omg thats true

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Raise your hands (and wings if you can) and all your legs if you believe angels are all just actually foxes because we foxes behave like both dogs and cats.

omg wait thats so true

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do any of you guys know the episode where arin talks about art and nobody believed in him or something, like in class someone took his drawings or i dont even know? and like the fact that he didnt even complete highschool (not even sure if thats true omg)? 

Omg so I’m in Target and all of a sudden I hear these two little voices alternating singing “a toast to the groom, TO THE GROOM, TO THE GROOM! to the bride, TO THR BRIDE!” and so I started whistling along and as I walk around the corner i see these two 10 year old(ish) girls are the ones singing and they look up at me and i smile at them and they see my “burr shot first” shirt and they both stop singing and their mouths like drop and then they start cracking up and smiling at me and it was very cute