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Friends & Family appreciation!

i want to compliment ALL my mutuals & my friends.
because my anxiety kills me (thanks anon)
mostly because i don’t contact people often,i just want them
to know how much they mean to me.
that i see them as ACTUAL friends. 
yes this is kinda like a follow forever. just with compliments!
this is a  hella  long list! so i’m so sorry.
i’m bad with telling your personality,so i’m so sorry.
i didn’t wanna leave anybody out.
family = bolded (basically means people i see as my real life friends)
friends = italics (means that we might not talk alot,but you still mean alot to me)

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              Heavens. I had made Cersei on a whim the night of I got internet. I literally had nothing but a few pictures and a keyboard and like..maybe 2 followers? Cersei literally showed up out of no where and demanded that I love her, and it’s been a wild ride ever since. I’ve met so many people, written so many things, and Cersei and I have been through so much together. And I’m just thankful for every single moment that had happened, every single person I’ve met, and every heart wrenching and cute things our muses have been through.

        Really it wouldn’t have been such an awesome ride without every single one of you, and I’m so thankful for you all. I know I’m terrible with having constant productivity but thank you for putting up with it. For putting up with the mess that I am and my random days where all I do is jack around doing nothing but reblogging pretty pictures. (how do you put up with me) 

         Beneath the cut is some very special shout outs to those I could never be without. Please I ask early on that you forgive me if I miss anyone. I have a terrible memory and there is just so MANY of you. ohmygosh. I can never be thankful enough. I love you all, my lovelies!

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anonymous asked:

your blog is amazing! I only low-key shipped Drarry before I discovered this blog and now they're like my OTP. so thank you for that :-) Also it's so creative and such a great idea and you reply exactly as I would imagine them, it's perfect :-). Question: Is there anything about each other that really annoy you, and is there anything that really turns you on ;-)

(OMG that’s brilliant! Drarry should be everyone’s OTP. Thank you, love! ❤️)

(Also, @o0o-chibaken-o0o ❤️)

(What annoys them the most can be found here.)

Draco: *sighs*

Harry: Some of his shirts, the really thin ones that are slightly translucent–

Draco: What? My clothes aren’t see-through!

Harry: Some of them are, and sometimes I can see your nipples through them and fuck, but it’s enough to get me hard.

Draco: *inspecting the shirt he’s wearing while pink in the face* Why didn’t you ever tell me–

Harry: Especially that light blue silk one, oh god–

Draco: *mumbling* You can’t see anything through this one– Oh, for fuck’s sake, it never takes much to get you hard in the first place!

Harry: *indulgent* True. He could be sitting there doing absolutely nothing and I could get hard just from looking at him.

Draco: *shaking his head with a reluctant grin* You’re incorrigible.

Harry: *pleased* Your turn.

Draco: Oh, I– I dunno.

Harry: *hopefully expectant*

Draco: *relenting* His– I like his…fingers.

Harry: *slow smirk* When they’re inside y–?

Draco: No, Merlin, that’s not what I meant! *huffs* I meant like, while you’re just doing everyday, routine things… Like, cracking eggs or… doing that wand-twirling thing you do absentmindedly, or like… when you’re buttoning up your shirt–

Harry: *grinning* Buttoning up my shirt? Not while I’m taking it off?

Draco: *eye-roll*

happy valentines day, pals!!! this is a list of the wonderful people ive gotten to know through inuyasha, and boy there’s a lot of them! under a read more to keep from flooding dashboards so read on to see me use words like “i love” and “like” and “omg” and “!!!” 1000 times!

