omg thats such an adorable idea!!!!

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okay hear me out on this... the egos run mark's tumblr blog too. how mark always knows about transparents? google. he loves watching the community explode with memes. the posts that mark reblogs but doesn't say anything? that's dark. much like how jack reblogs things of anti but says nothing. wilford? no idea. i guess maybe he's good at hiding or posing as mark?? i'm pretty sure wilford was the one who wrote the 'buckle the fuckle up' thing tbh omg idk *throws self in trash*

*picks you out of the trash and throws myself in there instead*
I cannot believe you did this how could you #expose the egos in such a way. BUT THEN WHAT WOULD YANDERE DO IN TERMS OF RUNNING THE BLOG? Maybe liking all the “thank you” posts?? since they show adoration for what Mark has done and Yandere can relate bc ya know, senpais and shit

If it’s a blown cover they want, then you can provide omfg


Title: Golf with Friends w/ Mecha, Abyss, Beats, Kin, Shard, Isocteur, Eclipse, and Youmna!

Well, during one of Eclipes’ streams, I came up with an idea of what if they were golf balls in Golf with Friends! Who will become salty or rage quit to win!!! >8D

Characters in this:

Abyss!Sans - @metakazkz
Shard - @mistymiddiana
Mecha!Sans- @wolfwrathknight
Youmna - @superyoumna
Isocteur and Eclipse - @eclipticart
Beats!Sans - @phaunicier
Kin!Sans - @bun-bunmuse

Yaay! So, I know this isn’t much, but hopefully you guys like it!

And i know I didn’t put much of their true details! Sorry if I forgot about them! ;A;

I did you something


art by @karma2u

Byu’s response: Okay but do you mind if I just



seriously you’re super fantastic and splendid!! THIS IS A TOTALLY RAD IDEA!! THANK YOU FOR THIS COMPLETELY FABULOUS GIFT!!! I LOVE IT TO PIECES <3 <3

Hey!! So wo w i want to thank you guys so much for supporting my art and my blog! reaching 600 followers so fast is like?? omg?? in my insta account it took me about 3 years asdfasdf you are all so sweet all the time,,. its adorable, sorry im so bad at expressing it haha! Soooo i felt like it would be a fun idea to do a little art raffle :0

The winner will win a full piece!! (potrait, full body or bust, however they wish) of pretty much whatever they want, as long as its not offensive ofc (gore and partial nudity are fine tho!) 

To enter the raffle you have to:

  • reblog this post

yeah thats pretty much it,,,

The winner will be announced September 1st (wich is when i get free, i have some work to do lmao) You can enter as many times as you want! 

Thanks and i love you!!

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Ok so I just saw an adorable picture of phichit and yuuri with crop tops on for #croptopthursday and I couldn't help but imagine yuuri wearing a crop top to a public practice bc that's was the only shirt he had bc he hated doing the laundry. So for the whole practice, everyone was distracted because 'yuuri has really nice abs holy shit-' and him being totally oblivious about it

omg I love that idea! 

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Ugh OMG slowly dying inside !!!! YOU REPLIED TO MY MESSAGE ( I mean you don't know it's me cause like a put this thing on anon sooo hypothetically I could be an imposter trying to pretend like I was the anon from b4 and give my own opinion while the "REAL" anon has no clue to what's happening, but don't worry it's me I promise! ) Anyways ( damn I got Carried away ) So I thinking of Chris being rough and stuff Only idea that I have is that there at an award show ... That's all I got srry

Hahahahaha anon! You’re adorable 💖 I will add this to my list of requests! It’s a bit long at the moment so give me a few days 😂 but I do answer all the messages I get! Like if I get a request, “tom hiddleston being my sexy baby daddy,” if it’s anon I’ll just delete it after I post it. I don’t want to clog everyone’s feed with a message repeating something I just posted lol but if it’s not anon I’ll reply and tell you when it’ll be posted. Coming off anon has it’s advantages! 😉💖

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also rough-jealous Pine sex sounds amazing and I’m excited to write that 👀

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omg,, i adore this blog with all my heart, dude, and im kinda tempted to make a pettynbs blog,,,,, 👀👀 ((if thats ok with you ofc, as the idea is sorta yours!! ^^))

do it do it do it

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Hey there! I was really wondering about your draenei paladin you were talking about a few posts ago. And today I saw a super sketch of Anrua. She is adorable! And now I wonder even more about who she is. :o

hggg thats so sweet of you to ask omg. WELLLP Anrua is a big dumb nerd

She’s this paladin character idea I’ve had since like foREVER and I’ve always had the hardest time grasping her personality. She’s been revamped from a holy priest to a kinda paladin, as seen here-

Also tons of redesigns

old old old art

Right now I’m re-writing her character again from a generic draenie priest to something more of a generic draenie paladin. I imagine she’s fairly young, and was probably like a child when the draenie settled on dreanor (hence that place has a lot of sentimental value to her). She never seemed very attuned with the light so she took more to the study of it’s practice then it’s physical use. So like she was a a literal irl priest instead of a healing priest lmao. Or at least something like a historian.
It wasn’t until the destruction of dreanor she volunteered to help fight. She learned fairly quickly the basics of combat, and the trauma that comes with it. I wouldn’t say she’s vengeful but she’s def got some of that haunted vibe. Maybe things made her pessamistic idK MAN.

