omg the handholding

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Dating johnny headcanons?

yes!!! omg

-so much handholding
-he’s dead the kid to always be staring at u with awe cause he thinks ur so gorgeous
-johnny is not aLL about PDA
-but in private, he literally just always wants to be snuggled up to u
-or u snuggled up to him
-around 984748484 other fuzzy warm blankets
-this is his favorite thing, fight me
-his kisses are tender, passionate and sweet
-tbh he feels bad always being at the curtis house or ur house when shit goes down at his but ur folks fucking love him like
-“do u wanna stay for dinner”
-“nah i don’t wanna be a bother….“
- “ok so drumstick or wing”
-“if u don’t mind, could i have a drumstick?”
- *gives him both*
- “i said-”
- “i know what u said”
-he’ll go to crazy extents to be there for u or protect u
-there is never a time when you’re walking home by yourself…….. like ev e r
-w johnny, it’s always “buttercup” or “honeybunch”
-“rise and shine buttercup” is his phrase
-johnny will NEVER hesitate to give u his jacket
-like sometimes u don’t even fuckin ask for it, he just gives it to u
-he’s the type to say “hey, i love you”
- just to make sure you always know
- most often while ur doing something random like cooking, or reading or smiling
- but especially when u wake up after a nap together aW
-tbh johnny feels weird saying “i love you”
- bc he rarely has ever heard it except at the curtis house especially from mrs curtis to johnny himself sometimes
- like if he stood over for dinner
- like “ok johnny!! you can always come over if you need to. get home safe, i love you!”
- and he had been beAMING
- so when he says it to u, he really means it from what he can understand about it
-this kiddo loves this girl so much his lil heart can’t handle it sometimes
-whenever he’s at the lot, you’re there to drag him to ur place
- even though he’s reluctant
- “but-”
- or sometimes he’ll yank back and y'all sit down and watch the stars
-he literally loves giving u small kisses on your nose!!!!!!
-where u headed johnny?”
- “i’m going t-”
- “gonna gO SEE Y/N??”
-“USE A RUBBER ;)))”
-“i can never get a word out around u guys can i”
-dally is dead giving him pointers bc johnny isn’t as experienced w sex or relationships or love tbh
- "man tug her hair, girls love that”
- *tugs hair one day*
- "ow wyd”

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omg the handholding ask was just so precious and pure! can I get a reactions thing going on too for McCree, Junkrat, Mei and D Va with their partner asking them how many shoulders both of them have put together, and when they say "four" theyre just "whut nahhh let me count em" so they point to each shoulder with a hand while counting to four and oops they've got their arm wrapped around their shoulders like a smooth operator

My first time writing Mei and Dva! I’m so excited! (I’m also glad to hear you liked the handholding ask, I loved writing that one)


- Confused at first when you say the two of have a different number of shoulders than four

- But once you start counting he realizes what you’re doing

- Will wrap his arms around your waist and hold you close

- He’ll compliment you on your smooth moves


- Starts to argue you with saying of course there’s four shoulders between the two of you

- Keeps arguing as you count

- Stops arguing once your arms are wrapped around him and you kiss him

- I hope you weren’t planning on going anywhere soon, because you’re going to have a hard time getting out of the hug he gives you


- “What do you mean? Of course we have four.”

- Watches while you count, wondering if somehow you’re actually going to get a different number

- Blushes when she realizes that your arms are wrapped her shoulders

- After doing something so cute, cuddles are mandatory


- Sees what you’re doing as soon as you start

- Will count with you and wrap her arms around you and you wrap yours around her

- “Thought you could entrap me, did you?”

- You totally trapped her, cuddles are happening, there is no escape from a Hana who wants to cuddle

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When you open up request again can you do hanzo and mccree in a poly relationship with an s/o

absolutely! poly relationships are wonderful!

Hanzo and McCree:

  • so much love. they love each other they love their s/o and there’s just so much love.
  • expect a lot of fun cooking sessions! Jesse likes to cook and so does Hanzo, but their cooking niches are totally different. depending on s/o’s cooking skill, they may try to combine all of their specialties into a big stew.
  • more than once has Jesse tried to collect himself and his 2 partners into his serape/poncho. (it doesn’t work very well tbh but he tries)
  • Jesse likes going up behind his partners and scratching his beard against their necks while he hugs them, especially if they’re shorter, cause he can pick them up and burrow his scruffy face in their neck and they can’t get away
  • there’s a giant shared king-size bed or two queen sized beds pushed together. there’s a lot of pillows and blankets, but half the time they aren’t really necessary because Jesse just radiates heat
  • ironically it is also Jesse who steals all of the blankets
  • generally sleeping together is very enjoyable
  • you’d think Jesse is the one that snores, right? WRONG. it’s Hanzo. snores like a bulldozer.
  • if any person in the relationship is sad, the other two will put up a pillow fort and there will be cuddles and popcorn and sweets
  • group bubble baths!! they all wash each other’s hair and blow the bubbles in each other’s faces (when Jesse does this to Hanzo he gets A Look ™ , but Jesse does it again and gets splashed back all while s/o is laughing)
  • group handholding omg Hanzo is begrudging about it (only bc he’s embarrassed) but Jesse is all for it he loves holding hands so much!! Hanzo does enjoy it he just doesn’t want to be sappy
  • Jesse and s/o will occasionally team up to capture Hanzo and kiss his face until he’s smiling and/or laughing because they love his smile and his laughter, likewise Jesse and Hanzo do this to their s/o and Hanzo and s/o do this to Jesse

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Uhh ! I don't know if you're still doing requests for hartwin or not? But maybe something sweet like a kiss on the cheek or handholding omg <3

Heyyy there you go, dear! I hope you likey Ψ(` ∀ ´ )Ψ  (i decided to combine the handholding with another request i got, i hope you don’t mind!)

(((everybody else who sent me requests - no worries, i’m gonna try to complete yours over the next 2-4 days xxxxx )))