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anonymous asked:

First I want to say I absolutely love your blog! Not only is it quality, but it's sooooo pretty! I was wondering if you could do the RFA reacting the "MC" part of MC's name standing for something really old fashioned and embarrassing, like Marion Constance or something?

yooo tysm i’m so glad you like my blog!! also i’m assuming you mean my theme is pretty? yukoki owns my ass they make the absolute best themes omg


  • He’s confused at first why you would hide it
  • Like everything about you is so perfect??
  • Why would you want to hide something about yourself???
  • But ofc he’s an amazing supportive BF so if you tell him that you don’t want him to call you that name then he 100% won’t


  • He loves names
  • Like, this kid is such a nerd, he loves looking at the meaning behind names and telling people if he thinks it fits their personality
  • Definitely brings it up to Zen that even though his name means logic, he’s the least logical person in the entire world
  • So right once he finds out your real name, he goes online looking up what it means
  • When he finds out what Marion means, it makes him super sad
  • He’ll worry and bring it up to you
  • “You’re not sad right, MC?? You’re not bitter about anything????” 
  • He just wants you to be happy :(


  • She’s surprised when she finds out how old fashioned your name is
  • But after a few seconds of thinking about it, she decides that it fits you really well
  • Even if you don’t love your name, she thinks it’s super pretty and loves to call you it


  • He has no thoughts about names
  • Like the complete opposite of Yoosung
  • But ofc he loves you so much so he thinks your name is perfect for you and that it’s the best name
  • And if anyone picks on you for it they better watch their back
  • Because this protective bitch will murder anyone that makes you even slightly upset


  • What a dick
  • I’m pretty sure I started another request for Seven with that lmao it’s true tho
  • He’ll tease you for your name all. the. time.
  • There’s no escape
  • But he’s the only one that’s allowed to tease you
  • If anyone else tries to come at you, he’ll straight up pour his dr. pepper on their head


  • Instantly loves your name
  • He’s just such a sucker for old fashioned names; he thinks they’re so pretty
  • wth that’s like the first time i’ve used a semicolon in my life
  • So once you tell him what MC stands for, he’ll only refer to you by that

hello all you lovely people!! i recently hit a huge milestone (for me at least haha) i was planning on doing this later, but aly ( @getshitdonetbh ) convinced me to do this for everyone now as a thank you!! 


- must be at least 90% studyblr or aesthetic

- must be following me (studyblr is a side blog? put your main in the tags, i’ll sort of be checking + new followers are always welcome!)

- reblog this post to spread the word (likes are only bookmarks!)

- send me an ask with (br) somewhere (so i know it’s for a blograte) and tell me something about yourself!! ex. how’s your week been, dreams + ambitions, favorite food/stationery, crush stories, i’ll be delighted to read anything! 

- please have a link somewhere / mention what your original posts (if any) are tagged as in your ask/on your tumblr!

- i’ll follow back as @iicehearted + i’d love it if you checked out my aesthetics blog @saccharine-sugar or @heartofseoul :))

- if this doesn’t get more than 10 notes, let’s pretend it never happened :)

format (under the cut):

- these will be tagged as #lily’s blogrates, so feel free to blacklist that tag as i don’t want to spam your dash!

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anonymous asked:

SWEET VENGEANCE ❤️ 2: How many ships do you have on this blog? And WHO do you ship OFB with~?

Oh you…~♡

Well, I do have a few ships on tumblr, like:

LendyxDaddy /AcutexFather
@ask-littlebendy @askdaddybendy

This ones were the firsts BATIM blogs that I founded and followed, and they were the ones who inspired me to create this blog. Speaking about the ship, they just look too cute and perfect together. They look so different, but they are similar in some ways, and that’s why they match perfectly. Also their art styles are astonishing.

Quiet Caos (Shyx Mischief)
@ask-sensitive-bendy @ask-mischievousbendy

Is there sugar in the air? Am I breathing cotton candy! No! It’s Shy and Mischief being a cute, caring and supportive couple! Seriously, I can’t get enough of this two. They always put a smile on my face!

@asksilentbendy @ask-showstopper-bendy

OMG. Another one of the cutests couples that I’ve ever seen in a fandom. Mute it’s a super cute fluffly Bendy, and Bonnie it’s one of the prettiest cartoon ocs that I’ve ever seen. They have been trough a lot of hard experiences, but they are always there for each other. What a strong couple!!

@ask-the-sassy-bendy @askpinkyinky

What a really cute couple with such an amazing art style!! I was in love with both characters separately, but when I saw them together…boom! My heart couldn’t take it! I’m a huuuuge fan of this couple. I haven’t seen much of them being a couple yet, but I really hope to see more! I really love them so much!