Most of her character development focuses on her relationship with the light and what that means to her personally. I tend to write a lot of kid characters growing up and developing into themselves, and she’s kind of the same only she’s an established adult. Which I think is kind of interesting- can a character whos at least hundreds of years old still learn new things. Right now she wants to do “good”. But I think Anrua lacks what it takes to be something like a heroic vindicator. So what kinda of neache can she fill

I think she’s somewhere between like a disc priest and a ret paladin. She’s no healer but she also doesn’t rely on a ton of physical strength. Maybe like a ranged ret paladin. so kinda like ret paladins now.

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omg?? like self inserts for everyone?? THATS HILARIOUS AND ADORABLE

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(1) Hi! 🙋🏾 I'm the anon that sent in the question about talking about my oc, and now that I have time, I wanted to tell you about her 😊. Her name is Aloe Jang and she's a 20 year old tenrec-hyena mix (yayyy for Tenrecs). She lives by herself but often gets visited by her older brother who is 22 or goes to visit her parents. Her older brother's name is Asim while her mother and father's names are Njau and Chaste Jang (respectively). Her mother is a tenrec and her father is a hyena.

omg?? she sounds?? so cute??? i love her already?? I absolutely love sonic characters having freckles like omg she sounds absolutely adorable!! i like the idea of her being laid back, thats a really nice compliment to both rouge (who is very elaborate) and knuckles (who’s a hothead) and could make an interesting trio for sure!! I like the little details in her appearance too, like the way her quills curl i think it’s a really nice touch!! Also i’m a sucker for families, like give me family dynamics and ill give you my first born child i love them!

your character sounds absolutely amazing! yes! please please please send me a drawing asap and keep me updated as you develop her!!

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Honestly, I think Fuyuhiko and Sonia are such a good pair?? Like, gosh, their date mates both die and Fuyuhiko's family is all into killing and stuff and Sonia loves serial killers?? Imagine Fuyuhiko just telling Sonia old family mob stories and she has all these stars in her eyes because she's never heard anything so real and cool before. Platonic bros for life omg


THE IDEA IS VERRY CUTE ANON THANK YOUU , have a doodle of them!!

Thorne's POV when meeting Cress

“Aces, is all that hair?”
“Well I’m not wrong”
“Ignore him, he’s an ass like that”
She’s cute
Actually, she’s adorable
Omg what if we get to meet
Will she like to see me in person??
Does she like me as a person?
If she knows about me, that is
I wonder if I can get her alone, get to know her, away from the squad
I gotta go plan this holy shit

“Thorne, stop staring at her like that”
“Stop staring at her, it’s getting a bit creepy, Wolf even agrees”
“I do”
“I, uh, gotta check on the, um, pODSHIPS. K BYE”
I have messed up big time

Thorne truly doesn’t know how to flirt with girls he actually likes.

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can you imagine if they have a kid and tell the child he story of how they fell in love? They both went to the same school and He Tian just wouldn't leave mo Guan Shan alone lol. Then the kiss and then He Tian saving him from the She Li (school bully) situation. And let's just say in the end it was a misunderstanding and He tian admits he like mo. omg they really do have a story of how they fell in love and that's too adorable for words. the kid would be all big-eyed listening to every detail.

oh my god, anon, this is honestly the cutest thing, it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy every time i read it!!!

i don’t know why but the thought of the two of them having a kid makes me so emotional, i feel like they would be such amazing parents, and i love!!!!!! the idea of the kid asking them how they met and fell in love, and the two of them just looking at each other for a moment before breaking into a huge smile and beginning the story

and!!!!! let’s be real, they’d probably tease each other to no end while telling it and never let the other finish a sentence, like “well, you see, your dad was picking a fight with your uncle jian yi, so obviously i had to intervene–” “–which only made the situation worse–” “–and then the following day i saw him all alone eating a sandwich and he looked so sad that i took pity of him and went to keep him company–” “–that’s not what happened at all!! i was minding my own dam- darn business when you came out of nowhere and started bothering me!! and after that moment, he never stopped–”

they probably have to omit some stuff which is not exactly kid friendly, and in certain moments they would get more serious and melancholic, but overall they would just be so happy!!! and comfortable!!! to retrace every step that made them reach that point, and feel so thankful that they were given this chance and managed to make it work

okay, this is getting too long and im getting too emotional, so i’ll better stop, but thank you so so much for sending me this, anon!!! i really love it!!! and sorry again for the late reply!!


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You print out positive tumblr messages?? That's adorable omg

yup! it’s an idea I had a while back during a petty bad depressive episode. anything I tag #poisitivity is going up on the wall.

I also have a printed out collage of Skylar fanart hanging up too.