omg the feels :'(

Please tag this as needed, he turned out pretty gnarly! But this is how I pictured him as I was reading. I wanted to do some scenes from the fic but I ran out of time this morning. I really want to thank you for your writing though. It’s really inspiring!


*softly* : “my god. he’s beautiful.”

(for folks who don’t know, this is from my fic “Don’t forget. Don’t forget her.”

go read it if you don’t mind, if only for context.)

Choh my gosh what is this?? Over 100 followers already? I’ve only had this account for two and a half weeks! Thanks so much you guys!! Hopefully I can keep it up…lol

Soooo in other news….I’ve just started drawing some anime (obvi hxh because is there anything else worthwhile like killugon? No.) and want to know if you guys would be interested in seeing it? Maybe give me a couple helpful tips?


♥Aroha Selca Day♥
I was probably trying too hard here but oh well.😂
Happy 1 Year Astro!
Even though I am still extremely new to the fandom (literally only 2 months), but I feel like I have been with them since Day 1. They stole my heart so quickly and I have huge hopes for them in 2017.
1 Year, 4 Albums, 6 Boys, 1 Fandom
We made it to 1 year, lets make it to 10.

hold up

the TARDIS is a phone booth
but she’s also a super intelligent sentient being

was the TARDIS the first smart phone?



Disclaimer: this is in no way a fully comprehensive guide. This is just me trying to put together basics for people who are unfamiliar with Kazakhstan/Kazakhs to start their writing/research.

I am an ethnic Kazakh female, citizen of Kazakhstan, Almaty, bisexual, upper middle class, currently in college in the US. My experience is in no way representative of all kazakhs and Kazakhstan citizens. However, I think it’s pretty close to Otabek’s.

This is really, really long and kinda convoluted, but if you can bear it –– welcome!

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Today is the one year anniversary of me posting my very first Haikyuu!! fanart (iwaoi, of course!). I wish I had the time to mark the date properly since it’s been a pretty momentous year for me, but alas, this will have to do. 

Thank you all so much for supporting me <3