omg the things u make me draw.

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hi!! i really enjoy reading your imagines omg they make me emotional ;;; YOU HAVE MAD SKILLZ if it's not too much, can I have rfa reacting to flirty MC? like the mc probably isnt even aware of it kinda thing ;;; thank you so much!!

lmaisdjaoidj i’m not skilled don’t flatter me u cutie, thank you for the request!! i know some people like this and to this day i’m shook over it


  • he’s so red
  • all the time
  • he can’t take it
  • he isn’t used to being flirted with
  • or at all really
  • “you’re doing this on purpose aren’t u”
  • ?????
  • flustered kid
  • what an innocent child
  • he kinda likes it tbh
  • but then again he wants to make the moves
  • he needs to step up his game
  • cue him stuttering and blushing after you tell him he looks cute and casually walking away


  • ok so u know how this kid likes to flirt
  • he didn’t think he’d get outflirted
  • by anyone
  • especially by u
  • he’s never blushed so hard around a woman before
  • and like wowowowoow she’s good
  • she’s too good
  • i mean
  • he tries to compete
  • but
  • he just
  • can’t
  • you’re unbeatable really
  • and the fact that you don’t even know
  • drives him cRAZY


  • she isn’t one to flirt
  • or really take any advances at all
  • but
  • in fact she flirts
  • a lot
  • without noticing
  • so i think she’d outflirt you
  • y’all aren’t even aware
  • of the shit u say to each other
  • literally wives
  • just get married omg
  • get a room
  • friendly compliments and friendly i love you’s
  • fuckuficonjknjx


  • it takes him off guard
  • but he’s also sometimes not even aware if someone is flirting with him or not
  • he thinks ur pretty bold
  • but he knows that u don’t even know
  • “i’m pretty sure.. that was not, an accident”
  • loosening tie
  • oh fuckme
  • it lowkey
  • drives him nuts
  • like calm down
  • we are in public
  • i mustn’t
  • “we have some business to attend to at home”


  • he’s spitting out his drink every time
  • or his glasses fog up
  • break
  • stuttering
  • steam coming out
  • embarrassed seven
  • is my shit
  • he’s as red as his hair
  • and it confuses u
  • like ??????
  • did i say something
  • “n– nothing!! it was nothginfodn”
  • he’s so cute and blushy omgogmomgo
  • awkward kid
  • i love the concept
  • this is some good content

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My favourite tumblrs, which I really love and support - Continue being yourself because you’re amazing!❤ >.<


@izzybizzyaxl Continue drawing, because you’re improving every day that passes, and mostly - STOP SAYING YOUR WORK IS SHIT
(luv u bun)❤❤❤

@renadragneel My friendo who always drags me to new manias(love you too)GONNA FANGIRL WITH YOU FOREVER❤❤❤

@dialovertoenglish and @akuichansera Because of you two I was able to play the DL games, can’t thank you enough❤❤❤

@diabolik-reacts Omg– Your pocket vampires are just the cutest thing!! X3 You succeeded making them a huge obsession for many DL fans (me included lol)!❤❤❤

@thehoneybuddhadefender THE LITTLE CHIP XD; I enjoy going to this blog every time❤❤❤


Saying again, keep being awesome, all your followers appreciate you :3 Have a good day!

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OMG. I laugh so hard at the drawing you did for ford rushing to do the circle thing( can't remember the name of it) and him taking forever to explain everything about it while bill just watches on. Make me think of if he have plan ready just in case something happened to the rift ( not just shoot bill with a gun) or just got rid of the rift the first day in stead of waiting....

Dude Ford is probably crazy-prepared for everything. He runs through all the worst possible outcomes in his head and has a plan for everything. It annoys him so much when stan just wants to go in and wing everything

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What's your favorite thing about drawing???

This is an hard question omg :,D

I have so many things that I like about drawing… it mostly makes me happy when I’m pround of an art and relaxed…Mmmh… I think the best part is see people like your own arts :,) It beautiful and i’m really happy when someone likes the drawing I made for them (gifts or request) I like make drawing to m friends, and I love make them happy… :,)

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All this hater shit is really pissing me out

Reylo is not about raping anybody pls.
And it’s called fanfic COZ ANYBODY CAN ALTERATE THE STORY THE FUKIN WAY U WANT. So, if i want imagine a lovely kylo and rey having a lovely AU romance i do. And if u don’t like my art, don’t reblog it and don’t insult me for what i draw, coz if it was an abusive AU story for sure i will never ship it.
And omg, what the hell is that shitty deliberated heterophobic thing? What’s wrong with you ppl? This doesn’t make any fukin sense, and it is a shame for gay people because this does not represent them, so don’t try to start a shitty hetero-gay hate campaign.
Mother of god i would never imagine things like this happening in my tumblr.