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Prompto finally gets called out on his puns
Thank Etro
Prompto finally gets called out on his puns

Noctis: Never thought I’d see a mountain move.
Prompto: Did you find it “moving”?
Gladio: That was bad and you should feel bad.
Ignis: *heavy sigh*


Chenle’s motto: “Be extra in everything, always!”


Tag yourself I’m the guy that screams “I SHIP IT”

  • Little Girl : Mom, what's this ?
  • (***she pulled down her pants***)
  • Mom : That's your garage, don't let boys put their car into your garage.
  • Next Door Little Boy : Dad what's this?
  • (***he pulls down his pants***)
  • Dad : That's your car, you need to put that into a girl's garage.
  • (***He nods and hops off***)
  • Little girl walks in with her hands covered with blood..
  • Mom : What happened!?
  • Little Girl : The boy from next door tried to put his car into my garage so I pulled off it's wheels.

Gruvia Fluff Fest Day Four & Six - Shared Clothes & Laughter

Summary: Gray and Juvia get a little drunk while playing poker…

Juvia’s body quivered as she tried her best to restrain her giggles as she covered herself. Her and Gray had started off the night with an innocent game of poker, but once the alcohol got involved it turned into strip poker… They had played until they were both too drunk to understand their cards, which left Juvia in nothing but her panties and Gray in his boxers.

Usually, she was quite the emotional drunk, but tonight, everything was hysterical, leaving her in bubbly giggles. The fact that she was practically naked in front of Gray hardly bothered her.

Gray pushed their cards to the side before reaching over and grabbing her hat that laid beside her. “Gray is now Juvia,” he told her, slipping her hat in his head.

Juvia blinked at him, her cheeks dusting a pink color. It only took her a few seconds before she was laughing so hard she was snorting. He must really be drunk, she thought, but she didn’t mind.

She covered herself with one arm as she reached the other one over to grab his white trench coat. She turned her back to him as she slipped on the jacket. It had no buttons or zippers, but thankfully it went over enough to cover her breasts.

She turned back to Gray with a grin, and slicked her head back. “Then I will be Juvia-Sama!”

Gray let out a bark of laughter, “oh Juvia-sama,” he crawled over to her and threw an arm around her shoulders. “Gray is cold, warm him up!”

Juvia’s lips twitched as she fought the urge to giggle. Instead she groaned and did her best to deepen her voice, “I am an ice-mage, not a body heater!”

“I don’t sound like that,” Gray pooched out his lips towards her.

“You do too!” She fought her laugh as she poked his cheek. “You’ve told Juvia that several times!”

He gasped dramatically, “Juvia-sama, Gray is offended,” he crossed his arms before turning his back towards her.

Juvia giggled, wrapping her arms around him as she hugged him from behind. “Oh Gray, Juvia is so, so sorry!” She snorted as she hugged him tightly.

Gray laughed as her hands came up and started tickling him. He’d never admit it to anyone, but he was quite ticklish, and with him being drunk it was like the slightest of flutter sent him into a snorting mess.

After several minutes of Juvia tickling him, his stomach began to hurt. Gaining some of his senses back, he turned around and grabbed Juvia’s wrist before pinning her underneath him with a smirk. “That’s it,” he told her. “Time for Juvia-sama’s punishment!”

Juvia squealed with delight as he leaned down to kiss her. Perhaps, they could start making poker night a routine thing…

Seriously, my thoughts while writing this was to make it as silly as possible. I hope you all enjoyed the silliness. 

Hinata’s (Worst) Toilet Adventure

A/N: SO I was browsing through my prompt listiee thinking of which to write first when @quickwitted-kiwi approached me with a lovely idea for Hinata’s bathroom-prompt. 

Talking about it, we changed the lers but the concept is same and all in all Hinata’s gonna get the tickles at his favorite place of places. Hope the anon and all of you still like it~!

Summary: Takes place after the finals! After beating Shiratorizawa, Hinata is so excited he wants to call his mom and let Natsu know. He retreats to the bathroom to make his phone call, which is gonna be his mistake of the century. Running into both Ushijima and Tendou is one thing, but having them gang up on him out of the blue…?

Word Count: 1769

“Come on guys, good work today! We’ll be off to eat our stomachs full! We deserve it!” Karasuno was gathering around their bags, collecting their stuff and getting ready to leave this amazing experience of beating Shiratorizawa behind them.

Hinata could feel the adrenaline remain in his body. They won. They won! He had to tell everyone! He had to tell Kenma, and oh God he had to tell his mom! 

Reaching for his phone he looked at his laughing team mates, and he sweated a little at the thought of calling his mother with them here. But he had to give her the message to tell Natsu they fucking won the game! Alright, this asked for a quick bathroom visit.

“G-guys wait for me, I need to go to the bathroom for a bit okay?” he asked, doing his trademark dance which he always did when he needed to pee.

“Can’t you go at the restaurant?” Kageyama asked, but Hinata had already turned around and ran away.

“Noooope!” On his way to the bathroom, he smiled and dialed his mother’s number.

“Yes mom. We won, we won! Can you believe it? Tell Natsu her brother’s heading for the Spring High Tournament! And then NATIONALS!” he barely let his mother finish her excited reactions, and he entered the abandoned bathroom. 

The match was finished and most people were preparing to leave. Finally some peace and quiet in the bathroom, and he happily finished his phone call while he stood at the sink and checked his own face in the mirror. His cheeks were still red with excitement, and this cheeky everlasting grin on his face? Ohohoh.

“Yeah yeah! I scored too! A lot! And you know what - these Shiratori-guys are monsters! They kept going like bwaammm and booomm and you know what mom? We still beat them. We beat the monsters! We - eeepp!” The shriek that escaped his lips was anything but humane, and he froze completely in shock. 

In the reflection he could see Ushijima walk out of one of the bathroom stalls behind him, and he immediately dropped his phone at his side.

“U-U-Ushiwaka…” Hinata slowly turned around, his shaking finger clicking away his call with his mother after which he shoved his phone into his pocket, his hand getting sweaty in less than three seconds.

“Monsters hm?” Ushijima mumbled in his low voice.

“I’M SORRY!” Hinata shrieked and ran towards the door, where he bumped into a tall figure that just entered.

“Oh. Satori,” he heard Ushijima say, and he looked up in surprise. Satori? 

“Number 5!” Hinata blurted out when he recognized the guy who had been his scary opponent only minutes ago, and he backed away, bumping right into Ushijima who was still behind him. Shit shit shit. What was with him and bathroom encounters? This was the worst!

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uhmm... do you guys hear that?

To all the Scarlet Heart Ryeo fans who turned to Goblin……..we can now be sad over TWO MALE LEADS WHO DESERVED HAPPINESS BUT WERE LEFT LONELY

we are so fucked…….give us happy things plz


Zen’s free talk for April fools DLC~

Japanese/Korean accent ♡ ♡ ♡

When Zen VA spoke in English for the valentine’s day event dlc English dialogue, it reminds me of one scene in kamisama hajimemashita LOLZ :x