omg the cuteness!


nayeon,jungyeon & momo listening to nct dream gives me life tbh

The process of me; a known spoiler lover after every new SG ep

-Stays up late.

-Goes on to tumblr knowing damn well there will be spoilers.

-Sees spoilers.

-Feels personally attacked.

-Thinks about closing tumblr and going to bed.

-Sees Karamel fam having a meltdown again.

-Sees new karamel gifs and quotes.

-Explodes and dies.

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so theres this AU where Junkrat is a tattoo artist and all i can imagine is Lucio going to him to get a tat on his butt or something and junkrat just. internally screaming. why is this man so fine?

I’ve seen that AU! I’ve also seen something where he does piercings? But we’ll go with tattoo artist.

I feel like Lúcio would visit to get another tattoo in addition to the one he already has to like… show someone it isn’t that bad? Like Lena or Hana or someone. Like he has this big one on his arm and so he decides to get one on his ankle.

And I thought his cute frog logo would be nice but then I thought about his AoE graphic in HotS and how that would look cute around his ankle so I think that’s what he’d go with and he’d stroll up to Jamie with the design in hand and be like “Hey, I’d like this on my ankle please.”

and Jamie just freezes and forgets how to talk for a minute bc holy shit, Lúcio is beautiful. Then Lúcio has to awkwardly clear his throat and Jamie is all flustered like “Sure, mate, you want it that color or something else?” 

and they go through the whole process with Jamie just barely making eye contact and Lúcio thinking it’s adorable and Hana just popping bubble gum in the back like “this is much more interesting than watching the process of Lúcio getting a tattoo.”

So Lúcio sits down and Hana comes over on her phone and takes a picture, like a before picture, and Jamie is all nervous even though Lúcio isn’t really talking to him anymore, but Lúcio starts laughing and Jamie’s chest constricts.

I think Lúcio would ask Jamie questions about how long he’s been working there and stuff like that, small talk and Jamie nervously answers but then starts to warm up to him. And then he starts making Lúcio laugh and he just beams like he just won the lottery and Hana is just soaking all of this cute flirting up.

When he’s finished, Jamie scribbles his number on the back of a card and slips it to Lúcio and says “U-uh, call me if you, uh, want me to make any changes or anythin’” and Lúcio just takes the card and looks at it and Jamie is just blushing madly. Like please let this gorgeous man understand what he means by that.

And Lúcio just smiles and says he’ll definitely call him and Hana gives him a thumbs up and then they leave and Jamie knows without a doubt that it’s possible to fall in love at first sight.