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my several thousand word rant on jack and touch, feat. art by ngozi and a lot of rambling

ok so I have a lot of capital-F Feelings about jack zimmermann + physicality

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This is my first request of the two I've announced. The Kominatos with their significant others in the library, looking for good novels to read, Haruichi trying to reach a book but the shelf is too high. He whines for Ryousuke to help him because he is the big brother, but has totally forgotten that Ryou is shorter than him, Ryou commenting with "Asking me for help, how cute. But if you can't reach it, then neither can I." You can write is as a scenario if you want or draw it as a short strip :3

Sorry this took so long!! Ranting(?) below hahaha. This is sort of like a storybook format. Hope you liked it dear friend!!

One day at the library…

Haruichi: I want to check some new books over there.

His s/o: ok.

Ryosuke: I’ll catch up later.

Haruichi: Ah… it’s over there….

Ryosuke: Ah, Haruichi. What are you doing?

Haruichi: !

Ryosuke: You look like in trouble.

Haruichi: Aniki!

Haruichi: I find the novel ******, but I can’t quite reach it.

Ryosuke: Heeh~

Haruichi: Can you help me take it, aniki?

Ryosuke: Hmm~? No.

Haruichi: Geez aniki! Please? I really want to read it!

Ryosuke: No~.

Haruichi: Geez aniki, you’re the BIG BROTHER so you can at least help me!

Ryosuke: Hmm~? Asking me for help, how cute. But if you can’t reach it, then neither can I.

Haruichi: …

A/N: Phew, I’ve had a few difficulties making this because first, I’m confused on where to put the s/o (that’s supposed to be gender neutral. Oh, Haruichi’s s/o is… you know who you are! *wink wink*), second, I totally suck at perspectives so drawing library is… Third, my procrastinating issue is at its best omg. It’s mostly because of my chaotic sleeping time orz. Fourth, drawing digital is harder than traditional pencil(???). Yes, I’m still not used to it :/

Hope you liked it tho!!!!! XDDDDD


Kirin 15s CM

//so I can’t believe there are 400 of you like??? holy cow??? you all must be lost or something– but really… I’m so glad that I decided to rp as Sarah, and that I decided to keep her too because for a time I wasn’t sure if I should delete her or not; in the end I kept her, and boy am I glad I did. I just love rping as Sarah, and I know I’ve been on two hiatuses already for this blog, but the fact that y’all are still sticking around with me just makes me so happy? like? you guys are so awesome okay? okay.

to show y’all my appreciation I decided to do an icon giveaway this time around! so let’s get down to business, eh?


  • must be following ME
  • one like and one reblog per blog (so in total you can have two entries)
  • do not follow me to participate if you plan on unfollowing afterwards! such an act will put you in IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION for any other giveaway I am to do on any of my blogs! got it? good
  • must be a roleplay blog!
  • if a multi-muse blog, pick one of your muses for me to make icons of – if an oc blog, you must have a face claim for your muse or else I won’t be able to make icons for you
  • there will be THREE winners
  • that’s it! have fun and good luck!


  • First place shall receive 50 icons of a muse/fc of their choosing in a style of their choosing
  • Second place shall receive 30 icons of a muse/fc of their choosing in a style of their choosing
  • Third place shall receive 10 icons of a muse/fc of their choosing in a style of their choosing
  • NOTE: you may request to split the icons up between TWO DIFFERENT CHARACTERS if you so choose to, or they can all be for ONE character. it’s up to you!


–Style 1

–Style 2

–Style 3

–Style 4

–Style 5


This is super inappropriate but last time I went to see BOTFA(which…was my fourth time omg I’m sick) I went with my dad so I refused to cry.

So I focused on things that weren’t important. So when Bilbo is yelling at Thorin on the rampart and I kept looking at Bombur.



He’s like “Oh god. Oh god. Mom and dad are seriously fighting. What do I do? I better not do anything. Omg Mom stop yelling at dad. OMG DAD STOP YELLING AT MOM”

So cute.