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So a lot of y’all in the ML fandom may know @lairep; she did this cute MariChat doodle a couple days ago. I came across it, and started staring at the signature, because I was like, “I know that name…but not from ML…so w h e r e?”

I couldn’t remember on my own, so I sent her a weird ask that basically said I was vexed by her name. XP She messaged me, and real quick, we realized that we knew each other from a Harvest Moon trade chat from like, YEARS ago.

Miraculous Ladybug: bringing old friends back together again~

fanfic author reaction to you (the reader)
  • fave/follow/kudos: smile @ screen
  • short review, "good job!"/"love it": happy thoughts @ you
  • review with details/thoughts: big smile, omg, author knows ur username now prob
  • add fic to rec list: OMG, tears in corner of eyes, u are now bffs
  • make fanart for story: author will name first born after you, a pic of ur icon hangs above their fireplace
2007 anime fan aesthetic
  • i buy sausage
  • caramelldansen of every fucking anime you can imagine
  • u_u o_O -_- ^_^
  • rping with characters in areas not usually reserved for roleplaying, such as youtube comments or author’s notes
  • trying to learn hare hare yukai
  • “i’m gonna move to japan and become a manga-ka (which means manga author)!”
  • sitting like L
  • “yagami is imagay backwards! XD”
  • the term “flames”
  • tokyopop, and reading manga without paying for it in a chair at barnes and noble (or borders)
  • anime in three parts and 240p quality on youtube 
  • “You have watched 72 minutes of video today. Please wait 36 minutes or click here to enjoy unlimited use of Megavideo.”
  • ___plz icons on dA
  • spraying temporary hair color in your hair for cosplay
  • warrior cats/warrior cat inspired usernames
  • “omg have you seen this? (searches ‘charlie the unicorn youtube’ on google)”
  • fanart/fanfics of sakura/misa/orihime/main male dude’s love interest being shrieking and obnoxious and getting her horrible comeuppance for being… idk, a girl, i guess?
  • also this

😊Slide Into My Dms (Grayson x Reader)

Summary:  An imagine where Grayson dms the reader and he finds her cute so they keep dming each other back and forth. One day they decide to meet in person and whole fandom goes crazy because they recognize her from tumblr and twitter.

Warnings: None

A/N: All the twitter messages in italics are DM’s and the ones not are actual tweets. ETHAN SERIES WILL BE UP SOON!!!!

Originally posted by daydreamminds

Two months ago, Grayson Dolan dm’ed me and my life was changed. It all started with a following spree on twitter.

@Graysondolan: Hey thanks for subscribing and having our dm’s on! I LOVE YOU❤️😊


@Graysondolan: We’re going to have a guest star :) I’ll keep an eye out and make sure you watch it❤️

@your_username: Always babes 💕😊

Our dming turned into everyday conversation. He constantly tells me that I’m cute and that he wants to see me, but I’m too nervous. I very popular on tumblr based off of my Dolan Twins imagines account. I didn’t want people to send me hate and make Grayson hate me either. After talking with some of my friends, I decided to take a chance. I decided to initiate a date first.

@your_username: Hey Gray, would you wanna possibly meet up and get to know each other? Just an idea 😊

@Graysondolan: Of course cutie :) Wanna meet at the Grove? Let’s say 7?

@your_username: 7 sounds perfect❤️😊

@Graysondolan: Like you 😘

@your_username: Save that flirting mister!

I took a quick shower and I decided I would wear a black tank top with blue jeans. I straightened my hair and threw on a little straw hat and I checked the time which read 6:45. I decided I would go ahead and head off to the grove and hopefully Grayson would already have a booth or something instead of me having to pick it out. Just as I started my car my phone started buzzing like crazy when I saw Grayson tweeted something.

@Graysondolan: So excited for my evening with @your_username It’s going to be so much fun. Who knew a few DM’s would turn into this? 😊

My phone was blowing up with twitter and tumblr messages which was so crazy. I mean my Tumblr app would always blow up, this time it was my messages going crazy.

Dolanfan1: OMG U AND G ON A DATE



Even my twitter mentions were blowing up. I finally decided to turn my phone off so my phone wouldn’t explode. I parked my car and saw I was a few minutes late. I threw my powered off phone in my purse and quickly made my way into the restaurant where I saw Grayson was in line. I casually pushed past some people while I muttered ‘excuse me’ and ‘sorry’. Soon Grayson must have heard me, because he turned around and he smiled.

“I was starting to think you wouldn’t show.” He says and I shake my head.

