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Jealous  |Even|

This is probably too long, but I had to. 

The first time Even gets jealous they’re at a party of some of Mahdis friends. They really hadn’t wanted to go, but Jonas had played his best friend card and that’s how Even now found himself three beers downed, leaning against a wall in a very crowded living room listening to Sana animatedly describe something about basketball and tripping, and why it definitely wasn’t her fault. 

 Admittedly his attention was not on the girl in front of him. His eyes were distractedly scanning the room and the hallway behind it to find the blond curls trapped under that red snapback on the head of his boyfriend. But he was nowhere in sight.

Isak had gone outside to smoke with the squad some good twenty minutes ago, leaving him in the pleasant company of the girls. But he was kind of over that now. So when he finally spotted Isak standing in the hallway to his left, his eyes darting across the room, searching, not noticing Even through the heaps of teenagers dancing in the middle of the livingroom, he smiled to himself and was about to go over. 

Only then he noticed Isak was not standing there alone. There was some guy slightly towering over him, buffer, with short dark hair, wearing a black leather jacket. He caught Isaks attention with something he said, some joke probably, and one corner of Isaks mouth tipped up with a huff of a small laugh, his eyes now fully on the guy in front of him.

The boy was still talking, and Isak seemed absolutely oblivious to the fact that he was moving closer to him each moment passing, making Isak in turn instinctively move a bit backwards, his back now almost against the wall. Isaks eyes were squinty and full of laughs, not noticing that the guy was clearly trying to make a move.

So when Isak burst out fully in a laugh, leaving his conversration companion looking very pleased with himself, Even was pushing away from the wall, offering Sana a small “sorry, duty calls” and a smile, and weaving his way through the room in the direction of his naive and absolutely high off his ass boyfriend.

“What do we have here?” he asked brightly when reaching the scene, first looking at Isak and then turning his attention to the ‘I’m so funny’ guy beside him. 

 “Well me and Isak here were having a conversation” the third party stated matter of factly.

 “Oh, is that so?” Even asked with a wide smile and both eyebrows raised high. 

Isak was now looking at Even with those suspicious squinty eyes, but Even only smiled back at him. 

 The other guy seemed to get a bit impatient because the next moment his hand landed on the wall next to Isaks head, his eyes trained on Even, serious and all. 

“Yeah, we were actually in the middle of something here.” he snapped pointedly. 

 Evens eyes widened but the smile remained permanently on his face. 

 “Oh, well then, don’t let me interrupt” still smiling, now turning fully to Isak. “I’ll leave you to this pleasant company then, babe. I’ll just go to the bathroom real quick” he casually leaned down, took Isaks face in his hands, pressed a toe curling kiss to his lips and then turned to leave making sure to throw a smirking eyebrow raise at the dark haired boy and leaving a very confused Isak behind.

 “You…was that…I…” the guy was stammering, looking at Isak now.

 But the blond boy was already pushing past him with a quick “sorry gotta go”, on his way to the bathroom. 


He didn’t even get to close the bathroom door before Evens lips were on his, pushing him against the nearest wall hands possessively tugging his hips closer.

 “What was that?” Isak managed breathlessly as Evens mouth left his to trail down his neck, leaving marks everywhere.

 “What?” Even asked innocently, kissing back up Isaks neck to his face.

 Isak slightly drew back, a bit dazed from the high and the warmth positively radiating from Evens body, so close to his. The motion made Even pause and look straight into Isaks eyes, fire dancing behind those icy blues. 

 “Were you jealous?” Isak asked incredulously, smile creeping up his face.

 “Well I couldnt’ve let him keep on looking at you like that” Even offered simply.

 “Omg, you’re impossibl…” Isak didn’t get to finish because Even was taking his head in his hands, fixing his gaze right on Isaks eyes all deep and serious, leaning closer, noses brushing. 

 “Only I get to look at you like that” he breathed over Isaks lips. “Ja?” another whisper, breathed with an intensity Isak had never before heard in Evens voice, eyes holding, searching, waiting.

 “Ja” Isak breathed back and their lips were crashing back together again. 

 And Isak decided that Even being jealous was not that bad after all if he got kissed like that afterwards.

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I'm the anon that noticed Cole's hand on Lili's back in those gifs but I was way too embarrassed to admit how close I was staring at them lol. I'm even more embarrassed to admit that I didn't even have to slow it down..I was legit looking that hard! But the master sleuth title definitely goes to you, juggiexbets and a few others. You guys should be crowned or something! You could wear crown beanies!! lol

Omg can I get a juggie beanie ugh I would love to rock one of those. But hun you are defintely up there with us now. I know my analysis of the lip lick, shoulder tap was a bit much but same as you with this was staring for so long that I finally noticed. But damn you did well to spot it and we’re all thankful you did. If not crowed you at least need knighting.

That Thing

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Featuring: Namjoon, Rap Monster (BTS)
Genre: Fluff, Smut
By: Admin S

As Requested! This is the first part. There’s a (not really) second part featuring Yoongi~ Which you can read…very soon! HERE!

In which you’re clueless and the rest of BTS enjoy how flustered Namjoon is around you. 

