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I was in complete denial for a bit when i saw this, it had to be a mistake some random error i could not explain, but after refreshing and checking my follower list, it is real @wingspiral is following me!

I cant even, but i really wanted to draw my mental reaction of this, i have been following wing spiral on my mod blog for some time now and absolulty love the characters and the story and i cant believe wingspiral is following me, I dont know how you came to find this blog but i thank you for finding such interest in this blog, you are one of the many that inspire me to draw and create the stories that i want to share with all my followers, im happy you are now one of the many that i can share my stories with ^^

Have a fantastic Saturday everyone!

Edit: due to my over excitement i over looked a lot of important details on characters and had to correct it

Called Out (Part 5)

Summary: Bucky has been crushing on you for a while now, but he refuses to say anything. That is, until he butt-dials you and leaves a voicemail that records a very compromising conversation.

Word Count: 922

Warnings: None.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

A/N: Screaming. I’m screeching and like… Omg. 

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Cringing, you quickly exited out of the voicemail app and got on your feet, wiping yourself down. Bucky called out your name again and you took a deep breath.

“I’m right here!” you answered him. “You can come in.”

A second passed and the door was opening, albeit slowly. Bucky peeked in, a little unsure, his eyebrows raised and a tiny smile on his face. “Hi,” he said softly.

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- ACTORS Extra Edition - 6
>> to be released on August 17

  1.  月・影・舞・華 (Moon Shadow Dance Flower) // gingahoumen-P feat. Ushio Azabu (CV. Toshiyuki Toyonaga)
  2. 上弦の月 (Cresent Moon) // KurousaP feat. Kaoru Narugo (CV. Takuya Satou)
  3. トキヲ・ファンカ (TOKIO FUNKA) // takamatt feat. Minori Shido (CV. Naozumi Takahashi)
  4. 雪月花 (Snow Moonflower) // Devilish-P feat. Kagetora Chouno (CV. Ryou Horikawa)

- ACTORS Extra Edition - 7
>> to be released on September 21

  1. シティライツ (City Lights) // Powapowa-P feat. Kouya Ashihara (CV. Shouta Aoi)
  2. GLIDE // niki feat. Seijun Yuyama (CV. Toshiki Masuda)
  3. shake it! // emon(Tes.) feat. Kouya Ashihara and Seijun Yuyama

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'Or when Kaden starts calling Eleana wife' omg omg omg when will that be? I can't wait omg I'm so exited i love u

Spoiler alert he actually calls her ‘wifey’ and it kills me

Got7 Reaction #6 - Their long distance s/o flies to where they are to spend Christmas with them

Taetae anon asked: got7 reaction to their s/o (gender neutral~) (who is with them in a long distance relationship)  goes to spend xmas with them~taetae anon

anon asked: reaction when got7′s long distance girlfriend flies in to see them for Christmas when they’re on tour? (they won’t be able to go home for Christmas)

Mark: exited fluff is exited. He’d uncover his hyper side and run around screaming and yelling, reminding you of Jackson. He’s too exited for you to stop him though, so you might as well join him! He’d probably end up tackling you and cuddling you for an extremely long time, talking to you about everything that happened while you two were apart, giving you soft kisses in between sentences. He’d never stop smiling and would probably take you around shopping, buying you everything you looked at for too long despite your protests for him to stop. “Babe, I’m just so happy to see you that I want you to be happy too! I can’t help it, I want to spoil you!!”

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Jackson: SO. EXITED. OMG HE COULD TEAR UP AND LAUGH AND SCREAM AT THE SAME TIME!! So many hugs, so many squishes and kisses! He wouldn’t let you go the entire time you’re with him, constantly having to touch your arm or have his arms around your waist, needing more than anything to be close to you. He would talk constantly, and listen to every single thing you had to say, so you could catch up while you were together, as well as make other memories with you.

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Jaebum: He would immediately hug you, squishing the life from you, and tell you how much he loved and missed you. He’d ger rarely squishy and give you quick kisses all over your face before finally kissing your lips. Expect a lot more kissing after that too ;) he may be a bit more physical about his happiness at seeing you than the other members (if ya know what i mean~)

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Jinyoung: I’m not sure that he would know what to do. He would be so happy to see you, I feel like he might end up crying from happiness. He’d hug you and rock you back and forth while you’re in his embrace, telling you how much he loved you and that this was the best gift that you could have ever given him.

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Youngjae: Crying, bone crushing hugs, laughing through tears, smiling, and lots of him kissing the top of your head and lips in turns. He would not let you go for a really, really long time and would spend most of your time together cuddling. He’d tell you how thankful he was that you were there and he’d take you everywhere with him, making sure you had the most fun possible while you were with him

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Kunpimook: I think his cool exterior would melt away, and he’d be so taken aback that he’d cry. Not a happy cry like Jinyoung and Youngjae, but an emotional, ‘I love them so much it hurts’ kind of cry. He’d kiss you for a long time and tell you in the most serious way he could that he loved you. This is the best thing you could ever do for him since he’s the kind of person that would think actions speak louder than words. The fact that you wanted to spend Christmas with him and go so far out of your way to do so would mean so much more to him than anything else could.

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Yugyeom: He’d be a giant fluff ball of happiness! He would hug you like everyone else would, but I think he’d also tease you a lot at first. “So you missed me that much huh??” It would be a while before he finally told you how happy he was that you came to see him, and how much it meant to him. He’d probably end up telling you the day before you had to go back to where you lived, and would probably end up tearing up about it.

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A/N: I can just imagine how emotional BamBam would be if his s/o did this after they had been together for a while. Omg my drabbles are closed, but if someone wants to request a drabble like this for him I wouldn’t say no because…. *ugh* I’m hit so hard by that plot line TT.TT like damn