omg the yes!

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I've considered writing a Voltron fic and could you or Bobbie recommend any of your favorite Cuban dishes or snacks?

omg yes sure!!! you can google the following for recipes and visuals and stuff:

  1. Pastelitos de guayaba ♥ ♥ 
  2. CROQUETAS DE JAMON like catch me @ a cuban party downing the shit out of these like shots
  3. Papa rellena 
  4. Arroz imperial ((this is also an ultimate weakness of mine like every time i go back home my mom makes this as a welcoming food bc im WEAK))
  5. Tortilla and no, it’s not like Mexican tortilla, Cuban tortilla is sort of a potato omelet that can be eaten with Cuban bread any time of the day, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and ahhhh good good shit
  6. Pan con bistec *this is the point where i’m getting hungry and crying and swooning over food that’s too far from me but im sticking through this ok bc i want to see my son eating more cuban food*
  7. yuca con mojo, like mmmmm good garlicy slob for a side dish so so good
    1. on a side note, earlier today my mom literally made yuca and mixed it with chicharron like……….how bored and hungry are you, you’re like a 55-y/o Cuban college student omf
  8. Arroz congri!!! okay it’s rice with black beans, but this is cuban ok so shh
  9. Ropa vieja is a good cuban classic ♥ yes, it means “old clothes” but it’s actually meaty goodness
    1. we certainly have a way of calling food things ok
  10. on a related note, look @ this video from an actual cuban about food we eat during nochebuena bc it’s useful since it has more cuban foods

…..yea we got a lot of good foods lol

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Also, does he not look like Zoro? like, the eyebrows and sass…

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Just, taller and a little hotter?

Also, pretty sure he is the one Sanji will compete in terms of Hakki. We’ll be able to see him break some restrains! 

And who else thinks Nami will unlock her witch powers in this arc?

MY LOVE!!! Pangara Lavellan commissioned from @curiousstrawberryarts

My Lavellan is perrrrfeccttt, her ears, pug nose - there is nothing I do not love about my girl. ^.^ I Highly recommend commissioning this artist!!

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the one where eth is a barista a a coffee shop and mark and tyler coming there everyday. slowly they became friends. eth would write special messages on their cups. one day he saw that ty was eying him so he wrote his number on ty's cup. - :)

Omg yes please this is so cute and ty calling him while he’s at work so Eth doesn’t answer and ty freaks out and doesn’t go back for a week bc he thinks Eth didn’t answer bc he doesn’t actually like him until mark goes back and Eth is asking abt ty and wow yes

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OMG YEA YEA YES. DO THIS!! Can I please ask for 'SLBP Lord of Your Choice' + "I'm sorry I called you at 3am. I needed you." Love you very much too, friend. 💕💕 Good luck with the writer's block!

i love youuu! modern day au i guess because phones?? what that?? and i chose nobu because i love nobu and also i can definitely see a modern day reincarnation romance between the two.

There are nights where Nobunaga wakes up in a cold sweat, sleep evading him in favor for nightmares that jolt him awake in the middle of the night. It hadn’t been something new; it had been occurring for about as long as he could remember. A betrayal, a fire, his end, and then her. He remembered her face in clarity from these dreams, and he has never been able to forget it. It had made matters stranger when the woman in his dream shares the same face as the woman he’s in love with, present day. In fact, it’s what had caught his attention to her in the first place.

She had been working as a waitress in a small restaurant owned by her family when he had arrived for dinner with a business partner. At the time, he had come to the conclusion that dreams were only dreams, and nothing more. He couldn’t afford to believe in dreams his mind conjured while his conscience was away. The only things that mattered were things that were tangible and factual, especially if it meant his success in the world. He couldn’t–and wouldn’t–imagine that a woman could distract him from his destiny to greatness. 

And then the foolish girl had the nerve to turn around and ask how many seats he would be needing. It had been in that same moment that he had recognized her from his dreams, but he would be a madman to ever admit that to her. Everything had been exactly the same, from the way her smile would always show her teeth brilliantly, to the birthmark on her neck that he somehow knew so well. The sentiment was troublesome to say the least, and it added to his worries when he found himself wanting to go there every damned day just to look at some waitress. He remembered marching down there one day and demanding to take her out on a date, and so she agreed. And of course, he had made a scene (and a fool of himself) doing it.

His life had been vigorously turned upside down once he met her. New dreams occurred with her in them, speaking nonsense of how she was to never leave him and how he would take the nation and her. She had managed to somehow invade every aspect of his life to where he couldn’t escape her–not that he wanted to, really. He found himself suddenly reaching for his phone to call her, another impulse habit he had managed to pick up on due to her influence. And when he hears her voice on the line, he’s desperately attempting to say something meaningful with no avail; his lips refuse any movement to speak the words. It was times like this that his words seemed to be wrapped up in themselves, seemingly not enough for her. I’m sorry I called you at 3am. I needed you, he desperately wants to tell her. But instead, he settles for something his tongue will allow.

“And what is my foolish girl doing awake at this hour?”

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I like how in the hashtags you complain about every little thing you did wrong and then at the end you're just like it's fine, it's fine. Ignore everything, this is fine. XD

Yes omg!! It’s a bad habit now 😂😂

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hello there, i saw your post about s4 trailer and henrik's media being the trailer. OMG! yes!! that is what i have been thinking for like two weeks now. Like all the leaked footage and pics and fandom spinning every tiniest piece of info, aldo fandom freaking out - this is our trailer! and fans are the part of it with the main being Even!! OMG lokke you are not alone!! how about that?

hello! a fellow believer! amazing! we should come up with a group name for us. i’m convinced that this is what’s going on! social media is an important part of the show, and they’re taking it to a new level with this thing that they’re doing, can you believe! it’s brilliant and i’m dead!

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just?? hand holding? shoulder touches? brushing dirt and mess out of each other's hair? tender cheek touching because "you've got gore on you". nightmares? rocking back and forth, gentle hold, "shhh it's okay, it's okay." alicia being ride or die for little brother like he is for her?? alicia with her teeth bared? alicia bloody snarling because someone tried to take him away from her?? forehead leaning djsndjdnd. anyway. I'm bitter

Since Tumblr’s new mobile layout is actually the WORST thing in existence, I didn’t see this until just now. My bad. 💔

But yes, omg. Alicia being hell bent on protecting her little brother because she knows he would and has done the same for her? Chris trying to desperately prove he’s tough and capable and Alicia just laughing because she’s the one who patches him up every time he gets into trouble. Both of them so determined to protect each other that they’re willing to do whatever it takes.

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Do you have a thinspo phone wallpapers? I've been asking around for good ones.

Omg yes I’ll post them as soon as I can I’m pretty busy rn just look in my personal tag for them!

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and liam is always confused you know every single time niall was like 😏😏 omg and zayn was like omg yes did you see 👀👀 but liam was always that meme of the math thing one of the best examples was in the mario kart interview like zayn almost choked and broke his neck like niall but liam didn't catch it and even louis made fun of him 😂

i know poor liam skjfhksdjh

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Do you like the smell and taste of your ass on a dick?

OMG yes for sure my ass and my pussy taste so good I’m very anal 👅 but what I really love is when daddies fucking One of our play toys and he dips his cock in her asshole and then put it in my mouth I love the taste of another girls asshole and pussy as much as I like the taste of my asshole and my pussy