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#ShukaInstructionManual (20)

@Saito_Shuka  1 Nov 2015
Starting #ShukaInstructionManual!

Were you good at studying? Did you like studying?
→ Ya!! W-w-well, I studied, but… (._.) To be honest, I wasn’t very good at it! I liked studying, though!!
Musical artist you like
→ Rather than an artist I like, an artist that has influenced me greatly is Hamasaki Ayumi-san.

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whovianhalfblood  asked:

You like twenty one pilots????? Why did I not know this before and what is your favorite song by them?


Tyler joseph and Josh dunn have completely blessed this planet with their work. 
From the newest album my favorite song is The Judge with tear in my heart as a runner up. The Judge makes me very emotional.

My favorite album is Vessel tho and I love Migraine so much and Fake You Out is amazing as well. Tbh I love all their songs sooooooo really the real answer is ALL OF THEM. 

im not ready for voltron in two days im honestly not ready at all

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omg i love your OCs, how do you come up with such interesting and unique designs? I love them all omg, can I do a fan art of one of them?

question 1: I’m glad you think they are ;///u///; I usually get inspo from fashion blogs and everywhere else~

question 2: YOOOOOO DEFINITELY! I’d love to see what you make fam ;///u///;

I’ve been watching pewdipie’s vids for like 2 hours already waaaa and I’m so inlove with pewdipie and cutipie arghhh! relationship goals af, not too sweet, not to PDA but the chemistry is too damn strong!!! omg I’m shipping them like fo real niggas! I love felix and marzia they’re so cute together tangina BIGYAN NIYO NAKO NG BOYPREN YUNG NAPATUTUNGUHAN SA BUHAY HAHAHA CHAR

i let my aunt use my phone to make a call right and when she was handing me it back she saw my wallpaper which was this photo of doyoung

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and she was like “oh wow, i now see why you like those kpop boys so much, who is that? the one with red hair is the one you like right? who is he? i reeeaaallly like him. i see now why you like them” omg she sounded so dream like istg she fell in love with him right then and there just by looking at that one photo you guys everyone and their mama a doyoung stan without knowing it

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Uncle Shannon lowkey being jealous of Josh Dun bc Jared's daughter is so obsessed with him.

omg everytime he hears them playing from her room he bangs on his drums as loud as he he can and texts like her like ‘yo come check out this beat I just made I bet it’s better than any twent- I mean i dont know their name just come downstairs”

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Onset Anon here: The photo I have is kind of grainy. It might be two people in the crowd who were kissing. But it still looks like Sam's hair! I think there might be cat hairs on him too.... Jasper and Eddie are definitely a match made in heaven. They just love to lounge around and be snuggled. I ship them!!!! Omg I'll do my best to get more photos today. Maybe this time I'll turn around and photograph outside of the crowd. I'll be sure to get some hand sex for you! I'll use my zoom lens!

Good job Onset Anon on the Eddie Jasper thing. I ship them too. squeeeeee. GRRGHHHJJ. Can you get me a pic of their paws touching? I would sooo love that.

As for your grainy picture, can you zoom in on a forehead, any forehead will do.

Thanks again OA

Alice 😘🐈🐕

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1 & 10 for the ask thing

Who I want to be friends with is pretty much everyone but for the sake of the question

@andtheladyknight @lilac312002 @lovelylifefor18 @arielsib  @ilovepidgeholt @hillcaption @just-blonde @writingwithkatie @mad-gagarka @rocktell @transcoranic @dynestark @for-le-revolution @the-incredible-nerd

AS FOR 10…

I cringe when I reread them but I don’t hate them completely?? Omg they are so bad I want to rewrite it but um…. Village of Flowers an Ino/shika fic…