omg there are like a million people in this photo

  • oooh boy let’s go
  • taeyong would be such a good boyfriend
  • not huge on PDA
  • likes to keep most of that stuff for in private
  • but he loves holding hands
  • like all the time
  • doesn’t matter how cold it is he says his hand will keep you warm
  • it doesn’t but he rubs it with both his hands and blows on it anyway
  • you don’t have the heart to tell him it doesn’t work so you stay cold but you don’t mind because you like holding hands

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It’s been days from Hannibal Cafe, here is the reviews~

First of all, they placed the food the way Hannibal did, which is lovely. OMG!!!

Second, the flowers and skull on the table were cute. We took millions photos there together with the Hannibal dolls brought by other guests <3 I brought some of my arts (the cards and charms) for photos, since I don’t selfie at all, they could represent me XD  And they fit in so well !!! Seems like they are dancing around that Prosciutto Roses on Watermelon, haha.

The cosplayer stuffs were cute as well!!!  Will layed on table for a little rest, people started putting dishes on him for fun. Then!!! Hannibal actually ate those dishes on Will’s body //// God /// (but we are not allowed to take photos of the cosplayer, so no photos guys. )

Nice to meet new friends and fannibals are really nice + crazy people XD Thank you everyone for a lovely weekend. Also thank you for the freebies !!!