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One year with vkook

So, in the month of May - I don’t know the day clearly -  is the date that marks one year that I love vkook. Then, I decided to make a special post with something about this. Just to remind and keep the date in my memory.

Warning! A lot of gifs and sentimentalism ahead!

The first MV

Boy in luv was the first BTS’s mv that I saw. At first sight, I was just in love with Taehyung.  After watching so many times, I’ve just take a look in Jungkook, and I saw him so adorable. Then, I was fall in love with Jungkook too. In certain moments, I was in love with others members too, but kinda always had a soft spot for taekook.

The first Bangtan Bomb

I remember like it was yesterday when I saw this bangtan bomb video. I was so in love with Taehyung that I started to search videos with him. And then I saw a compilations of moments with his cute and funny videos. In this, I’ve found this Bangtan Bomb video in spe funny and cial. So adorable, and there was Jungkookie too. And the two were so cute, funny and adorable, and beautiful to the eyes, that I started to download more and more bangtan bomb’s videos.

The first post on my tumblr

In 140511 I posted my first post with vkook. I wasn’t shipping them so hard like today, but I just found them so cute and adorable together that they  turned into my two bias of BTS. And how they was my two bias, I was searching for things of only  them together. So, I found the names TaeKook/VKook. And that fans used to ship them together as a couple. As a kpop fan for a while, I already had the knowledge about otps, ships and all, so I started to search for couple moments, fmv, compilations and fanfics.

The first fancam

After read fanfics, save pictures and watch videos I was already in love with this couple. And the one of the firsts fancams I watched of them was this above. I started to understand how kpop work, how there are lots of fansites taking their pictures in the fansigs/concerts. I started to save everything and collection pictures and videos. Always watching their interactions with tears on my eyes, because damn! how beautiful and cute, lovely they are together!

And the feelings just keep going…

Every moment, every pic, every video that i saw with vkook, each detail about their lives and relationships just make me love them more.They have this ‘special thing’ that makes me laugh, smile, cry, 'awww’ and keeping suporting and loving them. There are those friendship goals things, and those lovers goals things that makes me melt. And always craving for more.  That special relationship where there is a hyung and a dongsaeng, but also there’s only two boys loving each other, having fun and living beautiful memories together.  Every part of their 'whole thing’, everything about them makes my heart skip a beat and I just can love them more and more….

They kissing in that ‘please choose me’ moment….

hugging and touching while praising the other’s good looks …

hugging again and touching faces…

playing together, being in the same team - hugging too and almost kissing [how many times they almost kiss in fron of us?]….

so comfortable with the other…  

and touching again… and damn! look at Jungkook between Taehyung’s leg. And before/after, Taehyung had his arms around Jungkook’s waist and fingers crosseds in the most natural and random thing in the world.

interlocking  fingers… holding hands…

and omg just omg omg

and again… and again… (bless this unique fancam)

I’m so happy to have made this post. I’m drowning in vkook feels again, but is so good. I am really happy that I  found vkook. That I got to know this beautiful angels and human being with such strong relationship So, happy one year vkook to me. A big thank to anyone who read this. Bye~

it is your birthday Ji and that’s why I drew your OTP being dumb

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (even though the quality is bad)   

Rin is just envious of their incredible posing just leave him be

By the lovely babe here