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  • Voltage guy: yeah I'm not interested in dating or falling in love with anyone.
  • Me: ( aww why tho? U hot and I know I'm ugly but who the fuck cares man oh well *sigh* )
  • Voltage guy: I am interested in a certain someone..
  • Me:'s me.

“Jeff, from the beginning was quiet and withdrawn.  As he grew, he’d be gone for hours at a time, off in the woods doing who knows what and when he would come home, he’d just quietly go to his room and keep to himself.  He showed no interest in interacting with the family or others.  He tended to skulk around, like he was hiding something, like he was always fearful of getting caught…

There were times when I knew that Jeff was drunk, falling down drunk.  I knew it, but didn’t do anything about it, I ignored it–after all he was just sowing a few wild oats, even though he was much too young to be sowing anything.  David came to me once very upset saying he’d seen Jeff naked in bed with another boy–what was I to do, I told David to mind his own business and that he hadn’t seen any such thing.”

- Joyce Flint, Charles Klotsche’s The Silent Victims: The Aftermath of Failed Children on Their Mothers’ Lives 


“Me estás matando, Susana” — Official Trailer

Look what I got today, my dudes

When I start my company

I’m gonna hire interns to get “field experience” and drop them off in the middle of an “empty” field. They have to dig to find cases containing computer parts and assemble a work station, then set up a solar power generator with a raspberry pi. Then once they log on they get their first assignment while still in the field. They are carrying their workstations, running like its The Amazing Race, to their cars. When they get to the office they realize there are 8 keys hidden that unlock the office they are in and they have to find it. Once they enter the office they realize their desk drawer is locked with a combination and the solution is when you look at the welcome sign from a certain angle. Inside there is their work ID and an encrypted USB drive with evidence we obtained from a nuclear arms dealer website and they have to decrypt it to help us stop the criminals.

Some 2 cents about what's going on.

Am’ I the only one who found the episode… refreshing?lol. Alright, i found the ep a breath of fresh air for the reason that this doesn’t contain the usual boruto content where sp tries so hard to make him cool but we end up suffocating at how forced it is. But today was about a diligent, respectful and sassful dorky kid who loves her mom and will do anything for her but at the same time longs for her dad. Let’s not forget how admirable the Uchiha couple is, doing their best for their family as well as the greater good? I dare say.. boruto had it better for having a stay at home mom, a sister, a dad who he can visit everyday if wanted to and a clan he can go to every weekends.

Now, about Sasuke forgetting their first date.he hasn’t. We all know that. SP knows that we know that. This is why i have a 50-50 feeling that SP might animate something regarding that. Sakura, on the other hand, even in the manga and novels was known /seen saying stuff like “sasuke doesn’t care about me”(in the manga) and “why would he come back to save me” ( novel).

Now, i know some will say “but they’re married now! He should’ve, She would’ve blahblahblablah~ ” those people should remember how sasuke loves to tease sakura. Look at gaiden, ya kno? When he smiled because he left her hanging but the truth is, that guy is just shy about showin stuff like that to the public when they clearly had sex in gaiden and boruto the movie lels. Let’s not forget how the 2nd “you’re annoying” happened , he lied about not remembering but then smiled at her, uttered the same words then thanked her.
For me, this part of sasusaku dynamics is kinda endearing. Like they don’t need to have the usual fluffy romance stuff to prove that they have a strong relationship. Yooo~ they have (as kishi said) the ultimate expression of love. From itachi’s “maybe next time”, Sasuke turned it into an assured promise with “i’ll see you when i’m back”

We all hate SP but this time im going to wait if they’re going to do well for gaiden. Yeah, i know its SP but they’re all we’ve got. So instead of giving antis more ideas on how to shit on SS and the SS fandom, let’s not cloud our minds with hate and believe in the characters that kishi wrote and wait.



Involved: Part 5

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: lol this is SO SHORT IM SORRY but omg i can’t believe that this is the last part i’m so so so sad i love peter parker and i love fwb peter parker and i love writing this

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

“True or false,” Tony starts, staring down at Peter. “You confessed you love for this girl you’ve been moping about for two weeks.”


“True or false: she loves you back.”


“True or false: you got laid after the confessing.” Peter rolls his eyes and opens his mouth to protest, but quickly quiets down when Tony quirks a brow.

“True.” Peter muttered.

“True or false: you left her a fucking note because Happy called you.”


Tony rolls his eyes in exasperation, a hand running through his carefully messy hair. “Peter, why are you here? Why are you not with her?” Tony asks, and Peter sighs.

“I needed advice.”

“No, Spiderboy, you need to go to your girlfriend and tell her that you wear spandex for a living.” The older man demands. When Peter doesn’t move from his spot, Tony waves his hands around wildly. “What are you waiting for? Go, before I tell her myself.”

“(Y/N)?” Peter asks, sticking his head through your window.

He probably could have thought of a better way to tell you he was Spiderman than showing up on your fire escape in his suit, but he was getting a little too anxious to be with you and to not have you be angry with him. This is the best thing he could come up with on short notice.

You turn immediately at the sound of his familiar voice. Jumping from your seat, you stare at the man in your window with a bemused expression on your face. “Yes?” You ask, your arms stiffly at your side. To be honest, you were a little uncomfortable at the fact that not only was Spiderman in your bedroom, but he sounded a hell of a lot like the boy you were currently rather angry with and he knew your name.

“I’m so sorry.” He says, his voice quiet and defeated. Your shoulders slump and you stare at the man. You knew it was Peter; his stance was the same, not to mention his voice. You walked towards him, your hands in front of you in reach of him.

“Peter?” You asked, and he pulled his mask off as your arms slithered around his waist.

“(Y/N), I’m so sorry. I really didn’t want to go this morning, but I can’t exactly just say no.”

“Peter, I understand.” Your thumb ran over his bottom lip and he sighed. Dropping his forehead to fall against yours, you smiled and closed your eyes, reveling in the feeling of his warm skin against yours and the unfamiliarity of the material of his suit pressed into the skin of your hips where your shirt had ridden up.

“I didn’t want to tell you this way.” He says, and you chuckle.

“Honey, I don’t care how I found out. I just care that we aren’t hiding from each other anymore… right?” You ask expectantly and he nods his head quickly.

“No secrets. I’ve put myself all on the table for you, (Y/N).” He assures. You grin and press your lips against his in a sweet kiss. 

“Good, because you’ve got every single piece of me in the palm of your hand, Peter Parker.” You remind him. He smiles softly, nudging his nose against yours.

“I’ll gladly keep them for as long as you let me.” You giggle, rolling your eyes and telling him how cheesy he is. He can only laugh along with you.

“Come on, it’s late. How about we sleep in and then wake up and go out to lunch?” You propose, and he nods.

“That sound beyond incredible.” He sighs, and you smile. Turning around to switch your lamp off, you watch as Peter struggles out of the tight red spandex of his suit. Chuckling to yourself, you help him out of his outfit and strip yourself of your jeans before sliding into bed, gratefully allowing Peter to slip in behind you and wrap his arms tightly around your waist.

“I love you,” Peter whispers quietly, pressing a soft kiss to your temple.

“I love you more.”

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