“No your mention literally blew up my phone so I was checking on that while I was in the car. I didn’t want anything to distract me from this date.” I knew what I said right after it slipped. Neither Grayson or I called this a date and now I looked like a crazy fan. I pulled my bottom lip in between my teeth as I mentally smacked myself.

“Well you’re the only thing that’s going to be distracting me from the date.” He chuckles and I bury my face in my hands. He gives my shoulder a reassuring squeeze and he smiles. “Yes, Y/N this is a date.” He smiles as our waitress takes our drink orders and we look through the menu. We just talked and laughed most of the night. Every so often Grayson’s knee would bump mine and he would apologize, but I would brush it off. People would come up and ask for pictures with Grayson and I and I knew rumors would be swirling once I turned my phone on. Finally our food came and we ate. Grayson kept making me laugh and he even posted a pic of my on his snapchat.

He was honestly so cute and super sweet and he drove me crazy. He was such a cute little bean and I adored him so much. When the check came around I reached for my purse, but when I looked back at the table the check was gone and Grayson was just smiling.

“Grayson!” I playfully snapped at him. “I wanted to pay for my half! You didn’t have to do that.” I sighed and she just shrugged.

“This is our first date. You really think I’m going to let you pay? My dad told me gentlemen will pay for the cute ladies and you Y/N are a very cute lady.” He smirks which I start to feel myself blush. Grayson even walked me out to my car, opened the door, and kissed my cheek as I drove away from him. I pulled into my driveway and turned my phone back on. Out of all the crazy tweets I noticed one that made my heart melt. It was a picture of me taken off guard. It was when I was looking for our waitress to refill Grayson and I’s drinks.

The caption read ‘I always did say I would date a fan ❤️😊’ My mentions still blew up and so did my messages on Tumblr, but I didn’t care at this point. I just went on a date with Grayson Dolan and it was probably the greatest thing to happen to me since he DM’ed me.

mythologist  asked:

Came for the blackice, stayed because of the feelings. ALL OF THE FEELINGS I'M CURRENTLY STILL BURIED IN. Hehehe Your wonderful fics always promise a wild rollercoaster that tends to stay with you looooong after you're done reading like I still remember Pitch and Jack in the snow with all the children playing unaware of them and Jack slowly realizing the pain that comes with his center or OH GOD NOW I REMEMBER CRIELLE'S WHOLE 'I LOVED THIS CHILD ONCE NOW I WANT TO RUIN HIM LIKE HE DID ME'

Look, feelings forever.

So many feelings that you’re trying to get from out underneath them and they just keep coming and you’re like I didn’t sign up for this and yet THEY DON’T EVER END.

It’s both sinister and beautiful somehow.

*looks off into the distance while simultaneously thinking of how to write more feels*

And ahhhhh omg thank you so much Jack realising the pain that comes with his centre and how fun =/= happiness is like that gives me so much life like as soon as I knew I was going to write that I was like ‘hahaha I’m gonna make myself cry.’

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came for the: blackice stayed for the: amazing world building, relatable characters, edge-of-your-seat plot, heartfelt story-telling and general all round admiration =D <3

The golden age of the blackice fandom was pretty damn amazing, wasn’t it? And I love that it’s still around, and that there are such dedicated people in it, way more dedicated than me (I may be writing some of the longest stories for the fandom, but I don’t promote it in the way that others do, or cosplay or run big bangs etc. It’s amazing how much love has gone into the fandom).

And ahhhh the staying for part *rolls around quietly*

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omg i thought your username was pronounced "eh-neh-coo" lol

At this point, any pronounciation is the correct one, haha!

@kookiesandtaetaes submission :


My response :


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I might be late on saying this, but happy birthday! Saw the birthday thing rebloged by someone else and decided to drop by and say hi)

Omg I love your username ahaha!! XD

aaah You’re not late at all! I’m on the japanese time zone, it’s only 11AM.
You’re right in time! Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH for passing by just for my bday. *blows a kiss from afar*

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omg you just followed me im honoured-

HAHAHA OMG! I always see your username in my notifications and it’s always a pleasure to follow someone that has a same fandom as mine. 😂☺️

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Omg that entire username post is hilarious X3 I love how im a spoopy ghost thats gonna haunt you. Maybe I'll even plauge you with scary dreams mwehehehe >:3c Thanks for drawing everyone, its fun comparing your sketches to everyone's names!!

omg thank you!! <3 Some usernames were giving me a hard time but I had fun drawing them all and I’m glad you guys liked them! uvu