omg the feelz


I am dying. Beth Crowley wrote a song about Harry Potter. Inspired by Snape. Fangirling so hard…(hyperventilates and cries). This applies Dramione, too. Fuck.

I used to love you from afar,
As we all decided who we are,
But you were never mine to have,
Still I loved you to the last,
Because you were my, you are my always


OOOHHHKKAAAAAYYYYYy All you Gladnis fans out there better freaking watch this. This was a gift made for me by my incredibly talented sister - JUST WATCH IT - it’s allll the feelz about Gladio and Ignis having to work through a relationship when they’ve gotta protect Noct - yeah - super deep - and I’m crying again dammit.

3 sides of mark lee

1: giggly floofball 

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2: crazy-talented, charismatic performer

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3: semi-perpetually confused

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Kagami slow dancing with his s/o please c:


The DJ started playing the music and people started grabbing on to their respective dates. You were there sitting in the corner of the gymnasium, drinking punch. Kagami saw you and walked slowly towards you - he’s been looking for you all night and even thought that you didn’t attend the prom. The way you looked tonight made him stop for a while - you were beautiful as ever. The way your light make up emphasized your beautiful eyes made him want to get lost in them forever. Your dress hugged your body perfectly and made you more of a princess than a high school student. You two had a misunderstanding yesterday and all that Kagami wanted at that moment was to make up for his lapses.

“Can I have this dance?” he asked, offering you his hand. You just looked at him for a while and processed what was happening. The moment you finally discerned his actions, you couldn’t help but cry, remembering how petty the issue you two fought about, yet it led to a bigger misunderstanding.

You smiled at him and took his hand, accepting his offer to dance. He held you close, arms wrapped around your waist, whilst yours found themselves around his neck. Your foreheads were against each other’s.

“I’m sorry,” you both said in unison. Another smile was drawn on your face. It looked like things were already fixed.

“We’re okay now,” he whispered, still swaying to the lovely music playing in the background. You two stared into each other’s orbs - ‘what a perfect sight,’ you both thought in your minds.

…and every turn will be safe with me. Don’t be afraid, afraid to fall. You know I’ll catch you through it all.

You two were finally in your own world once again. The other people didn’t matter, nor the titles of prom king and queen. You two finally made up and dancing in each other’s arms. It’s perfect. People were actually right when they say: promenades are nights to remember.