omg them arms

/wipes tear/ i love teenage zoldycks


of course my first gotg gifset had to be a bucky/rocket joke



Yijeong may have undergone 485702402 stages of puberty to slay us all in Queen

but let’s face it

He turns to the most adorable cute little shit he is when he’s around Kyungil.

Am i right or am I right?

Credits to:  Katalin Horváth who made this wonderful video. 

(i’d like it if you stayed)
now we’re wearing long sleeves and the heating comes on
(you buy me orange juice)
we’re getting good at this 

happy ikarishipping day 2016!!!


a series of unlikely crossovers

jsyk my au has a ton of alternate ends cause i like a lot of ships and this is how weiss and blakey would look in the monochromey end

mongoose-tea  asked:

Maybe you could wear like sleeveless tshirts, basketball shorts, etc? Or maybe like swim trunks. I see a lot of boys wear swim trunks in the summer, and a lot of wearing tank top style things but with actual shoulder cover, not straps, which would also hide your binder and make it look casual ❤️ I hope you can find something to wear! Make sure you don't get overheated!

thank you so so so so sooo much!!! honestly I love those sleeveless shirts and would love to wear them omg. my arms are twiGs but I should forget that haha!!!!!


so, what went wrong then?
there was evidence against him. the gun … the glass from the stolen vase.

DaveJadeWeek | Day 3: Lyricstuck Tuesday 

Another day and I’m somewhere new,
I made a promise that I’ll come home soon.
Bring me back, bring me back to you.

When we both wake up underneath the same sun,
time stops, I wish that I could rewind.
So close but so far away. (x)