@inkxrnation @theswinginangel

What can I say about them? An advise. Have precautions when you see these two interact, because it can give you an instant heart attack. Oh. My. Goodness. I felt INSTANTLY in love with this couple, and of course, I ship them!! Totally and absolutely! 10/10

Agma!BendyxAlice Angel
@thesmoking-devil @alice-angel-ask

Instant death. Headshot. One hit K.O. . They’re not together, but they look PERFECT together, and I ship them to bits. Plus, their munes are a couple of insanily good artists!! Every piece of art they made is just priceless. And of course, their designs for their characters is just wonderful. And…I’m watching you guuuuys~ >w>

@bigbendy @blind-bendy

Another “one hit K.O.” over here. Seriously, this ship is reaaaaally good. When I saw the post with the event of Blind being all gooey and Big was with him, I was thinking all the time “ooooh my gosh, look at them, they’re so cute!!! I hope something happens between them”. And they kissed. They. KISSED. And was incredibly cute and I loved it to bits!!! I really want to see more of you two!!

I’m pretty sure those are all the ships that I’m into it now. And know, the cheesy answer…who I ship with OFB xD

Well, to be completely honest here, OFB doesn’t know enough characters to have a bond with, and with so, a ship. I’m not looking for OFB to have a couple right away, of course not. I like to make things realistic on my rps, depending on my muses. So, for OFB, it will be needed a friendship, a strong bonding and a relationship based in trust to fall in love with somebody… buuuuuuuut…xD

I have to confess something. When I started the rp with @blind-bendy and they started to interact…I couldn’t help but thinking “oh gosh…they look so cute together” Sooo, yeah, I ship OFBxBlind xD That’s the only ship with OFB that I have and the moment, but I don’t discard the idea that I can have more ships with him in the future, with other characters that I think they suit him.

makaraig  asked:

hello!!!!! i was wondering what your favorite fonts to use are?? i love your blog it's so cute and nice and thank you for sharing all your neat stuff! <3

OMG THIS IS A FUN ASK BC I HAVE SO MUCH it depends on the project im using it for but most of the time i use the following ヾ(´・ω・`)

  • Montserrat: HUHU i love this for like everything basically all time fav (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
  • Moon: perfect for a body font!! or like small texts!
  • Arctic: LOVE THIS for titles!!
  • Bromello: tho i rarely use this I like seeing it around! bc its fancy but not too curly n curvy for a script font!
  • Hal: for Those Super Intense Titles for your projects when u want some kaPOW effect (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑
  • Paduka Script: TBH i love this calligraphy font bc i cant do lettering like this dfkjdgfgdf so shIZ i love this (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚
  • Typo Geo Slab: its like arctic but with more variation HIHI

thanks for the ask bb!! have a nice day n take care!! (✿◠‿◠)

anonymous asked:

The way you draw Seabury makes me so happy omg pls never ever stop drawing your art is perfect and flawless - An asexual who doesn't really understand why she enjoys this porn blog so much (probably because the art is phenomenal)

OMMHGDGGS AAAAAHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! oh my god this is so sweet THANK YOU!!! im glad you enjoy how i draw seabury even if hes constantly involved in nsfw works im crying

HERE i drew him seriously and not getting destroyed for once!!


anonymous asked:

Where did you take the test to know your MBTI?

Here in English | 한국어

Anon: Are you surprised that JK is an INFP??? Bc I’m VERY OMG I thought he was an ISFP! He’s so in tune with his surroundings and the physical world I’m surprised that he’s an N        

There are still plenty of things about the boys that we don’t know about, most of which we’ll probably never know for certain tbh Just keep in mind that there isn’t a perfect test to capture somebody entirely. So consider this a (very) good guess?

Anon: ok but like, im screaming when you made me realize the top line shares the same mbti omfg!!!!!! also the sunshine line is the extroverts of the group. everything is canon.             

Correlation doesn’t imply causation BUT

It is a pretty neat coincidence that all three tops are INFPs. And the sunshine line is well…I’m sure everybody saw that coming.

