omg the chemistry between these two is amazing

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I love your blog! *o* Since the beginning I feel there is something: their staring, smiling, touching, and Jeonlous XD are great evidence. Jimin never stopped showing his love and Jungkook is less and less shy around him! I love their teasing (reminds me of another Libra/Virgo friendship: Henry and Amber XD)! And now it's Jungkook's turn to show his love during BV! *^* I'm frustrated about all the things cameras don't show us >< I hope to see them in their shared bed *///* Keep the good work <3

thank you so much!! <3 I agree, the staring, smiling, touching, and all of those small moments just really make me feel some strong feelings towards jikook. in my opinion, there’s so much chemistry between the two and i just love it. (omg henry and amber’s friendship is amazing). honestly, i hope to see jikook sharing a bed, but i don’t know if they’ll show it. if they do show them in their room it’ll be them actually doing something, instead of cuddling probably. but i mean, i’m still up for that haha. 

my thoughts on the first 2 eps of school 2017:

one - i LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

two - that tae woon shirtless scene was so hilarious omg omg, every scene between those two are amazing THE CHEMISTRY MY STARS OOOOH AND THAT ALMOST KISS SCENE. I WAS THE BEST FRIEND AT THAT POINT LOL HAND OVER MOUTH AND ‘ANGLE’ HAHAHAHAH

on that note, sa rang is amazing, i love the actress that plays her!! i love her in every drama shes been in :D

oh and i changed my mind, i ship eun ho and taw woon now. dae wee is just so… flat. (but also, i said before that i was sure about the main lead? well now i’m confused again. damn the love triangle just like in 2015)

eun ho looks really pretty with no make up and no fringe :D her character is so awesome!!! nothing holds her back, great morals, when she cries i get emotional, and she knows what she wants. i love her. 

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What's your favorite song off the new album? I'm just curious.

Okay this is literally the hardest question I have ever had to answer. Like forget my chemistry test that I took last week lol. I don’t have a specific favorite because honestly, every single song is SO FREAKING GOOD. The musicality is amazing and the lyrics… omg the lyrics are literal art. The only way I can do this is to split it up into two groups, which are group tracks and solo tracks. So, my favorite group track is Blood Sweat & Tears. i’m so cliche

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My favorite solo track is a tie between all of them Begin and Mama. I really love all of them so much, but I’m in the mood to listen to upbeat songs more often, or I would have included Awake. But omg this was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life lol

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