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Chanyeol has the nicest smile the world has ever seen so please enjoy these gorgeous gifs of his beautiful smile (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

personally my favorite gif of him ever for so many reasons

(╯3╰) jeeze


take a deep ass breath before looking at this next one  ಥ‿ಥ

CaN yOUr smILe geT ANy BigGEr

*gasp* *choking sounds* *deep breathing* *dies* featuring kai

you’re such a dope..(╥_╥)

imagine him just…looking at u like that tho..(  ゚,_ゝ゚)



if u think i forgot about those cute tight lipped smiles…i didn't 

wow something must have been rly fuckin funny


u are such a poopy head pcy -____-

his awkward and uncomfortable smile tho…

he has no control that handsome ass face

the dimple  (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

*sheds a tear*

i hope you enjoyed that~ now pick ur feels up and move the fuck along


Reynalypso headcanons, because @percyyoulittleshit reminded me how much i love them and now i’m dying

  • Calypso dropping a kiss on Reyna’s head or shoulder while Reyna is busy with paperwork
  • Reyna trying to teach Calypso Spanish and Calypso frowns and pouts when she can’t understand and Reyna thinks it’s about the cutest thing she’s ever seen
  • Calypso getting tutored in Spanish by Leo to surprise Reyna alskjdf;askjdf;aksf
  • They love tracing the callouses on each other’s fingers
  • They braid each other’s hair often, like, so often that they never braid their own they’ll just ask the other one to do it for them
  • Going shopping together to buy Calypso modern clothes, Reyna is blushing and trying to appear casual the whole time
  • They trade stories. Calypso traces Reyna’s scars on quiet nights, and Reyna tells her how she got them, in exchange, Calypso tells her something new about being on Ogygia
  • Calypso doesn’t have any scars to show for all the pain she’s been through, but Reyna understands even without words
  • Laying side by side under the stars while Calypso reminisces about how the constellations have changed over the years
  • When they first meet, they bond over the shared feeling of loving and being left
  • Reyna hanging around when Leo and Calypso are building things together, Leo rolling his eyes and complaining about how Reyna is a distraction
  • Calypso gets payback by constantly hanging around in the praetors room
  • Calypso picking up Spanish from Leo and Reyna’s conversations when Reyna is hanging around the shop
  • Reyna gets really upset when Calypso starts talking about the pirate Drake who visited her island. Calypso understands immediately, and holds her tight for the rest of the night.
  • Calypso tries to teach Reyna a lot of things like gardening and mechanics, and Reyna does learn, but it takes her twice the amount of time that it should because she is mostly just watching Calypso
  • Reyna thinks a lot about how different Circe’s magic was from Calypso’s magic, how Calypso’s aura is so warm and reassuring while Circe’s always made you feel bad about yourself
  • Reyna doing Calypso’s makeup because Calypso is so curious about the skills that Reyna picked up on Circe’s Island. Lotsa looking deep into each other’s eyes and their faces getting super close together and staring at each other’s lips heeYYAAA
  • Having fun trying new things, Calypso wants to sample new food and listen to new music and watch modern movies, but she never does it without Reyna
  • Calypso bursting into the room bubbling about something that they need to go try right now, right now, come on!
  • Feeding each other snacks omg omg
  • They take a lot of trips to the beach together because it reminds Calypso of all those years they spent alone and how incredibly grateful she is to have someone beside her
  • Touring the world together, doing crazy activities and seeing spectacular sights and eating and taking tons of pictures
  • Calypso loves photography, especially when Reyna is the subject
  • Reyna’s dogs love Calypso. They get a new puppy together once they’re older
  • Reyna and Calypso being the Sophisticated Lesbian Aunts who spoil their friend’s kids with cool gifts and tell the craziest stories

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Inner thigh kiss + Poe dameron?! And/or HC about Poe being a fucking tease because yes yes he is. --That mischievous look in his eye as his fingers trail up your thigh under the table during a meeting --his lips ghosting your ear, breath warm as he welcomes you home from a mission by telling you his plans for you later --- making eyes at you across the hangar so that you can't concentrate OMG

those headcanons, omg! (and i agree, he is a fucking tease)

poe + inner thigh kiss

“What do you want me to do?”

The question hangs over your head as he looks up at you from between your legs; those deep brown eyes heavy with lust and a hint of curiosity. His lips are slightly parted, tongue sweeping over his bottom lip.

You can’t fathom why he’s asking you this now, because he’s face-level with your sex, so close that you could feel the his breath hitting your heated skin.

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If a girl ever kissed Dylan do you think he'd try to kiss back? And if she went farther and tried to make out with him how do you think he'd react and do?

How do you think Dylan would react if a girl planted one on him?

Well, of course he’d kiss her back. How could he refuse?  He’d be a little nervous and tense at first. Uncertain of himself and sort of stuck in his mind.- it’d be this dialog going on upstairs in mid lip lock of: “omg..I’m actually doing this..with a girl..I can’t believe it. $%#! I doing this right?  oh..fuck, did I just mess up there?” All this mental chatter going on in his head.  He’d be caught off guard at her bold initiation, in shock yet pleasant disbelief and having a bit of an out-of-his body experience in the midst of tentatively returning her kiss. The first few kisses of his own in response to her inviting lips would be ever so gentle and delicately tender then progressing a little bit more bold and exploring with her encouragement. Once he sensed her enthusiasm in deepening those kisses, hearing her soft agreeable moans (as well as his own: “omg, did I just make  that sound?”) and the overwhelming feeling of the intense physicality in their closeness, their lips engulfing one another just a bit more with each kiss progressing and deepening between them,I think Dylan would’ve be a goner - lost in the sensual sensations, the physical and emotional reactions of hers and his converging alike. I think with many ‘practice sessions’, he’d begin to loosen up with trusting in allowing himself full freedom of expression and would take on more confidence in his make out sessions.  Dylan would be a natural at kissing intuitive and instinctual once coaxed out his mental head-space and into the sensual realm.  So, yes, once it was abundantly clear that yes, she really, really did like him so much that she was trying to kiss with him, he’d be her makeout prisoner all willing to please and happily compliant. ;)