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Drag Me Down || Nathan & Melissa

It certainly hadn’t been Melissa’s intention to attend her high school reunion. In fact she was almost certain that avoiding the event would have been a good idea, although there were plenty of people she loved attending the event, there were also a few she never wanted to encounter again. Especially considering she was married to the man she stole from a past classmate. She wanted more than anything to have Blake with her, but the soccer player was off at an important game in Europe while their daughter was spending the night with her grandparents. The brunette would have preferred to go to her husband’s mathc but she herself had meetings with her record company that she couldn’t miss. 

Walking through the doors of the hotel that was hosting the reunion, Melissa took a deep breath while smoothing her hands over the front of the red dress she was wearing. If the brunette was about to see some familiar faces then she needed to make a statement - even though being on the covers of magazines was already enough of a statement. The murmurs and whisperes began as soon as she stepped into a the room, and with a sigh she made her way to the bar soon after collecting her nametag. “Give me something fruity.” She told the barman with a grin.