[!] Update

hi wassup it’s your local farmer issy, I’m here today to say something important, a change to my blog that could be v huge idk (?)

I won’t continue writing, it’s something I have been thinking about for weeks now and I finally came to a resolution, I don’t feel like doing it anymore because it doesn’t feel fun anymore, I have always loved writing, I have done it since I was 13 years old and I’m finally coming to a closure today

Writing has always been a stress releaser for me, like a little scape of reality but it doesn’t feel like that anymore, I started to feel uncomfortable and so pressured because as you may have seen, I was a really slow writer and seeing other writers update so often was really frustrating, how can’t they do it so fast and I can’t? I won’t lie here, the lack of feedback and nice comments has played an important part in this decision, it’s not the same when you feel like no one is really reading your work or enjoying it at all

I think it’s time for me to move on and live a less stressful life, always wondering if the thing I just published was good or always being self conscious that I wasn’t good (I always struggled with some grammar and vocabulary lolol), I will always thank you all for welcoming my trashy writing with open arms, it was my first time writing in english and my first time writing again after two years of not doing it, I improved so much in this year and got to speak way better

This was always a hobby so I knew I would stop at some point, I just wish it had lasted longer but oh whale

I will finish Perfect Man, I will only rush a little bit the ending, and publish the yoongi soulmate au and the Jungkook werewolf au I have been spending so much time in those hell no I’m leaving them like that lol, it will help me to have like a closure ???

My blog will remain exactly the same, I will be shet posting and meme posting like always, I won’t be deleting my works in case I become nostalgic and want to re read something for the sake of old days lolol, I will make a lil post to explain the ending of the insanity called love as I got many asks about it and it doesn’t feel fair to leave it like that bc I’m not going to write the sequel I promised (I’m sorry about that)

So yeah, well, you can unfollow me if you wish, I won’t hold grudges (????), I’ll keep trying to make original content so you won’t get bored of my blog,

Thank you so much for the support you gave me over this year!!!!! I will always cherish it so much in my heart and keep it as a warm memory ❤️

I always wanted to be part of a writer collab omg

Maybe one day I’ll decide to write again but I see that day really far ;u;

Thank you so much for all the support, I love you so much ❤️


Saw you had an annon send you a “Yurio in kitten ears” kink.
Sssooooo yeah. I share the same kink, so I cosplayed it! (Also Yurio in a virgin killer sweater WITH kitten ears~)

Thought you might enjoy seeing the here you are!

P.S. I absolutely love your blog. I listen to your audios, and they’re literally perfect.
Thank you for making them!

✨blog rates?✨


  • you don’t need to be following me, but itd be super duper if you would!
  • send me an ask n tell me what your favorite song and favorite movie is!
  • reblog this post:))


URL: i dont get it but ok // good // great!! // amazing // fantastic!! // OMG HOW DID U THINK OF THIS!!!

THEME: its buggy // kinda boring // modern and clean // its really good! // aesthetic af // oMG ITS SO CREATIVE IM JELL-O

ICON: okay // cute // its great!! // wow!! // its wonderful!! // OMG ABSOLUTE PERFECTION

POSTS: its not my cup of tea but u do u // theyre okay // pretty great // super cool!! // goals af // OMG ARE WE THE SAME PERSON??

OVERALL: okay // really good!! // youre doing great!1 // its wonderful i like it! // your blog is perfection keep up the good work pal! // ULTIMATE FAVE LOVE U

FOLLOWING?: no, sorry bud // i am now!! // hell yeahhh // forever following!!!


Okay guys, it’s been less than 6 months since my shenanigans started rolling onto your dashes and now 400 of you want to see my shit apparently. I don’t know what to say at this point, usually there’s a point where the flow of followers kinda just starts to stop coming, but you guys just keep coming. I can’t thank all my partners enough for coming and wanting to write with me even when I’m slow as hell and even those who just want to read my stuff, thanks for the support!

