omg the cat's face


headcanon that lance instinctively speaks spanish whenever he sees something cute as hell.

dialogue from this hella accurate video because my fam says the weirdest shit when they do this lmao. like one time my mom said something along the lines of “omg you cutie with the face of an ugly cat” when she was hugging our small yorkie?????

Little bitty baby Yusebi? Anyone?

School began again today….needed some art to calm me down, didn’t feel like using my computer so have some crummy traditional art…..pencil crayons used to be my friend….

Acting as a catman is a big challenge. Catman doesn’t talk much, I have to use facial expression to convey emotions and the storyline. So previously, I observed cats’ behavior and took a lot of time practicing and mimic them.
—  Oh Sehun in an interview via Catman Official Weibo Account [x]

taemkitten  asked:

Love this blog, really makes my day that you try to stay away from the cliches that often get caught in the fandom over the years x: How about SHINee as cats :D

i’m so glad that these make your day, love! yeah i’m hoping that i’m veering away from archetypes but still staying true to the boys ^^ i actually have not spent much time with cats so i don’t think i could fully capture their quirkiness so i tweaked it a little so that shinee finds a kitten! 


  • shows up at the dorm with a lump under his sweatershirt and an “ok don’t be mad” 
  • before the hyungs could say anything a kitten springs from his arms and effectively scares the shit out of all of them (jong would like it to be known that his yell was very manly and he did not scream bc he thought that part of taemin fell off him) 
  • “i named him neko” / shinee: …… you named him cat / taemin: in japanese / minho: taemin he’s cat the cat you can’t DO that 
  • also lugged home a big bag of dried food which he pulls out from his sweater along with two bowls (srsly some mary poppins shit is going on with him and that giant orange hoodie), and calls over neko for food 
  • cuddles with his kitten “we’ve bonded he’s mine now” 


  • the most covered in cat hair even though he spends the least amount of time around neko 
  • the kitty insists on sleeping on his bed EVERY night even if it means he has to sit on the very edge 
  • once when neko jumped on his bed the sudden movement scared him so he jumped a little and neko scrambled off and ran away 
  • felt bad so he lets him sleep with him now 
  • completely unmoved when neko begs him for food (quickly learned that taemin/key are the weak spots) 
  • “omg pls don’t walk between my legs that is not something that you should do unless you want us to be both bodily injured. do you want that neko?? do you???” 


  • is ADAMANTLY a dog person
  • edges around neko for weeks bc “you can’t seduce me with your cuteness cat!!!!!!!” 
  • but one day he jumped on his stomach and started kneading him with his little paws and omg it was the cutest thing EVER 
  • stayed still for hours while neko napped on him   
  • every time he pets the kitty he says sorry silently to roo 
  • can dogs smell cats on people???? 
  • oh no 


  • locked in some strange dominance battle with the cat 
  • “nonono you cannot go on tables!!!!! or the counters!!!!! we eat here!!!”
  • srsly neko doesn’t really go on the table/counters unless key’s around and when he does he v deliberately locks eyes with key 
  • they both stare at each other like  >ΦωΦ<  `ㅂ´
  • whenever he has his back turned neko will invariably stick his head into key’s cups and LICK HIS BEVERAGES 
  • !!!!!!!!!!! 
  • he exasperatedly refills his water all. the. time. and would get annoyed but honestly it’s so ridiculous his ears flatten to his head and he pushes his face down to drink the water 
  • omg you strange cat your bowl of water is two feet away 


  • having a cat walk on your face in the morning is not an ideal way to get up 
  • admittedly effective but not ideal 
  • he only seems to do this to him so he usually feeds neko in the morning 
  • picks up neko like a baby and carries him around the house like that 
  • talks to him like he’s a person and nods v seriously when he meows back at him
  • once the door was open and neko dashed for it and minho caught him one-handedly like a football and scolded him (neko did not look contrite at all) 
  • “yah lee taemin!!!! it’s your turn to clean the litterbox!!!!”