omg the feels :'(

After the season finale of Supernatural.
  • Doctor Who fandom: Oh no.
  • Sherlock fandom: Not again. *Sighs*
  • Doctor Who fandom: D-do we need to do something?
  • Sherlock fandom: I don't know if we CAN do anything...
  • Supernatural fandom, rolling around and crying in a fetal position: caRRY ON THEY SAID! It'll bE FUN THEY SAID! AAUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHH
  • Doctor Who fandom: Yeah no there's nothing we can do. Just let it pass.

fandom keith:

  • emo ™
  • “no one understands me!1!!11″
  • angry red boy

canon keith:

  • “maybe I don’t trust anyone because my mom left me… I don’t let them in to just give them the chance to abandon me…”
  • questions his self-worth
  • 100% expects you to stab him in the back because why would you ever stay?
  • “I promised I wouldn’t cry!”
  • “we had a bonding moment!” wasn’t him being gay or petty he honestly and truly felt a bond with lance and is now so scared that it was all in his head
  • deserves so much love

What if the hand is a goodbye?

No, hear me out. What if Kylo managed to break Rey out after he’s had to watch Snoke torture her. The outreached hand occurs here. It’s a rescue after she thought Kylo had betrayed her after she thought she could trust him. When she realizes he’s risking his life to help her, she takes his hand

The flames are from his explosive power that he once inadvertently used to destroy Luke’s temple. This time he’s fully in control for good. They’re making it through the Supremacy’s hangar that’s now in flame. Snoke is still alive, and Kylo spots Finn with Rose.

Finn wants to kill him on the spot. He’s itching for a second go with Kylo, empowered because he just took out Phasma.

Rey says, “He’s with me!”

Kylo knows how to get a ship out of there, and guides them through the hangar.

But as the flames rain down, they reach a small ship. It’s the Silencer. There’s obviously not enough room for them all. It’s like cramming four in a Porsche. But he knows it’s well-armed, the FO wouldn’t dare fire on it, and it has the speed to get the out of there.

Kylo knows he’s not leaving. He also knows that he needs to face Snoke. That’s his destiny.

No one else knows he’s not getting on board. Rose and Finn start boarding, and he starts talking about some nuance about jumping it into hyperspace.

“Why are you telling me?” Finn asks. “I can’t fly this thing!”

Kylo answers, “I’m not telling you. I’m telling her.”

(Wasn’t there some detail that came out this summer that the Silencer has special modification that he added to it.. Well it’s constructed like something he knows like the back of his hand.)

He looks at her and tells her the hyperdrive controls are just like the Falcon’s

A beat and she realizes he’s not coming with them. Her eyes tear up.

An explosion. There’s no time. She realizes he needs to do this.

Unspoken respect occurs between Finn and Kylo. It’s the “The Princess, you have to take care of her” moment from ESB.

Rey gets her emotional space kiss as they say their farewell. Another person in her life is leaving her. He knows it as he shares that life-long loneliness.

We can get a reverse l love you. It comes from him. She answers, I know.

He promises to find her. Unlike the others who have left her life. And she believes him.

An explosion rocks the hanger. There’s no more time. They board, blast out of there, and he vanishes into the smoke and fire.

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A glimpse of Shinsou’s past hidden in his theme song?

Okay……. I must warn you that this theory is kind of…. scary. BUT HEAR ME OUT!!

The official BNHA season 2 OST came out and I just had to look for Shinsou’s theme……….  And I found it. And let me tell you…………….. 

It’s creepy as hell.

I mean. There’s a constant humming in the background, some laughing and screaming sounds that seems to come from children?? And clock noises too….

Here is the song ( You can listen to it and come back or read this at the same time if you want ) :

I got curious and translated the title of the OST ‘’ Yonaka Ni Kiku To Kowai ‘

And that’s when all the piece came together.

Yonaka Ni Kiku To Kowai means something like:

‘’ I am scared when I hear it in the middle of the night. ‘’

The ‘’ I ‘’ here…. Is Shinsou.

Shinsou is scared when he hears ‘’it’’ in the middle of the night… 

‘’ It ‘’ is all the noises you hear in the song. The laughing children, the whispers, the bloody screams… That’s what he hears everytime he tries to sleep. The voices from his past.. And because of them, he just cannot sleep. That’s where his bags comes from.

The humming in the background must be his mother’s lullaby. Because he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, she would sing him to sleep. Her voice would cover the voices in his head…. 

Hope you enjoyed this little theory :’3