As usual I’m putting it under a cut because it gets LOOOOOOONG. If I forget one of you it’s not on purpose, i love you too. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Your boards are so pleasing! So could you do a name aesthetic for my friend Emily? She has gold, shoulder-length hair (that is so fluffy and with the perfect amount of wave like omg), brown eyes, square glasses and she likes reading, acting, writing stories, and is a little obsessed with LOTR. Thank you! I can't wait to tell her about your blog!

Oh, thank you so much! Sorry about this being late, many aesthetics to work on right now! Emily sounds beautiful- I hope she enjoys my blog!

Emily. She is the tweet of the robin and the cry of the falcon. She is hands running through ancient pages and boots flying through wooded land. She is the billowing, blue smoke shrouding the red flame. She is the ageless tales whispered around it. She is sun glinting on glasses as a head turns towards the sky, the road of what is to come. She is Emily- the storyteller. 

anonymous asked:

Blogs you recommend me following? (:

OOHHH BOI KIDS BUCKLE YOUR SEATBELTS THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG RIDE!!! Lol! :3 I love so many blogs so I’m sorry for the terribly long post.

Definitely follow @basically-lol. Anna is SO SWEET OMG. She was one of my first friends on tumblr and she’s like.. SUPER EASY TO TALK TO, which was perfect for my little antisocial self. Message her anytime she will 10/10 fangirl about voltage or mysmes with you. 

Also follow @the-spacebetween-us. WHOLLY SHIT ANOTHER EASY PERSON TO TALK TO. I could talk with BreBre for HOURS. We literally chat until 5 AM sometimes. Like, she’s amazing and will also 10/10 fangirl with you. 

PLEASE GIVE @liaamari17 SOME LOVE I MEAN HER ART IS 100000000000% PERFECT. Also she’s super sweet and she is SO SUPPORTIVE! I started trying to draw and was screwing things up left and right (because I literally started drawing recently) AND SHE TOOK THE TIME OUT OF HER DAY TO TEACH ME HOW TO DRAW. HOW SWEET IS THAT? OMG. I’m still super touched by her help and support. Love you Lia!

@laughing-cheshire-cat BOI IS SO SWEET AND WILL ALSO CHAT WITH YOU FOR AGES. I DON’T THINK THAT BOI SLEEPS. He is so sweet and literally has amazing voltage content when he posts. 

@ask-taigakujo if you are a Taiga Kujo lover (like me) you should follow Alicia. She’s super sweet and posts some GRADE A TAIGA. 

@scorpybaby OMG ALANNAH IS SO SWEET. I actually just recently decided to stop being  (a little bitch) antisocial and I dropped into her ask box and started chatting with her and she is amazing. 

@hades-thot-queen Posts some grade A voltage stuff. PLUS SHE IS SUPER FUNNY. We honestly haven’t talked much but I’m high key a huge fan of her blog. 

@celestial-destiny is also amazing. She is another one of my first tumblr friends. She’s super sweet and incredible and I love having her around. She also has these drawings that are INCREDIBLE AND ADORABLE. Definitely go check her out. 

I also can’t forget @otomejesus. She is fantastic and sweet and fun to talk to. 10/10 love her blog and recommend to anyone. Btw. Sorry I haven’t talked to you in a while bby I promise one day I’ll try to be social XD

I highly recommend following these guys because they are my tumblr friends and I am SO ANTISOCIAL AND WEIRD LIKE I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY THESE GUYS LIKE ME, but I love them to pieces and will fight anyone who messes with them. If you are looking for some tumblr friends, these guys are great because they love you even if you aren’t as good at replying to messages like me. oops lol 


@otomesass @drawthecurtainstarttheplay @lntellectual @ichinomiya-thottie @elli-dawn-stories @elli–dawn @maidofstars @alleykatgotgames @theotomewriter @spyoflove @duchessmimrose @labyrinthofleah @plloo2013

@voltageaddict @marilynfuse @littlehevn @hikarunohana @tsummykido @nasica @sarah-doodles @xelestial-skydragon @stormvalkyrie @otome-obsessed @otomesweetheart @otomeden @otomebliss @captainkittypridelove

@otome-dreamer @thedollymaker @mycrzyobsessions @memooliy @nazhuka @koichinatsukawatrash