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Countdown to New Years with BANGTAN

Namjin: kisses at 12 o’ clock 

SOPE: hugs at 12 o’ clock & giggles afterwards 

maknae line: long and awkward stares, until jungkook just grabs vmin by the collars and pecks their foreheads.

dimplehobi  asked:

thank u so much for finding all these fashion things omg ,, the amount of work you put into running this blog is incredible. i still don't understand how u find M/V outfits within 5min of the video being uploaded or like. sEE THE COLLAR OF A TURTLENECK AND KNO WHICH BRAND IT'S FROM,,, the power of humanity truly baffles me

experience, its all experience…..i had such a hard time when i fist started doing this omg….i had no idea how to navigate korean sites :’)

#7 - Tattoo Soulmates

Trigger warning: None

Paring: Dan and y/n

Genre: Fluff


Requested By:  @mrsgavindavidfree

Ok this one is going to be a long imagine so I hope I don’t confuse you. Can u write an imagine about soul mates with matching tattoos. Dan and Y/N have met but they don’t know that they have the exact same tattoos. (The matching tattoos are on their collar bones) then while collating with Dan AND phil - Dan notices her tattoo matches his … Then really cute after that ?? Omg I’m so sorry if this confused you!

-Take it that in a fictional world if you have the same tattoo then you are meant to be together. Hope you like it :)

Everybody you knew had found theirs but not you. People always say that you should find that person before your 30 as otherwise you may fall in over with someone else. Apparently as soon as you meet them you can tell they are who your will be with for the rest of your life. But what if you never do and your still waiting? Your younger sister found hers two years ago, she was called Gemma and your sister loved her so much.

You were walking to your best friends’ house, Dan and Phil they were planning on making a video today so you said you would help the out. Once you arrived at their apartment and rang the buzzer. You always loved saying random crap in a funny voice which made Phil not recognise you but Dan would. They let you up so you made the climb up the ragged stone steps. As soon as you were near their door Dan was at the entrance with his arms out wide for a hug. “Hey y/n how are you?” You replied with a ‘I’m good’ ad went into the living room where Phil was. You greeted each other and you got offered a drink which you accepted and went to sit down by them.

“Y/n do you want to be in our video?” Phil asked sipping his coffee slowly.

“I don’t know, I’m they subbed to you, they’ll want you.” You said looking down.

“We want you to be in it.” Dan smiled at you bringing you self-esteem up.

“Um ok.” You giggled trying to make things happier. You all went into Dan’s room to film as he was filming a video earlier so the equipment was already out. Phil sat down out the bed, bouncing along the mattress and ending on the left side of the bed. You sat down next to Phil whilst Dan went to get his laptop. “So what type of video are we making?” You asked, springing yourself up and down as Dan’s bed was bouncy.

“Dan was thinking truth or dare.” You nodded and Dan came back in the room. He placed his laptop on the side and you decided to go with truth or dare. Phil pressed record and sat down. “Hey guys!” Phil started.

“Ur Hi.” You said as you could tell the boys were waiting for you.

“Let’s start again.” Dan said.

“Hey guys!”

“Hello internet.”

“Hi.” You said quickly as you didn’t want to fuck up again.

“Today we asked you on twitter to give us some truth or dares and we would answer them.” Dan began

“Who is the youngest?” Phil said. “It’s not me. Dan’s 23.”

“I’m 22.” The conversation ended quickly. “That was so interesting I bet you were so happy you clicked on.”

“Don’t say that.” Phil joked covering your mouth with his hand while Dan just laughed.

“Phil your hands smell really nice.” You said sniffing his palm. “I can’t recognise the scent.” You said breathing in his skin as he was trying to taking his hand back. “Dan sniff Phil’s hand.”

He looked at you disgusted. “Noo.”  

“Sniff it!” You shouted, being mock angry and pulling Phil’s whole arm over. Dan acted as if he was crying and was forced to do it. He held it under his nose and…

“Oh my god, Phil’s hands do smell good.”

“I know right.” You smiled at how he sided with you.

“Please stop.” Phil faked at being sad.

“No!” Dan shouted. “It smells like strawberry.”

“You’re right!” You sat back down and waited for the next question.

“Show us your soul mate tattoos.” You sighed and Phil lifted his sleeve up showing his tattoo which was of a flower with swirly designs and lot’s of colours. Next it was your turn so you pulled down the neck line to show your collarbone of a wolf in black ink and a little red too.

“Oh…my…god.” Dan gasped.

“What?” You asked but before he said anything he pulled down his neck line to show the exact same tattoo on him. “Okay this is awkward.” Dan just smiled and you never noticed till now how sweet he was. Whenever either of you were drunk he would look after you and if some guy came and assaulted you he would step in. Don’t forget how always complimented you when you felt down. You didn’t even realize he was the one except now. Dan leant in and kissed your cheek. You could tell Phil felt weird so he turned the camera off ad left the room.

just thought i’d let u know fem!amourshipping is Real and Powerful

serena- me

ash- ? 

(let me know if you’re the cosplayer and i’ll add credit!)