies some love!!
By the way, i used Dear Evan Hansen as an example, i am not specifically targeting this fandom just using it as an example for a larger ranged fandom.

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ok I'm 15 and i love the peter parker's smut. i could understand you if we're talking about someone of 25 y/o reading that, but it's normal read that kind of things, and write them too omg. i don't get what's the problem with it

Okayyy pal, I’m gonna have to stop you right there. As a 15-year-old, you’re considered a minor. You shouldn’t be reading smut of any kind for any character, it’s illegal for someone of your age to be viewing porn, no heed paid attention to the fact that it’s literary or not. If you’re wanting to learn more about sex, there are other places for you to do so that are safe. Tumblr is not one of them. 

Asking a writer for Peter smut is putting them in the position of writing what is legally classified as child pornography. They are writing about a minor having sexual relationships. Also, the legal age of consent in any given country doesn’t matter as Tumblr regulates according to US law. 

Being a minor yourself and writing about Peter having sex is still child pornography. Legally, a minor isn’t supposed to view adult content. That’s why adult content on sites like Reddit and Tumblr is blocked before you answer whether you’re 18 or over. If you are a minor writing smut for other minors, you’re sharing adult content to minors. Which is illegal.

And writing about a minor, even if it is fictional, is child pornography. 

And Peter Parker is a child. I’m not sure why there’s even smut for him in the first place because children should not be having sex.

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Disney Descendants ??

fav character: Carlos De Vil…the boy is so sweet and he’s so cute and I love him. In D1 there’s a scene where his dog kisses him and he says “Thank you!” And my heart actually melted. Second fave is probably Harry, his eyeliner and general icon status is truly amazing
least favourite character: Mal TBH….I know she’s been through a lot and all but I just can’t with her. I don’t hate her, but I kinda wish she wasn’t the main character 😂 maybe I would like her more if she was a side character
otp: uhh I used to be rly into Benlos but now I think Harry/Ben tops it. Also I’m living that Uma/Mal and Evie/Doug life…and Jaylos, and Chadlos, and Lonnie/Jane. The party never stops when I’m around
brotp: Audrey and Chad. I know no one likes them but OMG they are probably the most iconic power duo….always dragging other ppls fashion and life choices. BFFs 4ever
notp: Jane and Carlos. Sorry. They’re both gay

Send me a fandom!❤️

Happy late Voltron Anniversary!! wohoho

Can’t believe it’s been a year already omg. I love Voltron so much and all the characters in it ToT It’s been fun and I hope to continue enjoying the show as much as I have. The same goes for everyone else :D

also, now that Lance taking selfies is canon I can’t be stopped