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Request for anon:
“Omg I loved the last Poe and Cassian headcanons, they gave me feels! Do you think you could do that/those for Bodhi?”

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Poe and Cassian version:

Why have my Bodhi requests been so angsty? DO YOU NOT LOVE THIS MAN ?!

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-Bodhi would be lying awake one night, staring up at the ceiling of yours and his room.

-He does it a lot, his insomnia sometimes hits him harder than other times.

-Bodhi paid attention to you laying on the bed with him. The sound of your breathing, and the weight of you next to him kept him grounded.

-But then he started hearing your sharp breathes and small whimpers, and he started to feel your shaking.

-He placed a hand on your shoulder, running his fingers along your skin.

-“Y/N, love, wake up. Come on.”

-You don’t wake up, in fact your breathing got even heavier and whimpers turned to light screams. Sweat started to form.

-Bodhi shakes you a little harder this time.

-“Come on, Y/N, you’re here. It’s me, your Bodhi. I’m here, you’re safe with me. Wake up!”

-You finally do and he sighs in utter relief.

-Bodhi places a hand on your cheek and brings your forehead to his. He strokes your hand with his other.

-“Oh Y/N, my love… what were you dreaming about?”

-“I’m so so-sorry Bodhi.”

-“Stop, don’t apologize. But please tell me? I want to help whatever it that may be causing you pain.”

-You take a deep breath and nod against his forehead.

-With a shaky voice, you tell Bodhi how you’re parents were selfish and uncaring for you and had sold you to some travelers, thinking they would use you as a servant.

-Well, what they thought were travelers.

-You found out the truth a day later

-9 years. 9 years you were with them.

-You and some of the others devised a plan, and many of you escaped.

-You found the Rebel alliance

-The whole time, Bodhi’s hand never left yours, and he felt his own tears come to him.

-“I’ve never told anyone else this before.” You run your fingers through his hair.

-“My love, I’m so glad you did. You are so brave.”

-He pulls you into a hug.

-“I’m not going anywhere, Y/N. I promise.”